Black Arch Weekend Photo Caption Contest

Alex Waits was the winner of our contest last week. This week, you could snag a free holster from Black Arch if you enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Midnight Sunday.

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  1. avatar TXDuallyDog says:

    You two get your sniper rifles out , I’ll spot. Only the targets at 1000 yds., by the way

  2. avatar Mikial says:

    I’m gonna get MY man no matter what it takes!

  3. avatar Mikial says:


  4. avatar Alex waits says:

    “May the odds be ever in your favor”
    (Not an entry, good luck to everyone!)

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Congrats Alex!

  5. avatar Steve Raher says:

    Size DOES matter!

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      Dammit, thats EXACTLY what I was going to say.

  6. avatar Sam says:

    Dude!!! You got to the count of three to get out of my restroom!!!!

  7. avatar AaronW says:

    Taking “aperture sights” to the next level…

  8. avatar William says:

    Women with guns? Only if you work for MSNBC.

  9. avatar SeanA says:

    Tactical t-shirts for everyone! Ladies make sure you get some to the back row!

  10. avatar dh34 says:

    Didn’t anyone grab the Noisy Cricket?

  11. avatar Steven Spinell says:

    The Anti-Drone Squad and embedded Camerawoman.

  12. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Klaatu, Barada and Nikto.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Love that movie. The first one. Not that crap with keanu in it. Although his name does fit in there, don’t it?

  13. avatar Southern Cross says:

    The guns are VGO aerial machine guns (Vickers Gas Operated, or Vickers K guns). They replaced the Lewis gun in RAF usage but were also popular with the SAS in the western desert with double gun mounts being used on their jeeps. They had a very high firing rate of about 1200+ rounds per minute, so a double mount on a jeep would have been great for hit-and-run attacks.

    To train the aerial gunners, there was a version with a camera that replaced the magazine pan which is in the picture.

    1. avatar Matt in TX says:

      Thank you for this reply. I was curious.

  14. avatar Keyser Soze says:

    Stay on target, stay on target….,,

  15. avatar pieslapper says:

    “Okay girls, Mozambique on three!

  16. avatar jwm says:

    Smile. You’re on candid camera.

  17. avatar Mercutio says:

    There goes Tracking Point’s patent…..

  18. avatar Paul53 says:

    OK gals. You zap them in the pants, and I’ll get a picture of the look on thier faces!

  19. avatar jwm says:

    “The one with the machine gun shoots. When she’s killed the one with the camera picks up the machine gun and shoots”

  20. avatar Nick says:

    Are those Laser Muskets?

  21. avatar SelousX says:

    “Rabbit season, duck season, it’s whatever-the-hell-we-want season!”

    Black Arch Holsters just added the Ace Gen 2 holster for the Arex Rex Zero 1S. I just ordered mine as I’ve really liked the one I have for my Glock 19 Gen 4.
    I’ll repost this on the Rex Zero 1S review.

  22. avatar Wilson says:

    You MST3K robots have ruined a movie for the last time!

  23. avatar Phil LA says:

    Thats great. Now where is my sandwich?

  24. avatar Claymore says:

    Set ray-guns on stunning!

  25. avatar jwm says:

    They rolled their sleeves up. Shit just got real.

  26. avatar Koop says:

    If you thought MILES gear was a pain in the neck when you were in the military, you should have seen how bad it was as a prototype.

    The original OPFOR team were a sight to behold, though. (pictured)

  27. avatar JHRC01 says:

    The flight attendants working Delta 432 forgave Captain James for crash landing in the dessert, but when he ate the last of the chocolate, they weren’t quite as understanding.

  28. avatar BC says:

    Here we see 5 watt prototypes of the phased plasma rifle by Westinghouse at SHOT Show’s industry range day. Production models are expected to be in the 40 watt range. MSRP has not been released. Rumor is it will be calculated by a sophisticated computer algorithm.

  29. avatar LHW says:

    You better have taken your viagra.

  30. avatar Jasonius says:

    Iron sights are a girl’s best friend

  31. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    while progressive flo still clung to her air blaster, june lockhart and geena davis preferred their multi pistol 09’s.

  32. avatar Tim says:

    See ladies… size really DOES matter!

  33. avatar Middleagedmama says:

    Remember girls, bigger is better.

  34. avatar Mark D says:

    Megapixels? We don’t need no stinking megapixels!

  35. avatar Adam Field says:

    Betty and Mable rally around Pearl, and wait to confront Jonny about his case of the drips he contracted “over there”.

  36. avatar Big Al says:

    Don’t you think these hair dryers are overkill Suze?

  37. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    What happens when a 40’s music channel, a sci-fi channel and a hunting channel team up?

    “Tonight at 10, time travel with the Andrews sisters while they hunt the elusive woolly Martian in the 25th century…”

  38. avatar Roymond says:

    “They’ll be in range in three… two… one….”

  39. avatar Roymond says:

    You think we’re easy pickings because the menfolk are gone?

    Think again, suckers….

  40. avatar Roymond says:

    When the men are away, the ladies will play.

  41. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

    FREEZE! Drop. The. Trousers.
    Stop resisting! Stop resisting!

  42. avatar Martin B says:

    Alice! Take a photo. I’ll prove you CAN get a man with a gun…

  43. avatar Frank Minchey says:

    Have you seen the new handheld hair dryer their very manageable!

  44. avatar Rebecca says:

    And now from “South Pacific”: (music please)

    I’m gonna wash that man right out of my air,
    I’m gonna wash that man right out of my air.
    And send him down in flames.

  45. avatar CP Cornils says:

    The Real Peggy Carter

  46. avatar Ben says:

    Pee on the toilet seat AGAIN!!!

  47. avatar pieslapper says:

    “Dammit! No means NO!”

  48. avatar jwm says:

    Ahem. This is so obvious how has it not been done already.

    Pew. Pew. Pew.

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