BREAKING: NRA Files Lawsuit Challenging I-1639 in Washington State

[reviewadinsert] Here we go, Washingtonians. The NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation have filed a lawsuit in Seattle in U.S. District Court. Plaintiffs involved in the challenge to I-1639 include gun store owners and younger residents of the Evergreen State who will be negatively affected by I-1639. One such resident is competitive shooter Luke Rettmer, […]

Gottlieb: Washington State i1639 Criminalizes Gun Owners

Why you’d better get out and vote: “…if an offender does break into your house, and they steal your unsecured firearm, you may be held liable for the criminal’s actions, victimizing you twice — once by the criminal and again by the state.” “This extreme initiative mandates blatant age discrimination, requires additional costly firearm registration, […]

Washington State I-1639: When Seconds Count Your Gun Should Be Locked in a Safe

“Self-defense is the primary reason people choose to own a firearm. Unfortunately, Initiative 1639 will severely restrict law-abiding individuals from exercising this important right of self-defense, which has been protected here in Washington by Article 1, Section 24 of our state constitution. “The strict mandated requirement of this initiative will force individuals to lock up […]

If You Try To Defy Washington’s Preemption Law, Expect to Be Sued

“It is clear to us that a handful of cities are trying desperately to erode Washington’s long-standing preemption law. Their goal is to discourage citizens from exercising their rights under the state and federal constitutions by financial intimidation. The city council clearly understands preemption, but went ahead with this ordinance, anyway, undoubtedly knowing it would […]