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By the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Former Vice President Joe Biden deserves every brickbat being thrown in his direction in the aftermath of Sunday’s church shooting incident in Texas for declaring in September that the state’s new law allowing guns in churches is “irrational,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

But Biden should not be alone in the hot seat, said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“The deafening silence from Biden’s fellow Democrats still in the presidential race is equally telling,” Gottlieb observed. “Not one of them has stepped forward to offer even faint praise for the courage of Jack Wilson, who used his legally-carried pistol to stop the shotgun-wielding killer from wreaking more havoc at the West Freeway Church of Christ.

“The gun control crowd has been predictably silent,” he continued, “because the use of firearms by private citizens in defense of themselves and others—especially a large crowd of worshippers in a church—just doesn’t fit the extremist gun control narrative.”

Sunday’s tragic incident was ended in six seconds after the gunman, identified as a man with a criminal record in at least three states, fatally shot two members of the church congregation. Wilson’s quick action and accuracy prevented further carnage.

“Within seconds,” Gottlieb noted, “video of the tragic incident revealed at least seven more church members with drawn guns carefully closing in on the downed killer. Their responsible use of firearms to defend their fellow congregants is exactly why Texas enacted its new laws. At the very least, Biden should apologize for his earlier criticism.

Joe Biden
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“Biden’s trash talk in September symbolizes everything wrong with his party’s increasing hostility toward law-abiding gun owners and the Second Amendment,” he said. “This year, we’ve already heard proposals for mandatory buybacks, registration and licensing, gun bans and Beto O’Rourke’s outright threat of confiscation. If anyone has been irrational, it’s Biden and his fellow Democrats for their demagoguery and anti-rights hysteria.

“What happened Sunday in Texas,” Gottlieb concluded, “reminded us all of individual heroism, and that actions always speak louder than words, and that brave people act while politicians pontificate.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. Coming from a senile old pervert. Who’s had taxpayer funded armed security (Secret Service) protection since 2007 till present and will be entitled to it for the rest of his life. As well as his entire family.

    • As I understand it, the families of the VP lose the personal detail after they are out of office…

      • Of course, after Republican vice president dick Cheney got drunk and shot that man in the face, the Secret Service detail was necessary to protect the public from him.

        I’ll take Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes any day over dick Cheney’s wanting endangerment with a firearm.

        • (49r said) I’ll take Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes any day over dick Cheney’s “WANTING” endangerment with a firearm.

          1st it’s WANTON endangerment NOT “wanting” endangerment..
          2nd you must have missed the memo but aparently Dick Cheney is the ONLY old white guy NOT running for POTUS.. You might be okay with Bidens “gaffs?” but most of us see them for what they are. Biden doesn’t know WHERE he is about 20% of the time (the other 80% his handlers are on top of it), he can’t remember when he was VP, he brags about doing shit that he is encouraging impeachment for Trump for alegedly doing, he has a really fucked up proclivity for “touching” LITTLE girls, he claims to have been places and done things that are EASILY proven to be a lie.. He is either the biggest liar on the planet OR he has onset alzhiemers or a brain aneurism. Any one of those is scary in a POTUS. And I can already hear the “what about Trumps lies” bullshit, Trump says shit to get a response and is 100% successful, anyone who has paid any attention at all gets this, he says something, the liberals and the MSM go off for days 24/7 looking like the fools they are and Trump just goes on about the business of the country, it’s all just a game to him when it comes to those clowns and they are really too easy to set off, much like trolls like you. and 3….2….1

        • lmao choking on the irony of madmax correcting your English but spelling ANEURYSM wrong. Wow, what a tard. Only explanation for how you could feel so confident in your wrong-ness.

        • “ it’s WANTON endangerment NOT “wanting” endangerment..”

          I think your argument is with the speech recognition technology.

          Have you ever heard the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but words she’ll never hurt me?

          As opposed to a face full of bird shot from 12 gauge shotgun wielded by a drunken asshole.

          Can you must not be aware of all the American service members killed or injured by Haliburton’s negligence, use Google to check out the lawsuits about Halliburton’s shoddy workmanship on government contracts.

          No-bid contracts, all part of the corrupt Bush administration and Halliburton.

        • You two (49er and 101) wrote a whole lot of words to say a whole lot of nothing responding to MADDMAXX. You two need to calm down and proof read your posts. Your petty ramblings are hard to understand (grammatically speaking).

    • Nope. Vice-Presidents receive six months of Secret Service protection from the date they leave office. The Secretary of Homeland Security may order extensions on this.

  2. Does he even hear these things in his head before he throws em out there??? Involuntary commitment, come on man!!!!

  3. “Former Vice President Joe Biden deserves every brickbat being thrown…”


    You don’t ‘throw’ the metaphorical brickbat, you *swing* it, like a club, repeatedly, until the idiot gets the ‘clue’ firmly beaten into what little brain they have.

    Just sayin’… 🙂

    • You have to use the same technique on anti-vaxxx fvckwits like little ‘peegeee2’. Keep punching them in the nose until it sinks in, no matter how long it takes… 🙂

      • Geoff,

        I am what you call an anti-vaxxer (you already know that); please, do not swing your brickbat at me or PeeGeeTwo. You have strong beliefs, so do we.

        The people who spread lies to justify taking our guns, are also spreading lies to force us into a green-new-deal, open our borders, rip up our Constitution, and infringe upon our medical freedoms. That is already enough to fight against.

        We need to stick together and fight side-by-side.

        That, and the thought of you coming at me swinging a brickbat is somewhat unsettling. 🙂

        • Lifesaver. I have no doubt you are sincere in your beliefs. But pgtwo? Not so much. If big pharma did not have him out here discrediting your cause they’d have to invent him. Which I believe they did in his case.

          My wife is anti vaccine and has been interviewed by Sally Elkordy. I know anti vaxxers. pgtwo is, at best, a troll.

        • I don’t understand the whole anti-“anti-vaxxer” thing. If someone does not want to be innocculated against disease then let them be… Who are they hurting? If they get infected the only people they can do harm to is another unprotected person.. The current outbreak of measles is not affecting those whom have (A) already had measles as a child or (B) received the vaccine. I had measles as a child and it didn’t kill me so who cares, I understand the deeper concerns about more serious problems like smallpox, rubella etc but if parents want to play russian roulet with their childrens future that should be their decision… I am not an anti-vaxxer but I also do not have the desire to get involved (or see it play out) on a totally unrelated forum.. Is there not a vaxxer vs. anti-vaxxer forum somewhere within the great worldwide intenet where you all can go to rant and rave at each other about something that most of us here do not really give a shit about.

        • JWM,

          Thank you for your understanding. I do appreciate it.

          You may want to reconsider your thinking about PeeGeeTwo. He knows and has spoken with people I know. He knows the research. He is not a troll. He is strident, and strongly motivated. My guess, he and I have something else in common: someone we love badly damaged by vaccines. For me, it was my daughter. You can imagine events like this make zealots.

          All of that said, I like to point out that medical freedom is akin to free speach, privacy, and our right to defend our families and ourselves.

          Once again, JWM, thank you for your understanding.

        • MaddMax,

          You understand a great deal. Thank you.

          There is some convergence regarding medical freedom and gun rights, but your point that this is a gun forum is well-taken. Thank you.

        • MADDMAXX, the problem is that many people cannot be safely immunized due to age, compromised immune systems, or a host of other factors. This is especially true of the very young. Herd immunity can take care of this because the disease simply can’t survive with so few hosts. Smallpox, a horrific disease, was eradicated thanks to vaccines. Polio would be gone but for a few countries where the populations are, essentially, anti-vaxxers.

          And don’t think that they’re only hurting themselves. You don’t really think a family that has a kid striken by a terrible, life-threatening disease ends up paying all the costs of it, do you?

        • LifeSaver. If he’s an actual anti vaxxer, and I will take your word for it, he’s a loose cannon that does more harm than good.

          To set the record straight. I’m not anti vaccine. My wife is. She’s also a church goer and I’m not. So, we’re a mixed marriage.

          And yes, the .gov has no business in our medical lives.

        • Nothing personal, Lifesavor. You at least talk guns, and self-defense, little ‘peegeee’ doesn’t. He’s like a one-trick-pony, spewing anti-vaxx crap and *nothing* else.

          This situation with him has been deteriorating for the last few years and has gotten to the point TTAG management devoted an entire article to it and has told him to knock it off. And he did, for a small while. Now he’s back to his old tricks.

          He doesn’t contribute to the comment section, it’s just a personal soap box for a dangerous and lethal ideology.

          Have you seen what smallpox does to a human? See for yourself, plenty more out there :

          Vaccines have eradicated that horror…

        • The problem with the vaxxer movement, other than being built on scientifically illiterate bullshit, is that for all the screaming about “muh rights!” they fail to take into account any one else’s rights.

          Living in an actual society is about balancing things out. Your rights end where the rights of others begin and all that. Such balance is absolutely lacking from vaxxers.

        • All,

          A few clarifications. I was ready to end this thread because it is not about guns, but some of the criticism, above, is painful.

          1. The “anti-vax” movement is not actually against all vaccines. It is against how vaccines are manufactured, the lack of testing, the suppression of data, and the elimination of choice.

          2. The “anti-vax” movement is not an ideology (although, for some, there is a religious component). It is based on solid science. There are plenty of world-class researchers in this movement. You can find some of it at the National Vaccine Information Center.

          3. The movement is growing because the way we do vaccines continues to cause severe damage to many.

          I do not want to argue the above details on this blog. Please, understand I have spent 20 years deeply involved in this topic. I am not stupid. I am not ignorant. I can argue both sides effectively.

          Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    • Got tired of trying to get sense beaten in so bat was thrown in frustration for lack of a towel.

  4. Politicians never recognize their own faults and failings.

    Trump does not know he’s an amoral sack of cow pies. Biden doesn’t know he’s a clueless moron yearning to be attacked by an alligator on a golf course. Shrillary just never will understand she has never accomplished one goddamned thing in her political life other than to brag a lot about things other people accomplished and to blow security by talking on unsecured Blackberry phones in all of our global enemy’s capitol cities.

    They are just not capable of seeing their own reflections honestly. It’s not like a vampire doesn’t cast a reflection in a mirror, it’s more like the mirror is too disgusted to want any involvement in their politics.

    • Is there some reason I should give a rip about the morality of a politician? I like to observe results, if we cared about morality, Bill Clinton would not have survived his first term. Likewise most in Congress.

      • Of course there is. There is some room for tolerance, we ain’t look’n fer choir boys here, after all. But no room for down and lout total lack of any moral code whatsoever.

      • People can’t stand Trump because of his mean childish tweets. I kind of get it. But it’s funny how those same people don’t care how other people and even themselves talk about Trump. They’re just as bad or even worse than Trump. They’re allowed to say those things and fantasize about murdering him and he’s just supposed to take it. On the positive side, at least you know what he’s thinking unlike most other politicians.

  5. Slow Joe has had more plastic surgery than the Bride of Wildenstein. Maybe some Botox seeped into his brain.

  6. There is no current contender for the democratic nomination that has a chance of unseating Trump. None. And Trump has reshaped the 9th circuit and has appointed more judges than I can count.

    Trump has the potential by the end of his second term to completely remake the scotus to conservative. We will have nationwide constitutional carry before the end of his second term.

        • biden is running for the office of president. If you’re having trouble seeing the connection I don’t wonder you’re voting for him or bernie.

        • You didn’t say anything about Biden. Everyone here wants Biden to lose, that’s a given.

          But claiming Trump is going to give us the pro-gun laws he’s totally ignored since he got in is just plain laughable.

          Yeah, give him him four more years and he’ll start to do the job the NRA spent $30,000,000 on and he ignored the first four years.

          That’ll happen.

    • JWM that sounds good to me . Btw isn’t there a senior living facility missing a wing nut . Found him , he’s doing the thorazine scuffle on the campaign trail .

    • JWM: As of Dec 20 Trump judicial confirmations is 187 to all Article III Courts with 50 being seated on U.S. Appellate Courts… there are currently 72 unfilled vacancies with nominees awaiting confirmation…

  7. I get so sick of hearing about this “new” law that allows carrying in churches. Especially from groups that should know better. It’s been legal in texas for many years. They just added clarification for all the idiots that couldn’t read the old law allowing it.

    • Most people don’t even know the difference between a bill and a law (in spite of Schoolhouse Rock), let alone when changes in the law merely clarify existing law.

  8. Biden is a real piece of work! We are so lucky to have his services. Another career politician getting rich off of our tax dollars. He sells out to his handlers over at the DNC. Very few brain cells still functioning in that one.

  9. I thought to scan the blogs on The Liberal Gun Club, read what they are saying about this church shooting. Only searched for about 5 minutes. Nothing.

    • Devoted Leftists have zero tolerance for those of religious belief, sorry to say…

  10. Allowing guns in church might actually stop some shootings and the Democrats can’t have that because they need more bodies and warm blood to dance upon to promote their gun control agenda. The only thing they care about is power and they only care about the loss of human life when it allows them to get more power. Otherwise they don’t give a shit. After all these are the same people we are many of them silently hope for our death and many openly call for the government killing us all to confiscate our guns by force.

    But Biden as well as all Democrats nowadays do not give a shit about the lives that are lost as long as there’s enough of them to force gun control down the countries throat. Also the far left is very secular and despises Christianity and Judaism. Politicians going to church is just a floor show to pander to voters. Voters that they despise and want wipes out so the population can be replaced by illegal immigrants.

  11. What I’m looking forward too is the anti gunners finding the new trump card on this topic.

    When Shannon Watts or someone similar starts tweeting that this was a “false flag” I’ll know that the universe comes with a sense of humor.

  12. Kudos and tribute to the volunteer under- cover armed security guard who stopped an evil depraved killer from murdering numerous people who assembled for Sunday worship service.

    You read my above statement correctly. Too, there exists morally and historically no difference between this armed volunteer security guard (undercover) who rose to the occasion with his semi-automatic pistol: 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 Auto? vs. the Pilgrim or Puritan in Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts during the 1600’s who went to church carrying a matchlock musket. Too, these separatists had these smooth bore muzzle loading single shot weapons (crude and primitive compared of course to modern firearms). They kept these within instant reach during worship, assembly, and corporate gathering. Yes….I say “more tribute to this armed hero of the faith.” How many innocent lives he saved will never be known.

    James A “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • other houses of worship should learn from this….sainthood and victimization are not synonymous…..

  13. Joe Biden can take great satisfaction in the fact that the intended perpetrator of mass murder took his advice by using a politically correct shotgun rather than a semi automatic pistol or gassp, an evil Assault Rifle.

  14. We should send him some real hair wigs so he can sniff away. It would keep him occupied for the rest of his life and he would leave us alone.

        • So? He’s still a better choice than bernie, biden, hillary, harris, etc. They hate the constitution and all of us, also.

          Trump is picking the judges. And that’s what matters.

        • “Trump is a draft dodging coward who hates the constitution and you.”

          Waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaa! Your butt-hurt is simply *priceless*!

          But don’t you worry a thing, you have *lots* more crying to do in the near future, and we’ll be LAUGHING in your face…

        • Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a morally upstanding self made man, make him worthy of our collective awe deference and respect!!

  15. Biden is a walking idiot and how he can put one foot in front of the other amazes me as is.
    He is the perfect representative of todays Libitard Dimwit.
    Cant open his mouth without putting his foot in it.
    Doesnt know where he is when he gets up in the morning till his aids tell him.
    What an embarrassment, what a perfect Libitard candidate.

      • Tuck Frump says:
        December 31, 2019 at 18:51
        …and ‘Jay in Florida’ knows what it is to be an embarrassment!

        I don’t personally know what Jay in Florida’s level of “embarrassment expertise or familiarity” might be but I CAN spot severe “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) from anywhere and YOU T F have one of the worst cases I’ve seen, hell you are so far gone that if you could put a coherent sentence together you could probably grab a couple of 60 second spots on CNN or MSNBC from time to time… You really need to get looked at or by 2024 you will be a TOTAL blathering idiot. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  16. JWM and lifesavor
    thank you guys for being cool about peoples rights to not vaccinate. I own guns and support the 2nd amendment I believe that these things tie together more than people know. Any infringement on one right leads to an infringement on all. We must all support each other or every right we have will be chipped away one at a time.

  17. Jill should tell him he’s acting like a moron and should just SHUT UP!! Unless he wants to supply bulletproof hymnals.

  18. “Joe Biden deserves every brickbat being thrown in his direction ”

    Yeah, him and all the rest of the Democrats and the Disarmament Cartel, but so what? The media has them all covered with body armor, so whatever is thrown at them gets deflected into black hole. They own the microphone, we don’t.

  19. He isn’t getting my vote. It doesn’t matter what Putin wants. I feel no pressure from Russia, Facebook ads, or anything else. Trump himself isn’t even telling me anything of consequence.

    Biden will not get my vote!

  20. I Hope Biden will be the dems nomination for POTUS. Trump will destroy him in any debate. It is unfortunate, however is is clear that Joe Biden has obvious early signs of dementia. It amazes me that more news agencies do not consult neuro doctors on their opinion concerning his behavior and conduct, It is obvious has dementia. He is nothing more than a bobble head with a voice.

    Any candidate that will not trust citizens with guns, well we can’t trust them with our vote. simple!

    • They would most likely demand a very restrictive rules package for any debates in an attempt to hold the Trump attacks to a minimum but the 1st time Biden forgets where he is, or his name, what office he’s running for or just freezes up and stalls to run out the clock it will all be over.. Of course he can always fall back on the push ups schtick or challenge Trump to step outside behind the gym…..

  21. I’ll bet those fellas in the Christchurch NZ mosque would have LOVED to have something to defend themselves with when that guy went all Duke Nukem on they ass!

  22. Before this I just presumed that because in the United States that churches are private property that the carrying of firearms on church grounds would in general be the prerogative of the property owner. I know that even in states with restrictive gun laws, in much of California for instance, that there are usually legal loopholes for private property owners to allow carrying of firearms on the grounds of their own property. Of course, in such states these legal loopholes are sometimes superseded by more restrictive local ordinances.

    Also, I would think that one thing that might dissuade Church owners from allowing their parishioners from carrying firearms onto church grounds is the possibility that the Church could be held legally or civilly accountable in case of an serious accident involving firearms on church property. I’m thinking that if I were an owner of a church that I would prefer that only people with some credentials stating proof of extensive training with firearms be allowed to carry on church property.

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