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Elon Musk: So I was like, asking the team in California, ‘Alright, where do you wanna, what’s your top choice for the next big US factory location? Like, where do you want to spend time?’ And the number one choice was Austin.

And I was like, ‘OK, what’s number two?’ Silence. Yeah, it’s a mini California here in Austin.

Joe Rogan: So…it is, a lot, right? I mean, I hesitate talking about it because I’ve talked about it too much, but it’s very utopian.

Musk: Yeah, um, I think Austin is going to be the biggest boom town that America has seen in half a century.

Rogan: I think it’s a great response to the fucked up government in some of the other cities.

Musk: Yeah, I think, you know, yeah. I think that we do need to make sure that Austin does not…that people moving here from California don’t inadvertently recreate the issues that caused them to move here in the first place.

Rogan: Yes. The balance of Austin is a blue city in a red state. And it’s almost like it kinda has to stay red. Not kinda has to…I think it does.

You need the certain amount of freedoms, but then you need the philosophical…like there’s a bend to Austin that’s very progressive and open-minded and artistic. The restaurants are amazing, the people are really cool.

But it needs to be sort of embraced by guns and God…and freedom. Like that’s part of the whole mixture that makes it work. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere. It’s protected by the rest of the philosophy of Texas which is a wild crazy place that has more tigers in private collections than all of the wild of the world.

Joe Rogan podcast #1609 with Elon Musk

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  1. “You need the certain amount of freedoms”
    I wasn’t aware there was a limit on freedoms. I think it’s spelled out in the constitution that we the people are free and we limit any freedoms we allow the government to have.

    • I’d be very careful using the words “freedom/freedoms” and “liberty/liberties”, particularly when dealing with the Leftists. To the progressive mindset, those freedoms and liberties are always for “them” and not “us”. They gladly sacrifice the lives of our sons and daughters in LE and military service to promulgate their own progressive causes, all the while being sure to also curtail those same ones we currently enjoy or espouse. Weaponry in the hands of “their” government but not for “we”, the general populace, are a hallmark of progressive idealism from long before the days of Marx and Lenin.

      • There’s a simple difference…

        Conservatives: “Freedom to” (live life without interference, defend oneself, say whatever, etc.)

        Leftists: “Freedom from” (poverty, discomfort, inequality, etc.)

        The first of these is the view of the founding fathers and baked into the DNA of this country. The second has merit in some ways – we SHOULD want to lift people out of poverty – but too often, leftists see it as conflicting with (and therefore more important than) the first. “Freedom from” is a distortion of what liberty actually is, and virtually always results in more, not less misery to boot.

  2. Got news for ya guys,,,whenever delusional liberals move to another “destination”, the first thing they do is run for public office. When they DO get elected they immediately start turning their new home into the exact image of the one they left. They cant help themselves!!!

    • OK, I’ll grant your statement that one of the leftist’s first moves upon moving “elsewhere” is to run for public office or to somehow be involved in shaping policy to their new digs. But who is really to blame here? Perhaps people who already live in said locale who do not do likewise and allow the progressives to take over? It usually starts small. say, school boards and small town councils, where one can often win with a total of 99 votes. Too much work for those of us who already live there to do the work so we allow others to do it for us. If you really believe what you say- run for office yourself. I’m kicking it around myself- WTH? How else can we preserve that which we claim to hold dear?

      • At one level, I agree that Leftists are more committed to politics than normal people (i.e. “deplorables”), and that disinterest in the game is a losing strategy. Yet….numbers count.

        When the number of voters from slave states is greater than the number from American states, it doesn’t matter how committed the normals are. The worst of it is that when the Leftists move from their strongholds, the normals don’t backfill and eventually take over the slave state.

    • Like cockroaches, they move in, infest, and destroy. Then move and start the same process over again.

  3. Florida is similar…the state goes red but the cities go blue…
    Eventually it will probably tip as more and more from the North come down and retire and turn it more blue.
    Probably end up with a state income tax at some point and severe restrictions on guns and ammo somewhere down the line.
    Meh…the world is changing all the time…that’s the only real constant.

    • Florida turned darker red last election thanks to batshit Leftists scaring the hell out of the Cuban and Venesualan refugee transplants in the Miami area with their ‘Woke’ and ‘Critical Race Theory” cancers.

      God bless each and every one of them in Florida, they made Florida, like Texas, even redder… 🙂

  4. Haven’t listened to Rogan since he sold us all down river to Spotify. He says you can still listen for free, but here’s the catch; the vast majority of people listen in their cars during commute. Free Spotify only streams, and reportedly it also insists on playing the video. So if you are in your car the streaming audio and video is going to EAT your data.

    If you pay for Spotify then you can get Offline Mode, where you can download and listen, but you have to pay. Too many other good podcasters to listen to for free to pay for Spotify. I’d rather pay for Audible.

    • Who doesn’t have unlimited data in this day and age? I pay for unlimited data and that eliminates the need to pay for home internet service. I use a tethering program to access the internet on my desktop through my phone. Been doing that for over 10 years now. You can plug the phone into the computer or broadcast a wifi signal. With all of this technology available why are you still on a capped data plan when you can buy the unlimited plan and actually save yourself money AND do whatever you want on the phone?

    • I think this was changed. I haven’t used Spotify for podcasts in a long time, but I just downloaded this episode to test and could play it using the free version with my phone in airplane mode. No video, just audio.

  5. Hurr durr restaurants and goofy people.
    Has to be the most common argument I hear from friends and family who try to sell me on city life.

    Liberals love their restaurants where they leave no tips for the brown people serving them and they enjoy the perpetual circus entertainment provided by the mental patients roaming the streets.

    Austin is dead. Texas will be within a decade.

  6. When entering Austin you are leaving the Great State of Texas. The breadlines and homeless in Austin are the residue of sicko democRat CA…That’s not cool. A way more money than brains good times pasty mouth azzhat like elon musk is never going to do anything about it. In fact he and his entourage will make it worse.

  7. So, that’s what it sounds like when a Rocket Scientist and a Moron converse? Really ground breaking stuff….

  8. Austin is full of freaks. I avoid at all costs.

    I don’t get why so many people listen to Rogan. He speaks like an idiot.

    • I have no idea what the man is trying to say either. Probably why I don’t listen to his podcasts.

      However, Austin had a good atmosphere and shopping in 1983-86 when I was stationed at Hood. Sounds like it went far Left now similar to Ashville, NC

      • Rogan’s draw is that he’s middle of the road and willing to ask real questions – usually. He occasionally softballs guests, most notably his initial interview with Jack Dorsey (which caused fans to universally respond with “WTF HAPPENED TO YOUR BALLS”, prompting a second interview where Dorsey had a staff member to handle the tough questions.)

        He generally has interesting guests, and he’s generally willing to ask more difficult questions.

      • It’s probably been 25 years since I’ve been in Asheville. It’s about 2 hours from me. It was lefty then and I’m sure it’s even worse now. It’s being called “San Francisco of the East Coast”.

  9. Places such as Austin, New York, Chiraq, Shiteatle, and Portlostland are lost to the concepts and ideals that made Our Nation one of the Freest in human history. It has taken many generations to make them what they have become. It will either take many generations, if it is possible at all to change them back or Extreme violence with the eradication of those who have made them what they are today. In the case of Austin. That is a decision only the people of Austin and Texas can make. As well as all other cities that have shown they can no longer be trusted to uphold the concepts and ideals of Freedom/Liberty. Each must choose their path and live with the consequences of that decision. Keep Your Powder Dry

    • My hope is that Red states like TX pass laws that make living there as a leftist intolerable. Becoming a sanctuary state for the Bill of Rights would go a long way towards making TX an inhospitable place for Commiefornians. Hell, if TX passed a law making “hate speech” protected speech I don’t think the virtue signaling corporations would be willing to stay.

  10. I echo the sentment of “why” anyone gives a chit about Rogan?!? BTW is Farago still haunting Austin?😖

  11. Why? They are CHOOSING to be latrines.
    A legal separation seems a better option.
    Any place my CCW is welcome as a free state.
    I guess I will never see fall in Vermont & Maine unless we get a treaty for safe passage or something with Western New York. 🙁

    • Western NY would secede from NYC and Albany in a heartbeat. TBH I think we should bring back the City state. NYC can be it’s own state, with Albany as a vassal state, and it gets it’s own senator.. but upstate NY gets their own Senator and is no longer shackled to those rat infested sh17h0les.

    • Scratch that long position.

      $11,950 per megawatt of electricity? You people are fucking nuts and/or dumb as shit.

  12. Austin’s traffic is already ridiculous. Pre-covid, I’d travel there often for work or visiting the in laws. Lots of people at work happily relocated away from there. Tossing in 100k Californians is just going to make it worse.

  13. Anybody know what weather conditions are like around San Antonio (real, eyes on, not some weather report, I can get that) expected an important FEDEX overnight letter but does not look like it’s moved and FEDEX info site sucks….

  14. It’s probably been 25 years since I’ve been in Asheville. It’s about 2 hours from me. It was lefty then and I’m sure it’s even worse now. It’s being called “San Francisco of the East Coast”.

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