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For years, gun control advocates have repeatedly beaten the same drum. They say their goal is to establish “common sense” gun control laws as a means of protecting Americans from so-called “gun violence.” When gun owners objected, they condescendingly assured us that no one wants to take your guns away. 

But Second Amendment supporters weren’t buying that line. They could see the the direction gun controllers were headed and repeatedly warned that their endgame is to ban all civiliain-owned firearms.

It began with heavily regulating things like fully automatic firearms and suppressors to the point where the average Americans couldn’t afford those firearms. They’ve moved to outlawing concealed carry, “Saturday night specials” and “cop-killer” bullets. More recently, they’ve targeted “assault weapons” like AR-15s and now it’s ghost guns.

Of course, anyone who objected about these simple “gun safety reforms” was accused of wearing a tin foil hat. We were being paranoid about what were obviously just reasonable steps to fight “gun violence.”

On Wednesday night, during a CNN televised town hall event, President Joe Biden confirmed — for all to clearly see — that full civilian disarmanent really is the Democrats’ end game. And he did it by once again lying through his false teeth.

“Crime is down,” Biden claimed during a CNN town hall.

FALSE. Crime is up nationwide. Homicides are up all across the country in major cities like Chicago, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin, and Pittsburg.

“Gun violence and murder rates are up,” he continued. Last time I checked, assault with a deadly weapon and murder are crimes.

Then Biden bragged again about the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban that he says he passed.

I’m the only guy that passed legislation, when I was a senator, to make sure we eliminated assault weapons. The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.

There it is. It’s no longer just scary black rifles he’s targeting. Now it’s 9mm pistols, too. Then it will be revolvers, lever guns, bolt action rifles and shotguns. Biden’s admission is the culmination of decades of incrementalism by those whose only goal is full civilian disarmament.

First, we were told fully automatic firearms were simply too dangerous. No one needed them to hunt deer.

Congress passed the National Firearms act that heavily regulated them and required a $200 tax on the transfer of machine guns, short barrel rifles and suppressors. Then, in 1986, they outlawed their manufacture for civilian use entirely. The artificially limited supply still in circulation has basically priced average Americans out of owning a machine gun, which was, of course, the anti-gunners’ goal all along.

Then we were told “high-capacity” magazines were unnecessary and dangerous. States like California, New York and Colorado passed legislation to limit a magazine’s capacity to ten rounds or less. For whatever reason, 11 rounds were deemed too deadly.

But if the functionality was what determined how lethal a firearm is, why does magazine capacity matter? Never mind. The goal posts were moved. We gave an inch, they took a mile.

They said they wanted to make sure criminals couldn’t buy firearms so in 1993 the Brady Act mandated background checks for gun purchases. Now that’s been declared completely insufficient…most often because the FBI continually drops the ball resulting in some high profile deadly situations.

The solution now is — as always — a new regulation, “universal background checks,” a clear step toward full gun registration…which would only result, one day, in confiscation.

Again, we give inches, they take miles.

We’ve warned for years they were going to move toward a ban and full-on confiscation and, guess what? The Biden administration has repeatedly proven that prediction to be 100% accurate.

Case in point…Biden’s ATF nominee, David Chipman, and his history as an ATF agent and gun control lobbyist. Look at Chipman’s calls for an assault weapons ban, regulating them under the NFA and universal background checks.

Then there are Biden’s calls to serialize almost every part of a gun and outlaw home made firearms. But as long as the Democrats and the gun control lobby never came out and fully admitted they wanted to eliminate civilian gun ownership entirely, they were safe.

They got lots of cover for this deception from their compliant friends in the media. And we were told we were hysterical, paranoid, delusional. No one wants to take your guns. 

But last night President Biden said the quiet part out loud. They do have a plan. They do have an end goal and that’s to completely decimate our God-given right to keep and bear arms. He’s coming after handguns, too.

Biden rambled on . . .

I’ve gotten ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, I have them increase their budget and increase their capacity along with the Justice Department to go after the gun shops that are not abiding by the law of doing background checks. For real, that’s number one.

Number two, number two, we are in a position where you, most of the cities, and I don’t know enough, I think you’ve had a lot of gun violence here in Cincinnati, I think it was up to what, how many, how many dead? 500 over a period? Don’t hold me to the number, whatever it was.

But my point is all across the country. And it’s not because the gun shops in the cities are selling these guns. They are either shadow gun dealers and or gun shops that are not abiding by the law. So we’re going to do major investigations and shut those guys down and put some of them in jail and for what they’re doing, selling these weapons.

There’s also a thing called ghost guns that are being sold now and being used. 

They wanted the benefit the doubt. It was all just “common sense” gun control. “No one is coming to take your guns.”

Sorry, Sleepy Joe. We will not comply. We will not hand over our guns without a fight. And we will fight a tyrannical government – just as the Founding Fathers wanted should the need arise – because that’s precisely what your administration has become.

The term MOLON LABE is a sacred one in the firearms community and for good reason. You will have to come and take our guns from our cold dead hands. And that won’t be as easy as babbling for an hour in front of the CNN cameras.

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  1. The ONLY time dems are “transparent” is when they disclose their real intentions about our civil liberties!

    • Even considering it may be true on a super small scale and there might be 300 people truly doing this, it’s absurd to limit the liberties of almost 300 million Americans (I’m making the assumption of how many legal citizens are actually here) for the actions of 0.0001%.

      If the point is to save lives, how about we focus on abortion? There are a lot of potential lives to be saved there with only the “flick of a pen” (600K annually, per the CDC).

      If the point is to curb criminal activity, how about we stop the “defund police” nonsense and enforce the laws already on the books (see how things are turning out here in Los Angeles because of Soros-funded D.A. Gascon)?

      Isn’t it curious how Democrats always push for laws to reduce constitutional liberties, instead of expanding and supporting them?

      • Rest assured the Haz will do whatever it takes to right these injustices, provided ‘whatever it takes’ in no way puts him at risk and is essentially limited to banging away impotently on his keyboard and thanking those of us who have the gumption to really try to affect change. Seriously what a clown this ‘man’ is…

        • When others attempt amateur “clownage”, A True Patriot shows the world the meaning of the craft. A true master and role model for would-be clowns everywhere!

          All Hail!

        • So the insufferable ‘Ing’ along with the original ‘All Hail’s doppelgänger (who, let’s face it, is cowardly Haz’ alter ego) have both weighted in with their predictably impotent retorts. Still awaiting sentient crash test dummy Geoff the Pervert’s ridiculous reply. What a cowardly triumvirate they comprise 🤣.

        • Yeah, Hail/Patriot, okay…

          So you post under multiple usernames, then try to convince everyone it’s me, who you also claim is actually Geoff. Are you sure I’m not Debbie, ant7, MarkPA, etc, as well? Why not Miner49er? Who else am I forgetting…oh yeah…PeeGee.

          I think you’re just peeved that you finally have your own troll yapping at your own heels. Whoever that person is, I hope he/she continues.

      • @A True Patriot

        So what did you risk today fighting for your gun rights? What change did you accomplish?

        You talk like a ridiculous asshat.

        I hope I make your list now too. It’ll be fun.

        PS – You’ve mentioned “impotent” twice in an hour. I think that’s a clue to your issues.

        • ATP is a clueless coward that likes to talk big. He wants everyone to think he’s a hero when he’s only a POS hiding behind a keyboard.

        • “PS – You’ve mentioned “impotent” twice in an hour. I think that’s a clue to your issues.”

          Yeah, it’s kinda obvious, by now.

          I bet the basement he lives in has a nasty stench from all of the ‘bodily fluids’ he’s emitted down there, instead of where it belongs… 😉

      • Creepy Joe and Kameltoe, and co are “educated” on firearms by Hollywood. Surely Hollywood wouldn’t lie?

        If they truly wanted to save lives, medical interns would not be forced to work 3,4,5 days nonstop. Keeping someone awake and working that long is going to cause mistakes costing lives. But doctors get to bury their mistakes.

        Other causes of death such as motor accidents, reckless behavior, or intentional self harm kill far more people each than guns do to all causes.

        This is political grandstanding. Smoke and mirrors. Designed to distract the media and the people to other happenings.

  2. To all those that voted for joe , and we know you’re here , give us your thoughts please. And will you stand with YOUR president and his gun policies? If not then why did you vote for him ? We don’t want all this mish mash bullshit answers either about well trump wasn’t 2a either, we get it, Just answer the question.

    • Just answer the question.

      If you are really waiting for an honest answer, don’t hold your breath…

  3. B B B B B B But it’s all common sense!

    Anytime you hear the Demon Rats use that term, you know the end result will be to deprive you of something.

      • for either the “common good” or “for our own good”.

        AND the “VAST” majority of Americans agree…

    • I think you have the right point; not sure how to express it clearly. I’m not finding “ghost dealers” or “shadow guns” as quite the right terms.

      We PotG make one, or a few, guns from 80% receivers in our basement workshops. Because, well, we just like to do these things.

      Very few criminals will make JUST ONE, or a few, guns in their apartments. They don’t have the tools or the craftsmanship skills. They could acquire them; but, why bother?

      Where there is a demand there will be a supplier. Someone will go into the business of making guns from 80% receivers and the additional unregulated parts. Nothing can stop this process; not since the development of CNC machine tools.

      This process will develop in America until the ATF adds gun-shining teams to its moonshining and butt-legging teams. These will be only partially effective. Moonshining is hardly a problem anymore because the excise taxes are just barely low enough to make moonshining not sufficiently profitable. Butt-legging remains profitable because the excise taxes are high enough to make that practice highly profitable.

      We don’t see smuggling of guns INTO the US simply because guns are available from the “white” market. Close-off that market in any way (taxes or regulation) and we will see smuggling.

      How do we make this clear to the general public? Do the terms “gun-shining” and “gun-legging” work? Or, maybe “gun-labs” and “gun-smuggling”?

      • The US Army reported that more than 1900 weapons went missing between 2010 and 2019. Yet the problem is “shadow dealers”? How about the problem is criminals.

        • It’s far more then that. The IL National Guard has about half of those numbers from M4s, M9s and M17s last year. I’m sure there are quite a few older M16 variants that just went missing. I drive by the IL-NG “base” on 22nd and 1st Ave and down 22nd there is a Citgo where they fill up their Humvees.

          They are full battle ready, rifles and sidearms. They play “war-games” in the woods that are from 1st Ave to the Dupage county line.
          How many of these National Guardsmen are squeaky clean citizens and how many are just learning military tactics?

  4. Everyone knows this is silly, performative nonsense to appease the anti gun wackos on the far left. A ban on rifles and handguns will never, ever happen.

    • They came pretty darn close with the “assault weapons” ban in 1994.

      Are you really so sure that the Democrats/Progressives/Leftists will never get the numbers and/or the gumption to do it again and do it “better”?

    • And EFTAB Swat squads raiding minding-their-own-business law-abiding non-violent people who purchased non-firing parts that don’t even meet the statutory definition of an actual firearm and tearing up their homes and traumatizing their lives…will also ‘never, ever happen?

      They just home invaded a Fireman Captain for his purchase a while back (2012 I think) of an 80% Glock auto-conversion part that goes into your glock which The EFTAB deemed legal to purchase at the time and then, without warning–at least none that most people heard about– a couple years ago they arbitrarily revised the law in their own administrative deep-state way, (a deprivation of rights crime and felony under 18 USCC 241-242 and designated it a machine gun! Now this Fireman and the many who once legally owned these parts for no bad intent that were not even useable firearms, were instantly all felons!

      Which is the ‘Real’ reality check part of their master plan. Because after Obama became best AR salesman in the country with all his anti-2nd/A speeches. The pre-2020 election game public disarmament strategy had to be modified based on the psychology that the average American of any ethnic or cultural or political.. background simply doesn’t subscribe to government dictates concerning what you can, and cannot have, especially notwithstanding constitutionally illegal laws (Norton v. Shelby County, Miranda v. Arizona, Miller v. U.S. and so on).

      We Americans really like and want to Keep our stuff. And it’s a dirty little feeling in your gut when not only doesn’t the G protect that right, but they steadily and relentlessly continue to deprive us of it!

      So that’s the true ‘reality check’ of what’s going on. They know they just can’t pass an outright in-your-face universal BAN on every firearm except maybe a six-shot revolver and a break open or bolt action shotgun (that also absolutely must be NFA registered) At best that would result in massive backlash at the polls, and at worse, a severe, potentially violently dangerous conflict between federal enforcement and State and local non-compliance or resistance to the the Marxist disarmament efforts, which will still result in the G forcing an overall general compliance with the combined force of the sheer Federal power, which amounts essentiallyi to a Ban–similar to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, etc.- that most will reluctantly and depressingly accept, but could be too costly for them politically in the classic sense of a Pyhricc victory.

      But because the majority of Americans not only do not have much stomach for up close and physical civil war, and they are very fearful of prison, which is why they make NFA tax stamp violations a criminal punishment so absurdly in violation of ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment laws, while tax huge money tax cheats get away with slap on the wrist second chance pay what you really owe, and a small penalty, They use psychological compliance intimidation and fear tactics behind the scenes.

      They control us with fear.

      We should, instead, control them with fear. Violating our rights under color of so-called ‘law’ should immediately be sanctioned by job losses, litigation, and criminal consequences. The visionary Framers designed the effective method for posterity. The Ballot box.

      There are two very important remedies now to beat them at their own game without wasting any ammo (another back door plan they’ll use to criminally deprive us of our rights under color of law, Ammo regulations like NFA or unaffordable taxation, and manufacturors’ liability for damage caused with their ammo):

      There’s a critically important case in the Florida Federal court right now with the Kris Justin Erwin auto key card case. Swat search and seizure of all his assets, no bail, all to prevent him from getting a good lawyer and forcing him to cop a plea so that THEY WIN and can continue to make illegal adminstrative gun prohibition laws without much challenge. The outcome is a ‘tipping point’ important for all who value private firearms possession.

      If the G wins it they’ve got the green light to continue to legislate gun registration and 80%, pistol braces and parts kit laws and pre-confiscation registration type fiat mandates. If they don’t force Erwin to plea out, then it goes to jury trial where the G also has a good chance of losing. Right now they went to a grand jury for a true bill and calling ‘witnesses’, also a tactic to intimidate for contrived evidence.

      It ‘behooves’ all those who purchased ‘legal’ 80% parts and kits, and etc. or want to in the future to keep your gun building private from all types of criminals “foreign and domestic” and legal to help his case by contributing to his go fund me effort.

      The second way is to jump aboard the freight train to freedom driven by Sherrif Mack and his ‘Constitutional Sherrif’ organization speeding up daily to stop illegal gun laws by Legally refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws, which is their oath of office. Subsribe to his webiste and go from there. The County Sherrif is an elected position. He does what his constituency wants him to do…or She’s OUT. Gather with friends and neighbors to get a grip on one of the most important weapons against Gun-grabbersl. The Sherrif can even deputize its county citizens to help protect the county from unconstitutional outside attacks!

      Because it definitely is NOT “silly, performative nonsense to ‘appease’ anti-gun wackos”. These sub-humans cannot be appeased. It’s not in their nihilist psychology. It’s all or nothing for them and it’s their way or the high way to hell.

      The Biden’s modified back door plan is to simply ‘getcha, getcha getcha, one way..or the other.

      And they certainly will, if We, The People, continue to allow them to do it, right in plain sight.


    • The threat is real and there have been many of these commie traitors that have come out in the open and expressed what they really thought. To wit:

      “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. Prohibition of firearms is the goal”. – Janet Reno, Former Attorney General

      “We need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way” –
      Eric Holder, US Attorney General (and yes he really used the word “brainwash”)

      It’s time to cut the crap and get real. They want our guns, and the reason they want to take away our guns is really very simple to understand. They fear us reaching the point of having a significant majority that learns of their true intent for this country and which is, to establish a system of total and complete control over the entire population. But they also know that this would only be possible if we are first disarmed.

      So let’s reach an understanding about something that far too many people are confused about. The Second Amendment is NOT about technology and it is NOT even about guns. It’s about a principle; The Right and the ability of the people to overthrow a tyrannical government if and when it becomes necessary to do so. And that principle is as legitimate today as it was back in 1791.

      Furthermore, please understand this. Our Constitution is, and always has been recognized as a covenant. And as such, this document is subject to the rules of contract law. So when this document is amended it is permanently altered such that the terms, conditions and the directives of the amendment override and supersede everything that is contained within the original document. The rules of contract law are well established and our courts uphold this principle of law everyday in contract dispute cases. In addition, it is also well established that if there be any dispute or conflict between what is contained in the amendment and in the original document, that it is always the terms, conditions and the directives of the amendment that must and shall prevail. And so if there is to be fidelity to our Constitution and if the rule of law is to be upheld, then in every court case involving firearms, the determining factor should always be that, “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms Shall Not be Infringed” and this is what should rule the day.

      It is important to remember that only by the constitutional amendment process can the Constitution be changed. Any act of the Congress or presidential executive order is wholly insufficient to accomplish changing or altering or even reinterpreting any part of the Constitution.

      However, we have for a long time failed to assert ourselves in this manner.

  5. “Then, in 1986, they outlawed their manufacture for civilian use entirely”

    Signed into law by republican president Ronald Reagan.

    • And Trump’s bump-stock ban and expressed disdain for silencers has further greased the slippery slope for the biden administration to wield the ATFs “reinterpretation” scheme to inflict fatal blows to the 2A’s remnants. When we have “republican” leaders the GOP constituency takes it up the posterior gladly. Atleast when dems are in power the republican voting population gets a bit more defensive about their rights. Sick and tired of RINOS and their base deep-throating jackboots and gargling Mango Mussolini’s custard.

      • Well nathan your ignorance to the fact that if POTUS DJT failed to act following such a blood bath Congress Would Have. That fact means the far superior Binary Triggers you see advertised on this forum and elsewhere would have been history too. After all the concocted sleazy demoCrap POTUS DJT was subjected to you should search for facts before regurgitating misinformation and holding hands with the Party you claim to disdain.

        • I don’t give Donald Trump, the NRA, Marion Hammer, or the republicans like Rick Scott and the Florida Republicrats a pass on bump stocks. Nor the way McConnell and friends let HPA/HUSH etc die. They got scared and didn’t stick to the values they claim to believe in, they could have pushed back and said one criminal act shouldn’t cause 500,000+ citizens and a number of companies to be punished.

          And I don’t know that it saved anything, Republicrats in Florida banned… We aren’t exactly sure what they banned… Maybe binary triggers? Bump stocks, or they turned rubber bands into bump stocks? The federal bump stocks ban is turning into the ghost gun and pistol brace ban, so that wasn’t a good trade, didn’t even grandfather or open machine gun amnesty or pay for losses. If Trump had wanted he could have bluffed, said he was taking action, and then buried it, by the time it actual went to rule making and implementation the “danger” and pressure was past, he could have just dropped it. It’s not like the Left was going to respect him anyway, doing them a favor only hurt Trump and the NRA further.

    • The question for minor49iq following his line of “gotcha” is…Where is minor49iq when it comes to abolishing the 1968 Gun Control Act? After all history confirms there is no difference between slave shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas and Gun Control.

      The question is…Will minor49iq be in camp with Gun Control democRat Party nazis and plantation owners or will he have both feet in camp with The Constitution of the United States?

    • Miner49er,

      I’m going to make a genuine effort at an honest question here.

      What is the point of comments like these? Yes, Reagan signed the bill into law. FOPA was introduced by a Republican senate to squash the ATF’s practice of hustling law abiding gun owners and FFLs. Closing the machine gun registry was an amendment added by a Democrat.

      Every time you try to finger a Republican with an infringement, it basically amounts to “Well, yeah, my guy says he wants to strip you of all your rights… but look at your guy! He occasionally lets it through!!” Yes, Republicans politicians are impotent and that is frustrating, but Democrats openly advertise to stomp on us. Surely you don’t actually mean to suggest that the party that vocally fantasizes about confiscation is in fact secretly the party of gun rights.

      So what is your point here? Because to me, it appears that it is only designed to demoralize opposition, in which case it is not an intellectually honest argument and so I can only conclude that you are in fact a paid troll or a gun grabber with too much time on their hands (if you don’t get paid for these posts, then that is truly sad). But then this is at odds with some of your posts where you attempt to present yourself as on the side of RKBA.

      I’m looking forward to your response. I have wondered about the mentality behind about public comments like yours here for a long time (not just on TTAG).

      • Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

        First, I’m not opposed to private gun ownership or even extended magazines. My primary beef is with unlicensed, untrained, Randos walking the streets strapped up.

        And I also have an issue with felons and the mentally ill having easy access to firearms, whether it is through a private sale or a situation like trump reversing Obama’s order regarding those who receive Social Security Disability checks for mental illness being allowed to purchase guns at retail.

        “Well, yeah, my guy says he wants to strip you of all your rights… but look at your guy! He occasionally lets it through!!”

        It’s all a kabuki dance, Democrats don’t want to confiscate all guns so they propose legislation knowing it will never pass. That satisfies their base and keeps the money coming in.

        Republicans talk a good game about the Second Amendment, and they play their part stopping the Democrats so-called ‘ban’ efforts, but they never make any forward progress on expanding gun rights.

        Trump broke that mold, while he spoke a good game about supporting 2A, he actually moved the bombing line backwards by using his ATF to ban bump stocks and start the process to regulate pistol braces.

        Personally, I think Republican leadership is just too damaging to this country in almost every single domain, from social-economic issues to foreign policy.

        My answer is to elect Democrats, but hold their feet to the fire regarding gun rights. I’ve seen that technique be much more successful in taking the country in the right direction, and once again, I must point out how effective Dem-led bipartisanship in the 2009 CARD act granted Americans their freedom back to carry firearms on millions of acres of national lands.

        I have yet to see a Republican on the national scene advance my gun rights in such a dramatic fashion as Obama/Biden and the Dems did in 2009.

        • “My primary beef is with unlicensed, untrained, Randos walking the streets strapped up.”

          So far in 2021, I’ve taken required CCW training for two separate licenses, both CA and another State. In total between the two, there were 39 students, all “licensed and trained” per your assumed definition, yet I was astonished at how irresponsibly several of them handled their guns. Even though they met the requirements of training and documentation by the respective jurisdictions, I would never want to be around them if they pulled their weapons from their holsters. Conversely, I know unlicensed people with unregistered guns who have had no formal training, yet exercise utmost safety and handle their guns around me in an admirably responsible manner.

          The one-size-fits-all mantra of “we cannot have regular Joes out there walking around with guns” doesn’t hold water.

        • When I first started buying guns, I sought knowledge (which is how I found TTAG) and trained myself.

          So… Am I just some rando walking the streets? Yep, I’m just as random as the next guy. Trained? Yes. By the government or some government-credentialed outfit? No.

          What you’re really saying with that “no unlicensed, untrained randos” stuff is that nobody should be trusted to exercise an essential, constitutionally protected human and civil right without asking government permission first and paying for the privilege.

          Miner, you’re mostly right about the corrupt kabuki dance of both parties. Where we part ways is in our assessment of which one is doing what kind of harm in the bigger picture.

          To me, turning a civil right into a pay-to-play privilege is not acceptable in any way. To the extent that my vote matters (which it mostly doesn’t, except at the state and local level) I won’t vote for any political party with a plank like that in its platform. With the Democratic Party, gun control is just the tip of a totalitarian iceberg.

        • Hey, Minor Coward,

          Which other Constitutional rights should be subject to government licensing? Voting? Going to church? Posting on the Internet?

          Should we require all who want to vote to pass a Civics test? All who want to post on the Internet to pass classes in English, Rhetoric and Logic?

          Look, we all know you are a Leftist/authoritarian fascist. But a little intellectual consistency would be a welcome improvement. YOU want to own guns (because you’re one of the ‘good people’ – at least in your own mind), but you don’t want anyone else to.

          Eff. Off. and. expire.

        • “I was astonished at how irresponsibly several of them handled their guns. Even though they met the requirements of training and documentation by the respective jurisdictions, I would never want to be around them if they pulled their weapons”

          Exactly, thank you for making my point about the dangers of poorly trained individuals carrying in public spaces.

          I agree, our patchwork quilt of requirements and especially trainer certification issues, make for a bad system. That’s why I would mandate a nationwide program with paid instructors who had passed real certifications that would impart the knowledge and skills necessary to produce a safe gun owner.

          Just because the current system of licensing is not perfect, there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. As a society, we just need to put our time and effort into establishing a training and testing regimen that is adequate to the purpose.

        • “My primary beef is with unlicensed, untrained, Randos walking the streets strapped up.”

          Now you, me, and everyone here already knows quite well that people have been doing that. This was happening long before we were born. Much less with any state going constitutional carry. Many of them are called ‘criminals’. How do you think all those 2-bit hoods were able to hold up convenience stores in the 80’s (or any other time)? These unlicensed and untrained half-wits were carrying. The only thing different now is that there are more people carrying that can fight back.

        • “Randos”? So you imagine that Constitutional rights are not inherent in all citizens, but are solely to be awarded by the government to a chosen few? Do you imagine that 4A and 8A should also not be exercised by “randos”?

        • Miner49er,

          Thanks for your response.

          “My primary beef is with unlicensed, untrained, Randos walking the streets strapped up.”

          Is it your position that the root cause of the majority of injuries or death incurred by gun misuse in the US is the direct result of a lack of proper training?

          “It’s all a kabuki dance, Democrats don’t want to confiscate all guns so they propose legislation knowing it will never pass. That satisfies their base and keeps the money coming in.”

          Only it does pass. This whole thread started when you brought up the machine gun ban aspect of FOPA, which was sponsored by Democrats and passed.

          “Personally, I think Republican leadership is just too damaging to this country in almost every single domain, from social-economic issues to foreign policy.”

          So then is it fair to say that gun rights are not the primary issue to you when you go to the polls, and that you acknowledge that the Democrats are not pro-2A but that’s not important to you? That is fine and entirely valid opinion, I just think that these comments trying to push RKBA infringement blame onto Republicans is – again – intellectually dishonest.

          “My answer is to elect Democrats, but hold their feet to the fire regarding gun rights. I’ve seen that technique be much more successful in taking the country in the right direction, and once again, I must point out how effective Dem-led bipartisanship in the 2009 CARD act granted Americans their freedom back to carry firearms on millions of acres of national lands.

          I have yet to see a Republican on the national scene advance my gun rights in such a dramatic fashion as Obama/Biden and the Dems did in 2009.”

          The pro-gun amendment to the CARD act was sponsored by a Republican. It passed in the Senate with 27 Democrats and 39 Republicans supporting it versus 27 Democrats and 1 Republican opposing it. This was a Republican achievement during an adversarial Congress and Presidency.

          Much like the situation with the FOPA act, this was tacked on by the minority party and swallowed by the party in power because they viewed it as an acceptable trade for their at-the-time high profile pet legislation. Why do you choose to misrepresent it the way that you do?

        • @Miner,

          “That’s why I would mandate a nationwide program with paid instructors who had passed real certifications that would impart the knowledge and skills necessary to produce a safe gun owner.”

          I recently completed a CADOJ-required CCW course, led by an instructor who was NRA qualified, a retired U.S. Marine Sergeant, certified armorer, licensed FFL/LGS owner, etc. Yet, even with all these qualifications, he still failed to adequately teach gun safety, as his focus was simply passing the CA shooting skills test. I personally watched other students muzzling themselves and others and brought the instructor’s attention to it before an ND occurred.

          And during a particular live fire drill, four students on the line all experienced slide-lock because they began with only two rounds instead of full mags, and stopped because they hadn’t yet been shown how to perform emergency reloads.

          Lastly, when the instructor asked if there was anything else we wanted to go over before ending the class, and I asked (so the newbies could benefit) for malfunction drills. He quickly showed us demonstrations of Types I (FTF) and II (brass high), and then told me he doesn’t teach Type III (brass low, double feed) because that just means your extractor is broken and your gun is worthless at that point. Hmm…I personally experienced a Type III during another instructor’s skills test, and was able to clear it and be back on target in under 6 seconds.

          Mandating a “qualified” instructor is no guarantee that proper skills will be taught to gun owners.

        • “which was sponsored by Democrats and passed”

          Did you miss the part in civics class how legislation requires a president’s signature in order to become law? That signature was provided by Republican Ronald Reagan, thus forfilling the Republicans’ part in the theater.

          And regarding the CARD Act of 2009 and the expansion of firearms rights for American citizens, that legislation also had to be signed by the President, in this case Barack Hussein Obama made that legislation law, returning our right to carry a firearm on millions of acres of public land.

          Please remind me again of which legislation Republican lawmakers passed and signed into law that equals such a wide ranging expansion of American gun owners rights?

          “swallowed by the party in power because they viewed it as an acceptable trade for their at-the-time high profile pet legislation“

          The Democrats did not have to pass the bill and Barack Obama did not have to sign it, and what you call pet legislation was actually protection from predatory lending practices by unscrupulous banks and lending institutions.

        • @Arch Stanton: You’ve done an admirable job of calmly and concisely articulating the facts — and Miner actually gave you a fairly straight (and dare I say honest?) answer, which is astonishing. Well done.

          Regarding your question as to why Miner continues to misrepresent the facts, you answered it yourself: intellectual dishonesty. He obliquely answered in his second reply to you, as he couldn’t help reverting to form.

        • “Democrats don’t want to confiscate all guns so they propose legislation knowing it will never pass.”

          Arch Stanton,

          Did you really think you could have an intellectual conversation with me, a Marxist? One where I would not give a free pass to the democrat party, who is following the Marxist play book in seeking the destruction of the U.S.??

          Really? Naiveté?



          Ok, here is the truth.

          I am a proven bad actor, a serial liar, and dishonest to the core.

          My answer is to elect Democrats, because as a hater of America, I seek it’s destruction through the Democratic party.

        • How do you hold their feet to the fire, when they are openly against gun rights? It’s the antigun people that hold their feet to the fire, those are the people who elected them. I don’t know where you live, but the logical end of Democrats being in control is what we see in NYS, NJ, California and a couple more states. If you experienced this, perhaps you would be singing a different tune. If Democrats get a veto proof majority in the Senate and a Democrat President, I very much doubt you will like what will happen to your rights, and not just 2nd Amendment rights.

      • I remember some time ago someone on the Firearm Blog blaming Reagan for signing the FOPA, and I responded by telling him the actual law and the amendment tacked on last minute by a Democrat. Sure you can blame Reagan for not vetoing it, but people don’t realize there was a lack of political will to push back on something that was considered a “reasonable” compromise. The original commenter actually responded that he didn’t realize the intent of the original bill and assumed the entire act was to ban all post 86 full autos.

        As for Miner, I don’t think he/she/whatever actually has the intellectual honesty to go beyond party affiliation.

        • “As for Miner, I don’t think he/she/whatever actually has the intellectual honesty to go beyond party affiliation.“

          Oh joy, another commentor who can’t state their position civilly without including an ad hominem attack!

          Actually, I’m not a registered Democrat or Republican, I’m third-party. But from my observation, the fact is the Democrats do a better job of running the country and our foreign policy.
          You know, the Iraqi war of lies under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, with thousands of American troops dead and trillions of dollars spent all to destabilize the region and lead to the chaos from which ISIS arose, should be enough to dissuade anyone from ever voting Republican. As Donald Trump himself said, the Iraqi war was America’s greatest mistake. And many would say our greatest war crime.

        • the region and lead to the chaos from which ISIS arose,

          You mean the ISIS that moved in when Barack Hussein Obama pulled out of Iraq and left the country in the hands of an ineffectual Iraqi military? Is THAT the ISIS to which you are referring? The ISIS that was decimated (including the killing of their cowardly leader) in the reqion by Donald J Trump per his campaign promise? That ISIS? The ISIS that terrorized Northern Iraq and Southern Syria right under the noses of the Obama/Biden administration? That ISIS? The group of terrorists that literally destroyed thousands of years of history in Iraq and publicly beheaded hundreds while kidnapping thousands of young girls and forcing them to become “wives” of the Jihadis? You ARE referring to Obamas ISIS, right? Actually some 4000 troops have died in Iraq since 2003, roughly the number of people who died last month from drug overdoses in the US yet the DEMOCRAT Administration continues to allow illegals to flood across our Southern border while we spend millions to guard the materials left after Biden shut down the border fence construction (and like it or not many of those “migrants” pay their way by smuggling drugs like heroin and fentanyl)… OR roughly half the number of people murdered in Chicago over the same time period…

        • Being I’m not a registered Democrat or Republican, I’m third-party, the Marxist party.

          And because race i.e. a persons skin color is paramount in my thinking, some re-engineering must occur.

          Marxism through the democrats will accomplish that.

      • “So what is your point here? Because to me, it appears that it is only designed to demoralize opposition,…”

        That is part of it, they let the veil drop in the lead-up to the 2020 race when it got out ‘operatives’ were going to hit the comment sections where Trump supporters congregate saying things like “I support Trump and all, but I can’t in good conscience votefor him this time…” Blah,blah, blah.

        Yeah, they’re out there (and in here)… 😉

        • You want to force people to take the unproved and dangerous WuFlu vaccine, so your comments are meaningless. Go away!

        • Hey, Geoff. You’ve been right about your troll being pee gee. In all his names. Here he is again.

          You spanked him so hard he’s fallen in love with you.

        • “Go away!”

          Hell, no!

          I’m on a mission, to see that you get vaccinated at gunpoint! 😉

          I told you that’s it was, JWM… 🙂

      • @Arch Stanton
        What a great internet name!

        Oh and BTW – Miner is a well known pinko commie idiot.

  6. Lyin’ Biden strikes again. Everything he stated is a bald faced anti gunner , anti US Constitution , socialist marxist progressive democrat communist lie.

    The only ones in *illegal possession of semi auto rifles and pistols* are the criminals that stole them or purchased them illegally. We already have laws that pertain to that. Enforce them. Arrest, charge, try, convict and imprison those criminals. And leave us law abiding gun owners alone. Joe Biden needs to be investigated for sedition against the US Constitution because he swore an oath to uphold it.

  7. All of the above was allowed to happen by The Party of Lincoln that failed miserably to mention that history confirms Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide.

    The Party of Lincoln allowed the Criminal Misuse of Firearms to be attached, mixed and combined and blamed on The Second Amendment and the results are what you see coming out of the behinds of the democRat Party…That would be the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

    Until these so called defenders of The Second Amendment I hear blowing smoke on the radio and elsewhere rip the smiley face off Gun Control and expose its disgusting, shameful racist and genocidal roots then it’s going to be business as usual.

    The fact is in order to confiscate The Second Amendment these Gun Control perverts such as biden and bloomberg need armies of turds who think like them. Such deranged Gun Control zealots need others to do their insane dirty work just like hitler needed brown shirts and plantation owners needed slave masters…What Filth.

  8. San Diego has let rapists and murderers walk the street while they defund their police department but amazingly they found enough money to fund a special “Ghost Gun Task Force”… As for Braindead Biden, I didn’t watch his CNN “Special” but from the clips I saw he was apparently only coherent about 40% of the time… He doesn’t remember what he said 15 minutes after he said it… Lot’s of real “smart” stuff like dumping another three and a half trillion worthless dollars into the economy is the best way to slow inflation?? Bet he got an extra pudding cup for that little jewel…

    • Defending the police would work just fine with gun control laws stricken from the books. Stop worshipping pigs.

      • Stop worshipping pigs.

        First it’s def (U) nding the police as in cutting their budget, taking away their funds.. Nothing in my post alluded to “defending cops” OR “worshiping pigs”… A little work on reading comprehension goes a long way…

  9. That pesky 2nd amendment. Very few in politics agree with it. Republican, Democrats, nazis, communists, socialists and yes, even some Libertarians. People in/or who want power, do NOT want anyone to be able to fight back, that is what our government was founded on, not allowing them to get power. Hopefully, the tide will turn. When these despots go to far(already past, many would think), maybe the military will lose faith in them and will seize control back and give it to the people. Both major parties need to be dismantled, laws need to be made restricting corporations from meddling in government. They are the New World Order. If we do not fight back quickly, they will control the whole world.

    • Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting….a second time. Libturd/Socialists/Elitists/One Worlders keep doing tyrannical acts against Americans, because they do not fear We The People. We have emboldened, imprinted them through complacency and in action. Once imprinted, it is much more difficult, often impossible, to redirect.

    • @rt66paul:
      I think you will be in for a very big and shocking surprise if you think the military will ever seize control. Most of the high level leaders in the military are either in lock step with the commie DemonRats or they are too scared of losing their cushy careers to stand up to them.
      Any of the senior leaders that have one or more stars are more politician than military.

      If they (DemonRats, RINO’s, Commies, etc.) manage to suspend Posse Comitatus none of the senior military leaders will have the balls to say that those orders are illegal. They will be just like the Commie Chinese in T… Square running over the citizens with tanks. POTG are truly on their own in this fight.

      I liked President Trump as a president but as a person I think he was rude spoiled brat, however he was right about a deep state running things. Most of them (deep stater’s) think of our elected officials as temporary (and not too smart) help. They will tell you (in private of course) that they are the ones truly running the country.

      As my favorite POTUS once said “Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.” Working with the current generation in the military (young troops) I think RR’s prediction will soon come true. They all think they are entitled to any and everything and really shouldn’t have to work for it. When they do work they believe mediocre to sloppy work should be considered an outstanding job.

      Say a pray and get prepared.

  10. the smartest people in the room
    the people that were listening to dianne feinstein in the early 90s
    have known about this for almost 30 years
    that was the first time anybody was honest about it

    • Yes. Dianne Feinstein’s infamous 1995 interview:

      “If could have gotten 51 votes…Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in…I would have done it.”

      This was during the afterglow of the Democrats’ AWB victory in 1994, so she felt she could say something that bold and get away with it. The problem for her and her ilk is that the same year she said it, something new called the Internet was emerging on the public scene, where utterances would one day come to reside in perpetuity…

  11. When my kids were young and I would read them “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” I would tell them that this is one of life’s most important lessons. It should be subtitled “Never Negotiate With Terrorists or Gun Controllers.”

    • And a quasi Marxist was “elected” as presidon’t. Who’ s in charge? It ain’t slow Joe. Oh I’m not taking the job. I see Eric Clapton refusing to do a concert requiring vaccine as the jab made him quite ill. I know someone who dropped dead. Coincidentally republitards are now gungho supporting it. Like gun confiscation er red flag laws…

      • The biggest difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is speed. Democrats want total government control NOW…Republicans prefer to do it a little slower.

  12. “You will have to come and take our guns from our cold dead hands.”
    We need to quit using “…from our cold dead hands..” That’s exactly what Libturds intend for Patriots.
    I tend to lean hard toward the philosophy of Gen George Patton, “Now, I want you to remember that no son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” Gen. George Patton, circa 1943-1944.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die from it.
    And there it is, boys and girls, the Xiden/KamelHo/Pigloosi/Slummer/FineStain “Common Sense” Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell. It’s all about protecting Libturd/Socialist anti-America tyrannical politicians’ asses, for what they have and intend to do to America, from American Patriots with AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines, saying “ENOUGH!!! NO MORE!!!

    • I must tell you, it weakens the impact of your propaganda when you utilize false quotes that are so easily exposed:

      “Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”

      ~ Sarah Brady
      Chairman, Handgun Control
      supposedly to Sen. Howard Metzanbaum, The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3
      Falsely attributed according to:“

      Hey St. Lou, what’s new with the McCloskeys?

      It seems they still stand convicted of a crime of violence with firearms, how unfortunate for these multi millionaire elite trial attorneys that they are suffering because of their own actions.

      • Thanks Miner for the input….and confirming that you read my comments, and it’s twirling your little reptilian thought center. Did not know where it came from. Verbatim quote maybe not… didn’t see quotations. BUT, a very accurate statement of the WHY behind Xiden/Pigloosi/Slummer/KamelHo/FineStain/et el agenda for 2A and America.
        Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. They are ashamed for what we have relinquished without any refreshments for the Tree of Liberty.
        McCloskeys…..sounds like you’re jealous as you’re probably living in Mommie’s basement of a plywood shack eating surplus government free shit beans. They aren’t suffering by a long shot…..newbie celebs…..court/legal actions are another day at the office for attorneys. YAWN stuff for them. Not convicted, accepted a plea bargain of meaningless coffee break change misdemeanors due to costs/time/aggravation of court. Did well at piling more mis-conduct/malfeasance upon Kim Gardner’s resume. She isn’t so much the local embarrassment as are the local Government Plantation Dweller skin color only voters that replaced an honorable long time prosecutor…with a “D” behind his name……with Gardner. Did speak with Mark at a local campaign rally for his political endeavor. Finished shooting at a nearby gun club, had time available and it was adjacent to local Cabelas so I stopped by. Blah, blah, blah. Another wanna be politician trying to get on the tax payers’ dime…..trying to surf his 15 minutes of fame to a $200K annual lifetime taxpayer check. Says everything he thinks We The Little Peeps want to hear. Maybe 150 people there. He held up his new toy. Appeared to be a braced AR pistol. And the little peeps went wild……not for him, but against our government tyrannical anti-gun, anti-freedom agendas.
        Now go away. Mommy has your morning cookies and milk ready for you.

        • Oh joy, you are just another commentor who can’t state their position civilly without including an attack on my mama’s milk and her cookie….

          There is nothing wrong with my mama’s milk and her cookie!

      • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two St. Louis attorneys who defended their property last summer by drawing firearms on a threatening mob of BLM protesters, have pleaded guilty to the “lowest level of misdemeanor”, he paid a fine of $750, and his wife paid an additional penalty ($2000.00) on a different misdemeanor charge…
        OBTW: McCloskey is running for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Roy Blunt, who announced that he will not seek reelection next year.
        So, $2750.00 in fines and give up two guns (one of which didn’t even work)… Now let’s see how they are “SUFFERING”, They both still practice law, they still live in their multi-million dollar home in that “gated” community, he is running for the United States Senate and they can both buy NEW guns, everyone should have to “SUFFER” they way the McCloskys are…

        In OTHER news, that Prosecutor (Persecutor?) that went after those dastardly, despicable criminals failed to show for the trial of an ACTUAL murderer (prolly had a hang nail or something) and the judge had to release that murderer back on the streets, that guy is still out there running free (not SUFFERING either)… YOU must be SO proud of the Lefts priorities… Anyway another swing and a miss by the mighty Miner (you should go back to copy/paste, original thought does not work well for you)…

  13. If there was no real life action resistance in 1934, 1968, 1986, 1991, 1993,1994, or in any of the states where extreme infringement has happened why would there be actual resistance now? In my state of Florida the GOP supermajority banned all young adults from purchasing weapons and made certain accessory possession a felony. Not a peep from anyone. Law enforcement dutifully and swiftly implemented and enforced the bans. Nobody cares.

  14. Yes, the leftists will certainly take away our guns. This is something that is destined to happen despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is expressed here. This country has become complacent and morally bankrupt to the point that very few “citizens” have the backbone to actually do anything besides complain on social media.

    Molon Labe? I’m sure that there were many Brits and Aussies that said the same thing right up until the time came when big brother said hand them over – and they did.

    Our country is eating itself alive while we sit by and meekly let it happen. I thought that I would never live to see what is happening in our country but I’m afraid that now I just may be around long enough to see The Great Experiment fail. The decay is rapidly spreading with no signs of it being halted.

    Just like all other great empires of the past, we too are doomed to go out with a whimper…
    The question is when.

    • I’m sure that there were many Brits and Aussies that said the same thing right up until the time came when big brother said hand them over

      The one thing that is overlooked… There are nearly twice as many gun owners and likely at least three to four times as many guns in the United States as the ENTIRE populations of Austalia and Great Britain combined… I don’t recall anyone asking me to vote for a spokesman or a “decider”… If you think we should just roll out and start shooting perhaps you should lead by example, you see how the Jan 6 dust up has been dragged out and politicized to death, now imagine if a group of gun owners opens fire on a bunch of politicians, fire the first shot and we will ALL be vilified even more than we are now…

      • The Democrats now have access to 6000 nuclear warheads and the president and Attorney General fully support using them on us. Along with pretty much all of military leadership.

        • Democrats now have access to 6000 nuclear warheads

          Gun owners live in pretty much every community and ALL major cities… I somehow can’t visualize the government “Nuking” an entire neighborhood just to get the guy in the middle of the block that happens to have couple of firearms… Want to instantly piss off three hundred and fifty million people?… THAT would do it…

  15. Well the child sniffer and chief does have dementia. When your brain starts to rot like that you loose the ability to switch between what your thinking and what you say.

  16. What Biden said about 9mm pistols et al would be a lot more ominous if Biden weren’t such a stumbling, bumbling old fool. He has no idea what he said.

  17. The Democrats goal has always been to ban all guns and private gun ownership. To confiscate all guns by force. Everything else is field dressing. How is this not obvious? And if you think the Democrats do not want to ban all private gun ownership and confiscate all guns by force you are delusional.

  18. My view of Biden and his fellow anti constitutionalists can be summed up as follows. As to the male members, they might go and perform on themselves, a physically impossible sexual act.

  19. These people are Communists. Their ultimate goal has always been to disarm the American people. Every dictator understands that an unarmed populace is easier to control. That’s why gun control is nothing more than people control. Never give an inch with these people because, as we have seen, they will roll right over you.

  20. Let me toss a couple things out here.
    First, is I’m an old man living way out on a little homestead farm several miles from the nearest town and an hour+ drive to a city of any size. So just what threat are folks like me to the hood rats or those who choose to live in the city? Or to any government official?
    So can anyone tell me why I shouldn’t be able to have whatever firearm I may find useful?
    Next is the Constitutional carry question. The regular argument of gunplay in the streets, etc. has proven false in 20 states and the claims of wild west violence is another false claim. Even in the days of the wild west, you had a greater chance of getting shot in the wild east than out on the frontier.
    Next thing is the claim of common sense gun laws or restrictions. Since when do laws and regulations stop those who would commit an act of violence? Murder has been unacceptable in our society sine long before there was a United States. Laws only give us as a society an avenue to punish those who commit the crime. No law has ever prevented a crime.
    Even the FBI and other government agencies state the Clinton assault weapons ban had no appreciable effect on crime. Nor has the ban on the cheap, mostly imported, Saturday Night Specials. The criminals just steal more and better guns.
    While a very small number of FFL holders may be circumventing the law with straw man sales, or selling off the books, the great majority are not willing to risk their business, investment, licenses, or freedom, to make a small profit on a few illegal sales. Bet most convictions, if any are because paid informants badgered or coerced someone to do something illegal, or witnesses are given sweetheart reduced sentences for cooperating.
    If anyone has been listening to the crap from the various anti gun/gun control groups/politicians, anyone with 2 working brain cells would understand the goal is complete disarmament of the civilian populace. With the government in control of any and all firearms. Problem being, government officers cannot be everywhere in any law enforcement capacity. And, governments are the most likely source of mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacre’s, or other such atrocities. Usually against their own unarmed citizens. Can’t happen here? Couldn’t happen in a modern, advanced, educated, society like 1930’s Germany either. No one thought Hitler was going to destroy much of Europe in 1932.
    As for the politicians in power today, I don’t trust either party to be mindful of our best interests. Just of what will get them elected or keep them in office. Any loss of our rights. Whether it be our rights to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to redress grievances, the prohibition against unreasonable search and seizures, or any others will take an extended effort, or possible an actual revolution/civil war to regain. Government never gives up power easily. And too many of our citizens are all to happy to give up their rights and freedoms for the promise/illusion of safety/security. And end up with neither.
    Lastly, while I am usually supportive of law enforcement personnel, any who come out here to confiscate my hard earned property, especially my firearms, will get them bullets first.
    Something to be remembered when attempting to bully old people. Life in prison is much less of a threat than it would be for someone under 50.

    • Dont trust either party.
      Dempublicans or Republicrats, it’s a game they play, good cop bad cop, both working for the same goal.

  21. Let’s use a little bit of logic here – Biden again commits the act of CONSPIRACY TO TREASON for everyone to hear. We are ALL witnesses to his capital crime! The people’s right to keep and bear Arms’ is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution (“… the supreme Law…” re: Article VI.) with the mandate that this right “… shall no be infringed.” by government(s). This IS an ‘individual right that IS protected by the U.S. Constitution’ – so says the SCOTUS (re: D.C. v Heller, 554 US 570). Would not ‘infringing’ upon this people’s right be considered ‘warring upon’, or conspiring to ‘war on’ a secured provision of the ‘supreme Law’, the law that by solemn oath, ALL of those elected to office are sworn to defend and uphold? And “warring on” the U.S. Constitution is the definition TREASON (re: Cooper v Aaron, 358 US 1).

    • He also called Don Lemon the “most informed JOURNALIST in the country”… That alone should be grounds to invoke the 25th Amendment….

  22. I met a traveller from an antique land,
    Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

      • Ask me how I know.

        Go ahead, ask this beauty.
        When you look upon me as I shine.
        With my lips pressed together like a cutie.
        Realism The vanity is all mine.

  23. The scary BLACK rifles are just the toes in the door…everyone with a brain knows that.
    The ultimate goal is to get rid of ALL guns….probably down to Nerf and water guns at some point…maybe even finger guns…even pictures of guns…maybe even THOUGHTS of guns if they can find a way to do it.

  24. I can see from the comments that the continued fear-mongering is working. I understand that fear drives subscriptions and subscriptions drive ad dollars, but you are insulting the intelligence of anyone that is able to think for themselves. Just like trump was going to build a wall and had a “healthcare plan”, Biden is lying to keep his base happy. It’s what politicians do. Do you REALLY think that he is stupid enough to try and eliminate the 2A? If so, you are either being intellectually dishonest with yourself, of you have been brainwashed by the fear-mongering that both sides are culpable in.

    • I’m puzzled.

      Trump’s wall was, and is, a reality; Its construction was halted before it could be completed, but sections of it are most certainly in place, standing as steel-and-concrete reality to support the simple fact that Trump WAS building a wall. Therefore, he was not ‘going’ to build a wall, it was being built just as he said.

      EVERY administration has had a health care plan; The Republican plan under Trump existed, but just like Trump’s wall, was never finished. To imply that it did not is simply false.

      Biden is NOT ‘lying’ to keep his base happy; He is stating the DNC platform. His base is firmly in favor of eliminating the 2nd Amendment as we understand it, and makes no bones about it. Therefore, Biden is merely stating the truth in an awkward and confused manner, but the message is clear, the threat real. HE will not ‘try’ to eliminate the 2nd Amendment, but his Party will, as that is their end goal–something that they make clear to all who will listen.

      If your enemy is straight-up TELLING you what it intends to do, and has done so for half a century or more, only a fool would disregard the warning.

      • Where is the wall that Trump said he would build and Mexico would pay for?

        Any sections that might’ve been partially completed were paid for by you and me, American taxpayers, Mexico has sent no money to pay for anything.

        So please post a link to this mythical Trump healthcare plan, I remember the promises.

        “Better healthcare, more coverage for more people at a reduced cost, I’ll be presenting it within the next two weeks”…

        • BTW John,

          Health care for me consists of wilted lettuce. The browner and the soggier the better.

          No lie.

  25. if not B*den, itll be individual states. look at Virgina for example. Itll be CA tier soon enough.

  26. The majority of gun owners (unlike the Far Right Neanderthals) realize that Universal
    Background checks and safe storage laws should have happened a long time ago as every civilized nation on earth has them and has had them for decades. Every time there is a sensational crime law abiding gun owners get the blame with more and more calls for outrageous gun bans. The Far Right is always their own worst enemy.

    Universal Background checks would only be an extension of the already existing Brady Bill that has been on the books for over 20 years and taken no ones guns and stopped 2.1 million people from buying guns, many who were not eligible to own a gun, those that were misidentified still got to buy their guns. When criminals fail the Brady Bill they simply then buy a second hand gun. Only Morons would oppose stopping this insanity.

    As I have stated before smash and grab robberies of both gun stores and private dwellings would be much harder with Safe Storage laws as well as saving on average 1,300 children’s lives a year. Again only a Moron or mentally ill paranoid would oppose Safe Storage laws. Safe Storage laws do not prevent you from accessing a gun in an emergency and we have went over how this is done many times ad nausumm.

    • OMG, I just read what I posted.

      It was the ramblings I produce when I stop taking my meds. (Moron?)

      I’m sorry to all for that incoherent nonsense, and for that terrible picture (I deleted it). I am that “mentally ill paranoid”.

      So whenever you see that picture, you can know for certain, I am off my meds…again.

  27. dacian….One proud “MORON” here; one USEFUL IDIOT there. Oppose Universal Background checks. Another step toward registration and confiscation, which history repeatedly teaches always leads to governments shooting their dissenting citizens. Because other countries have had something does not make it right for America. Other countries are not acceptable models for America. Like other countries’ laws better…..go there…..don’t let the Statute of Liberty torch goose you on the way out.
    Listen up one more time. Try really, really hard to focus and comprehend. Scrunch up your eyebrows, furrow your forehead, if that helps. I’m typing really slowly for you.

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys which is their true agenda.

  28. When the “Stasi” (Fed LE Agencies) give up their arms, come and talk to us about the 2nd-A.

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