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“Quickly moving from one bill to the next, the California Senate on Thursday approved a package of sweeping gun-control measures, setting up a showdown featuring top Democrats over how best to tackle one of the year’s most incendiary issues. The Senate approved legislation to regulate the sale of ammunition, close several loopholes in the state’s assault weapons ban and establish a Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California — all over the objections of outnumbered Republican lawmakers.” The left coast seems determined to push the anti-gun envelope just as far as they can. “Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, said he wants to use Thursday’s votes to create enough momentum to carry the bills through the Assembly and to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk as soon as next week.” Good times.

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    • I see a potentially lucrative business opportunity in Primm, Nevada. Could be an ammo outlet in that location would be more profitable than the two casinos along I-15.

      • There’s about 8 million gun owners in CA. About 27 million non gun owners. Add in the dems use of illegals to vote and voting the dead, we don’t stand a chance short of federal intervention.

    • You’ll see small clubs formed where a member makes runs to NV monthly….call it a club, militia, whatever…..

    • I have been shooting hand loaded 38 special for “plinking”. I have not seen 22lr in a store or LGS since 2013. And when my LGS post they have 22lr on their website, it gets bought up in less than a day. NY State Resident here.

    • These aren’t the original 10 bills. It’s 5 more. 15 total in 7-8 days.

      Also, the ammo one is a race to beat Gain Newsome’s ballot initiative, which is worse than the proposed law.

  1. And the exodus gains speed, leaving only the unarmed victims, armed bangers, and the illegals… wonder who’s gonna pay taxes in Kommiefornia?

    • Yep. California is losing my families tax dollars en masse. This was the push we needed. That said, FPC, CalGuns Foundation and NRA-ILA will always have my contributions, and I’ll be back here to march in any peaceful protest there is. Because it’s pure insanity to give up rights. You fight for legal rights, you don’t let them be taken away.

    • Why is it a failed state? Gun control is an expression of state power, the California state just got more powerful.

      And note that there is a LEO carve-out and no LEO organizations protested this. Any word from the “support the police” crowd?

    • Why is it a failed state? Gun control is an expression of state power. The California state is more potent now than it was before.

      • As long as the state has a tax base. Once the majority of earners moves away and leaves an ever expanding class of takers we will see how long the state holds its power.

        • As long as the Fed keeps printing, they can continue to channel money to the bi coastal cities with large leeching industries (real estate, finance, share appreciation/IPO, legal etc..) Keeping the leeches well funded by indirect taxation-via-debasement of more productive locales.

          Get rid of the Fed, and the finance leeches and their hangers on would be out of business, while mortgage rates going right back to 7-8+% would clean up much of the rest of the idiocy. But as long as the Fed are there to play redistributor-in-chief, the sycophantic states will be kept high and mighty, on the back of states less so.

      • I would guess that he’s referring to the fact that by any realistic measure the state can’t pay it’s obligations going forward yet continues to spend money it’s doesn’t actually have.

        • You’d better get up to date on your facts. The State is running a surplus and has paid down billions in past obligations. No matter what you say about Brown, he runs a tight fiscal ship. The fiscal fights now are whether to pay billions in deferred infrastructure repair, as Brown wishes, or to put money back into “social” programs defunded due to budget restraints (unsurprisingly supported by the Democratic (“Bread and Circuses”) Party controlled Legislature that likes to be re-elected). Although I distrust the stats, the official unemployment rate has fallen to around 7% (which does not count the people who have given up trying to find a job), and the real estate market has rebounded. If Brown could run again, I’d vote for him (again). And I’m not even a Democrat.

        • $400 Billion in debt as of January 21, 2016 ( got paid off already?

          Highly doubtful.

          He’s also paid off the $136 Billion in unfunded liabilities for CalPERS and CalSTRS that was reported to have in 2013 and which was just reported to be nearly 100% higher than previously mentioned earlier this year?

          Doubly doubtful.

          Where did Jerry Brown get more than half a trillion in the last year? I’m thinking it’s your imagination.

          Sure Cali got upgraded from A+ to AA- on their bond ratings, but that’s still one of the lower ratings a state has.

          Oh, and then there’s this tidbit from the SanFranChron: “Without changes, the state estimates that unfunded liability would grow to $300 billion by 2047.”


        • Again with the comments not posting.

          It is you Mark that needs to do your research. A few minutes on Google shows Cali to be $300 Billion in debt as of January this year, that’s according to the SF Chronicle.

          The same article projects unfunded liabilities only going up and up in the coming years. Topping $300 billion by 2047. You can hardly claim to run a “tight ship” when your “off the books” debt is growing by leaps and bounds.

          Currently, with calPERS and the other pension funds the unfunded liabilities are at least $136 Billion and growing every day. Recent reports from this year indicate they’re much higher than that.

          You can pay off a billion here or a billion there, but it doesn’t matter much when you owe nearly half a trillion (or more), much of which is off the books. Cali was recently upgraded on it’s bond status to AA- from A+, that’s one of the lowest bond ratings a state holds.

          Mr. Brown runs anything but a tight ship, unless, like a Grateful Dead song it’s a Ship of Fools.

        • “That is literally every state, not just California.”
          Nope, wrong again. Texas runs a surplus, with billions in our Rainy Day Fund. Like some other states, our constitution requires us to run a balanced budget. Unfortunately, we are a payee state, meaning we give more money to the federal government to be doled out to other states than we receive from them. So who pays California’s taxes? Texas does.

        • I like how you cite an unexpected, one-off surplus as proof that Texas is somehow different. Have you looked at their overall debt? Their unfunded liabilities?

          This is no different than Clinton fans who claim he ran a surplus from 1993-1994, but did it by raiding a bunch of slush funds.

  2. Meanwhile, back in the Assembly, the Assembly Public Safety Committee revived five bills that had been held in suspense, voting as follows:

    AB 1663 was held in committee, which meant it did not pass. This bill would have classified all a semiautomatic centerfire rifles with detachable magazines as an assault weapons. This would have not included an exemption for C&R guns, meaning that the M1 Carbine would be reclassified as an “assault weapon,” joined on the banned list by Ruger’s Mini 14, among others.

    All other assembly bills passed with technical amendments.

    AB 1664 redefines “detachable magazine” to include an ammunition feeding device [bullet button] that can be removed readily from the firearm with the use of a tool. This bill works in conjuction with the other EBR bills to require that currently legal ARs and AKS be registered as “assault weapons” in the state, and further prevents the building or importation of any new firearms after the effective date of the law. Yes, the proposed laws overlap and are redundant. That is on purpose, hoping, on e must assume, that by this shotgun approach on or more bills will get past Brown’s veto, as he has vetoed such bills in the past. Full retard strikes again. Must be an election year.
    AB 1673 expands the definition of “firearm” to include a frame or receiver blank, casting, or machined body, that is designed and clearly identifiable as a component of a functional weapon. This bill attacks the issue of “ghost guns” by requiring the purchase if “80%” lowers from an FFL with a background check. Along with DeLeon’s “Ghost Gun” bill, a purchaser would be required to obtain a unique serial number from the DOJ and attach/engrave it on the unfinished receiver before starting the build. Since both bills require a background check, presumably there will have to be some sort of amendment to coordinate the two so that only one, not two checks are required.

    AB 1674 expands the 30-day prohibition to include long guns in addition to handguns and deletes the private party transaction exemption. No one knows why. But then again, no one knows why there is a 1 in 30 restriction on handguns, a restriction that has recently been extended by fiat of the DOJ to include C&R guns purchased by a C&R licensee.

    AB 1695 makes it a misdemeanor to report to a local law enforcement agency that a firearm has been lost or stolen, knowing that report to be false. (There is also a Senate bill that makes it a misdemeanor to fail to report a lost or stolen firearm within a few days of the discovery of the loss.) Again, no one knows why, especially given that the reported sale of a firearm does NOT take the prior owner of the firearm off the DOJ record, a likely result of ancient technology that no one has the money or resources to replace.

  3. Frank, the problem is cancer spreads, cells break off and move to new sites and proliferate.
    Californians do the same, they move to new areas and then try to remake them in the image of their former home.

      • Really just Boulder, Denver and the ski towns.

        Unfortunately Boulder and Denver have large enough populations that they have enormous say in things.

        • CA isn’t any different. The population centers (SF bay area, LA etc) are telling the rest of the HUGE state how to live their lives.

      • A Gamo driven pellet going through the sidewall of a tire ruins the tire.
        When an annoyance has to buy 17 new tires in six months, they might decide to go back to where they came from.

  4. So which one did not pass? And I thought it already passed the senate and our only hope was Brown vetoing them…

    • AB1663 which would have redefined without exception all semiauto centerfire rifles with detachable magazines as ‘assault weapons’

      • Yeah, my 10/22 is the height of an ‘assault’ weapon. So is my brick. We can only pray that Moonbeam has a few hours of sanity and vetoes these faster than you can say ClipAzine. If not, I’m seeing a lot of lawsuits in the works.

  5. Any word from the “support the police” crowd on the LEO carve-outs and the tacit support of this legislation from police unions?

  6. Once Trump gets his Supreme Court nominee in (at the latest) I expect California to be sued out the ass.

    • Works for me. As long as a law is in doubt, it doesn’t exist, if I’m not mistaken. If not, well then I’m a Felon, along with millions of fellow taxpayers in Kommieforniastan.

  7. SARCASM INCOMING!! “Yup, yet another victory that once passed by the Governor will result in an immediate statewide disarmament of all California citizens, both law abiding and law breaking gang-bangers, armed robbers, violent criminals, all because of the hard work done by the representatives of my state!”

    What can be said about this latest round of rights violations? Everyday there is another infringement here in California and nationwide, but the left uses the ignorance of the general public on guns by way of fear mongering.

    I typed more than this but honestly what’s the point. All of us here, except the few contrarian trolls that inhabit the depths of this wonderful site, understand that we are simply watching the tide of incremental gun grabbing from Democrats taking place in real time.

    It sickens me to see the speed these bills are racing through the legislature because of the rivalry between Gavin Newsom and Kevin “Ghost Brain” DeLeon. F. Them. Both. They do not represent me, or anyone I know, they represent themselves, and I am pleading with friends and family to vote yes on guns, as I will vote yes on guns and FK NO on pro-gun control.

    • The ammo bill for sure, the rest because they have only until June 3, if I recall, to pass them all. But I have never understood why De Leon and his allies think that passing an ammo bill will have the desired result, since I would think that a ballot proposition would supersede any legislative action. I think the theory is that if their bills pass, they will seek to have Newsome’s bill voted down. Kind of a dicey proposition in this state.

    • Not likely. At best, civil disobedience. Although gun owners (through their DROS fees) are being forced to pay for enforcement of disarmament orders applicable to felons and involuntarily admitted mental patients, the program has managed to spend all $5 million of the “surplus” that the State declined to refund, cannot keep trained investigators on staff, and hasn’t even made a dent in the backlog. And this is to say nothing of the fact that they are not going after convicts, only the “mentally ill,” as far as anyone can tell. A real boondoggle. So the risk of being arrested for noncompliance is fairly small; it will simply be another charge if one happens to be busted for something else and a search turns up an “illegal” (unregistered) weapon.

  8. California has had years of deficits and is only now beginning to pay off debt, but recent reports show revenue is down.

    I am so glad we left. It is overrun with leftists who only want to control others. this is what happens when you allow unfettered illegal immigration, you lose the demographic war
    Nuke It from space it’s the only way to be sure.

  9. Ive lived in California my whole life. I started to carry my grandfathers 1911 on my hip at 7 years old on the ranch. Ive been a shooter all of my life.
    I should have moved out of California long ago, but as long as i have been a shooter, ive been on the beach.
    No where else is California.
    Maybe things have changed over the years, but a warm summer night on Santa Monica with a good looking girl and a cold beer beats the shit out of winters in the north east.
    Financially California still clowns on moat every other state. Sadly its mostly tech now, but this state still makes money. If you live here and cant figure out a way to make at least 200k a year, youre a moron. Even so, we pay out the ying yang to the feds, and no matter how much the state steals from us, the state is still insolvent when you factor in pensions. So honestly i guess there is no real benefit to being a tax payer in this state what so ever, unless you live in the nicest of cities the roads and infrastructure are shit.
    But even with shitty roads, where else can you go 4x4ing in the morning, shooting in the desert. Have lunch in the mountains and maybe get in some snow boarding before fish tacos on the beach for dinner before the last good set of waves before its dark?

    This is the struggle of being a California gun owner. For every negative, there is an irreplaceable positive. Thats why im still here…. For now.

    • With the passage of sb277 last year CA became an unlivable state for anyone who values making their own medical/health care choices. Good luck with that beer and the nice evenings looking at ladies.

    • “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

      ― Samuel Adams

  10. OK, fine, they got their laws passed. When the next major event happens that none of these laws will have stopped, can we try and choke them with their own words?

    We know they are going to try and use the next ‘thing’ to promote -more- gun control, but knowing that can’t we start working on something now? Can’t we start working on a response to show up how stupid and inane their laws really are? Something along the lines of “….You wanted these laws to stop this thing from happening and this thing still happened so why do you think more of this thing is going to stop the next thing from happening?”

  11. What is most disturbing to me about this is that one group of people have decided to legislate that millions of otherwise law-abiding, good citizens are going to become felons over night. Isn’t that exactly how Germany stuck it to the Jews in the 1930s? What’s next? Load up the brand new felons onto boxcars and send them off to re-education camps?

    I’m really disappointed that some of my fellow Americans would gleefully treat other law-abiding Americans with such malice. Stupidity from government I get, but this isn’t stupid.

    It’s evil.

  12. And just remember the Courts will rubber stamp all the “common sense gun ban laws”. The Constitution has always been a joke as it is the Courts that determine what freedoms (if any) you are allowed to enjoy. One law for the rich (armed body guards and no taxes) and another law for the starvation wage troglodyte proletariat i.e. disarm them quickly so America is much safer for the ruling elite rich Businessmen. The French had the right idea in the 1700’s, chop off the heads of the Rich Businessmen and for several hundred years after that France was a much better place to live. While the American Revolution did little other than write down a totally worthless Constitution the French Revolution actually accomplished something.

  13. Just as liberals move from failing blue states to prosperous red states and then vote for Democrats, Mexicans have invaded our country and now vote for a Mexican tyranny.
    The California Legislature is fully conquered by Mexico.

  14. Clearly neutering the Second doesn’t require repealing the Second.

    Just infringe and get away with it.

    As for “state laws” … last I heard they were still subject to Federal/Constitutional law over State law in such things.


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