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Over the last 18 months, Americans have taken their safety into their own hands, millions of them for the first time. The nationwide riots following the death of George Floyd, in conjunction with the pandemic, had more people asking how they can protect themselves and their loved ones.

Concerned Americans began purchasing firearms, which resulted in record numbers of new gun owners. Ammo remains scarce. And gun control advocates are pushing ahead full steam ahead.

When President Joe Biden was sworn into office, red states and cities began taking up a number of pro-gun bills – including Second Amendment sanctuaries and constitutional carry – trying to further the left’s radical gun control agenda.

But that hasn’t worked out very well so far. Constitutional carry is now legal in 21 states, with five states passing permitless carry laws so far this year.

That progress is thanks to a handful of pro-Second Amendment organizations, like the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Gun Owners of America (GOA), Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), the National Rifle Association (NRA), as well as a host of state-based groups.

But none of those other gun rights orgs seem to matter much. The way the media see it, everything that happens with regard to firearms is either because (or in spite) of the NRA.

According to Bloomberg, the only reason the permitless carry push has been so successful is because the NRA is attempting to recover from their failed bankruptcy filing:

For the NRA, the state wins come at a time when its very existence is in doubt. Its revenue and program spending were down last year, and a federal judge rejected its bid to go through bankruptcy reorganization as part of a complex plan to move its charter to Texas. That’s left the group to defend itself against a fraud lawsuit in New York, where the nonprofit is chartered, and where Attorney General Letitia James is pushing to dissolve it.

But all that is a distant tempest to many of the NRA’s reported 5 million rank-and-file members, including those in Kansas’ Air Capital Gun Club. A few dozen of them assembled for breakfast at Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop in Wichita one Saturday in July and ran through an agenda that included marksmanship contest results, club finances, and a request from the Shriners to hold an event at their firing range. Asked by a reporter what he made of the NRA’s legal battles, a member responded with a puzzled shrug.

“There’s a feeling that there’s a constitutional right to have a firearm and there shouldn’t be a financial burden attached to it”

The argument doesn’t make make much sense. Constitutional carry is hardly a new phenomenon. It’s been around since 1903. Vermont was the first state to enact this type of legislation, originally dubbed “Vermont carry.” It took 20 other states a little more than 100 years to follow their lead, but it’s getting done, and in a big way.

State legislatures are taking up the idea of constitutional carry for a number of reasons, the biggest one being the seemingly “radical” idea that Americans shouldn’t have to ask the government for permission to utilize a right established in the Constitution. Their constituents, especially in red flyover states, have legitimate concerns about the federal government’s rejuvenated gun control agenda.

Democrats are trying to inch closer and closer to de facto gun registries that we all know can – and will – be utilized to facilitate confiscation one day. Biden’s fixation on “ghost guns” and wanting every single part of a kit serialized means the government can get a better picture of who owns what.

Have a home made firearm, but need a trigger replaced down the road? The government will know about it — or can — especially if it’s serialized and you have to go through an FFL to obtain it. Owning a firearm without the government’s knowledge, shy of breaking federal laws, would be a thing of the past, which sets the stage for eventual confiscation.

If you have a concealed carry permit, the government already knows that you own and carry a firearm. The same is true for new purchases (and, in some states, private transfers). Put all of that information together and what do you have? The makings of a registry.

Constitutional carry has everything to do with freedom, safety, and security, not to mention lowering the barriers to legally carrying a firearm. While Bloomberg-backed news outlets and gun control groups will attempt to make this al about the NRA, they fail to see the bigger picture, including the impact on average Americans’ lives.

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  1. bloomberg, gates, soros, zuckerberg. All billionaires that bought the dnc and use it to advance their fascist agenda. Anybody claiming to be a leftist or liberal now is just serving the uber wealthy.

    Jackboots all around, boys.

    • And I’m beginning to wonder if #10 on the list of the richest people in the world isnt throwing a little money to gunm control too.

  2. Constitutional carry does do anything for all firearms, except for pistols. Most states do not address all firearms in their Constitutional carry laws that are passed. Only a few states address all firearms in their Constitutional carry laws, such as Kentucky.

    Almost all of these Constitutional carry laws that have been passed do not even address the car carry restrictions that are prevalent in many states. There is a only a handful of states that will allow car carry without restrictions. It is just a piece meal approach to firearm rights. We should be able to carry and car carry any weapon with restrictions from local, county, state, and the federal government.

    • Replace last sentence with the following: We should be able to carry and car carry any weapon without restrictions from local, county, state, and the federal government.

      • I’d like to be able to carry a car.
        Especially a Ford. vroom, clunka, clunka, pop, pop, clatter clatter, bang.
        ” Why you carrying that car?” —I got bored pushing it.

      • “Replace last sentence with the following:”

        doesn’t faze them. they’re isolates – they recognize no limits on anything they want to do. (and grid down, these guys would be the biggest baddest patriarchs and gun grabbers you ever heard of.)

      • “We should be able to carry and car carry any weapon without restrictions from local, county, state, and the federal government.”

        That’s the way it is right now in Florida.

        Florida considers you in your car the same as you in your home, gun possession and carry-wise. No permission slip required.

        One of the few good remaining things in Florida…

  3. In this time in history I dont think squawking about gunm control is a good idea.
    Theres a whole lot of people now who like being armed and I dont think those gunm owners want to change that.
    Bloomberg is beating a dead horse.

  4. Yeah Mikey, that pesky little thing called the bill of rights. You know the one you’re all trying write out of our history!?

  5. Actually there is a near complete registry that already exists. Every single solitary gun that has been bought or transferred since NICS came into existence is registered. Because either the government is keeping one illegally or they are doing what the NSA is doing and they are giving all records to a private company. It is incomplete. Why do you think background checks are pushed so hard.

    Also while the Democrats goal when it comes to guns is the complete and total ban of all gun ownership that is just a part of it. What they really want is not just ban of all guns but to deploy the entire United States military and all federal agencies to go door to door to confiscate all guns by force with the mandated execution of extermination of every gun owner in the country.

    • Dumb shit like this is proof some people are too stupid to own guns.

      The NSA is not out to get you, the military will not follow orders to execute or exterminate gun owners.


      • Trusting ‘The Military’ to NOT follow orders to do terrible things to its own citizens is not supported by history.

        ‘The Military,’ in certain developed countries, has been directed to carry out genocide and mass murder of unarmed civilians after being suitably indoctrinated and trained to do so. It complied with a will.

        In our own history, ‘The Military’ has willingly dropped atomic weapons on defenseless cities, regular explosives by the ton on other defenseless cities, and has happily invaded other countries that have not declared war upon us or attacked us first, and who posed no actual threat. It has participated in war crimes and atrocities. It has used machine guns on striking workers in this country. It has attacked protesting veterans with cavalry, sabres, armored cars, and tear gas.
        All that it has required to get started is an order.
        Today, our Military is being indoctrinated in CRT, and White Rage, and is being told how dangerous White Supremacists are to the well-being of the nation.

        Many in the military would not comply with an order to ‘execute or exterminate’ gun owners; Many, on the other hand, would.

        If one does not obey one’s government, then it CAN very well be ‘out to get you,’ and to believe so is not paranoia; It is self-preservation.

        • In our own history, ‘The Military’ has willingly dropped atomic weapons on defenseless cities, …

          Dang, I didn’t realize that the Japanese left Hiroshima and Nagasaki undefended. I guess you learn something new everyday. /s

          While I agree with some of what you say, John in AK, please lighten up on the sophistry.

    • the only permanent gun records kept by the government are the books of retired/closed FFLs. And guess what: they are not even computerized. Instead, they are either paper records or microfilm. When a gun trace is requested, the ATF must go through each FFL entry by hand to identify the first sale of a firearm. No private transactions are recorded anywhere. Only a few states maintain computer records of gun sales, and each and every one of those systems is notoriously incomplete.

      • Many people assume that ATF has a massive database of gun owners at its fingertips and can instantly access that information. The reality is very different. It involves lots of phone calls — and often, manual labor.

        Here’s how it works:

        Local law enforcement sends ATF the particulars on the gun they’ve seized: the manufacturer, model, caliber, serial number. ATF then starts running that information back through the distribution chain, contacting the gun manufacturer — say, Glock or Smith & Wesson — and the manufacturer checks its records and identifies the wholesaler it sold the firearm to.

        Then, ATF contacts the wholesaler and goes down the record chain until it finds the retail gun dealer. It’s that dealer who should be able to say who bought that firearm.

        It’s up to the federally licensed gun dealer to keep the record of each gun purchase. It’s a three-page form called a 4473 that the buyer and dealer have to fill out before a sale.

        For about a third of the traces, it turns out the gun dealer, the wholesaler or manufacturer has gone out of business.

        By law, when they close up shop, they have to ship all their gun purchase documents here to the ATF tracing center in West Virginia.

        On a recent visit, the center received a dozen boxes of records from an Alabama gun dealer who’s gone out of business. But these gun sale records can come in by the truckload — as many as 3,000 boxes at a time, hundreds of millions of pages in all. Those pages are stored in stacked cartons that line the walls and reach the ceiling. Boxes are everywhere. All of these cartons hold records of gun sales from businesses that have folded.

        “On any given day, we will have to hand-search these records,” says ATF Special Agent Charles Houser, who runs the National Tracing Center.

        That’s right, hand-search.

        OR if you are a paranoid schizophrenic, the NSA KNOWS who you are.
        Shawn you need a tinfoil hat.

        • Pretty much, they have so many 4473s in boxes that their floor collapsed. They had to get 25 shipping containers and they are in the parking lot.

          Why? “Until very recently, gun dealers were prohibited from using electronic, cloud-based computing systems unless the ATF granted them specific permission to do so. As a result, many records are on index cards, water-stained paper, or, in some instances, even toilet paper and napkins.”

          I would call that incompetent and far from the NSA keeping track of every person or gun purchase. The FBI is pretty transparent about their biometrics system (NGI) which would include NICS checks and Real ID.

  6. Laws against owning and carrying guns are not going to get the the commie-pinko-fascist-transgender-baby- killers what they want. The Dems just stated tha GOP is the greatest threat to freedom in this country. What? You voted Trump, we’re putting you on a terrorist watchlist? What, you belong to the PA Militia? Terrorist watch list. What you did not get the vaccine? Terrorist watch list. Donated to the GOP? Watchlist. Bought pillows from Mike Lindell? Watchlist.

    That is their plan. Make us illegal, not the guns.

    • “Make us illegal, not the guns.”

      absolutely spot on. once you grasp that, everything they do becomes crystal clear.

      • Ant7,

        I know some folk who tried traveling for vacation a couple of months ago. Found they are on a ‘no-fly’ list. They don’t know why. Weren’t on it last year. However, they were in DC on Jan 6. Did not even get near the Capitol steps, but saw the commotion. They figure that may be the connection.

        Making lists, but it ain’t Santa.
        Making us illegal.
        Will cause a lot of suffering and death, but they won’t win.
        We will not let them.

        • “they won’t win”

          there’s a lot to be said for asserting they already have. “they” control the banking, transportation, communications, and news agencies (and I use the word “agency” deliberately), and de facto president ron klain controls the miilitary. and they ratchet up some new pressure every day. hard to deal with them without damaging yourself first, let alone successfully.

  7. White Socialist progressive billionaires and wealthy whites don’t want you to have guns. But they do like THEIR guns.

  8. “to deploy the entire United States military and all federal agencies to go door to door to confiscate all guns by force”

    nah, not necessary. the goal is to be able, if the ones behind all this even suspect you might have a gun, to simply cancel you. cancel your bank account and credit cards, cancel your driver’s license and insurance, cancel your phone and internet, cancel your power and water hookups. then simply forget about you.

  9. Concealed carry permit ?…. what a novel idea….. so why conceal it you are going to tell “party first secretary, commissar biden” about it?…. Hmph, Oh well I am certainly glad all of my weapons are older than Nic’s, Save One and I left that one unattended somewhere, the four wheeler? the jeep? the tractor ? wife’s car ? my pick-up ? maybe in my saddlebags ? Ohh, well it’ll turn up, Nobody gets in or out lest I let them, and I have more accurate weapons than an auto-loader, wonder-nine

  10. “party first secretary, commissar biden”

    he’s not the first secretary, he’s the dancing bear in the circus.

  11. Nice holster. I thought about getting one like that. I prefer concealment though really.

    Oh yeah….then there is more craziness from Bloomberg. Well…moving on.

  12. Third paragraph:
    “When President Joe Biden was sworn into office, red states and cities began taking up a number of pro-gun bills…trying to further the left’s radical gun control agenda.”

    Read this again, and please clarify…

  13. “….ask the government for permission to utilize a right established in the Constitution. ”

    Et tu Bruté? The Constitution does not establish the RTKBA, it merely references the preexisting right.

      • Heller holds and the Federalist Papers tell a different story. It is an individual right unconnected to service in a militia, the prefatory clause is instead intended to assure that the People would be armed should the need for a militia arise. Well armed state and private militias were common through and during the Civil War, and persisted until the 20th century. When Roosevelt went to Cuba, it was as a member of a private militia. The Constitution has not been amended, whatever one’s view is as to the intent and purpose of the guaranteed individual right, a right that the government cannot by legislation eliminate.

      • @ant7
        I thought I’d cleared up the militia deal. Guess not.
        What is a militia? A group
        What is a group? 3 or more people.
        It doesn’t take much to circumvent the supposed Militia argument.

        • “all adult males”

          completely misses the “well-regulated” part. it’s all (capable) adult males who are well-organized and well-led and well-drilled together in a local military formation, not just a bunch of guys sitting around saying “I’m the militia”.

      • ant7,

        Please stop lying. Please learn some basic English grammar. Please learn the basics of Constitutional interpretation. Please study some history.

        ‘Cause, as it is, you sound like an ignoranus.

  14. I seems like the NRA would be opposed to Constitutional Carry if they were purely financially-minded. Many states make NRA classes the de facto requirement, if not explicitly legislated or regulated as so. The NRA would make money from selling class materials, instructor dues, etc if the states continue to require a license that depends upon NRA classes to acquire. They get nothing from Constitutional Carry.

    • They’d still get plenty of money for those activities, which have been ongoing from long before the current raft of restrictions came into existence. The NRA was originally established after the Civil War to promote marksmanship, and it still does. Simply because you don’t need a permission slip doesn’t mean that you don’t need some sort of familiarization and training so that you can successfully hit what you are aiming at. You can get it from an NRA program cheap.

  15. Not all gun guns go through NICS checks
    private transaction happen on a regular basis.
    I was in my FFL shop picking up a pistol when a
    a guy from Cuba came in with a Colt Detective 38 revolver, wanted to sell to the owner. He said he was not interested but that Lady there has a collection of revolvers, she might be interested,
    He had inherited it. I asked him what he wanted for it? He wanted $200.00 cash
    Told him wait here there’s a bank nearby
    All done without a permission slip or record

    • That’s the way it should be. If BATFE denies they’re building a registry off of 4473 information they’re lying and always have been.

    • Colt detective special? Yeah, I loved those guns, had both an early model with exposed ejector and a later model with shrouded ejector.
      I found a somewhat used Colt cobra for my sweetie, she keeps it loaded with 148gr wadcutters, low recoil, accurate and very effective for home security.

    • But before you bought it you maybe spent hours drooling over Youtube reviews of your Colt 38.
      Then after you bought it “off the books” you go home and do some youtube searches for takedown cleaning and trigger jobs.
      Then you hit up Ammoseek for some bulk 38 special.
      Then you look for some reviews on Google for a carry holster for the colt 38.
      Then you go to Amazon and pick up some snap caps and bore snake for a 38.
      Most of the above transactions done with your credit card.

      The governement now adds another firearm to you name.
      All done by analytics running in the background 24/7/365 without a single human in the loop.

  16. The NRA has always been against firearms for all, open carry and constitutional carry. Who wrote and said they were for it?


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