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I once dated a beautiful young lady who asked me if I minded tattoos. As she had a sleeve tattoo on her arm and I’d invited her on a date, I thought it an odd question. I said no. She said “Are you sure?” Before I could answer she stood up and took off her shirt. No bra. She turned her back to me to reveal a full life-size set of angel wings. The other diners clapped as she put her shirt back on. I may have said about not liking the taste of chicken. Anyway, there are worse/better things than a gun haircut. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. First impression, one more cup size is necessary. For the children.

    Second, did she end up being wife 2 or 3?

  2. Sorry but the headline gave me a visual of a stylist using a 22 in place of scissors – not something I would want to experience!

  3. Ummm…gun haircuts and neck tats. A winning combo! Interesting date RF…

    • There are few things more attractive than a Suicide Girl – or a wannabe.

      Sticking the “D” in crazy isn’t for everyone, but neither is living your fantasies. The woman who thinks a tiny Snoopy on her ankle is risque, is also not going to go out to dinner with you and help pick up the waitress as take-home dessert.

      Different strokes and all that…

  4. Curious what restaurant it was

    Dating a beautiful lady that u havent slept, and diners who would clap instead of going into seizure = doesnt quite compute

  5. My wife has a tat of an angel across her upper back, although she’s never undressed in a restaurant to show it off. She never gets to see it, but I do . . . under certain pleasant circumstances.

  6. When I was a kid, I met an older woman (a neighbor, not a date) who had a tattoo on her forearm. It started with an “A.” Innocently, I asked her what it was. She told me it was Hitler’s phone number.

    Since then, I don’t like tats.

      • Dude, I was young once. No, really. I was. And the woman was a Hungarian refugee (that’s what they were called back in the day) who had been in Auschwitz.

        She seemed old to me back in 1960, and she looked it too, but thinking about it today, she could have been 40.

        • All kidding aside, a Hungarian refugee with that tattoo was likely far older than her years. And she had a right to be.

  7. I am not seeing a gun in that haircut. Where is it on his head? Is it a handgun or rifle? Which way is it pointing?

    • Took me twice through…

      It’s a guy holding a gun. His face is on the left, he’s holding the gun at an angle toward the right. You’re looking down the barrel and part of the slide.

      • Thanks for the explanation. Now I see it too. At first I was thinking something like this is how the gun as phallus thinking gets started. Seemed appropriate.

  8. My wife has a little owl inked on her right shoulder. This never bothered me, but her trinity piercings did (long since removed); as first she wanted to nurse our babies, and the lower one kept scratching the tip of tongue.

  9. “She turned her back to me to reveal a full life-size set of angel wings.”

    I’d slap the sh!t out of any woman that fncking pretentious.

    • And you’d miss out on many hours of sweaty, messy, enthusiastic sex. That night alone.

      Your choice….

    • A girl flashes an entire restaurant and the word that comes to your mind is “pretentious?”

  10. I think the haircut is a bit silly, but the person who did it had some skill.

    I fail to see why people get in a huff about tattoos. They’ve been around thousands of years and in most cases you never know people have them unless they undress in your presence which should either make you happy or creep you out, depending on circumstances.

    Someone you work with likely has one or more tattoos and you have no idea. That’s how it is with me. I have a lot of ink and if I’m wearing a T-shirt and pants you’d never know. I’ve had people at work tell me how they hate tattoos and they’d never even talk to someone who had one unless they had to. My boss even told me how he’d never allow the hiring of some “a$$hole with ink”. I just laughed to myself at their sad little view of the world. Then a coworker joined my BJJ gym and realized we all have ink, lots of it, and are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. They changed their tune real quick but, in all fairness, that might have to do with the fact that their 1st day was collar choke day.

  11. My mom once gave me some very important advice. She pulled our car to the side of the road in a flurry of gravel and dust and warned me: “Don’t fuck crazy!”

  12. “career limiting facial tattoos.”
    spouse has a “tree of life” tattoed on her stomach to diffuse some of the evidence of her child bearing years. the roots of which quite literally terminate in the root of all evil.
    i’m getting flames on my penis.
    and a tattoo.

  13. “Before I could answer she stood up and took off her shirt. No bra.”

    And this was a problem…

    Exactly how?

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