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AmmoSquared Inc. is on a mission to change the way 94 million gun owners think about and manage ammunition by combining the physical world of ammunition with the convenience of online digital management.

According to the company, by starting off digital, ammunition becomes more convenient to purchase, store, exchange, manage, and ultimately, own.

CEO of AmmoSquared Inc, Dan Morton, explained, “Our vision of the future is that every gun owner in America will soon have two forms of ammunition: physical, that they store in their house and take to the range, and digital, which is accumulating in the background, easily exchangeable, and deliverable on demand.”

The company’s existing business model, which was launched in 2015, already offers a unique ammunition subscription service designed to help customers stay stocked up on ammo, but according to Morton, that is just phase one of AmmoSquared’s long term vision.

“Currently customers can purchase ammunition in small amounts via a reoccurring subscription,” Morton continued. “It doesn’t matter whether they are buying one box or one round at a time, it all goes into their digital inventory and accumulates until the customer is ready for delivery. This subscription-based model is just the first phase of our vision.”

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AmmoSquared is looking at the future of ammunition and has recently begun raising capital to build a next-generation digital ammunition exchange. Chris Corriveau, CTO of AmmoSquared, added, “Our ultimate goal is to build a true ‘Digital Ammunition Exchange’ where individuals can purchase, store, exchange, and sell ammunition with just a few clicks online. This way, every gun owner has a backup supply of ammunition in a ‘digital’ format that is easily exchangeable and available whenever they need it. Ammunition holders will also be able to trade into, or out of, different calibers in order to take advantage of price changes in the ammunition market.”

Morton and Corriveau predict this will create a market-based leveling mechanism to smooth out the sometimes-dramatic price and availability swings in ammunition that increase during the political election cycle.

To raise capital, the company is issuing Series Seed Preferred Shares to accredited and non-accredited investors through equity crowdfunding portal Wefunder.

“We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to join us and invest in the future of ammunition. Most folks are not accredited investors so it was important to choose an equity crowdfunding platform where anyone with as little as $100 could become a shareholder in AmmoSquared. There are also great gun related perks available for those who can invest $500 or more,” Morton said.

While there are a handful of public companies in the firearms industry such as Sturm, Ruger and Company, American Outdoor Brands, and Olin Corp (Winchester), the ability to invest in a disruptive tech startup in this industry is rare to non-existent – especially for the smaller investor.

Investors in AmmoSquared have a unique opportunity to own part of an ammunition company, drive innovation in the industry, and support the 2nd Amendment.

For investment information visit:

About AmmoSquared Inc.:

Started in 2015 as an LLC by husband and wife team Dan and Danielle Morton, the company incorporated in July 2019 as a Delaware C-Corp and brought on Chris Corriveau as CTO and Clay Knight as Head of Design. The company has generated over $1m in revenue to date through its innovative ammo subscription service. Plans are underway to build AmmoSquared 2.0 – a next-generation digital ammunition exchange platform that will allow customers a new approach to purchasing, exchanging, and managing ammunition online.


For company info visit:

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  1. Prime has been doing a similar thing for precision rifle calibers. Purchase thresholds for group buys.

    • I am a member. It helps me to get ammo every month easily and cheap. I am retired and Ammo 2 is a godsend for me.

  2. Sounds like ammo speculation. I admit I did not look extremely closely at the details. I can afford to stockpile when the prices are low and tighten my belt when the prices are high. I don’t need to “digitalize” my ammo. What happens when you have $X invested in digital ammo and your state prohibits shipping it to you?

    • Like buying a stock? It’s yours until the company goes out of business, and your asset is just a memory. This might be good for someone who lives in an apartment. Still, where is it, really? When you die, where is it? If your state outlaws it, where is it? Here’s an idea for your local range: Sell storage space. Only you have the key. You can give it to friend, who’s on your friend list. No safety issue. No theft issue. No kids issue.

      • I rely on no other entity for the storage or delivery of my ammunition. I don’t store it at the range that can go out of business taking your ammo with you. I don’t digitize it for another dozen reasons. I see no useful purpose in this company except to take your money.

        My ammo is mine, where and how it is stored is absolutely no one’s business but my own. No thanks.

      • “Like buying a stock?”

        To me, this smacks of ‘paper gold’ or ‘digital gold’, that they claim may be backed by bullion but may well not be backed by *anything*.

        They claim it is theft-proof and therefore a safer alternative, but I’m just not that trusting of a person.

        And if there is a massive run on ammo after a tragedy (or election), do you seriously believe it will be there?

        • … To me, this smacks of ‘paper gold’ or ‘digital gold’ …

          My first thought exactly.

        • I was pessimistic about this service but I decided to try it. After a year I’m now a regular subscriber. Ammo Dan has some of the beat customer service I’ve come across. I admit it’s not as user friendly as it could be but Dan was very prompt with his responses to questions I had and changes to quantity. I don’t have a lot of impulse control so saving up to buy a thousand rounds of something doesn’t work with ammo squared I buy the ammo and when I hit the delivery trigger I get a big box of ammo in the mail. I can order range ammo or stronger pew pews if I’m willing to spend more. The price was about the same but I can now buy ammo in bulk on a monthly basis

    • Maybe try living in a state or actually going out and voting against anti 2a legislation that prohibits such atrocities against the constitution.

    • I’ve been using this service for 4 years now. It’s a great way to budget ammo purchases. I set a certain amount of money for each caliber I want to purchase each month. Set it and forget it. Boom 2 years later I have a crap ton of ammo shipping to my house. It was easy to budget and I was able to stockpile a large amount of the ammo I want easily on that budget. You can set it up to auto ship to you after you’ve accumulated so many rounds or you can just let it sit there and build up until you are ready for it. It may not be for everyone but it works great for me! I still purchased ammo here and there when it was on sale, but for me this was a great way to stock my bulk Boogaloo supply. Lol

      • I have been dealing with this company for awhile now and I love the service. They have top notch customer service. If shipping ammo is made illegal to your state then your not going to be able to buy bulk ammo either. If you try to find the negative in something you will always find something. If you want to find people saying negative comments about something find a comment section like this. People love to talk smack behind a computer screen. I support Dan and even bought into the company. He is a American following his dream, what are you nay sayers doing?

      • It’s not a trap. It’s a great deal for anyone wanting to stockpile ammo a little at a time. Sorry if that whole math thing is hard for you. It’s ok your feelings will totally make things better.

      • Its not a trap Im a customer and its legit. I live on a limited budget so this is perfect for me to spend $10 a month and then get my ammo after it has accumulated shipped at a later date.

    • In my state we sign for every ammo purchase at the register. Why is ammo storage different? A little paranoid maybe?

      • @Bill How much ammo someone buys is nobody’s business except his/hers. Everyone has their own comfort level of reserve and their own usage rate. The hunter shooting 300winmag is going to use a few boxes a year zeroing his gun and harvesting game. The competitive shoots like a friend and his champion shooter wife would shoot 5000 rounds in a couple of weeks or less. Like I said, nobody’s business. I buy from different sources depending on caliber and price. My signature appears nowhere on anybody’s records except the 4473 I filled out for gun purchase as required by law. Maybe you should move to a better state.

  3. Cannot see how this would benefit me.

    1. Put every purchase I possibly can thru a credit card that earns points (dollars). In my case, about $25K a year on a Cabela’s MasterCard. Pay the balance monthly, or quit using this method.

    2. Only buy ammo on sale via Cabela’s/Bass Pro, use free Ship To Store. Never buy at any regular price, no way, no how, WTF you crazy paying retail!?!?!?

    3. Only pay using those credit card points. Bought on sale, paid with card points.

    Somehow this has worked out to where I always have stacks of ammo boxes in my gun closet.

    So why should I hand over personal and private data to an online service to manage what I already manage just fine? Only to give some hacker an opportunity to figure out my gun and ammo situation along with my home address? Maybe sell that info to some person’s of rude intentions?

    • By paying via credit card, you have already given your information to a third party. Oops. Hope that little bit of money saved was worth giving up privacy.

    • Have you ever bought anything gun related online? Every online (and offline) business has your information if you use a credit card. Sure if you want to buy everything in cash or gold coins you can stay off the grid but honestly how many people do that. I live in Idaho and people still use credit cards up here.

    • 25k a year. Not everyone has that sort of money to pay off a card with. If you’re like me this is a great service I spend about 25 bucks a paycheck. I can stockpile ammo when my shipping trigger activates

    • Why not raid Sports South, RSR or Crow (distributors)? Or how about manufacturers like Hornady, Winchester or Speer? I guarantee you they would be better targets to “raid” because they have 10x the ammunition we do. I’m always surprised to hear this from people because it just doesn’t make logical sense. If this were to happen we would be in a shooting war with a tyrannical government. It has happened in Venezuela sure, but then again I don’t have dog on the menu for dinner tonight either.

  4. “AmmoSquared Inc. is on a mission to change the way 94 million gun owners think about and manage ammunition”

    Only 94 million gun owners?. Where did the other 306 million gun owners go? Did The Rapture happen, and I missed it? If so, I am in deep doo doo.

    • @Sam There are less than 360 million people in the USA, citizens, non-citizen and criminal aliens. Approximately 25% of the population is non-eligible or prohibited. That leaves 250 million available to own a gun. Does everyone you know own a gun? There are around 400 million guns for 70-80 million owners…

      • I can think of four or five people I know who don’t own a gun. I know a lot of people. In what God-forsaken part of the country do you live? New York City? If the number of gun owners (that includes wives and children who have never filled out a 4473 but make a habit of practicing with the gun(s) they recieved from their husband or father) were as low as you claim I would be absolutely floored. Besides, as we all know someone being prohibited by federal law from owning a firearm does absolutely nothing to stop them. I personally know at least two “prohibited persons” who keep arms in defiance of the law.

        • Good point.

          I did conflate the number of guns owned with the number of gun owners. Should have deducted the 94 million from the estimated 1/3d of the population who own guns (110,000), and asked about the missing 16 million gun owners.

          Still, that amount of gun owners suddenly missing makes you wonder if the train bound for glory already left the station.

        • @Mercury I live in rural Texas, where a large portion of the population own guns, but that still doesn’t add up to over 300 million gun owner across the nation…Think about it, if 90+% owned guns, would we have all the stupid laws we do? It’s about 25% that own guns, and many of them are Democrats who constantly vote against their own best interest… Happy New Year, celebrate with a new gun or two, or ten…

        • Just like the total number of guns in circulation, I think the number of gun owners is substantially larger than estimated.

          The number of guns in circulation used to be estimated as 273 million (1998). If you assume that each NICS check represents one firearm purchased, and add it to the 273 million, you get over 660 million guns. I think this is a pretty good number because of the “law of large numbers” (the multiple gun purchases on a single NICS check is countetacted by the NICS checks that are not related to a purchase and add the purchases that don’t require a NICS check – enhanced permittees).

          I believe a similar situation is occurring with the number of gun owners. With a population of 330 million, it used to be estimated that about 40% of the population (132 million) owned firearms.

          I can tell you from first-hand observation that the number of new gun owners is growing much faster than the population. I live in the purple/moving deep blue suburbs of a deep blue northeastern city and the local gun store/indoor range is packed with new gun buyers from the city and surrounding suburbs. These new buyers are a very diverse group (and thankfully the range has armour plate between each booth but most people are very careful). I visit this gun store/range every weekend and it has been increasingly busy over the last five years.

          In addition, there are at least 5 other gun stores/indoor ranges withing 20 minutes of my store that I have heard are just as busy or busier.

          We are probably looking at about 50% of the population being firearms owners and growing fast.

    • Hahahaha your math and facts are so flawed. I’m pro 2a and it’s people like you that make an actual argument for pro 2a hard. Why not just say that out of the 37 billion gun owners in the US only 1% are affected by anything.?

    • Nobody actually knows how many gun owners there are in the US. That is a GOOD THING. We took the information available to us and rounded down to be conservative. 94m is approximately 1/3 of the population (a little less)… which is a very conservative estimate.

  5. I just buy ammo on sale and stack it up…..hey, wait a minute. I mean I buy ammo on sale and then shoot it. I don’t have any ammo now. Or guns. None at all. Honest.

    If digital ammo works like paper gold and silver did I would expect price inflation as investors and speculators buy ammo that doesn’t really exist, not price leveling.

    We discovered millennia ago that anyone issuing paper certificates for precious metals can resist the temptation to inflate above their stock. I can’t imagine why this would be any different. It’s not like human nature suddenly changes with ammo.

    • Yeah. This is my biggest concern about this service. Them selling ammo they don’t actually have on hand. Without having to produce each round it at the time of purchase, they could potentially sell ammo that doesn’t even exist.

      That scheme works out in their favor until suddenly too many people demand shipment and they can’t get in enough from suppliers to cover the demand.

      • Anyone want to buy some oil futures too?
        Same idea, different commodity. And we all can remember at least the last time those got out of control.

      • “That scheme works out in their favor until suddenly too many people demand shipment …”

        Like Sandy Hook, in 2012…

      • You can just limit your risk by requesting your ammunition (or selling it back). Use to accumulate some ammunition then request it. Simple. Your risk goes back down to zero but you still get the convenience of online caliber exchange (swapping calibers) which you can’t do with a physical holding of ammunition. Last time I checked oil was still traded on a commodity exchange… same thing with gold and silver. Maybe next we’ll see ammunition – you never know.

    • Crimson,

      “I don’t have any ammo now. Or guns. None at all. Honest.”

      You pirate! We all know that aside from that which you are carrying, you have burried treasure (arms and ammo) aplenty!! 😉

      Always good to hear from you!

    • I see a lot of comments that it’s a speculation service. It’s not. It’s more like a cigar shop. You order a certain amount every month and then when your shipping is activated instead of you going to the shop and getting your bullets they ship to you. It allows me to buy in bulk but slowly. I can’t afford to spend 200 in one shot for a 1000 9mm

  6. Yeah, how many precious metals services with the same template have gone under, leaving “virtual” metal holders holding nothing but virtual metal.

    And this one sounds much the same, only the precious metal is lead.

    No thanks.


    • Damn straight, John.

      The next ammo apocalypse is only a matter of time. Ammo is nice and dense and easy to store. Seal it up in plastic if moisture is a concern…

    • You get the commodity aspect of ammunition John. You can see how buying up different high demand calibers can give you an profit in a shortage. We’re doing two things here – one is the subscription and the other is the ammo exchange. When you have a base of people who are buying and selling ammunition you have a market. When you have a market you have the ability to make money on price swings in the underlying precious metal – in this case ammunition. I can’t speak to those commodity exchanges going out of business but I can speak to our 4+ year record and thousand plus active subscribers. Any company can go under, so if you think that is a possibility you limit the capital you have at risk. With our service you can do that by requesting your ammo. You can do this any time and it resets your risk back to zero while you rebuild your online inventory of ammunition.

  7. I’m wondering if this would Limit California’s background check to ONCE when you sign up. My be worth it for our brothers and sisters behind enemy Lines.

    • Each order they ship to an FFL in California will require a background check. One way I could see this saving a few bucks is if for example you bought a box of ammo each week at a store for a month you would have to pay the fee each time you purchased. But if you bought one box of ammo each week from AmmoSquared for a month and they held it and then shipped it all at once to the FFL you would only have to pay the fee once. If it was me I’d just save my money and buy the ammo all at once from the store.

    • We actually have quite a few customers from California. The benefit vs other online ammunition purchases is that you can put a little bit toward your ammo each month (or paycheck) then have it shipped to your FFL. Unfortunately the way the law is written we still need to ship to an FFL or ammo dealer. There is a good video on this from The Daily Shooter who talks specifically about California + AmmoSquared:

  8. Ammunition is like gold. If you don’t physically have it, you really don’t own it. When there is a serious national crisis, or you name it, you will wish you had all physical ammunition and gold. Paper or digital schemes are mostly nonsense. As has already been mentioned, it sounds like information the government would be happy to pull under any excuse possible. Good luck on this scheme. I don’t know anyone who’d be interested.

    • Red
      Exactly. If you can’t walk into storage room, safe etc and pick it up it’s not yours.

      As per others above I buy primers etc when there is a sale on and try to keep a reasonable amount of loaded rounds on hand.

      Two new rifles I want to try some new loads for when I have have some spare time. So New Years resolution is more time at loading bench and the range.

      • “The ammo is infinitely more valuable than the gold.”

        Agree. With sufficient ammo, you can acquire all the gold you want.

        Copper rules !

    • We store ammo until it is requested by the customer then it is delivered by Fedex. If you have an address you can get your ammo within a week… Or even better is when you set up an automatic delivery trigger and get a box of ammo unexpectedly…. nothin’ better.

      • I had over 1,000 rounds waiting for my when I got home from work last week! What an excellent Christmas present that I paid small amounts into over months and not spending my Christmas budget on an online “sale”.

      • I was skeptical at first and had many of the same negative thoughts about this service as well. Instead of being a keyboard commando I actually stepped up. They provide a great service. They were able to provide a very sought after caliber and shipped exactly as they stated (by the way your digital footprint has long been exposed if you use any source of digital media, that ship sailed a long time ago). I will continue to use this source and hope that those who stoke the fires of doom and gloom will step up and out of their “safe spaces” should the need arise (if that offended you, you have just allowed a total stranger to control you). Please don’t get distracted by white noise. I challenge you to go and check for yourself, check out their service. Should they fail you, stop using them. One last thought no matter where or what you need, never just use one source you are setting yourself up for failure.

    • I’ve been a customer with Ammo Squared for 3yrs now. I was one of those during the ammo shortage who struggle to find and at times over payed on ammo because it was so scares. I also don’t shop at Wally World and as much as I would like to support local gun stores with purchasing my ammo, their prices are just to high. Ammo Squared provided that niche I was looking. I’ve since cancelled every other subscription service and have stuck to the one that makes the most sense, Ammo Squared. My subscription with them is convenient and flexible. I can chose calibers, weight, and request certain brands. I can make changes to my subscription budget at anytime, sell back or trade for another caliber. It’s convenient and more importantly, it allows me to purchase ammo that fits my budget. Without getting into details my subscription is $100 per month that goes towards various calibers and shipping. Every three months my box is sent right to my front door, it’s like Christmas 4 times a year. I can change my subscription amount or anything in my subscription anytime, if I wanted it shipped once a month or once a year. It literally is like a 401k for ammo, feed and forget. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It really is smart investing.

    • It’s this easy- if you’re serious about ammo you already have a shitload of it. Get on the service and have it shipped every other month or whatever. I’ve been with AmmoSquared for over 2 years, it’s a great service. I still buy local if there’s a sale of course, but this is like a easy utility running in the background.
      Also: if anyone thinks they’re anonymous or being “off the grid” or anything like that…you’re on this forum…doh!

  9. Been a member for a few years, $50 a month on a 3 month trigger, a respectable company and always somebody on the other end of the line

    • I don’t doubt they’ve taken care of you but one thing worries me. If they’re in such good shape as a company and the future is bright why are they asking for money?

      • We have an opportunity to upgrade our technology and expand the business. Part of the difficulty of being in the gun business is that banks won’t lend to you because you are in the “evil” ammunition industry. I wrote a blog post about this recently called “Political Discrimination by the Banking Industry” you should see the hurdles we have to deal with that other small companies don’t. We were kicked off of Stripe when we hit $10k per month, we can’t use Paypal, Quicken Capital, Blue Vine, Square… the list goes on. This crowdfund is a great opportunity for us to raise capital from the people that are customers the past few years and understand the potential for disrupting an entire industry.

      • Doesn’t nearly every business looking to expand seek funding through investors, loans, etc? It’s not asking for a hand out, it’s purchasing a stake in the company. Preferred stock. Preferred maintains certain privileges over common stock. Additionally, if you read anything about it, they state that dividends are expected to be paid in the future. It’s an investment, not a donation.

        • I read it but there’s no guarantee of a return on your investment or that the company won’t fold in a year. None of the businesses I go to have ever asked me to fund their expansion. They just ask me to purchase their products and services. If you want to make more money and expand then give me a good reason to purchase your product or use your service.

      • Virginia, New York, California, New Jersey, all of the Democratic candidates, all of the gun confiscators. Yeah stevie boy I’m paranoid and you’re an idiot. No one will ever get all of my “stuff”.

      • Paranoia is perfectly normal . Everyone in the universe gets that.
        Marvin was depressed, depressive, bored and annoying. I don’t know who came up with the whole “paranoid android” thing, but paranoia was one thing from which he didn’t suffer.

    • Marvin if you care so much about privacy why are you posting on a searchable freaking gun forum that’s linked to your email address and have a picture of your kids for your profile picture? You would be the first one purged. No offense, but come on man, you are giving that guy a heard time and he’s just making a joke.

  10. “every gun owner has a backup supply of ammunition in a ‘digital’ format that is easily exchangeable and available whenever they need it.”

    Anyone who buys into this deserves to be taken to the cleaners…

    • Why? Because you don’t understand the service? Just ask any of our customers what they think. Look at our reviews. We’ve been in business 4 years and have a solid track record. We are trying to do something different that hasn’t been done before so it confuses people. I get that. It isn’t for everyone. Twitter confused people when it first came out too (heck I still don’t really use Twitter personally.). I encourage you to do more research so you can better understand what AmmoSquared is all about.

      • Agreed! This article very poorly mixed and confused the two facets of the business, the subscription and the digital exchange.

        I have several thousand rounds in my home as well as thousands accumulating with AmmoSquared bit by bit with my very manageable amount billed monthly. I literally forget I have the subscription, say “oh yeah!”, check and see I have a big pile of ammo waiting for me, excitedly have it sent to me, and enjoy the quality rounds I get. Because it’s so simple and straight forward it almost feels free! No scouring the internet for deals and no spending inordinate amounts of money for bulk at gun shows and other places.

        • I’m right there with ya mike, it’s a good way to force yourself to budget ammo when a million things get in the way too. I reload and continuously stockpile ammo every month. I have 1000s of rounds at my house sitting around but it is very nice to use Ammo squared to gain more ammo I completely forgot about. Not to mention all the high priced calibers that are over 2$ a round. Sometimes you can’t afford to boy a 90$ box of ammo in one months it’s nice to put a few $$ there each month to buy a few rounds until you’re box is filled up. I love the service.

    • So far I haven’t been taken to the cleaners. I like getting my boxes of ammo every few months. Ammo2 allows you to buy in bulk but without spending all up front. It’s not an exchanges you aren’t speculating and trading ammo. You are buying it and they ship it to you when you want it. They ship to me when I spend $250 on ammo. I order multiple calibers. If you want to change quantity or calibers you can at any moment. Any ammo you’ve already paid for is yours. The “exchange” part is like this. I ignorantly started but steel cases 45acp, not a fan. When I realized my mistake instead of taking my ammo back to the billet store I email dan explained what I wanted. He “exchanged” the steel case for brass, yes I got less bullets in my inventory but I got the amount I paid for

  11. So, this is exactly what “AmmoHawk” did a few years back. Pay a subscription, ammo builds up in your ‘secret offsite storage locker’, and you can retrieve it – guaranteed! Any time! No troubles! It’s yours!

    Except it isn’t.

    … Folks should look at how that worked out for people. And where AmmoHawk is now. (Spoiler: They disappeared; after showing up right before an election where people got nervous about ammo availability. No similarities here!)

    This model looks identical to this. Could even be the same guys trying it again since enough time has passed.

    Just buy a monthly allotment yourself.

    • The whole pyramid collapses the next Sandy Hook or election.

      That’s not an ‘if’ scenario, that’s a ‘when’…

    • No we’re aren’t the same as AmmoHawk. When we started 4 years ago there were a handful of subscription services that didn’t make it. We’ve seen them come and go. Most of their problem is that they try to sell reloads at factory ammo prices. We sell only factory ammo at reasonable prices.

      The key to our success is that we make ammo ownership more convenient. You don’t have to buy a case at a time. If you only have a small budget, sure you can go down to a gun store and buy ammo, or order it online but we have a “set it and forget” it system that lets you set up your calibers, budget and delivery schedule – then you get ammo delivered automatically when you want it. Fear the worst and think our company is going under next week? Then just set a monthly delivery schedule. Your risk is the amount of money you have put in before you next box arrives. We have literally THOUSANDS of satisfied customers and have been in business since 2015 – we aren’t going anywhere… except up.

  12. So, who’s tracking everyone’s ammo purchasing needs?

    And uh….
    Dan W:
    “ How nice of them to store my ammo where I can’t get to it.”

    • You ought to consider the same for a percentage of your cash reserves…

      • At least the banks are federally insured….for whatever that’s worth. But that’s the point in being diversified.

        What level of insurance would this kind of ponzu scheme offer against fire or theft of my ammo from their storage facility? If they do any else then what is the benefit to doing this?

    • I find it interesting how many people think that we’re gathering a list of ammo buyers for the government, or anti-gunners, or something. Are there some 2A companies that handed over customer lists or something that I missed hearing about? Every single company you make a purchase from online has a record of you, unless you use cash or bitcoin everywhere. If you read any of my writings you’ll realize I’m as pro-2A and Libertarian as they come. We’re not going to turn over anything without a hell of a fight. Even then, I can’t imagine a scenario where a government entity even has legal grounds to request customer information, let alone actually get it from us.

      • Right there with you Dan!

        Unless you’re born In your home, never attend any sort of schooling, never utilize any sort of bank account or credit cards, never use the internet, on and on and on…. your information is already out in the world in a million different locations.

        AmmoSquared has enabled me to stockpile when I never had the ability before. Keep it up!

        • and yet…
          When I buy a box of ammo and pay for it with a 20 dollar bill, I have it and bring it home and that’s it. Nothing else. Unless the store has security cameras, and they really should.

      • I find it interesting how many “satisfied customers” popped up in comments and how I don’t seem to remember any of them commenting on this blog ever before. But it’s surely coincidence.

        As for me, I’m good budgeting for my shooting expenses myself. Only ammo I buy is rimfire that can’t be reloaded and cheap target shot shells which would be more expensive to load than to buy.

  13. Bizarre in the extreme. I’ll keep paying less than retail when a sale comes around. In cash. Happy New Year everyone!

  14. Everyone should consider reloading in the near future. Stock up on components before they start restricting it.

  15. Wow, the opportunity to pay an extra premium for someone to track your “purchases” and not give you any ammo — how can you pass that up? Unless they’re producing excellent proprietary ammo, you’re better off saving your money in a jar and buying ammo when you can afford it or when there’s a sale price. Better yet, put it in a bank and earn some interest while waiting for your price. If you want to exchange ammo, you can sell what you have too much of and buy something else, or just keep your unspent money and only spend it on the ammo you need at the time you need it.

    Commodity markets don’t eliminate demand — they price the supply appropriately, which is essentially organized price gouging when there’s a shortage. When there’s a glut, prices become sale prices. This also relies on the product being a commodity — you buy 9mm FMJ and don’t care if you get Winchester, Federal, or Tula. Getting non-FMJ gets much harder since JHPs are proprietary and a much smaller market. This model is harder because there’s also the storage of any ammo a customer doesn’t want immediately (digital ammo), or hoping there isn’t a reason people want their ammo now and there isn’t enough stock to satisfy the shipments, which is the equivalent of a bank run. Markets work because they’re big — here you’re betting that the company is run well enough that they can balance supply and demand while maintaining a decent profit. Otherwise, they go bankrupt and their customers are SOL.

    I’d be interested in a prepurchase-type program. I pay up front for a specific kind and amount of ammo. They use my money to either pay for the materials and payroll to make my ammo, or to purchase it from the manufacturer. They save on acquiring the money and storing the product, which is a lower price for me. The tradeoff is that I wait longer to get my ammo since it needs to be made or purchased instead of being shipped from stock. Again, it does nothing to stop a shortage, but it does mean I eventually get my ammo instead of trying to beat the vultures who buy up everything comes into a store in hopes of selling at marked up prices.

  16. The company is trying to commodify ammunition. Maybe ammo will one day trade next to pork bellies on the CBOT.😊

    I’m going to short 300BLK because 6.5 Creedmoor is going to grab market share from it.😊

      • That’s what they want you to believe. 100% physical reserve, huh? That would be first one.
        If they buy ammo for each order as it comes and store it indefinitely, how do they pay for the storage?

  17. I was surprised they claim to have grown to $1m in business. Like most of you, I am not comprehending the business model.

    I like having plenty of ammo on hand and ready for the Zombie apocalypse.

    When an apocalypse occurs, food, water, and ammo will be the new currency.

    • You should definitely have ammo on hand. Here’s the idea: everyone should have ammo they have on hand at home and take to the range and a SECOND source that is accumulating with each paycheck in the background, is easily exchangeable and deliverable when you want it. It is novel service who’s time has come.

      • I keep my ammo on hand, but it’s also nice to have the option to put a little money back each month to have a refill for what I shoot during the month or week. I’m not always financially able to purchase a 250.00 case of ammo, but don’t get me wrong it’s nice when I can. That’s why I use ammo square.

  18. We’ve used Ammo squared for three years, and we love it! We choose how much and which kinds of ammo to purchase each month (kinda like Amazon Subscribe and Save). Then I can save even more by deciding when I want it shipped to me. I, personally, had my ammo shipped to me every four months, but they shipped all the ammo I ordered the whole four months. Customer service is next to none! Wonderful service! Amazing people

  19. it seems the intention is to have a ” continual” supply of ammo, if you hit the range be grateful for the practice and knowing you have ammo in reserve. if you subscribe to the service you can expect a ffl to take delivery for you ( unless you are a ffl). when you subscribe if you have more coin i.e. your getting ammo cheaper, they will credit the remaining rounds on the next shipment. if you lived in any area during the Obama years like say.. California the ammo shelves were barren. hard to protect yourself or loved ones without ammo. i’d say having back up is a good deal. but thats just my 2 cents worth

  20. It might not be for everyone, but I’ve been subscribed for years and have loved it. It’s convenient, reliable, and affordable.

    I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theorist and doomsday preppers that are going to be wary of anything digital, but you’re in control of how often ammo is delivered so it’s not like they’re storing your whole stockpile in their warehouse.

    Just saying, from my experience, it’s been a great service that has allowed me to build a good inventory on a busy schedule. Their customer service couldn’t be better, and that’s still worth something!

  21. This article did a pretty poor job of delineating between the two sides of Ammosquared. I’ve been a customer for over a year now and to be completely up front, I am an investor as well.

    There are two sides to the business. The straight forward ammunition subscription and the grander idea of the ammunition exchange.

    The Subscription: Absolutely awesome. I split about $100 a month across several calibers like 9mm, .22, and 300blk. My credit card is billed $100 every month on the day I choose, and the ammunition is purchased. Physically. And stored, physically. When I view my account online I can see a purchase history showing me my total rounds currently owned, as well as a breakdown to see how many rounds of each caliber was purchased each month and at what price per round.

    CAN we all go out and buy 5,000 rounds anytime we want with a swipe of our card because prices are maybe .10 lower than normal? Sure. But, I don’t WANT to do that all at once. Setting a much lower amount to send monthly is more manageable and regardless of price fluctuations I get a solid price due to dollar cost averaging over time.

    My ammo is sent to me whenever I request it and I was pleasantly surprised that for such a heavy package my shipping was free and very quick! All of the brands of ammunition were well known names I could pick up at any local shop here. You are able to leave notes on your orders such as mine “please prioritize brass casings only”, and guess what, I got only brass when I had over 1,000 rounds in three calibers sent to me.

    It’s affordable, simple, easy, and has enabled me to stockpile ammunition like I’ve always wanted to without spending hours searching for deals, buying piecemeal from third parties, or spending more than I want to all at once.

    The Digital Exchange
    Yes, it’s a big idea. Huge. Could it work? Sure. Will it? We’ll see. But based on my experience thus far with the company servicing my ammo subscription, I trust them. I’m a licensed stock broker myself, and just as I see daily at work, too many Americans have a phobia of the big bad banker man coming to steal from them in the night. A lack of understanding is not an excuse for dismissing something before it has even been tried. I’m with the company as a suscriber regardless of what happens with the ammunition exchange.

    Good people trying to do good things.

    • Well, some people don’t have $100 a month when they are just living pay check to pay check. Yes, it is worth it for someone who has a job or permanent income.

      • Why not $5 a month? If you can’t do $5 a month then why even bother spending the time to comment on something you have no intention or, by your own statement, ability to participate in?

      • That’s what makes Ammosquared convenient. You dont have to have 100 to spend. You can spend less than 10 each month to start building up an inventory. Then once you have enough built up you can have it delivered. It’s an easy way to put as little or as much money aside each month to buy ammo.

        • So far so good after 1st delivery. So the government can track all purchases but…they don’t ir can’t ccount what you used to practice and some could have little to none left after an order. No need to be so paranoid. As for any gun related purchases, how do they know they still are in your hands if they wear out, lost, replaced, etc. This way, you can spend little or as much as you can afford then it gets delivered when you want.

  22. All of you guys miss the point. For the average gun owner with busy lives, etc.

    Its often an inconvenience to search and monitor sites online for sales on ammunition.

    It’s often an inconvenience traveling out the way for ammo, on the day of range use.

    For me, just having a set bi-weekly / monthly budget and being able to “Set & Forget” everything from grain weight, service type and caliber. Than getting a box of ammo every month in the mail. Is totally worth it, it’s been soo worth it.

  23. It is a good service for me. I work out of state and dont get shoot much. I signed up, selected the calibers I want, and when I plan to be home i simply request delivery. I dont have to drive from state to state with a stockpile of ammo in my truck, I dont have to spend the short amount of time I am home shopping for ammo, and I have created my own little stockpile of ammo over the 4 years I have been a subscriber at wholesale prices. It may not be for everyone or the best option out there for everyone’s needs but it is a awesome service and fits my needs while saving me time and money. If you dont like it dont buy it but leaving negative comments with out even trying the service is just ignorant.

  24. I pay for this service. You people are extremely critical of this idea. If you don’t like Ebay do you troll the internet and talk bad about it?
    I put a certain amount every month into this company because I don’t want to have to think about buying ammo. Price isn’t the number 1 focus of mine for ammo, it’s convenience. I don’t have time to check gunbot, bass pro, etc for lower prices and run to the store. I just want to consistently add more to my storage. When it hits the amount for free shipping I have ammosquared ship it to my house. If I’m running low for the range or out plinking, I run to the store and buy what I need. This isn’t digitizing ammo, this is essentially temporary offsite storage. Or ammo on the cloud if you want to think of it that way.

  25. I have been subscribed to AmmoSquared for a little over 6 months. About a week or so ago, I got my 1st shipment from them. All my special requests for certain types of ammo (make & grain for example) were honored. The shipment came with an itemized receipt that detailed how much my monthly contribution had went toward each caliber & how many rounds of said caliber that I had received. You can edit your initial elections as often as you need to and they email you back to confirm the changes. I’m satisfied with my subscription and plan to stick with it going forward. ✌🏾

  26. I’m a disabled vet who has to have help for most outings, this service saves me a hassle. When I get free shipping,.. ammo cost about the same as retail but I get 250$ dollars at a time delivered to my door. They are also the only place I can find .17 Mach II. With me it’s a subscribe and forget till the mail man shows up. For plinking and stocking up, it’s the way to go-

  27. Honestly, the negative response to this article is ridiculous. A bunch of conspiracies and examples of other companies failures are not valid contributions to a discussion about Ammosquared.

    We’re all on the same team – very pro 2A and very untrusting of government oversight. I’ve talked to Dan, the owner of Ammosquared, and he is just as passionate about the same principles as y’all are. As an entrepreneur, he is trying to provide a convenient way for more of us to express our 2A right and prepare for the inevitable, regardless of income, schedules, or locations.

    It is indeed convenient and it works. With no significant effort I’ve amassed at least 10k rounds (haven’t counted in quite a while) and this will keep increasing without my assistance, besides the monthly amount I autopay.

    I completely understand that the service might not be for everyone, but trolling the comments section of a good article about a valuable service offered by a respectable company does not lead to productive conversation. I’m actually a bit shocked that the devisiveness of our country has even infiltrated a close-knit group of libertarians. Shouldn’t we be able to appreciate the value of an idea instead of ripping it to shreds based on unfounded ideas of distrust?

    As a side note, anyone posting online about how distrusting they are, how they only deal in cash, live off the grid, etc, makes no sense. If you think you’re anonymous, think again. If you really know tech, it’s possible to be, but most people on gun forums aren’t. I’ve been in tech for 20 years and it always has amazed me how people can be so cautious with some things and so oblivious to other potential dangers. Just food for thought, not trying to point fingers, but awareness is healthy. Accept the reality that your online identity is a thing you can’t change and try not to add more sensitive info to it.

  28. I’m a subscriber and have been for years. I still take advantage of case lot purchases when on sale, but this keeps my stocks at desired levels continuously while I use ammo to train at a price I can afford. Inventory is always on line and I can make any changes I like. They ship when I ask every time. Good company that does what they say, delivers high quality brand name product, and customer service is outstanding. There is risk in everything. This is totally managed by me by the amount of money I’m willing to put at risk and I’m good with that. I plan on keeping my subscription active until AmmoSquared shows me different.

  29. As a subscriber of AmmoSquared for more than a year and now an investor; I hope that people can see the utility in a system such as the one Dan is attempting to create. Having the ability to own digital ammunition is a great tool and while I understand the basis of previously mentioned concerns; I believe that though change can be scary, we live in a world that is constantly evolving and this new system has a place and purpose. Digital ammunition will allow a person to slowly but surely over time to develop their own stockpile for the various calibers that they shoot or possibly wish to shoot. AmmoSquared is essentially already doing this, however, their goal is to expand their current services and if it works as planned (which I suspect that it will) then it will be top notch just like their current service.

    Here’s an example: Been eyeing that new 300 BLK at the local gun shop but the misses won’t let you pull the metaphorical trigger yet? Start stocking up on some ammo while you wait! BUT then you come across a sweet deal on a 6.5 Creedmoor and pick one of them up instead. All you have to do is liquidate your holdings of 300BLK and trade them in for that 6.5 and have it shipped.

    This is just a single example of the utility that this service can provide, but the possibilities can be custom tailored to your liking. Now should this be the only way you buy your ammo. Probably not. It is always wise to have your own stock of ammo and if you get a great deal on some bulk ammo, you should buy it up while you can. However, AmmoSquared will allow you to slowly build your ammo stockpile, have it shipped to you when you want, and allow you to exchange the digital assets on an as needed basis pending your needs. I can only see how this will benefit the firearm community.

    That being said, I once remember Netflix approaching Blockbuster with their concept of digital movies and Blockbuster blew them off. Has anyone seen a Blockbuster recently? Obviously, there is no substitute for ammo in hand, however, AmmoSquared is putting their previous experience to use and I anticipate they will offer an excellent tool that will help keep your safes full of ammo for years to come.

  30. Been using Ammo Squared for 6 months. I set delivery triggers for every 3 months. A very handy tool for buying ammo in a regular and disciplined fashion. When I got my first delivery I was a bit shocked at how much ammo I purchased, it definitely accumulated. The way I see it, the folks at Ammo Squared are out procuring ammo at discount rates from multiple manufacturers based the quality I desire. They do the research and buying for me. If you like automating investments to keep yourself regimented, then try Ammo Squared for a few months.

  31. I have been a satisfied customer of Ammo Squared since 2016. The company and its sales associates have been top notch. Ammo Squared always took care of any questions or issues that I may have had with the utmost respect and understanding. I felt like I was speaking to a friend over the phone or email. I stand by their services. I have referred family and friends to Ammo Squared and they took are satisfied customers. Because of Ammo Squared I have been able to afford ammunition without breaking the bank and I am able to offer security to my family and friends because of the great services of Ammo Squared. Give it a shit you won’t be disappointed.

  32. I thought I would jump in here to clear up some misconceptions about my company AmmoSquared…

    This article is about our crowdfund which is an opportunity for anyone to invest in a 2A company that is doing something really unique. We have been a mom and pop for 4 years now and have THOUSANDS of great customers that will sing our praise. We work hard to earn their trust and deliver outstanding service.

    Our current service is a subscription / storage model that lets anyone build up a supply of ammunition with a small amount of money each month. It accumulates over time then it is shipped according to a delivery schedule the customer sets – want it every 6 months? Every Month? Every 1000 rounds? Done. We’ve been doing it this way since we started in 2015 and customers love the flexibility and convenience.

    The next stage of our development involves really building out our technology and improving our operations. That is what we are raising money for in this Wefunder Campaign – A campaign we had to fight hard to get listed because no other equity crowdfund company other than Wefunder would list our business because we are in the “evil” ammunition industry. We were also turned down by banks, angel investor groups, and VC firms because of the industry we are in. People on this forum should understand just how difficult it is for a 2A company to get capital. It is VERY hard. (Just Google “Operation Chokepoint” from the Obama years) The Wefunder Campaign is a win-win because we can reach out to our customers and other 2A supporters who can buy small company stock in something unique.

    The next part of our vision involves building of an actual “ammunition exchange” where people can buy, sell and trade ammo with the click of a button. Yes this is a crazy idea. Yes it is “out there”. Yes there is risk. But this is something that can change the entire ammunition industry. It hasn’t been tried before but we have the basic building blocks in place with our subscription service.

    I understand that many people don’t understand what we are trying to do, or what we have done so far – but I urge all of you do do your research before disparaging us.

    We have a solid business, satisfied customers, a 4 year track record and an ambitious plan for the future of ammunition. This Wefunder is an opportunity for anyone with as little as $100 to invest in an innovative company in the ammunition space. It is no different than any other investment in a small company – there is risk. But with that risk also comes potential upside.

    Either way look into it and if you want to connect with me directly please feel free to send an email to me at [email protected] Thanks for your time.

  33. I’ve been using Ammosquared for over two years. Because of this fantastic service my On hand ammo stock is always at the level I want it to be at and I have the ammo on hand to shoot regularly every month. I am a firearms instructor and I shoot often. This service allows me to purchase ammo and have it delivered on a set schedule. And, with their crowd funding effort, it allows people with vision and entrepreneurial spirit to share compassion with others. I’m in with Ammosquared and Can Morton, 100%

  34. I will be up front and didn’t read all of the comments, I just can’t believe people are so critical of something they don’t even look into first. I will tell you my story and let you decide.

    I got injured on the job in March of 2017. I was no longer able to drive among other Physical limitations. After surgery I did not make the recovery I was promised.

    Prior to this I would buy my ammo here and there. I found AmmoSquared by chance and decided to try it since my traveling from the house was when the little woman was off work. Even then physically I could not walk well and for more than 15 minutes so I stopped buying ammo all together.

    I am what you would call a cheap ass so I picked the $250 free shipping trigger. You can have your ammo delivered every month, but if it’s under $250 you pay shipping. I chose to buy $75 a month and every 4 months I get a nice box of ammo delivered to my door.

    After 2 long years I finally recovered enough that I was able to drive, get out, and work again. I thought about whether I should cancel the service or not. I decided that I will keep it as I rarely go shopping for ammo unless it is a really good sale. I also came to the conclusion I buy way more ammo than I did before. I know myself and know I won’t part with a lot of money to buy a case at a time.

    The prices are the same as regular prices at the store so I would say with free shipping I actually save a little. One great thing is the wife doesn’t see the amount of ammo, well until now as I have to explain why I need another safe.

    The only negative I can say is that the ammo you get is not the same manufacturer. I have to say I get great ammo: hornaday, sig, Remington, etc. if you are wanting just one manufacturer then you might not like the service. I have never asked for a certain manufacturer so it might be an option. I also know most people that one manufacturer usually reload anyway. That would be another option I would like to see them do is reloading supplies.

    They have been great with customer service! If you want to change caliber or grade you just send an email and it’s done. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for the ease of use.

    Great Service

  35. I have been using Ammo squared for about 6 months now it is a great service and Dan is very helpful if you have any questions or need anything changed. It’s also nice the variety of ammo they have available and I enjoy watching my ammo build up to be shipped out in my cart. I would recommend and do recommend this to anyone looking to store up. Just don’t think about this ammo and it comes to your door based on whenever you want it to ship.

  36. Well I definitely understand everybody’s concerns with this. But state law changes constantly you don’t know it until it affects you. That’s a full-time job to keep up on the laws of states because there’s 50. Plus this company has a four year track record so far. I never even knew about it until I saw an investment for it. Yes I understand The concerns about the so-called IOU paper or futures or digital. But this you’re paying for ammo accrued in an inventory at their facility when you have a delivery trigger or you requested it sent to you.

    I understand your concerns about digital ammo concept but it technically is physical. Yes it’s not in your possession but you’re not shell out $200-$400 For ammo in what quantity and caliber you want. Yes anything can happen but you want to think astroid can hit the planet tomorrow. Whether you have it or you don’t at that point it’s not gonna matter. Whether it’s government natural disasters civil unrest etc. you don’t know what’s going to happen. Do you know where ammo guns fuel food tools equipment are when that happens? It’s definitely not at stores they’re cleaned out in 12 hours. We are three meals away from anarchy.

    At least this company you have an inventory of ammo that you can be request to ship to you when you want it or a delivery trigger. You’re not shelling out an arm and a leg for it.

    No I have not purchased from this company I am an investor with this company. You never know this could be the next Amazon Netflix ect.

  37. The idea of being able to exchange ammo is awesome. Any one ever bought a girl friend (or wife) a .380 in the hopes of getting them into shooting? Only to break up with them and be left holding 500 rounds of ammo you don’t want. Now you can just flip it over to the 9mm you do shoot. I know I have no interest in buying ammo from some dude at a gun show who swears up and down it was kept hermetically sealed and is in perfect shape. Or that Glock 22 you bought 10 years ago but now it’s the only .40 in the arsenal and you’d just as soon sell it for supply chain simplicity. What do you do with the ammo? I’ll buy your used firearm, you can keep the ammo.
    Buying in person is great when it’s on sale. Except overnight WalMart decided they weren’t interested in your 2A life style. For many in rural communities that was the only place to buy outside of some local FFLs who cant afford to move ammo in bulk. Now I can buy at the sale price, schedule a UPS delivery, and don’t have to entertain the “where’s your tin foil hat” conversation with anyone who might be standing in my garage.
    But I get it.
    A lot of people thought the automobile was stupid, a waste of money, a scam, and it wouldn’t work. And the space program, and cell phones, and the internet. All these things started as and idea that needed some belief and some capital to get going. Full speed ahead Dan!

  38. It may not be right for some people, but I see the advantages for someone like me on a tight budget. I think its a great idea, and have a few friends who are already doing it and are happy. They also have a lot more ammo than I do now. LOL!

  39. I don’t understand why some are having such a difficult time understanding the concept… They make purchasing (and storing up) ammunition easy… I can set up a $50 a month subscription allocated across my commonly used rounds, get delivery every few months when I need to replenish what I’ve used… I don’t need to think about it, I don’t need to find “sales”, I don’t need to worry about short-term ammo outages, it just makes the regular ammo purchase process easy. I set a budget slightly above what I regularly consume and these folks just do the rest.

    This doesn’t mean I won’t buy ammo someplace else when I happen to find a great deal (or when the wife isn’t looking) or when I need extra ammo for a long weekend. For goodness sake, it’s just a monthly subscription for ammo not some exclusive relationship that limits you in some way…

    The fact these people want to do more with ammo (purchasing/transfering/trading/storing/whatever else) is to our mutual benefit. We ought to be encouraging them, not fire in their direction, not because they’ve wronged you in some way, but rather, fire on them for the simply reason you have all your ammo, but too bad for the rest of us. That just seems petty.

  40. I greatly enjoy this service. I set it and forget it. I prefer the convenience and budgeting of setting aside a bit each month automatically and then receiving a shipment quarterly without thinking about it or allocating any time to it. I have spoken with Dan several times and his customer service is some of the best that I have encountered. I have recommended this to several friends and they have the same experience. The snarky comments, on both sides, make no sense to me. I don’t care how you purchase, and you don’t care how I purchase…this works wonderfully for me.

  41. ive just started using this service. and i must say i really like the service. great people and customer response. great service will continue to use them i can buy what my budget will allow me to .

  42. I have been an Ammo Squared customer for about a year. I live in an apartment and it was great solution for me as storage space is very limited. I bulk bought the amount that I wanted to have on hand and set that aside for emergency use. Now I have Ammo Squared accumulating a little bit every month for me. Much like a 401(k), I have no intention of touching it and will just let it run in the background.

    Opinions may vary, but I don’t think that my accumulating ammo is at risk for “government confiscation” in the next 5-7 years. I freely admit that I could be wrong.

    In summary, it’s a good solution for those who have limited storage space and like the idea of a “fire-and-forget” ammo subscription. Always a good idea to have some on hand though too. Different strokes for different folks.

  43. Ammo square has been and still is a good company to deal with. The ease of attaining ammo helps those who don’t like fighting crowds and so on. You control the amount that you want. If you have difficulties in ordering ammo, they will help you out. Customer service is awesome as they have helped me on many occasion.

  44. Hello,
    I have been using the Ammo Squared service for about a year now. I have received 3 shipments of ammo from my subscription. I am very impressed with this idea these guys have! With as little as $20 in the subscription, I get a shipment of 100 9mm, 40 .300bo, and 50 .40 cal. That might not seem like much, but I set this up a year ago and it keeps a steady flow of range fodder shipped to my door. Now that some of the local big chain stores no longer offer these calibers for sale, it is the most reliable method (for me at least) to buy some often difficult to find calibers.

    If great customer service and what turned out to be a great test run year of service are not enough to convince you to give these folks a try, You must have a great supply of all the different calibers in you safe. As for me, I can never have enough to keep my family at the range as often as we would like, so every time I see ammo on sale, I buy it. With Ammo Squared, it is always in stock and ships when I want it to. I can change my subscription to suit my needs any time I want to.

    I recommend you sign up and try the service for 3 months like I did. A year has passed and I am still glad that I took the chance on these guys.

  45. I have used this company for years. It makes Sense for me. I don’t shoot every weekend, hell I barely get to go out once a month. What I do is is pay $30 a month every month and decide that into the calibers that I want. Every year in April I setup a delivery trigger and have it come shipped to me. Is the service for everyone? No, and Dan has stated that on the website. If I get low or need a different caliber that I don’t shoot that often then yes I go and pick some up. My subscription works for me because I can buy lots of ammo over a period of time vs having to wait for deals every month. Like I said it works for me and ammo is way better then some monthly subscription box with worthless crap.

  46. Yeah but will these guys ship to NYS? Probably not.

    Meanwhile TargetSportsUSA ships to NYS. To my door. No FFL.

    With their membership you get free shipping and an average 8% discount on their already insanely low prices.

    • We ship to where ever it is legal. We do ship to NY State not NYC. To get that Free Shipping with Target Sports you have to buy by the case or buy a membership. We offer free shipping on $250 or more of anything – no membership fee required. With Target Sports you also can’t buy over time.

  47. I believe in our second amendment rights to “keep and bear arms”,this includes legal militias which most states still have legality of a true law abiding militia on the laws of these states. Ammunition is a resource to the hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Ammo2 is a company with a unique business model to supply these law abiding citizens with the flexibility in their budgets to acquire quality ammunition at affordable prices while keeping a digital store of ammunition on hand until these law abiding citizens choose to have these products shipped to them. I am a new customer and believe in this business model so I can have a source for ammunition for my sporting needs. I am a retired army combat vet. Dan I believe in your legal mission to supply your customers with a valuable service and quality products at a reasonable cost.

  48. There are those of us who live in states where we cannot buy ammunition online, and those of us who do not have access to less common calibers, such as 7.62x54R or Tokarev ammo.

    The number of states that are shifting their gun control strategy to ammunition control is growing, and growing stronger.

    As a user of Ammosquared’s services, I was able to pay about half as much as I otherwise would have, because of the restrictions placed by my home state on ammunition buying.

    Furthermore, one of the hottest industries in America today are “subscription boxes” of all kinds…makeup, survival gear, pop culture clothing, etc. There are people making plenty of money off of those services, the sort of people with a better feel for market and cultural opportunities than many of the people posting comments here….lol.

    I don’t know if Ammosquared will hit the big time, but someone providing the same or similar service will, because due to the anti-ammunition legislation sweeping certain areas of the country, the demand for services in this industry will grow.

    Amazon started the same way. So did GrubHub. Services that people lacking vision or are risk averse missed out on getting a piece of the pie.

    Yes, it’s a risk. Real investments are always a risk. If that bothers people, they should just stick to their 401K’s, which is fine, but nobody is ever going to rich off of their 401K. It takes Risk to get Rich. It takes knowing how to evaluate future markets rather than present markets. It takes willingness to lose a little money for the chance to earn a lot.

    Some people look for opportunities to invest in small businesses in America, getting in on the ground floor. This is exactly the sort of opportunity I look for, a genuine American family run business looking for investment to expand, in a market that has as sure fire growth potential as you will ever find in the venture capital business. The trick is which company will be the leader in the growth of a new market industry.

  49. I am a Illinois resident. I have been a Ammo Squared customer for over 2 years. I am now also a stock owner now. The service works flawlessly. I am going to express points why I feel Ammo Squared works so well for me.

    *Ammo is very expensive in IL. Where I live we are also taxed for EVERY single round in the box on top of normal 10% sales tax.
    *Ammo is hard to find in IL Anyplace that has it at reasonable pricing sells out rather quickly. Except for some of the gun shops/ranges BUT you pay more!
    *Last trip to the rifle range which is quite far away for us we had to stop at 4 stores to get what we needed and spent over $900 dollars. It’s not easy for me to just piss away $900.00 all of the sudden. Ammo Squared allows me to build a supply at my pace. I pay about $30 a month and when I hit my free shipping quota it comes to my door.
    *I was skeptical at first. I figured I would try it. I have been a Ammo Squared customer for over 2.5 years and the service works flawlessly for me. I would and have recommended it to all my 2nd Amendment friends and family.
    *I believe their is a need for this service. I believe as Ammo Squared grows a bigger player is going want in on it. I bought stock in Ammo Squared because I get good service. Seen that it works flawlessly and EVERY single time I have contacted them I have received a pretty prompt response.

    This was a no brainer for me to invest.


    A happy customer and now stock owner.

  50. I have been using AmmoSquared for quite a while. My deliveries are triggered by my round count, and have never been delayed or late. I am fortunate that I live close by, and have had personal deliveries made. If I have difficulty in changing orders, or product request, AmmoSquared is ALWAYS helpful and prompt. I enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries, and not having to go to the store just to find out that what I want is out of stock. This is a good company, and I will stay with them.

  51. I have also been doing business with Ammo Squared for several years and have had a great experience. I understand the hesitation in trying something new, but these are good people and I can’t say enough good things about them. They are trying to improve things for their customers and I support them 100%.

  52. I’ve been using ammosquared for about four years now,excellant service,always deliverd on time and always the ammo ordered.I can get ammo not available in my area, a small town in Illinois. I highly recommend this service.

  53. I’ve used the services, the simplified version of the process includes making incremental payments towards your ammo purchase, and requesting the purchase be shipped to you. I tend to think of it as ammo layaway. I recommend waiting until you have enough for free shipping. It’s a good option for those who:
    Want to stock up, but don’t have time to go buy ammo all the time.
    Have mobility issues
    Work a schedule that doesn’t accommodate regular store hour shopping.
    Live in a location where speciality ammo is hard to get.
    Don’t like going to stores (I know there are some hermits here).
    Want to support a 2A/Veteran friendly company

  54. I have been using the service for about a year. I like it because I’m a pretty busy guy and like to have ammo for target practice whenever I want to go. This company is legit and they have excellent customer service. I budget for my ammo and don’t have to worry about buying it later. 100% recommend these guys!

  55. I was one of the ones who researched this quite well before jumping in due to living in Connecticut. The main reason I looked into it was the unavailability of 22LR here. I have ordered bulk ammo before through the mail with no issues (it is like the one thing still legal here). I also thought of the issue of the company going under and kept this in mind when I set up my shipping triggers. I had it set where I’d they did go under they would have a minimal amount of my money. Everything has worked out great! I love getting my ammo this way. The stores here are a hassle and set requirements beyond legal requirements. I don’t have to deal with that now. In my situation it is an ideal partnership. Unfortunately I think we will see more and more laws enacted. These will only serve to bolster the methodology behind this company. Could Connecticut end up making ammo shipments illegal, they could. In that case I will have the time to contact ammo squared, set up delivery of what I have and discontinue my membership. I hope this does not happen and will do everything I can as a citizen to prevent it.

  56. Ammo squared is like a ammo savings account and free off site storage. I purchase ammo and gear from them. They store it until I accumulate a ton of stuff. Then ship everything at once or just what I need.

    There business model is Rock solid.

  57. Great service ! I have been using the service since they started. I already have a stockpile, but the subscription helps me replenish what I shoot every couple months.

  58. If nothing else comes out of this post, it sure brings out plenty of new commenters. All of them love the company in question. Weird, that.

    • Would you rather have comments from people that just have ideas on how they don’t like it or comments from people with real world experience that just so happens to be positive. I have never commented here but never had a good reason. Maybe people are digging this.

  59. I use AmmoSquared as a trickle stockpile service. I pay $65/month($780/year) and end up with roughly this much ammo at the end of the year(broken into 4 deliveries at 3 month intervals):

    1440 Service Grade 9mm
    1059 High Velocity 22 Long Rifle
    471 Service Grade 223 Remington
    269 7.62×39
    70 300 AAC Blackout
    59 7.62x54R
    40 #8 12 Gauge
    14 00 Buck 12 Gauge

    Do I also purchase bulk ammo throughout the year? Sure!
    But I also get my AmmoSquared box every 3 months.
    I check the contents and then stack it in a dedicated locker
    with the rest of other AmmoSquared boxes. I made a habit
    of never touching this ammo. It’s essentially an ammo
    savings account for me. And I use my bulk ammo purchases
    like a checking account, cycling through that ammo
    more quickly through range use.

    Would I rather have that AmmoSquared stockpile in a
    “digital ammo” account? Yes; yes I would. I’ll always have
    enough bulk ammo on-hand for a crisis, but it would be
    nice to have that ‘savings account’ ammo in the type of
    exchange that Dan is building. Is it risky? Yes. But then,
    so is having your 401(k) money allocated to stock funds.

    I understand what Dan is trying to do. And I support his endeavor.

  60. I don’t know if this is the same outfit or folks that tried it a few years ago. I didn’t buy the B.S. before and it reads along the same lines. I won’t waste my time with a laundry list of what’s wrong with this.

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