Californians in Texas: The Gun Range Experience

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We’ve taken more than a few noobs to ranges here in and around Austin. None were actual Californians, but one was an academic from the University of London, so that’s pretty darn close.

Our friends at the Babylon Bee have been chronicling the Texification process that a typical California couple have been going through since their move to the Lone Star State. Check out Steve and Timpani’s first gun range experience.


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      • Just yesterday I saw a bit somewhere where Californians who moved to Texas were moving *back* to California.

        I sure wish they all would… 🙁

        • Please no. Our freeways are clogged enough already.

          Other than perhaps college students, I don’t think I know of anyone who has ever moved here to actually set down roots and make a living. Everyone’s always going the other directions and scooting for the exit doors…

        • “freeways are clogged enough already” and lands water supply, housing etc.

          Clogged with 20million ALIENS (illegal and “legal”). ALL – GO HOME and fix your native cesspool.

  1. I moved to Texas because I swing right, I can’t stand California politics and screw Gavin Newsom. Too bad a lot of them followed me here and won’t change their plates.

  2. While in boot camp, during mess and maintenance week is when the guys who went UNqualified were re-shooting at the range.
    Sorry to say, sometimes there are just some people who should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm.

  3. ‘Putin’s Chef’ Says Russia Is Interfering in U.S. Midterm Elections >

    “I will answer you very subtly, delicately and, I beg your pardon, I will admit a certain ambiguity,” he began.

    ‘Gentlemen, we have interfered [in U.S. elections], we are interfering and we will continue to interfere. Carefully, accurately, surgically and in our own way, as we know how to do,’ Prigozhin said in comments posted by the press service of his Concord catering firm.”

    • Of course. For the LOLs. And to sow doubt into the result.

      Although I think the effect of their interference is way overstated.

      • “to sow doubt into the result”

        Exactly, they’re still acting as tools of the democrat and the deep state. Now their assigned task is to throw doubt on the red tsunami that’s coming tomorrow.

    • Well, That’s there. But I see nothing he can possibly do that could make me change my mind about the country I live in, the evil nature of the Democrats, or how I will vote. If there is anything at all, it’s all about Washington Dems. I couldn’t care less what Putin does in this regard. Now if everyone could be so decided about themselves then Putin would not matter. The American voter just needs to pick a side and go there. Personally, I see Facebook and Twitter as doing more interfering that anyone else.

  4. Fortunately, almost none of that nonsense makes it north of Sacramento. It starts up again somewhere in Oregon, and is in full sway all the way to Seattle west of the Cascades.

  5. I love this couple. Absolutely hilarious. The true part of this is I have taken many women to the range who were squeamish about guns and didn’t like the idea of an AR. Once I let them shoot the AR, they couldn’t get enough and now one of them has an AR15 and a 10.

  6. “We’ve taken more than a few noobs to ranges here in and around Austin. None were actual Californians, but one was an academic from the University of London, so that’s pretty darn close.”

    This is her description :

    “Melissa is a social and cultural geographer using ethnographic, visual and participatory methodologies to examine questions of identity and belonging within contexts of cultural change and contested urban space.”


    “Melissa presents and writes regularly on issues relating to cultural diversity, mobility, gentrification, urban and youth cultures, social cohesion, globalisation, and global human resources management.”

    So, tell us all about her experience. Did it change her opinions on guns?

    • Don’t know. She’s writing a book on “redefining American freedom” and contacted us. Jeremy and I spent an afternoon talking with her and her friend. Then we got them both out on the range. She shot handguns and an AR, including full auto. We saw a few smiles, but whether or not it resulted in a wholesale conversion…well, I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • I hope you pointed out WE redefined it for ourselves in the 1770-80s. And since DGAF what any Brit Eurosocialist thinks about jack.

      • (nod) I look around now and think, “what?” so many of these people are just … I don’t know, dependent or something, they’re not self-supporting adults in a real world.

        a young pharmacist asked my by birthdate and I told him day, month, year. he stuttered and hesitated, and asked me to repeat it. I did, clearly, and he still didn’t understand what I was saying – he couldn’t translate it into the arbitrary number-number-number system he was used to hearing. I said “xth day of the month (month) of the year (year)”, and he got frustrated and walked away, had to be brought back and taught by the older pharmacist.

      • “…not sure what we’re working with these days.”

        The third generation of children raising children to remain children.

  7. Could have been an excellent video for punking the anti-gun mob. BB should have not exaggerated quite so much.

  8. Ain’t that vidya racissss or something? Why is the black guy incompetent, but the white chick can’t miss? And, were any black people harmed during the video? Puppies? Mosquitos?

    • Watch the earlier videos in the series and you’ll get the joke – the husband starts loving his ongoing “Texification” almost from the beginning while the wife has a couple meltdowns – until they go to the range, now she’s shopping for an AR…funny stuff!

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