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The cautionary tale of Robert Francis O’Rourke hasn’t been lost on the great minds of the left like…Joy Behar. Telling Americans that you’re coming for their guns can be hazardous to your electoral health.

That being the case, she has an app for that . . .

They should not tell everything they’re going to do. Like, if you’re gonna take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected. Then take the guns away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.

– Joy Behar on ‘The View’


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  1. This from Joyless Behar,she’s in the Commiecrat running for future Confiscation Commissar.

    • There’s plenty wrong with her positions on gun ownership, 100% wrong. But where does the communist part enter into it? Please provide a detailed list.

      • How about…They should not tell everything they’re going to do. Like, if you’re gonna take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected. Then take the guns away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.

        Commie/socialism/big-government doing what it does best.

        • There is nothing in Marxism that promotes anything other than a pro-gun, pro-military arms and even artillery policy as it applies to civilian ownership. All claims that socialism/communism promote gun grabs are hogwash. There is massive evil in the Marxist philosophy, but hoplophobia and civilian disarmament are not part of that.

          Anti gun policies in self described Marxist states (socialist/communist) show that the reality is they are single party authoritarian states, not worker driven states at all. Typically run with brutality by a fanatical party with a tyrannical strongman or dictator at the top.

          The evil of Marx’s utopian wet dream is in the robbing of individuality it proposes and champions followed by the natural self destruction of the philosophy into brutality, fanaticism, totalitarian leadership inflicted upon the common public and other nations.

          In this sense if any state truly began according to Marx it would have to rapidly fall into a self destructive civil war. Because an armed populace will never be forever peaceful and accepting of so much control over the lives and aspirations.

          A natural human inclination which always leads with great speed to revealing the inherent flaw in Karl’s thinking and the great lie in his promises.

        • “All claims that socialism/communism promote gun grabs are hogwash. There is massive evil in the Marxist philosophy, but hoplophobia and civilian disarmament are not part of that.”

          For fvcks sake, are you *seriously* that damn ignorant about socialism – Marxism – Maoism – communism?

          *Psssst!* They SAY they are all for the ‘little people’ owning guns in the lead-up and actual ‘Revolution’, but once the dirty work is done, it’s time to confiscate the guns.

          I *really* want to hear your explanation as to this particular CCCP poster, is it “Fake news” in your opinion? :

        • There goes enuf again with his “not muh real socialism”. You love socialism. Whatever. Your a dime a dozen. Every single socialist country on earth has strict gun control. Period.

      • Do you think the Democommie/Commiecrat party represents freedom and liberty in this nation going forward,I might quote a couple of their proposed candidates remarks of the 2 nd. amendment.
        “Hell Yes We Are Going To Take Your AR’s and AK’s”.”We Will Nuke Those Who Don’t Turn Them In”
        More Marxist sounding than that of a supposed Republic.

        • Utter nonsense. Marx promoted private gun ownership up to and including cannons. The evil in Marixism is for reasons other than guns ownership.

          American liberals are completely wrong headed on guns for other reasons having absolutely ZERO to do with Karl Marx or anything a so-called Marxist state has ever done.

        • Several years ago I spoke to a Hungarian who told me they could own brand new machine guns with of course the proper paperwork and he said he had no trouble buying one at all. Now compare this to the U.S. where we are not permitted to buy brand new machine guns. Gun ownership laws are not all alike in all countries of the world whether they be fake democracies like the U.S. or Socialist countries like West and East Europe. Norway permits ownership of new fully automatic firearms and they are Socialist. France has more freedom of the press than we do by the way and they are Socialist as hell.

        • enuf,

          I have to ask this question. Were your comment posts intended as parody/sarcasm?? ‘Cause, if they were, sorry, lame attempt. If they were intended to be a real reflection of your views? As my dear Daddy used to say, “Boy, you are dumber than Balaam’s off @$$.”

          And, by the way, not only did 100% of actual PRACTICE of socialism and communism contradict your point, someone has pointed out to you ACTUAL, in-the-moment propaganda posters contradicting it, and then there is the whole thing that the Communist Manifesto is difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile with Das Kapital. So, you’re kinda full of s***. But nice try. Actually, no, that was a pretty sh**** try. “Here’s your sign.”

        • There’s a myth that totalitarian and socialism are distinct concepts. You can be socialist about the economy but still like other freedoms. This is a myth though.

          Once you buy into socialism (not talking about a few safety net programs; but actually have the government run important stuff), you have given up on freedom. You are either the kind of person who knows what’s best for everyone, and thinks that you or someone like you will be in charge; or you have just given up and resigned yourself and your family to whatever is in store.

          The idea that someone who thinks they know what’s best for everyone would then let everyone have equal access to weapons is ridiculous. As is the idea that someone who wants to take away guns from a law-abiding citizen (while letting cops and bodyguards keep theirs) would then let you choose your own doctor or run your own company.

        • Jeff ultimately you explained the end result but before that there is the realm of the true believer/idealistic it could still work if types. They hold on to the hope that there is a better way to do it and stubbornly ignore the reality that human behavior is relatively consistent and the only way to change it is draconian oppression and or liquidation. The mental gymnastics explaining their ideas are interesting and occasionally can produce useful insights but ultimately no solution but the final solution.

        • I have never and will never defend Marx or his utopian concepts. People here seem to completely ignore when I post on the evils of these ideas. The point I am making is about historical accuracy and enemy identification. Marxist philosophy is evil and must be fought for reasons having nothing to do with guns for those philosophies support gun ownership.

          Marxism goes wrong on it’s face for the death of individual freedoms to work as you desire, following your own hopes and aspirations and next for the natural rot that must kill the original grand idea to maintain the “Revolution”. No Marxist State remains Marxist more than momentarily, the evil in Marx’s original intent is rapidly overwhelmed by the greater evil of it’s natural consequence. That of transforming into a Marxist By Name Only single party authoritarian police state with brutal control over non-revolutionary thought.

          This is the second great evil of Marxist philosophy, That to maintain the Revolution there must be fanaticism and brutality upon the public that is itself anti-Marxist. The greatest lie then is that Marxism can ever in truth exist, it is naturally unstable and transforms into something else with a lie for its name.

          This is never a defense of Marx, again, it is the truth of why it is evil. Not because of guns but because of the both intended and unintended consequence of the philosophy.

        • Enuf you take a lot of reading to get a handle on what you are going for but it does seem you are going for super detailed accuracy. The only problem I have with it is the details can sometimes blur the end result of “True Marxism” being more of a fairy tale than King Arthur.

        • Note: There have been plenty of Capitalistic Countries that are dictatorships especially in South America. Pinochet was a good example. The Socialistic Countries in Europe are not dictatorships and some have more democracy and more freedom to own weapons than we do. Rubicon mentioned Hungary and Norway as having more gun rights than we do and he mentioned France having more freedom of the press. I would say France also has way more true democracy as well because their president is always elected by the majority of the popular vote something the U.S. does not have which has resulted in an oligarchy of the Rich and powerful. Many European countries have parliamentary governments which again grant way more democracy to the people with their plethora of political parties and their ability to call for new elections when the situation demands it because of an economic or military crisis or political scandal. We do not have this.

        • Rubiconcrossed,
          No, the socialist countries in Europe do not have more firearms freedoms than we do. Look up the countries you mentioned and they are far more restrictive, requiring a license to own a firearm at all, including strict transpiration rules (No EDC at all) and are “May Issue” countries.

        • Enuf and rubicon, every single socialist country, including the socialist lite countries, have extremely strict gun control. Every single one. Ever.

        • To Taylor

          “No, the socialist countries in Europe do not have more firearms freedoms than we do”

          When it was legal to own new machine guns you had to go through the proper paperwork, licence fees and background checks in the U.S. To buy a used machine gun today its the same.

          Now tell me how Norway and Bulgaria are different except they can buy new and we cannot. In other words they have more full auto freedom than we do and lets not forget the U,S. States that have banned or restricted semi-auto ownership or high cap magazines. Again these two European countries beat us with more firearms freedom. There are other countries as well but I was just trying to make a point and it is fact not fiction that we are not the freest country when it come to owning firearms. And we are losing more and more of our freedoms every year state by state as one by one they pass more and more restrictions.

        • @Rubiconcrossed
          Norway has a complete ban on automatics for civillians, except for certain, authorized collectors.
          Norway isn’t Socialist, either, with a mix of capitalist and planned elements in it’s economy. Being a net exporter of petroleum and credit makes it a lot easier to fund it’s welfare-state medical system.

        • Rubicon and Jon, take it from someone who grew up in a socialist country – there are no socialist countries in Europe at present time. Don’t confuse a free market capitalism (albeit with large social services) and socialism, where the state owns the means of production, everything is controlled and planned by the government and the private enterprise is illegal.

          I am strongly suspicious about those ‘easy ownership of new machineguns’ claims of some Hungarian (or was it Bulgarian?). Even in the “shall issue’ Czech Republic you need to beg the government for granting an exception if you want a legal machine gun. Not to mention the ‘no carry’ France having more firearms freedom than the USA.

        • to Someone

          Sorry but you do not know the difference between Communism and modern day Socialism. Almost all the European Countries are socialistic. And no, Socialism does not control the productions of goods , that was Communism which no longer exists.

          • , “[that was Communism which no longer exists.]”
            ??????? There are five remaining Communist countries in the world as of 2019. The modern-day Communist countries are…
            NORTH KOREA
            If you are going to post bullshit you should at least make sure it is HARD to rebut. (by the way; Australia AND New Zealand both considered SOCIALIST countries)….

      • Homie, I understand what you’re saying. But honestly, do you not think you’re being nothing but pedantic? Honestly, who gives a fuck in this context that the precepts and original philosophical intentions of Karl Marx don’t PRECISELY correlate to how they’ve been implemented in 100% of actual cases? WHY DO YOU CARE?

        • Agree completely. What was an idea only over 100 years ago has been tried, revised, revised again, modified and enforced over and over, and *every* iteration has ended up with total government control of all firearms. Cuba was an armed revolution, but as soon as the revolution was complete, confiscation of the very arms which enabled the revolution to succeed was commenced, simultaneously with the executions of the losers. Almost immediately. And privately owned firearms no longer exist there.

    • Well if nobody else will say it i will…..Joy is nothing more then the what the majority of liberal pigs think! LIE then after you win take the guns! Thats exactly what will cause a civil war in this country and the reason why she should be removed from her job and arrested as a communist! Demand that even our current Administration ,enforce our current Constitutional Laws! She would be arrested for her propaganda and anti-American stance! She should be imprisoned for Subversion or Sedition or both or even flat our Treason! I know i feel as many American Patriots do and i will “NEVER” Submit and they will as a great man said once…..FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! And i mean it!!!%

  2. Exactly why I’m sad that Beta dropped out of the race……he was great at letting the cat out of the bag. You could hear the collective forehead slap from the other nominees after the “Hell yeah” speech.

  3. My suspicion is that O-Rourke went the full on coo-coo for CoCoa Puffs nut case route for gun control as a way to keep enough supporters donating to his campaign to pay down debt and give him some income for a little while. In so doing, he damaged the credibility of all Democratic candidates on gun control.

    This was a favor to us all from a wannabe who never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the Presidency.

    • Beto is another Democrat who realized that the best way to gain favorable press is to talk about gun control.

      The press and journalists cannot help themselves. They’re like watching a dumb golden lab chase squirrels. No matter how many times to try to correct what is supposed to be a bird dog, the damn dog just will not stop chasing squirrels. You can take a dead squirrel and smack the damn dog over the head with it, make the dog wear the dead squirrel around its neck for a day, etc – but the damn dog keeps chasing squirrels.

      Same deal with the American press. The press is filled with idiots who have chronic priapism whenever there is talk of gun control. Obama learned that the easiest way to keep the press from talking about his foreign policy failures (which were huge) was to talk about gun control. Beto leaned that the way to distract the press from the facts that his campaign was a failure was to talk about gun control. Same result.

      The American press fails to apprehend just now gullible and easily manipulated they are.

      • My lab’s brown. She was a mediocre bird dog. Now she is retired and chases cottontails during her naps.

      • ” The press is filled with idiots who have chronic priapism whenever there is talk of gun control.”

        That was a *perfect* use of the word!

        (A *snicker* won’t cut it, that’s a belly-laugh… 😉 )

      • I always figured plan A was to seem reasonable, get elected, then confiscate all the guns. Beto thought differently. In fact this entire Democratic field seems to have skipped “seem reasonable” on all issues. 😋

    • I mean, it’s worked for generations…

      Probably the greatest thing Prez. Trump has done for this country, even to a Trump skeptic like me, is to reveal the left for what it is. “Quick, we need to go back to lying! Er… well… even more lying!” should be the 2020 DNC campaign slogan.

  4. Well thanks, Joy. Now everybody’s going to know about our cynical plot we’re not supposed to talk about. Way to let the cat out of the bag.

  5. Behar: No matter what we Democrats might say, know this: We are going to take your guns. As many as we can now, and all the rest as soon as we can pull it off.

  6. News flash for “NO Joy”, you my dear lady are about 90 years too late, I’m sure there is some dumbass clown out there trying to get elected that INSTANTLY saw the wisdom of your message, problem is those assholes have been fighting a war against private gun ownership since the 1930s and gun owners have been aware of the intentions of the left ever since the first restrictive regulation was passed so, sorry lady (and I use that term very loosely) but we know exactly who (and what) you and your left wing heroes are and we know the plan. Save your breath for your daily cackle fest, the secret is already out.

  7. What a majorily mentally midget twit that women is. Telling a politician to lie. What an original novel idea that is

  8. Big deal. Americans have been living with politicians who’ll promise one thing during the campaign, then turn around and forget it all and even advocate the opposite as they ooze their way into the swamp.

    To have the media’s approval of all this to advance the established, always leftward agenda should be no big surprise. In my lifetime, Trump has been about the only elected American, Executive or Legislative, who has come close to maintaining his pre-ascribed course from campaign promise to after-election reality, and doing it with little help from either side of the aisle. His remaining on course, even though he put it all out there before his election is one of the primary reasons he’s so hated by the establishment elites. We just don’t do things around here that lessen our power and make it more difficult to steal from the public coffers. How dare he?

  9. So the witch is just saying “be like obama”. “You can keep your doctor and your health insurance will go down 20 percent.” Then when people find the opposite is true lie about it and blame someone else.

    • Actually it was not the Socialists that put people in cattle cars it was the Nazi’s and Hitler did everything he could to destroy Socialism even though he claimed he was one. Hitler attacked and reduced the power of Labor Unions and their former rights. Hitler (like the U.S. Republicans want to do) privatized many Social Services and Public Utilities. Hitler was a populist, a Nationalist , a war monger and a far right politician, a xenophobe, and a racist. He would have made an outstanding U.S. Republican Congressmen and would have been loved in the Republicans if he had immigrated here to live both in the past or in the present. This is why Conservatives love Trump because he is the next best thing to Hitler and Trumps former wife revealed he kept Hitlers book by his bedside. Contrary to popular belief Hitler did not take guns from the people (except the Jews) but Hitler did register guns but none were confiscated.

      I forgot to mention Hitlers Nazi’s shot it out in the streets prior to WWII with the Socialists (Anti-Fa),

      • Nice try. Read the party name out loud: NazionalSocialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. Do you think they included “socialistic” in their name by mistake? Hitler was many things, but Republican he was not.

      • And about the Third Reich and gun confiscation- Hitler used pre-existing gun registries to confiscate all firearms from the population of occupied countries. (They didn’t waste time and picked up the Jews outright) Whoever was not able or willing to give up all the guns registered in his name was shot and his family was sent to the concentration camp.
        My grandparents lived through it and remembered it.
        You know very little and you lie a lot.

        • Wrong. Hitler did not confiscate guns in other countries en-mass. Many G.I.s brought back tons of pistols and rifles that were in the homes of the Belgians, French and other countries. I have in my possession an FN 1906 taken out of glass case that was in open view in a Belgian house. I could give you many other examples. You obviously did not know any WWII G.I’s.

  10. Considering Joy’s Jewish race was almost wiped out in Europe, less than a century ago.
    The way this plan was carried out, was by gun confiscation. The stupidity of this liberal moron to call for this action secretly… She needs to study her own history, the struggles to combat the Nazi’s and the communist, after, they had disarmed most of the populace. Being led off to the cattle cars with no way to fight back… What a disgrace to her heritage.

        • Depends on how it’s used. But the point in question here is is she actually a jew? The only info I’ve found is that she was born to a Roman Catholic family.

          I was born to a hell fire and brimstone southern baptist family. But I claim no religion and only go to church for funerals and weddings. Calling me a baptist or christian would be false.

      • According to Wiki she’s Catholic of Italian descent. Her maiden name was Italian and so was her mother’s.

        The Jewish connection might be from marriage:

        Spouse(s) Joe Behar
        (m. 1965; div. 1982)

        Steve Janowitz (m. 2011)

        • Professor’s mattress pad made official?

          Behar earned a BA in sociology from Queens College in 1964 and an MA in English education from Stony Brook University in 1966.
          From 1965 to 1981, Behar was married to college professor Joe Behar.

  11. That was the old school dimocrat tactic, lie about your extremists ideas and then when elected go back to them. Nothing new there.

  12. Sorry you Joyless hag but it doesn’t work like that. And we know where you “work”😏

  13. This must be why they all freaked out that Trump was going to round people up in camps and criminalize homosexuality even though he never once alluded to anything of the sort.

    Just because the Behar bunch is full of sociopaths, tyrants and psychos doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  14. I hope no one is surprised. That is typically what politicians do…..including those purported to be conservative.

    Once we’re in….. we do what we want and dare someone to stop us.

  15. This is one of the most terrifying things about leftists. They are so sure they know what is best for everyone, and also sure that nobody but them is capable of making that judgment. Zero respect for the autonomy of other individuals. It never even occurs to them that they should pause for some self-reflection when they need to lie to get others to go along with them.

    • What you’re describing is a pretty good definition of a psychopath. Corporate boardrooms and the halls of gubmint are loaded with them.

  16. Not many are aware of a socialist party member elected in the 1930’s. He had this same mentality and idealism, and eventually gained control and became a fascist ruler. Yes, I am referring to Adolf Hitler. This is the company the Socialist Democrat Party associates with.

  17. Well she is right though cause thats what Trump did. He took away gun rights with the bumpstocks after declaring he wouldn’t enact gun control

  18. Enuf seems to be knowledgeable of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto. Sounds like a true Socialist. They expect everyone to follow along and believe their Idealist crap, like a bunch of mindless Lemmings. Hey Enuf; did you not read this part of the Manifesto: The socialist and communist literature of France, a literature that originated under the pressure of a bourgeoisie in power, and that was the expressions of the struggle against this power, was introduced into Germany at a time when the bourgeoisie in that country had just begun its contest with feudal absolutism.
    German philosophers, would-be philosophers, and beaux esprits (men of letters), eagerly seized on this literature, only forgetting that when these writings immigrated from France into Germany, French social conditions had not immigrated along with them. In contact with German social conditions, this French literature lost all its immediate practical significance and assumed a purely literary aspect.

    This is exactly what Hitler and the Nazi Party did.

  19. This message is to “Enuf” Yes, Marx and Lenin both promoted gun ownership to the average citizen. But what you don’t understand is that in the early stages he believed back then the average citizen would want communism and not capitalism because he believed that they would fight the capitalism or Czar system. As soon as the revolution was over then he want all their guns as well.

    • Bingo.
      Marx believed the citizens would back HIS ideology, and thus wanted the citizens armed. Post revolution the guns were to be turned in, because of, you know, the Utopian society he had created would allow everyone to thrive and see all their wishes and dreams fulfilled.

  20. Loose lips sink ships…
    & Beto is already on the bottom.
    As , hopefully is the whole Democratic Party.

  21. So, she thinks its ok to lie and do something just opposite of what you tell people. Who the hell would trust this woman with a mindset like that. Not to mention the fact that you try to take somebody’s property they are going to resist and people are going to get hurt if not killed. She needs to keep her mouth shut.

    • I’m very happy that these a-holes are willing to openly state their intentions. By all means, give her a mic and stand back.

  22. Politicians lying in regards to their true intentions just so they can get into office is nothing new at all. After all look at what Trump has not done and how many times he has switched sides including gun control. Do you think Trump will not crack down on gun ownership if he is re-elected and no longer has to worry about running for office again. He is a master of Realpolitik.

  23. Joyless Behar = lying skank

    Communism by any means necessary. The left is always OK with getting their way with doing whatever it takes. Lie, cheat, steal, stuff ballot boxes anything.

  24. So, she’s all for sneaky, bait-and-switch politics. That’s nice. Aren’t all democrats onboard with that?

  25. Yo, Joy, they still can’t legally take even if elected. You need to read Article 1, section 9, clause 3, about retroactive laws because if they could pass laws to take guns they would have the power to pass laws to take your HOUSE! How do people as ignorant and biased s you get on live T.V?

    • You think that they can’t take your house now? Just try to stop paying your property taxes and see how long it’s going to take.

  26. ‘They should not tell everything they’re going to do. Like, if you’re gonna lock the Jews up in death camps, wait until you get elected. Then send them tothe camps. Don’t tell them ahead of time.’

    There Joy, I fixed it.

  27. Dont tell them your next move, works in chess and checkers until you get throat punched and your house burned down

  28. Her response is typical lying Left logic. Dems have lied about their 2A support for decades and everyone knew it. A bit of gun grabbing truth from politicians is refreshing but their true positions are not suprising.

  29. to all of you pot smoking dumasses out there who really ( for some reason) thinks that socialist countries have lots of gun rights, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALLIA, ever hear of those countries, they are socialist as well and they have gun confiscations , and france, well you need a permit for EVERY gun you have . and forget about carry permits, or were you in a cave when the terrorist attacked in that country, gee, no one shot back, I wonder why, could it be because they were not allowed to have a gun on them? are you guys working for the comminunist demoCRAPtic party and just spreading lies on this site or are you truly braindead. stop writing post here and go smoke some more weed. then move to utopia commiefornia..

  30. Like figuring out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, I’d be interested to know how many politician lies it takes to get from “nobody is coming for your guns” to “the showers are right through that door.”

  31. Yeah, that’s all they need to do. Just take them away. Should be easy.

    I’m sure they have an app for that too.

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