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I said what? (AP Photo/John Locher)
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OK, maybe “breaking” isn’t really appropriate in the case of something that’s been inevitable for weeks now. But Robert Francis O’Rourke, cultural appropriator and aspiring gun-grabber, has posted notice of the death of his presidential aspirations at Medium . . .

Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully. My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.

While recounting the alleged accomplishments of the folly that was his run for the Democrat nomination, “Beto” includes this . . .

…we took the boldest approach to gun safety in American history…

Like so many among the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex and their media stenographers, RFO couches forced firearm confiscation as “gun safety.” But what he considers an accomplishment, those of us grounded in reality see as one of the proximate causes of the O’Rourke campaign’s utter and inevitable collapse.

As Eric Swalwell found out before him, Americans are no fans of politicians — or anyone else for that matter — telling them what they can and cannot do with their civil rights. What they can and can’t say, who they can’t and can’t associate with, and which guns they can and can’t own.

Worse still for most anyone’s electoral prospects is presuming to tell Joe and Jane Sixpack that they need to either turn in a firearm they own — or they’ll have those who work for the government come and take it.

So let’s all waive goodbye to Beto as he rides off into the west Texas sunset in defeat once again. At least until he’s named as the latest prime time star by CNN or MSNBC where his pinched, plaintive puss will occupy literally dozens of television screens nationwide.



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  1. I’ll miss you Betaboy. Galvanizing gun owner’s is a great legacy. The LAW of Unintended Consequences😄

      • Agreed. It’s too bad he can’t stay another few months chanting anti-constitution pablum so he can further wreck the democommie party.

      • +1 I really do hope he doesn’t completely go away and actively endorses the following 4 candidates: Warren & Friends; Biden; Buttigieg; and Sanders. I hope he runs TV and radio ads on their behalves. I hope he tries to speak at every event on their greatness and fellow love of Bill of Rights elimination. I hope he helps them push common-sense gun confiscation. “Hell yes, we’re going to miss you Beto!”

        I was disheartened when I saw the headline that he dropped out. Plus, he really helped boost sales with my NOBETO20 Freedom Sale coupon code for my CCW and other courses through the rest of the year. A sad day…

        • I look forward to him giving speeches about government confiscation of legally protected private property. GUNS.

          And 2A people need to show up and protest him. Where every he goes.

  2. His campaign doesn’t have the “means” aka money to go on. robert francis o’rouke is very wealthy through his wifes family. He doesn’t want to spend any of that money, it ran out of suckers throwing money away on his moronic campaign.

    I hope it’s the last time we hear from this clown.

    • He promised that if he did not win the nomination, he would no longer run for public office. PROMISED I TELL YOU! (And we all know what that means.)

      • Much the same as him saying “Hell Yes We Are Going To Take Your AR’s and AK’s”, talk is cheap it takes money to buy whiskey,the worthless POS.

      • I bet he means his promise at least as serious as all those who promised to move to Canada if Trump wins the presidency.

    • He always annoyed me because he couldn’t stop repeating himself. Every answer was the same thing, just worded slightly different. During his speeches and every time somebody stuck a microphone in his face, it was “our fellow americans” and look at his closing words, he repeated “is in the best interests” three times in three sentences (if you count the two semicolons together, which you shouldn’t because that’s not the english language works). Not only has he demonstrated that he can’t form basic sentences, he’s also illiterate.

      • It is remarkable that Beto could only manage an intelligent statement at the moment he closed down his campaign: “…it is in the best interests of the country.” Yep.

        What a magnificent illustration of the wisdom, that it’s “better to keep your mouth shut though some people suspect you’re a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  3. Gee, this just tears me up.
    I hear the prisoners in Gitmo could use proper representation. Maybe Beat-O would’ve considered that constituency if Ilhan Omar hadn’t done so already.

  4. I think it was the dancing on tables that did it. Who does that? (Unless you’re a drunk kid on spring break.)

  5. Beto couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher now, even in his family controlled El Paso.

    A pity, too, since he could have been the GREATEST GUN SALESMAN ever.

    I believe he could have beaten the current Title Holder, Shitbama, and that is really something to aspire to.

        • I remember when she lost the primary. Some NY media writers said (they then swore they’d deny it) “Thank god we don’t have to cover for her anymore.” They really don’t like her but they loved hanging onto her coat-tails.

  6. Oh now that’s a damn shame. I was looking forward with keen interest in hating on him just a little while longer.
    Poor poor Beta, don’t let any doors hit you in the ass on the way out.

    PS: “…we took the boldest approach to gun safety in American history…

    Yeah and you got kicks right square in the nuts for doing it.

    • To me, it wasn’t about guns. The more important issue is that he couldn’t form a sound, logical argument. He lacked any single direction, the guy was all over the place. And he kept flip-flopping on his opinions and poured on the double-speak. To top it off, everything he said during the debates was the same thing over and over, just worded slightly different. There was an interview between him and a young woman on CNN (I think it was CNN, too lazy to check) regarding gun control and it was very disturbing that he dodged the important issues by answering with empty rhetoric. His entire campaign was preying on the fears and uncertainty of others, using emotion rather than facts, making promises he had no intentions of delivering. The man is a fraud, an uneducated, ignorant fraud.

      • @ Chris
        While what you say is undoubtedly accurate as I didn’t watch *ANY* of his BS, I suspect the lightning rod catastrophic moment that crystallized those interested into recognizing the guy was a loon was his “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” From that point forward clarity into the depths of his deceptions and unrealistic approaches and methods was cemented. That was the defining moment for him or more accurately the fatal flaw, although as you mentioned there being plenty of other clues to it. But for those standing back a little, it was the seizing peoples property. He was a sinking Titanic and desperate and now he is permanently branded. That comment will never escape him. It’s like Bill Clinton famously saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

  7. If only Robert Francis Beatoff Boy O’Dourke was a practitioner of Shinto and do what any self respecting Looser would be required to do but alas as a Marxist his religion is that of state.

  8. Said from the beginning talking about Buto was a waste of time. Even before he got on his Anti-2A kick. When he had a campaign stop in New Town and only had about 50 people in audience. Of which several where against him. Told all that needed to be known. Now Kamel Haryass is down sizing her campaign with layoffs due to a lack of funds. Leaving Warren,Biden and Sanders as the libs best hope. With Bloomberg hinting at a possible attempt if the timing is right. He’s words. Looks like the circus is quickly running out of clowns for it’s broke down clown car.

  9. Just a couple of generations ago, imposters like O’Roarke were selling snake oil and patent medicine based on turpentine. Now they sell gun control. To save us.

    H.L. Mencken was correct: “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”

  10. He raised about $4 million dollars, via donations, during his run. Even he knew he didn’t stand a chance. Maybe that’s what it was all about, now he can just take everyone’s money and split.

  11. Americans are no fans of politicians — or anyone else for that matter — telling them what they can and cannot do with their civil rights.

    Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Plenty of people like seeing the Almighty Government restrict civil rights for compelling public and government interests.

  12. In retrospect Beto “Robert Francis O’Rourke” was actually not that bad for the 2nd Amendment in the long run. His comments about taking away law abiding citizens firearms will be preserved and distributed by the internet in HD for generations to come. His public comments also showed what the real intentions of the Democratic party are which is confiscation and disarmament and for that I thank him.

    I just hope and pray the future generations will realize that people like Beto are not good for America but also..

    “By Making Good People Helpless, You Won’t Make Bad People Harmless”

  13. Ripped the mask of ‘common sense’ gun safety off the face of nationwide gun confiscation and has done irreparable damage to the gun control movement that will haunt the democartic party/RINOS for years to come. It was a matter of when, not if he’ll drop out.

    Thanks Felicia
    Bye Felicia

    • He needed an angle, something different and bold. He had too many people smiling and patting him on the back to hear the warnings that gun control is TOXIC.

  14. Now, The moment of truth! The independent Texas Voter (God/Guns/Texas Grit) with great fanfare! Send “Beta-SOY Male” into his new Texas career, away from the troubles of politcs! And into a new job career as a manager of (his choice) a McDonald’s or a Burger 🍔 King ! Thank God! More Demo-Nuts to go !!! No pun INTENDED!

  15. “…we took the boldest approach to gun safety in American history…”

    I hope POTG realize that Beto’s ‘campaign’ was actually wildly successful, from the Leftist point of view, and we really shouldn’t be dancing on his electability grave.

    He grabbed right onto the traditional ‘third rail’ of politics (guns) and didn’t let go (until today).

    Civilian disarmament. On a national level, he broached “the conversation” (more like a lecture) the Leftists really want, forcibly taking citizen’s guns under the penalty of a felony conviction.

    Now watch as more and more Leftists pick up where he left off. There’s nothing to celebrate, folks…

  16. Sad day. I will miss him. He helped the gun rights movement perhaps more than anyone ever has. I was hoping he’d keep campaigning until November 2020 just to help Trump win a second term. Oh well….

  17. We really owe Robert Francis a debt of gratitude. Thank you Sir, sincerely!

    You exposed yourself and Democrats for who they are. They have ALWAYS wanted registration and confiscation since JFK.

    JFK, gun guy, firearms enthusiasts, NRA Life Member, Naval Officer, WWII Veteran and Hero of PT 109.

  18. Beto: Mr. Gun Grabber who misunderstood Texans and other Americans who said “Come and Get Them” to his talk of confiscation as a willingness to surrender their guns.

    We owe him for dropping the mask on radical gun control’s true aims. The bad part is that he’s “mainstreamed” the idea that government can confiscate our guns.

    • “The bad part is that he’s “mainstreamed” the idea that government can confiscate our guns.”

      That’s why I said there’s nothing to celebrate…

    • Not so fast….. Remember Biden was in last place in the primary. He was picked for VP. Why? I think because he was no competition for B.O. (Not good looking, not well spoken, creepy uncle.) Beto could be someone’s VP.

        • Yeah, Kamala is ripe for that pick.

          But who knows? Maybe they will pick Katie “Bonghits and sex with a female subordinate” Hill to check off the virtue signaling points… 🙂

      • Long time establishment white dude with name recognition. Smart move by Obama. Bob O’Rourke brings nothing to the table that other people can’t do better. Any dem can shout RACISM or we’re coming for your guns. Seriously what are Bob’s great ideas? But he did almost beat Ted Cruze!

  19. The democrat party would be a lot better off if they took a random phone book, opened it up to a random page and threw a dart at it for their presidential choice. With the sole exception of Congresswoman Gabbard they are all a bunch of spineless, gutless, psychopathic losers that need help just to go poop, let along run the country. My dog has far more common sense than all of them put together.

    • John Delaney sounds somewhat normal, and might be a decent guy, but even he wants to blow trillions on climate change. The entire party has gone insane.

    • Maybe so but I see it both parties. That on the one hand there would be enough idiots to make Hillary Clinton a Presidential Nominee is pretty bad. But for there to be enough idiots on the other side to have done it with Donald Trump as well, and at the same time, was pushing 2016 off a cliff.

      So now, coming along in 2020, the voters appear to have enjoyed setting free their inner idiot so much they are planning to do so all over again.

  20. We owe a big thank you to this idiot! He pushed all the other neo Marxists running for the Democrat nomination to come out of the gun control closet. We have plenty of video of them demanding gun confiscation which they can’t just walk away from or pretend didn’t happen. The field is starting to narrow and no one running for the Democrat nomination looks electable and the less crazy Democrat politicians (there are a few) are starting to see the writing on the wall. If their wimpy impeachment plan continues to fizzle and look like a partizan witch hunt they are going to head into a wipe out this time next year.

    • I agree his loud mouth and ranting about guns worked against the hoplophobes. Good thing, good news, worked out well.

      But Neo Marxists? If they were Marxists they’d be pro-gun, never anti-gun. If a Marxist was to be anti-gun, he/she/it would not be a Marxist, just a liar. Marxists are evil in all sorts of ways, but anti-gun is not one of them.

      • They are anti-gun if you are part of the petit bourgeois. I asked one of these self-proclaimed Marxists if he would be okay with my sister-in-law, who is a division manager for HSBC Bank, owning a gun. Hell no he was not.

  21. That’s not good because he’d take votes away from more winnable Democrats. Flip side, it is good because he’s gone for now. Downside, there are a zillion young people who are hard core commies courtesy of Obama’s educational system and they believe in what Beto says and they’re ready to vote for crap like Beto because they DO want a Marxist state. And some of them are your kids.

  22. He will ride off into the sunset on a private chartered jet. Do you people have any idea how many millions of dollars are left in his campaign war chest?

  23. Not all Texans are Beto. People leaving socialist territory will still vote socialist in any other territory. Same thing, over and over, expecting different results.

  24. 33,000 gun deaths per year, 2/3 comprised of suicides. The suicides are a mental health and medical problem. there are countries with essentially zero private gun ownership with higher suicide rates than the US, such as Japan and South Korea. Gun control won’t likely make a dent in suicides.

    70,000+ narcotics overdose deaths per year, in my opinion a mental health and medical crises.

    About 1,000,000 abortion deaths per year, in my opinion a holocaust.

    Confiscating guns is clearly NOT about saving lives. It’s about control.


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