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Courtesy NYPD
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We all know we have to be careful about what we post online. We have to be doubly careful if it involves our guns. But if it involves guns in New York City, it’s best to just not do that at all.

On Friday, over a dozen people learned this lesson the hard way.

In video of the incident posted online, you can see a group of police and emergency vehicles surrounding a party bus. The people on the bus were pulled off and 14 were arrested. A total of eight guns were taken from the bus’s passengers.

According to several media outlets, some gang members were celebrating their friend’s 18th birthday and things got a little rowdy. The group started posing with guns on the party bus and posting photos online.

No one knows who tipped the police off, but someone sent them links to the photos of firearms. Based on that, and possibly with some help from the tipsters, police were able to figure out what party bus company they were riding with.

When the bus got back to its home base, the police were there waiting. They didn’t know if the gang members would go willingly, so they were there in force and even had an ambulance on standby.

From the Associated Press . . .

Eight loaded handguns were recovered, along with about 60 rounds of ammunition, said Assistant Chief Miguel Iglesias of the NYPD’s detective bureau.

“I couldn’t tell you why there were so many firearms. Why are there so many firearms in New York City right now?” Iglesias said, noting that officers made 486 gun arrests last month, more than in any other January on record.

Police are looking into whether some of the people arrested have gang affiliations.

An NYPD violent crimes squad intercepted the party bus after officers specializing in addressing youth crime were told of posts on Snapchat and Instagram that showed people on the bus with guns.

Things We Can Learn From This

First off, whether you’re a law abider or a gang member, be careful what you post on the internet. Police might (and sometimes have) take things out of context, and in some states red flag laws could be used against you if you’re not posting anonymously.

Even if you’re not using your real name, though, if you post something controversial enough, it’s always possible to identify you by your IP address, so be sure to either not talk too much junk online or take measures to protect your privacy.

Even if you aren’t posting anything that would attract police attention (like being a gang banger drinking with guns in New York), posting up images of guns can attract thieves. You wouldn’t post images of large sums of cash online, so think twice about showing off pictures of other valuables…like your firearms.

Second, New York Police and many other agencies are paying a lot more attention to social media these days than they used to. Today it’s a commonplace for police to gather intelligence and tips from the public. For better or worse, the surveillance state is here.

It’s also likely that police in free states are less likely to bother you about guns than in places like New York. In many states, it would probably be perfectly legal to carry a gun on a party bus, assuming you aren’t drinking heavily and aren’t a known gang member. It seems unlikely that people posting pictures of guns in party towns like Scottsdale, Arizona or South Padre, Texas would attract the kind of attention from authorities the NYPD displayed here.

Things that are serious crimes in some states are normal activities in others.

Either way, these people did everything possible wrong. They were into bad stuff, were carrying while drinking in a place with bad gun laws, and posted the incriminating evidence of all of it on the internet for everyone to see. Don’t be those people.


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    • You shouldn’t have to say this. STFU.s No one need to know.

      Many years ago before I got bored with it, I read a model specific G.forum. People would post with .sig files containing a list of their stuff.

      How dumb is that?

    • The G2C does seem popular with this group. It makes sense. They are pretty good guns for the money. I also spot a Kel-Tec P11, a Ruger LC9, a Glock 19/22, and a Lorcin/Raven(?) something.

      They are lower end guns, but all of them save one (Lorcin?Raven? whatever) are functional and generally reliable.

      I love the way some of the mags aren’t even fully loaded (2 rounds in the P11, or 6 in the Glock).

      • Really, the Polymer 80 (given the lack of hysteria about how they found a ghost gun and the sights, I suspect it’s actually a pre-finished serialized one since a few makers do that) and the LCP2 with a full mag (but no +1) of hollow points (it has to have been stolen loaded like that) are the real surprises here. No idea what the 22lr or the thing in the lower right are (two rounds for a double stack, 笑)

  1. “Look at me, I got a gun with two bullets in it!” “Man, I got twice as many as you, I got four!”

    Yes, it appears the great ammo shortage has affected gang members too.

    • From the actual AP article “Police are looking into whether some of the people arrested have gang affiliations.” The writer here for TTAG has no clue if these men were in a gang. This is just sensationalizing by the writer for “comment bait”. Further, the AP article says nothing about alcohol or drugs either (I know you did not mention that, but others have). You can draw your own conclusions. Regardless if this happened in a free state nothing would have happened to them. This should be more of an article on why you should never live in New York.

      • If there had been gang affiliations, there would’ve been immediate reporting on the clothing, tattoos, etc.

        These could’ve easily been American citizens, exercising their constitutional liberties on a chartered bus.

        One would think that most on this list would take a more positive view of this group of armed Americans.

        • Fake news! Might as well be CNN. Sarc off.

          In all fairness the writer should have posted your article if they wanted to make the gang claim. Further, I would point out that gangs are nothing more than urban militias. If you support some of the militias out there than you should support the “road to riches” gang….which sounds like a bad musical.

          OK, Sarc off really.

          Personally I believe that as long as you are safe enough to be in our society a.k.a. not in jail, then you are safe enough to own a firearm, regardless of your social/political affiliations. Your views may differ.

    • You’re correct. The 3 pin-holes around the trigger (along with Polymer-80’s stippling) give it away.

      Also, the LCP in the top right…the second steel-cased round from the left…notice the extreme bullet set-back on it.

  2. Hmmm…not a single scary black fully semi-auto assault rifle in the bunch.
    Wonder how many were legally purchased. Any reported stolen?
    I notice they blurred or whited out S/Ns.

  3. I wonder which one of these guns that insufferable buffoon Geoff the Goof would wear around his neck like a punk.

    • I dunno and I don’t care…Nonetheless why don’t you man up and ask him instead of always taking cowardly cheap shoots when the guy is not around? FYI…Until that happens you are clearly lol@noballs.

    • I sure hope you’re getting paid to do this.

      That would be bad enough, but the alternative … well, that’s just sad for a human being of any age.

  4. I don’t let anyone know I own guns or carry. Local police already know because I have a carry permit. Nearly all my weapons were purchased at FFLs so the government knows most of what I have. None of my neighbors know, except the ones who reverse narc for the local PR, so I assume they know. I don’t trust for a minute that they wouldn’t red flag me and give the corrupt cops reason to swoop down on me.

    • Ironically you just did what you claim not to do.

      The only question is if anyone cares enough to figure outvwho you actually are.

  5. I to am saddened by seeing all these promising NASA careers destroyed.
    Who would have thought that posting pictures/video of yourself comitting a felony was not smart?

  6. I’m almost embarrassed as an educated American that someone believes they need to create an article like this…

    Actually, said author should somehow post on a site visited by gangstas and thugs, promoting that they “show what they got”. Sponsor a contest with prizes. I know there’d be takers.

    Anyone around here dumb enough to be bragging and posting deserves what happens next, especially in locales with such strict firearms laws. Constitutionality of such laws is not the issue when the cops have you face down in the dirt while cuffing you- it will be up to you and your lawyer why you are breaking said laws… Try the “because the US Constitution allows me” defense with the NY or Chicago prosecutor. See ya in a couple years. Of course, it’s also likely in today’s big city climate you’d get off without bail, sans handgun, and would never show up for the trial. If you were a gangsta or well-known non-white thug.

    • Actually, and surprisingly, possession of firearms in many Democrat cities is no prosecuted rigorously. Unless there was a simultaneous crime usually gun criminals get off with light terms cause the DA doesn’t have the time to prosecute knowing they’ll just get another gun and be carrying by the time they walk down the street from the court.

      Citizens they’ll go after because we’re a bigger target.

      • If that LCP had been carried by a soccer mom from out of state, visiting NYC with her family, they would have had to throw the book at her.

        • Then again, soccer moms from out of state probably don’t visit NYC with their families anymore. Why would they?

    • Not only that, but much of it looks like steel case Tula. I’m not above shooting Tula, but I wouldn’t carry it in a pistol unless I was running my CZ82. Even then, I’d probably carry Hornady.

  7. As far as carrying guns elsewhere, I’m guessing none of these folks had a license so they were violating the law and most of them probably had a crime conviction or two so that’s double illegal.

    I don’t have a problem with them using pictures of illegal acts and persons to make arrests. Even in New York.

    • Stupidity is often not as swiftly painful as it should be and I am mildly surprised at how blatant this group was. With that said #bailreformislityo lol gg and respawn in less than 8 hours to roll again. Glad to see the ammo shortage may be hitting their end as well but not all that uncommon for a gangbanger to have less than a half mag.

    • Appears that even sitting next to someone with an illegal gun is a violation of something in NY, if they got 14 arrests out of 8 guns.

  8. Damn homie you is begging for a cap in yo azz…seriously I have never posted a gun pic on social-ist media. I also quit “following” any gun group’s on fakebook. I peruse them at my leisure. Like TTAG😕

  9. Honestly I appreciate Morons like this. Nothing like self reporting your Illegal activity. You’d be amazed how many people are arrested for Illegal activity simply by posting on the Interweb. Many LE organization have full time employees who do nothing but cruise the Interweb looking for this and other types of Illegal activities. Much of which comes from tips. Makes their job a lot easier to do in many cases. Stupid people, Posting Stupid Things, Winning Grey Bar Vacations.

  10. Had to laugh about the one that had two cartridges putting him one away from being Barney Fife. Ammo is probably harder to get in NYC than a gun. They probably had to pay handsomely for that cheap crap steel case hard ball.
    Inner city gang bangers know zero about guns. No training (except by other dopes), nowhere to practice and ammo being a precious commodity, is a bad combination.
    These arrests will still be no deterrent. Gang bangers gang and bang. It’s what they do.

  11. Maybe it would be best not to post anything personal and identifiable online. There’s not much good that can come of it.

  12. And perhaps i am alone in wondering if the BUS DRIVER maybe spotted some of the wildly illegal gang banger firearm stuff and decided to report it, and now they are simply blaming the internet in order to protect the driver – and his/her family – from bloody murderous gang retaliation for reporting and delivering them right into the hands of the waiting police. Anything is possible and internet speculation is free. 🙂

    • Actually “Mennonites” but in this instance “Amish” will do since the they all sought “To be the father that their children needed” and “turn their lives around”.

  13. Hell, if humanly possible, AVOID posting ANYTHING about your private life on the internet, and especially not on social media, period.


  15. These must be from the poors gang…. covid must be affecting their “businesses”….
    I have seen pics with apparently real gangs posing with AK pistols and Glocks…. and 1911’s….. no doubt all stolen…. just like every one of the pistols in the article…. STOLEN

    • “just like every one of the pistols in the article…. STOLEN“

      Do you have actual reporting that supports your claim that all the pistols shown in this article or stolen?

      Or is that your prejudiced opinion of American citizens in New York City, all thieves and gang members?

  16. These days the cops could have been tipped off by the service they posted on amd that could have happened automatically.

    It’s already a thing to speed up or slow down video on YouTube by +/-4% or a bit more if there’s background music that has a copywrite. Otherwise the YouTube algos will take down your post within minutes for copywrite infringement regardless of the video’s actual content or if you wanted the music there or not.

    • Well, if it was the bus driver who tipped off the cops; put it in the bus drivers perspective, would you want to be the driver, driving around a party bus full of hoop and hollering liquored up (politically correct) “people” waving around and flashing guns……this could go bad real quick!

  17. This is very poorly written, I’m not sure if the author of the TTAG article has an agenda or is just incompetent.

    The author talks about gang members in the group but the police post said they have no indication of gang affiliation at the time of the reporting.

    In this TTAG article, the author also claims that the bus was searched “when it returned to its home base” but that’s not it all what the reporting says:

    “The bus, loaded with 40 people for a birthday party, was stopped around 12:30 a.m. near the Brooklyn waterfront, police said. At least 14 people were taken into custody, including three juveniles, police said.“

    There seems to be some sort of prejudiced in the authors mind, do they believe that anyone in New York City with a gun is a gang member?

    Or do the people in New York City just not have the benefit of the constitutional liberties granted to American citizens?

  18. Never have and will never show my guns online I will let them no only if I want somebody to know!!!

  19. When I lived in NYC I not only refrained from talking specifics about my guns online but in real life as well. I had to walk a few blocks between my apartment and garage so on range days I went as far as carrying my mandated locked, hardshell pistol cases in a very plain Jansport backpack. For long guns, if possible, I would break them down and transport them in one of those large duffel bags used to carry softball gear.

  20. Go dark. Get off all public media. Keep to yourself. Say nothing about your guns to anyone. Do not buy guns or ammo online. Send $$$$ to GOA and NRA to fight for us. Keep your guns oiled and loaded for the day when they come for us. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. Only then will we save America.

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