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Charles Chase, a miner from NM sends his “Always Choose Black” EDC.  From Everyday Carry.

He writes:

Quality gear you can rely on! Isn’t that we are all looking for?

Oh, and always choose black…

Is that a sales pitch or a description?

I’m not sure as his stuff looks almost virgin.  There might be some holster wear on that GLOCK 43, but that’s debatable.  No holster.  Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if people don’t include their carry rigs if the guns they claim to carry everyday are really safe queens…

That “Field Notes” notebook looks brand new.  By the way, who needs a notebook and pen when you’ve got a smartphone.  Especially one of the new iPhone 11 Pros?



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  1. Surprised John didn’t say something stupid about him not carrying a round in the chamber because his trigger is to the rear. Slacking.

  2. The old joke is paint it black and call it tactical and someone will buy it. Next, get off the wear thing. We all look for used firearms with the least amount of wear. You want to ding the guys for not having enough. Get over it. It’s a not an issue.

    • Finally someone as sick and tired as me of the whole, “His stuff looks new and unused”. I say to each his own. Maybe a lot of these people are new to carrying and are excited to be part of a community, then get ripped on because there are no scratches or wear on their gear, no better way than to alienate people we so desperately need. Guess what, I haven’t been carrying for a year yet, almost but not quite. Anyway I don’t have the time or money to shoot nonstop or go to multiple classes. But, I carry everyday, everywhere, I put my gun in my holster in the morning, and it doesn’t come out until bedtime, not much wear and tear on my gear either. At least I, and probably a lot of other people are as prepared as we can be. BTW, you don’t see these type of comments in the knife community, they have forums for your daily carry, lots of shiny scratch free knives, all they say is nice looking piece.

    • “We all look for used firearms with the least amount of wear.”

      I dunno, if I came across an LE trade-in Glock for 275 or so, I’d snap it up for a Polymer-80 build I’m contemplating.

      I figure a duty gun may have a ton of holster wear, but probably not many rounds down the pipe.

      And hey, isn’t “Battle-Worn” the cool thing for a gun to look like now, anyways? 😉

    • I have been carrying my own Glock 43 for several years. It still looks new. That’s because I have a good holster and I take care of my stuff. Just because your equipment doesn’t look like you store it in a gravel bin doesn’t mean you don’t use it. Jeesh.

  3. I took a look at my 43 that rides at a sweaty 3:30 on my carcass. In a BBF Make holster.

    Not much wear on mine except on the top of the barrel where it locks.

    Kydex makes the finish look kinda weird. Not worn but discolored.

    Is it something exuded by the polymer? Does anyone know?

    My stream light Stylus Pro rides in my left front jeans pocket at the back.

    It has a silver ring at the front of the bezel after more than a year or carry with keys and a knife.

    These new finishes do hold up well. Way better than old bright bluing (which is why I always liked stainless guns).

    My Griptilian clip is scratched all to hell as it rub against everything. And the orange grip is kinda dingy.

    All in, I could make my stuff look mostly new with a toothbrush and some RemOil.

    • “Kydex makes the finish look kinda weird. Not worn but discolored.

      Is it something exuded by the polymer?”

      Possible, in plastics, there is a phenomenon known as “outgassing” where volatile substances evaporate from the plastic. That “new car smell” that lasts months beyond when the vehicle was made is an example of ‘outgassing’…

  4. The slide release has a different , and IME, less durable coating on it than the slide itself. In this case the release shows some wear.

  5. Most of my stuff doesn’t show enough wear to be visible in a photo like that. If you inspected it under a light- might be a different story.

  6. Omfg…. “another advertisement”……. are you fkn serious?
    I don’t think this guy is “advertising” anything….
    My pistols ride in cheap Uncle Mike’s soft IWB holsters and the material doesn’t wear the finish at all…. it’s too soft, unlike Kydex…Kydex DOES create holster rash…. which is why I don’t use them….
    And when I first posted my EDC on that site, my GERBER 06 AUTO was new….. it now has a small amount of wear on the Aluminum scales…

    • Yeah, it’s an advertisement. You’re either running cover for it, or too stupid to recognize it. Whatever.

      • Ahhh the old not attempting to argue any of his point but instead attack his character strategy lol

        • Opinions are a dime a dozen. Worth even less than that if you’re too stupid not to recognize this as advertising,

  7. “There might be some holster wear on that GLOCK 43, but that’s debatable”

    Well, I despise Glock but other than that there is nothing wrong with the appearance of that gun. Some of us take very good care of our guns, including our every day carry guns.

    I carried a Smith & Wesson model 59 for 20 years, it did not lack for use and when I decided to sell it and move to something new it sold high based on appearance. Because I do not beat the snot out of my boom sticks and hand cannons..

    There is going to be a big difference of course in wear on the gun depending on what you do in your everyday life. If you are in a profession where you use the thing constantly, not just carry it around, there are many more risks for dings and scratches.

    Your typical civilized society gun carrying citizen only pulls his or hand gun out in practice shooting and hopefully to keep it correctly cleaned and lubricated. That is not going to do much to the gun’s finish.

    There is also the question of holster selection. Some holsters have harsh interior surfaces, some are designed with protecting the gun’s finish in mind. So that’s a variable too.

  8. So not only does the “EDC Pocket Dump of the Day” series exist, but now it routinely is accompanied by the author’s snide remarks – “OMG too new!!” “OMG another 1xAA Streamlight!!” “OMG another boring Glock!!”.

    What do you honestly expect to receive? If it doesn’t meet your oh-so-stringent requirements, why post it at all? Maybe Mr. Boch should post a picture of all of his crap and we can nit pick over every little detail and question every little choice.

    This is clearly the dumbest and least-useful series of articles on this site. I have a feeling this wouldn’t have met the criteria for publishing back in 2013 when I started visiting this site.

  9. back when they had oh-so-stringent requirements. there are 19 gloeck reviews to appease you.

  10. That’s great most folks take care of their guns’ finish. I dry fire my 2 Shields, weekly, that’s why the slides are worn, look like crap and that’s ok with me. I give them a few drops of oil until it comes time to cerakote them.
    As for these EDC posts, how can they not show the holster, it’s a very important part of the gun EDC. No holster = might not be a real EDC, or must be day 1 of an EDC, or it’s an Ad EDC.

  11. I inherited a model 94 Winchester Carbine. Purchased new in 1953. It still looks new. Even though I know the gun was used to take down a number of Bambi’s cousins. When I had it appraised, they gave it a 99% finish intact. The gun was well cared for, and only used seasonally, but we’re edging up on a 60 year old firearm. I’d expect a bit more wearand tear.
    I stopped using my IWB kydex holster when the weather gets cooler anyway, but I suspect the wear on my P365 that’s showing, the kydex encouraged. I may just go back to using leather only. I had the same issue with the PPK/S in kydex. Although it’s a Stainless Steel gun, where the factory had dulled the bright finish, the kydex started polishing some of those areas within 3 years of purchasing the holster. So, I’m getting an iffy kind of feeling about the stuff. I don’t think it’s quite the Wünder material we’ve been led to believe.

  12. I love the direction these comments have taken.
    I’ve been an avid reader of TTAG for many years, miss the old crew BTW, but these EDC posts and the comments that typically follow have driven me to comment for the first time.
    As I said above, I’ve only been carrying for about a year, I try to shoot as much as I can but unfortunately it’s not as much as I’d like, can find the time, or afford on a regular basis. I go to the range occasionally and dry fire practice, including drawing from the holster from time to time as well, my gun shows little wear. Maybe that’s just due to the high quality firearm I carry, guess what it is…a SA XDS 9…oh the horror!
    Most people would say how can you support those guys, well, I purchased the gun a long time ago with the intent for it to be my carry gun, way before the whole lobbyist ordeal.
    This particular gun just works for me, always has. I’ve shot a lot of others to come to this conclusion. It fits and feels right to me, it works, I can conceal it well and I’ve never had any issues with it what so ever, so I’m gonna keep on keeping on.
    My state is fairly recent to the conceal carry thing, throw in a few years of life passing you by in the wink of an eye with young kids, work, life in general etc., and I finally found the time to get permission from my state to carry.
    I would probably get some bad comments if I were to post my EDC, although, I do carry a light, knife and 2 spare magazines! I can see the comments now, “Looks like a new kit to me, surprised but glad to see the extra mags though.”
    The roughest looking and most used item of all my EDC is my phone and it’s case.

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