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President BidenHarris’s nominee to head the federal gun regulator, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and whatever else they want to get involved in, is taking questions from senators today as part of his confirmation process. The aging senior senator from Iowa may not have his fastball anymore, but he hit the nail on the head with these comparisons illustrating what Chipman’s presence at the top of the ATF would be like . . .

Texas Senator John Cornyn asked the remarkably uncomfortable-looking nominee if a law-abiding gun owner is a threat to public safety.

In essence, the man grumpy grampy Joe wants to run the ATF believes that every firearm in civilian hands is just a crime waiting to happen. That’s exactly the mindset you want in a person charged with regulating firearms in a nation where the right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment, isn’t it?

It didn’t get any better when the subject turned to “assault weapons.” Chipman, a current Giffords-paid gun control advocate, is on record as supporting another ban on America’s most popular rifles. Never mind that the last ban has beed judged a failure, even by those on the left side of the political spectrum.

Chipman really didn’t want to be tied down to a specific definition of an “assault weapon.”

Conceding to a definition is awfully inconvenient if you’re a regulator. That standard could come back to bite you in the ass in the future and limits your room to maneuver. Better to keep things loose so you can apply varying definitions in different situations as and when you choose to.

But listen to how Chipman finally answered Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s question about what constitutes an “assault weapon” . . .

In short, if David Chipman has his way, any semi-automatic rifle more powerful than a Ruger 10/22 that takes a detachable magazine would be outlawed. And he further opined that extending NFA regulation to all currently-owned “assault weapons” would be a good way to “balance the rights and responsibilities of Americans.”

That means Chipman would like to mandate that current owners of every semi-automatic rifle chambered above a .22 should have to register their rifles and pay a $200 tax in order to keep them.

David Chipman
David Chipman

It seems safe to say that no ATF nominee has ever been so extreme and openly hostile in his antipathy to individual gun rights, or has provoked such rabid opposition from those who value the Second Amendment.


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  1. If he wins approval and is installed expect the waiting period for Tax stamps to become infinite. Expect him to use the previous lawless methodology to ban any autoloading weapon regardless of caliber. Expect bolt action rifles of any caliber above 22 to be regulated. The man is a TRAITOR.

    • the more extreme these people are…and the more outrageous their statements …the more it serves our interests…

    • I think there’s a fair shot they can’t cough up the votes necessary for confirmation from their own side.

      The Antifa sympathizers are gonna need semi-autos when the time arrives.

      AOC and her “Squad” just may torpedo that nomination…

    • No. He is not betraying his country to a foreign power, or providing aid and comfort to a national external enemy.

      He is, should he be confirmed, doing EXACTLY what approximately 51%, more or less, of your countrymen allegedly voted in favor of him doing. He is conforming to his regime’s wishes. He is the Designated Useful Idiot anointed to run BATF in a manner that his Betters demand. He is the result of the ‘Democratic Process’ gone mad.

      But he’s not a traitor.

      • Not a traitor because he isn’t betraying his country to a foreign power, or giving comfort to an enemy??

        His trying to eliminate the patriot with a rifle behind every blade of grass that has kept us safe for 200 years is a comfort to every enemy, current and future.

        We live in an era when one can’t dare to acknowledge Taiwan as a country without a public, shame-filled apology to China. Do you really think the civil disarmament movement has nothing to do with trying to please China?

        • He IS a traitor. Anyone with animosity towards the 2nd. Amendment and individual freedoms is nothing but a traitor just like those in the treasonous regime that nominated him.

          Do you really this your grand disarmament is going to actually work? I sure as hell don’t.

      • John,

        I humbly submit that:

        1. America is, in essence, a country built on common ideas and principles (largely growing out of the Enlightenment, Locke, et. al). Among those ideas is the idea that rights are INHERENT. The Bill of Rights doesn’t GRANT us anything; it merely defines what the federal government is prohibited from doing. While those ideas also included freedom of speech, actively and passionately advocating AGAINST those basic ideas is traitorous.

        2. Love to know where you get the “51%” number. All the polls I’ve seen that come anywhere near that number have posed the question in SUCH a broad and unclear way that the results are meaningless. If you are referring to the last election (or any election), there are very few “single issue” 2A (for or against) voters out there. Extapolating from election results is even more useless than “polls”.

        3. While most definitions of “treason” do speak of, or infer, “foreign” enemies, I would venture to guess that most people would extend that to people working to actively undermine our system of government, whether internal or external (see point #1). While “sedition” is a more technically accurate description, that word has fallen out of common use (until DJT came along). I would prefer we use the more accurate term, but that isn’t likely to happen.

        I agree with your conclusion, but I would quibble with your presentation.

    • Senator Tom Cotton AR asks Biden’s ATF nominee David Chipman to define an “assault weapon”:

      “Any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22”

      An AR-15 in .223 caliber *IS* a .22 caliber round. So he would be banning NOTHING by this definition.

      • Yeah, I thought that betrayed his monumental ignorance and bias about firearms, as well. However, to be fair, banning anything ABOVE .22 (or .223, for those who want to be accurate), is far from banning “NOTHING” – I have friends with AR platform rifles in 6.5, 7.62 Russian short, .308/7.62, .300 Blackout, .450 Socom, etc. Not exactly “nothing”.

      • It depends upon who is doing the mass murdering and arson. If the mass murdering and arson is done by Government to enforce ‘law and order,’ then it’s OK. If the mass murdering and arson is not sanctioned by Government, then it is BAD.

        Please do try to keep up. Otherwise, you will never understand why it is OK for government agents to shoot unarmed female veterans for the crime of misdemeanor trespass.

        • ooh, that one hit the nail on the head. All these RHINO’s and FUDD’s here like “bUt It wAs AnTiFa At ThE CaPiTaL”.

          No. It was fucking American patriots. And since they made it very clear Americans have no business being inside the capital, they why the fuck is it still standing? If BLM would have had the balls to take their discrepancies where it mattered, instead of actually rioting, the government would have let them walk right in. Someone shows up with an American flag? “Better call the snipers, boys.”

  2. Thank goodness the serial numbers on gunms led the ATF to McVeigh and Allah Actbat.
    Bombs and planes are kinda like an assault rifle, kinda, probably, because they cant explain what one is.
    He wanted to say , ” Every semi automatic “

      • He can’t read English very well. I’ve asked him why he misspells guns and he didn’t respond so I assume he’s using a language to English translation app.

        • It’s because he’s a possum. How many possums do you know who can spell well?

        • possums ain’t got no thumbs so keyboarding is kinda hard.
          spe·cies·ism — not cool bro

        • I thought the face palm meme was a joke, until about a second ago, reading your comment. My palm went right through my face. Typing this in muscle memory.

      • “Try this again in English.”

        We like the Possum ’round here.

        You, not so much… 🙂

        • “surprising how quickly i picked up speaking possum.”

          Reading the Possum, I just imagine I’m hearing the voice of Dale Gribble… 😉

        • You mean chin diaper? See, it’s simple. You wear it… on your chin. Now you speak chin diaper-ian. Your 2024 ballot has already been marked for you.

      • Leave our marsupial alone.

        The left has a donkey. The right has an elephant.

        The Second Amendment has an opossum.

      • Can’t be a regular reader of comments if you’re baffled by the possum – he hasn’t changed a lick since I’ve been coming here, and he comments a lot.

        We like our possum, here. Don’t always agree with him, but ALWAYS enjoy his humor. As for the spelling “gunm”, I infer, but don’t know for sure, that it comes from the fact that many “algorithms” scan for and detect the word “gun”, but won’t pick up “gunm”. Possum is funny, usually interesting, often informative, and even sometimes frustrating, but he’s earned his place around here, far more than most of us.

  3. “…law abiding gun owners can “go on to commit violent crime[s].”

    Well, of course. The greatest national security threat is right wing (deplorables, Trump supporters, conservatives, gun owners) terrorism. According to former Virginia governor T. McAuliffe, (2017), “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

    It is not the known criminals who are a problem. They are relatively few, compared to the national population. It is the 300 million+ law abiding citizens/residents who can go on to committing crimes who present the greatest risk to safety.

    • You know, I imagine this guy was a law-abiding gun owner right up until about 7 AM this morning…

      “At least eight people were killed when a transit employee opened fire at a light rail yard in San Jose, California, on Wednesday morning, the county sheriff’s office said.

      Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy Russell Davis said at a news conference the gunman was also dead. The gunman was a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) employee, he said.

      Davis said he could not say how the gunman died or whether police officers fired their weapons at the scene.

      The shooting took place just before 7 a.m. Pacific Time (1400 GMT) at a light rail yard run by the VTA near the city’s main airport. A bomb squad was searching the yard after “at least one” explosive device was found, Davis said.“

      • The only I’m sure of at 7am this morniing is that Miner49er was probably finishing up with an all-night circle jerk.

        • Congratulations, you’ve made the first mention of Homo erotic sex on TTAG today!

          Not a subject that comes to my mind that often but I can understand how important it is for you to constantly think about all that nasty gay sex the queers are having.

          Carry on…

        • Ok I lied…again. I lie a lot.

          I think of NOTHING but Homo erotic sex!

          Just your mention of a circle jerk caused me to tingle.

      • What’s your point? Doesn’t make minority report Orwellian bullshit a good idea. Hell you’re the kinda shit-bag who should be arguing every cop with a gun is a potential excessive force case right before you go play fluffer for your wife’s boyfriend before they go block traffic in Saint Floyd’s memory.

      • And Commissar Miner is here to save the nation by punishing guilty and innocent alike. Confessions will flow from the application on enhanced interrogation. After all, they are only deplorable gun owners getting what they deserve.

      • I assume you do own some firearms, Miner49er. When are you going to hand them in to cement your permanently law-abiding status?

        • Miner will beat himself up, handcuff himself, and have a signed confession ready for when the friendly BATF agents arrive.

          He “fixed” his toxic masculinity with a pair of pliers and a rusty cheese knife.

        • Miner doesn’t own a gun. You can bet your life saving on that one. Everything about guns he USED to post, was copy and paste drivel. Exposed that shit multiple times. Now he just comes around to bash gun owners and calls everyone a republican while wagging his finger and tapping his foot on the ground super fast. I can just picture his twitchy ass unibrow.

      • You are a law abiding citizen until you [insert illegal action]. Therefore, everyone should be jailed and monitored by the government to ensure total compliance to the law. We thank you for you cooperation.

      • Minor IQ,

        EVERY first time criminal was a “law abiding citizen” – until they weren’t. Only in the fevered, deranged, fascist mind of a “Progressive” like you would that negate our core national principles of jurisprudence, like “innocent until proven guilty”. But we all knew that “Progressives” hate the idea of inherent rights, so we expected nothing less from you.

        How about we just lock up everyone who doesn’t agree with you and Bernie Sanders, eh???? Twit.

    • Sam………And law enforcement agencies can become unlawful and ignore the Bill of Rights, Constitution and commit mass murder and get away with it.

      • And the head of ATF may commit a felony at any time, so he should be fred and imprisoned while Biden is impeached. Hey, we can ALL get iun n that game.

    • Doc’s time is too valuable, I have a sword and a blowtorch for sterilizing/cauterizing, we’re good to go. Line ’em up!

  4. This pigfucker is right out of the old STASI of East Germany.

    He will politically persecute every one of America’s 100 million to 125 million gun owners

    • Nah, just the ones he has time for…

    • Stasiland is more Chipman’s style. Miner hopes at least to be an informant if not an actual agent.

  5. So this BOZO thinks I shouldn’t have a 410 shotgun to hunt rabbits, yet if nominated he will solemnly take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

    I don’t care about the $200 tax stamp, I can afford that better than many. What I don’t like is the other rights you waive in order to apply.

    • not every NFA weapon requires a $200 tax stamp…at least that’s the way it used to be…but that’s beside the point….

      • I seem to recall that an SBS stamp is $5! Yet that was what Ruby Ridge was all about, supposedly, guy cut down a shottie without paying the $5, let’s shoot his son dead, then pop a .308 thru his wife’s face, that’ll teach him! And they had to climb a mountain to do it. Over $5. You cannot make this shit up.

  6. They can try…there’s not enough ATF agents to go around, or LEO, or military…it’s a no win situation for the treasonous would be dictators here in the ole USA.

  7. I wonder how many M1 Carbines, not one of which has previously been regulated, are in circulation in the US today. ll fall within the broad definition the ATF is CURRENTLY using in the southwest in requiring FFLs to make reports of multiple firearms purchases. Between that and the millions of AR style rifles in circulation, the ATF would never catch up with the backlog of applications, and every American who owns one of these rifles would suddenly be committing a felony for merely possessing one them.

    • “…the ATF would never catch up with the backlog of applications, and every American who owns one of these rifles would suddenly be committing a felony for merely possessing one them.”

      They would consider that a feature, not a bug…

    • the obvious response to that would be a greatly expanded ATF…and much more funding…something that lacks support and popularity…the left wants much more of a role for federal law enforcement…

  8. Of course I’ll do everything in my capacity to oppose this piece of shit, but I absolutely refuse to bow to insanity. Those positions are so batshit I don’t even know how to process them. Fuck it, let him get installed, let the big nebulous THEY decree all they want, let em arm the hit squads and the storm troopers. I will not go along with that level of nuts. And short of killing me, they can’t make me. Even then, I win. I lived as I chose and will be rewarded in the here after. Fuck all the authoritarians and every one of their lap dogs.

    • Yeah, I’m about to turn 75, it’s all downhill from here, my kids will lose more than I will. I just need to shoot one before I go.

  9. This guy is such a comically terrible pick, that I have to wonder if he’s a decoy. Is it possible Biden figures “let the NRA score a win and then let their guard down when the next guy who is still bad comes up”?

    • That’s what I was wondering. They can’t seriously expect Chipman to have any chance…there has to be some angle to floating this turd in the punchbowl right now.

    • He’s being considered most likely because he’s from Gabby Giffords organization just like the Brady organization pushed their people in the govt. back during their push to outlaw handguns and “evil looking assault weapons”.

      If he’s not confirmed somebody just as pathetic will be.

  10. I also remember women saying everyone with a penis is a potential rapist. Or every homosexual is a potential child molester. Nominating this guy says a lot about the Democrat Party. And it’s amazing how gun owners continue to vote for Democrats.

    • “I also remember women saying everyone with a penis is a potential rapist.”

      Probably the same woman who claimed all sex was rape…

      • I remember when Rush Limbaugh, When referencing feminist professor Catharine MacKinnon and, feminist writer Andrea Rita Dworkin, use to ask his married female callers how often they were “raped” by their husbands?
        Many of them said, as often as possible, because they enjoyed it so much. This used to drive the Libertarians Liberals and the Left absolutely crazy.

        It was MacKinnon and Dworkin who promoterd the idea that all heterosexual sex was rape.

  11. “Any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22”

    And you just know the grabbers were *cheering* when they heard that…

    • Apparently he does not know that the Ruger 10/22, nominally .22LR, fires a .224 bullet, and that therefore his comment applies to them (and all similar) rifles.

        • “homo”

          I just knew it wouldn’t last.

          Who diddled you as a young boy, son?

          Just show us on the doll… 😉

        • I’m sure that he was merely complimenting you upon your unassuming manly demeanor and bearing, as ‘homo’ is Latin for ‘man’ or ‘the man,’ making his phrase ‘Quiet homo’ easily translatable as ‘The Quiet Man.’ A la John Wayne in the film of that name.

          Otherwise, he’d be a mewling quim with no earthly value whatsoever.

  12. This f’er is going to be voted in. Count on it. The Deep State, both Dems and Repubs, don’t trust the unwashed masses with guns. We’re a threat to their aspirations of complete centralized control of everything. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

    How many months left until the 2022 election?

    • Keep up the pressure on Manchin, Sinema, Tester, and any weak R’s!

      Ignore the defeatists. We still have a long way to go.

    • Here’s how one of my Senators testified:


      Chuck’s 85 years old but has always remembered where he came from and who is constituents are, as well as being a person who has read and lives The Constitution. I expect our other IA Senator (Ernst) to testafy in a likewise manner. Get out of here and call your Senator’s DC office, their local office, and drop them emails and snail mails. If you don’t know your Senator’s DC Office phone (shame on you!), dial the US Congress Switchboard and they’ll pass you on to his/her/its office: (202)224-3121. Don’t just sit here…

    • You’re absolutely right but even more these leftist puppets are controlled and stand as fronts for a globalist agenda being pushed by the Useless Nations and it’s main tyrants. Of course this includes China. They fear any outright attempts to take us over while we’re armed. World domination is their goal.

      Taking down our own these days mandates looking far beyond the communists in DC.

      • Hey, brilliant guys: you have it all figured out so why don’t you run for office. Maybe US Congress or even better- Senator.

        You’re pretty good at rabid criticism without offering any solutions so get a campaign manager, go register and start gathering nomination signatures.

        Try convincing someone else other than the mindless basement/bunker dwellers here that you’re right and that criticism without alternative is appropriate and see if you can’t gain support. There’s lots of like-minded people out there, problem is- most are woke leftists. You’ve got more in common with them than you realize…

        • You sound more and more like a closet leftist to me every day. Reason I pay less and less attention to you every day.

          You can’t take criticism but YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER BEING CRITICIZED. Why should somebody offer any solutions to you when you think you know it all. Reminds me more and more of a leftist every narrow-minded and ignorant paragraph you whine and write about.

        • Obviously no probs with me taking criticism so how about you offering some solutions to these problems? Except that would take some critical thinking and you’d likely have a hell of a time trying to influence anyone other than reactionaries like you seem to represent. THOSE are the hallmark of the communist agenda since 1916 Russia and exactly what the Leftist anarchists are offering today. You’re falling right in line with them. Problem is- if/when mob rule actually reigns, you and you’re disciples will be the first tossed in front of the train.

  13. You are all guilty even though no charges have been filed or crimes committed. And you cannot prove yourself innocent. It will not be allowed.

    Welcome to joe xiden’s America.

  14. Part of me is sort of looking forward to the brave new world of crazy wildcat .22’s in an AR platform.

    There’s a whole world between .17 and .224. One that includes that evil, tank armor piercing, heat-seeking, satellite-guided 5.7 if I’m not mistaken.

    • Nope. If they’re gonna say anything over 22 is bad (ie do not pass go, do not collect $200, kiss your dog goodbye), then might as well go big. 20mm autocannon for everyone. If only it didn’t cost all your life savings spent on ammo for just 25 sec of fun.

  15. Why qualify it by excluding .22lr (does that include .22WMR?) and including “detachable mags”. Given the 500year + technological history of firearms, every firearm of any description is an “assault weapon” including antiques. Including Bidens shotgun.

    Chipman is not only an ahole, and a traitor, he’s an idiot.

  16. Nicolae Ceausescu: former Communist Dictator of Romania, both Comrades V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky: criminal leaders of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, along with their murderous Soviet NKVD ilk and ruthless police bosses under Josef Stalin such as Lavrenti Beria, Gengrich Yagoda, and Vassily Blochkin, not to mention Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and his anti-gun lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate: Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut, would have all been mighty proud of David Chipman being nominated to the anti-gun/un-American BATF! The BATF is the darling of all these 20th century socialist despots and tyrants! JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org even has a film titled “The Gang.” Watch and view this film as it rightly eposes BATF political deceit, abuse of power, and other “LBJ/KGB” excesses! JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated.

    • I have more respect for the late Ceaucescu than I do this turd. At least in Romania in the Cold War you could have one (1) 40 watt light bulb per room and they NEVER went after “assault” rifles.

  17. This guy is an ideologue and a tool of Soros and Bloomberg. One thing he got partially right.
    Every civilian gun owner is a danger, not to public safety, but to a tyrannical government.’

    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.

  18. If Chipman excludes 22 semi automatics from the mix of “Assault Weapons” he would add to the NFA why not remove all 22 rimfires from the NFA? The only fully automatic rifle or pistol I would like to own would be a 22 rimfire.

    • Speak for yourself ONLY. If I had the chance all semi-autos I own would be converted to select-fire if able. The Hughes Act was entirely unconstitutional.

  19. “…law abiding gun owners can “go on to commit violent crime[s].”

    Wish the Senator had asked him: “Based on what we saw at Waco and Ruby ridge, isn’t it far more likely that ATF employees will go on to commit violent crime?”

    Yeah, I contacted my Senators even though they both suck.

  20. Wow. Just fvck this guy and everyone like him. Literal evil right there.

    Being a criminal in clown world sounds inevitable.

  21. to be clear, I have full confidence that biden won’t appoint a pro gun person to this position. However, this guy is so biased the other direction that I don’t understand how anyone with a modicum of integrity would think that this man is the appropriate person for this position. I’d like to know Miner49’s position on chipman as head of the ATF. In my mind its no different than putting a climate change denier as head of the EPA.

    • Well, please recall that “climate change” had not even been invented when the EPA began, I don’t recall whether we were even into the “global warming” hoax back then. Pretty sure the EPA was intended to combat smog, at which it seems to have accomplished quite a lot.

  22. If fadda Pflegger had a bastard son…this pervert has child mo-lester written on his hyena grin face. You can’t have rifle.

  23. Interesting the timing of the left; Possible false-flag shooting in Pelosi and Feinstein’s area, certain pro-gun law changes voted in during end of Texas session, George Floyd Hero Day all in the same day of this turd’s confirmation.

    Cannot even in the slightest be coincidental.

  24. The question to ask is how many citizens are murdered by their government every year on average vs how many are murdered by their fellow citizens.

  25. Chipman goes full retard.

    Wait, that was not nice to the mentally challenged, I mean the slow minded, errr I mean less mentally advantaged. … maybe more correct to say he went fully Democratic Socialist with a side of fascists.

    • There are no communists left anymore. They went full on fascist.

      • Maybe your eyesight is better than mine, but I can’t tell a Communist from a socialist from a fascist from a Democrat anymore, even in bright light.

  26. This is the same ridiculous logic that says everyone with a penis is a potential rapist (neglecting that women can be rapists). Every husband and boyfriend is a potential domestic abuser (again neglecting the capability of females). Anyone who operates a car is a potential drunk driver. The American justice system requires specific evidence before someone can be accused. This guy is clown shoes and shows why he shouldn’t have ever been allowed to be an ATF agent, much less nominated to run it. His comments are stupid and bigoted. Image the uproar if he had said something more recognizably incorrect, like all urban youth are potential gang banger’s and drug dealers.

    • And he is being championed by the same folks who yell to “Defund the police” and that “All cops are bastards”. Apparently not when they want to persecute the “right people”, I guess. Chipman is DEMONSTRABLY a clown, an ignoranus, and a fascist thug, just what every “Progressive” wants . . . as long as he’s on THEIR side.

  27. Chipman most certainly is a homosexual. And a gun grabbing homosexual fits both requirements for the job. His lack of manhood is evident by the portrait of him standing on the remains of incinerated women and children holding an M14. Bidens regime is filled with sexual deviants and communists. If permitted these traitors will destroy America beyond recovery.

    • I think they already did that. The embers are all that’s left. The drain circling has begun and is reaching a fever pitch. The “tough guys” will post about all the awesome things they plan to do and how they’ve prepared for this their entire lives. The actual tough guys are already in some remote location unknown to as many people as possible, waiting to return so they can rebuild. The “I will not comply” types already complied a million times. The “leaders” are followers. The “common sense gun control” crowd can’t wait to die because they hate themselves and their only pleasure will be seeing the “evil gun owners” die too. Etc. etc. etc.

  28. The image of a smiling white man who helped to set a church on fire is just a repeat of American history. The only difference now is in the past it would have been an all-black church. And he would be wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform.

    But because this was a racially integrated Church. That made it okay to burn the parishioners alive inside of their sanctuary.

  29. I see that Chipman is spewing Bovine Scatology about the Branch Davidians shooting down helicopters with .50 BMG rifles or machineguns. Both the Treasury Department report and the Justice Department report document that no helicopters were shot down at Waco. Contrary to the statements by BATF agents such as Chipman, none of the four BATF thugs who were killed at Waco were killed with .50 BMG firearms or AK-47s. The FBI publication Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 1993 edition documents that two of the deceased agents were shot with .223, one was shot with .308 and one was shot with a 7.62 caliber projectile from an unknown cartridge. Just FYI, the Justice Department report documents that a team of BATF “snipers” that were deployed at the undercover house fired three dozen rounds from .223 and .308 caliber rifles. All of the Branch Davidians that were shot were shot with 9mm, 147 grain Hydroshocks.

    Given these facts, you have to wonder who shot the dead agents?

    • It’s why the bodies were buried very quickly and without autopsy. It would have revealed they were shot by their own side.

      When one cop shoots, all cops shoot. They don’t want to miss the opportunity, even though they will miss the target with high percentage of shots fired.

  30. So a .219 caliber semiautomatic would be ok ?
    How about a .219 Creedmoor ?

    Someone get started on a cartridge design so the barrel folks can get stocked up.

    A gun in the hands of a government employee is a crime waiting to happen.

  31. Seems like a good way to “FCC” the ATF’s NFA Branch, and possibly the entire organization, into oblivion.

    Especially when someone like an ATF DD has to explain to Congress why the backlog on the list is literally centuries long yet “the ATF estimates” that it’s only a small fraction of the firearms that are supposed to be registered.

  32. You know what I’d really REALLY like to know, what guns does that idiot actually own himself.

    Since he’d be head of the BATF “T standing for TOBACCO which as we all know kills ten times that of guns, what does he plan for that??

    • There ya’ go: straight forward common sense laws. Every citizen is a potential criminal. We need more laws against crime. If lawmakers were doing their jobs, they would be passing laws day and night to cover every potential crime a person can commit, and even make some up.

      More laws!

      Less filling!

      • What’s that guy running for Congress say, again? “Make crime illegal again!” Cracked my ass up. A few weeks ago I saw a guy on TV with a T-shirt said “Make Orwell fiction again”, took me a while and then I nearly died.

        • “Make Orwell fiction again”, took me a while and then I nearly died.”

          There are two easy meanings there; each funny and wise.

  33. I can’t stop being repulsed by this dude’s weird ass mouth. Normally I don’t judge people by their looks, but this a-hole is an acceptable exception.


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