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By Gilbert Ambler

Recently I was in court on a domestic-related issue involving a firearm. My client was in a bad position. He was someone who had never been in trouble before when all of a sudden, after a disagreement with his girlfriend, he was thrown into the legal system.

This started as a situation where he was attacked by his girlfriend and he called the police for help. When police arrived, as my client waited outside his apartment, the police went in, spoke with his girlfriend, and then marched back outside and arrested him. His girlfriend had told police that he pointed a gun at her.

The allegation alone got him arrested. Fortunately, things went well for us in court. The girlfriend, who had lied to the police, decided that even though the couple was now separated, she did not want to get on the stand and further perjure herself by telling more falsehoods. The charges against my client were dismissed.

“Red flag” confiscations often start with just such a complaint. This particular issue began as a false allegation that resulted in my client’s arrest, my client having to pay me, and my client having to take time off of work to appear in court on two separate occasions before we got charges dismissed.

What happened to the lying girlfriend? Absolutely nothing. Do you really think those who lie when making a red flag report will be prosecuted? Keep in mind, that even in an alternate reality where they are prosecuted, to be convicted of making false statements they would have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is unlikely.

Meanwhile, the gun owner’s weapons are seized based on the much lower civil standard of a preponderance of the evidence.

red flag evro gvro confiscation colorado

Why would we expand the ability of the system to perpetrate such injustice? Why would we voluntarily create avenues for people to harass gun owners with no real repercussions for abuse of the system? Most importantly, why would we allow a confiscation system that seems to simultaneously impact so many of our constitutional rights at the same time?

The First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments are all impacted by proposed red flag laws. We know what these laws look like. Where implemented, these laws generally allow the removal of firearms from someone’s home, without notice or an opportunity for the gun owner to be heard in court in advance of the removal, based on the allegations of a third party.

Constitutionally, lack of procedural due process as provided for in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments is impacted through lack of prior notice and opportunity for the gun owner to be heard. Neither does the gun owner get to have an attorney advocate for him in court before removal of his weapons, implicating the Sixth Amendment.

Your ability to keep and bear arms is limited, obviously impacting the Second Amendment, and when what you say can be construed as a threat such that you are suspected of being a “danger to yourself or others,” that impacts the First Amendment.

Almost more concerning is the impact red flag laws have on the Fourth Amendment limitation on unreasonable search and seizure. While the Fourth Amendment has already been eviscerated judicially limited, red flag laws take this to a whole new level.

Police officers red flag confiscation order
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Without articulation that any crime has yet been committed, or that probable cause of a crime exists, your home is searched for weapons. Think law enforcement will just grab your rifle and leave? Doubtful. Could every tiny corner of your home contain ammunition or even a miniscule NAA .22 revolver? Then it can and likely will be searched.

Whatever is found will be used against you. Your teenage son had weed hidden in his dresser? Enjoy being prosecuted for that. Even without having anything to hide, who wants state troopers rummaging through your underwear drawer?

Another common misperception: do you think law enforcement officers will refuse to carry out these potentially unlawful searches? Don’t be naïve. Ask yourself whether state troopers in New Jersey (who also take an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution) will happily arrest you on constitutionally dubious grounds should you be caught with even a single hollow point round in your glovebox while in the state.

Maryland law enforcement has already shown up and killed a gun owner while carrying out a red flag confiscation order. Law enforcement will do what they have been trained to do…enforce the laws that they are told to enforce.

Judge in the courtroom. Male judge striking the gavel.

Importantly, most states already have a procedure in place to deal with persons who appear to be a threat to themselves or others. These procedures assist people in getting help, and commonly hold them for up to 72 hours, or longer with judicial sign-off to make sure that they do not harm themselves or others.

Allowing a potentially dangerous person to stay in place, but raiding their home to confiscate firearms seems suspiciously like a method designed to confiscate firearms, not a method meant to actually stop threats.

Such gun-grabbing should not be tolerated in our country. When British soldiers attempted to seize the arms of colonists, the colonists fought back. I can only imagine the type of threat that the colonists would have been perceived as today.

While I am certainly not advocating people take up arms against the government now, I think that a more modern and more peaceful approach to vigorous activism is in order. Learn about the threat of red flag laws when they are proposed in your state. Reach out to your politicians to point out the numerous constitutional failures of this kind of legislation.

Let politicians know that you will not vote for people who allow such extreme abrogation of your constitutional rights. Most importantly get out and actually vote against those who are so willing to see your rights violated.


Gilbert Ambler is the owner of Ambler Law Offices, LLC. He practices criminal defense in Virginia and Pennsylvania, with a particular focus on the Second Amendment and other constitutional issues.

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  1. The Supreme Court recently reiterated that police cannot come into your house and search without a WARRANT and the process that goes with it. Additionally, I, at this point, don’t agree with the author about not fighting back against the Government. We are all sitting around watching them do whatever they want to do and breaking the law by not upholding their oaths to the Constitution. They need to be held responsible and you need to take a stand. If you live in a Make MY Day or Castle Domain State and anyone breaks into your house whether it be criminal or police without a warrant you should employ the rules of engagement in your state to protect yourself, your family and your property. There are far too many stories of innocent people being brutalized and their property being destroyed by these frivolous invasions of people’s homes. Just saying if you let them do it, they will.

  2. Yet more reasons to never vote for a Democrat/RINO and I include Dan Crenshaw in that bunch since he never saw a Red Flag bill he wouldn’t support of vote for.

  3. The biblical punishment for anyone luing about someone else (the bibilcal term is “bearing false witness against another”)
    the one lying is to bear the conseqneunces put upon the one lied about, if those consequences actually are imposed, OR bearing those same consequences that WOULD have befalltn the accused hed they been believed. Until THIS level or protectioin is included in all such “red flag” laws, there is no hope of justice.
    This selfish little girl LIED to the cops. That is a felony in most jurisdictions. Prosecute. Until THIS starts to happen there willbe no justice for RFL’s Further, the lying culprit MUST be made to pay all legal and other costs incurred by the one she accused. That includes time off work, lawyer’s fees, court fees, all costs levied agasint him for the moveing and storage and ;ater restoration of his firearms, because SHE LIED. Until THIS is included in al Red Flag laws there is no hope of justice HOW can we demand such safeguards be added to the RFL’s when they are in place already? Or to get them added w.hen they are being shoved through the legislatures?

    Better yet, get rid of LL these travesites of “justice”. As pointed out, they all violate a pile of our inalienable rights. No safeguards, only the tyranny of disarmement.

    • But the reality is obtaining a conviction as the lawyer pointed out. If you haven’t actually spent a considerable amount of time in court watching closely what goes on, then commenting on the actuality of what happens in court is like commenting on what it’s like to be in the space station.

      The author of the article is a practicing attorney who specializes in Second Amendment violation cases. Having spent 25 years in court watching what goes on, I can verify that this article and the attorney’s opinions are dead on.

      His suggested remedies for red flag laws is also spot on.

      • Nope Apathy. Had people really been paying attention and gave a shit. Marxists would have been eliminated with Extreme Prejudiced years ago. When the saying was: the only good commie is a Dead commie. Times they are a chang’n though.

        • The democrats of today (communist party USA) prove McCarthy was right 70 years ago.

  4. The author completely sweeps under the table the amount of lives that are saved by red flag laws. So what if the girl friend was lying the author admits that in the end the man was vindicated. On the other hand if she had not been lying she would sooner or later been murdered and that you cannot reverse in court.

    Taking guns away from abusive men is not knew. I personally saw this happen as far back as the1950’s,the problem is it was not done often enough as the laws were not there to make this into an every day legal occurrence.

    • ” So what if the girl friend was lying the author admits that in the end the man was vindicated ”

      So now you’re advocating a selective enforcement of the law to fit your agenda. Why bother with laws at all? We can just put you and your sick and twisted friends on the bench and you can tell us all what is best for us — just what you want.

      And the lives that are saved? More than disingenuous there, dacy dufus. The girl lied — her life was never in jeopardy and didn’t need saving. The fellow, on the other hand, was put through the wringer and she walked away like nothing happened. Is that your idea of justice? If it is (and it is), then you’re a bigger POS than I had imagined.

    • Because those of us who love freedom and are relatively sane do not punish pre-crime. Did you miss the part where nothing happened to the lying woman? Or how about most of human history where homicides were committed without guns? Or 50+ years since the GCA, forbidding certain people from having guns, but then they get them anyway?

      If anything this tale should serve as a PSA to not have a girlfriend. Even you Dacian are one moon cycle away from being locked up based on the the lie of one other person.

    • So “Dimwit” (Dacian) just how much are you contributing to offset the falsely accused male’s legal expenses, will it match your donations to BLM?

      • “……….will it match your donations to BLM?”

        Or the time/effort/money expended on recruiting lil’ boys for your local NAMBLA chapter? 🤔

    • lol

      I continue to be amazed that you all keep buying his BS. He’s a troll, he just says stuff to get the response. He doesn’t mean a single word he says.

      • We know that but he keeps on with his nonsense. Besides, it’s fun to call him names and fling poo at him. We are primates, after all. It’s what primates do, flinging poo at each other…

    • So Damien, you’re saying that you’re over 80yrs old by personally witnessing this happening in the ’50s? That’s assuming you started taking notes on the subject at the ripe old age of ten. Is that what you’re telling us mr octogenarian? Or did you start taking notes at twenty years old and you’re actually over 90? Geez, you were pretty sharp in your younger years. What happened?

    • So, you have some cites for us, dacian the stupid???

      So-called “red flag” laws are an abomination, and stand the principle of “innocent until PROVEN guilty” on its head. ONLY Leftist/fascist @$$holes like you approve of these unconstitutional, stupid laws. Go eff yourself, vigorously, up the heinie with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid. Nah, you’d probably enjoy that.

      Ever heard of the Second, Fourth, Tenth and Fourteenth amendments, you absolute cretin????

    • So… I would like to clarify.

      Quote———-The author completely sweeps under the table the amount of lives that are saved by red flag laws. ———-Quote

      What I mean by this, is that we really have no idea how many laws are being saved by red flag laws, because we have no idea if the possible perp, would have followed through with such possible actions. It’s kind of like “Tom Cruise” and “Minority Report” up in here. This is straight up pre-crime, but, we are missing all the precogs, but we are not going to give up, so we are just going to do this without them, and f*** your freedom. Which we should be doing! Don’t give me a bunch of horse **** about how your forefathers died securing freedom for you. F*** your forefathers too. This is about safety, and how safety is vastly more important than freedom, and how if it saves one life, we should do it. Because even one life, is more important than the freedom of 330,000,000 americans.

      Quote———-So what if the girl friend was lying the author admits that in the end the man was vindicated. On the other hand if she had not been lying she would sooner or later been murdered and that you cannot reverse in court.———-Quote

      What I’m trying to say with this statement is – her feelings is more important than everyone’s gun rights, and your freedom is worth so little, that we need to lock your guns up, for what you even ***might*** or ***could*** do. Especially white people. White people are a plague on the world, with their cisgender heteronormative male patriarchy, condescending, talking down to minorities the world over. STFU, go get a sunburn, and retreat back into your northern woodland cave you little gremlins!

        • The real herr dacian the nazi is juvenile and uneducated. So if that is a fake he’s got it perfect.

      • Well said lil’d. 🤪

        Now go “fap it” to your videos of underage Greta T. 👍

        When you finish, have mom make some bagel bites, then come back onto TTAG and do a diatribe on global warming, it’s been a while. 🤣

    • Dacian: You should spend about six months closely observing what goes on in divorce court and then come back and make a knowledgable statement.

      The infantilism that lead to the breakup of the marriage is not resolved and cured by the filing of a court document. It continues on through the divorce and after. Sometimes the kids are the most mature of the whole group.

  5. I’m happy I’ve been married to a wonderful woman going on 33 years. The one before lied about me to everyone within earshot(& had a quite illegal gat in her purse). My take is don’t shack up or marry crazy folk. Yes I quite agree it’s time to make a stand. From raggedy doctors to pols saying you “have to turn in yer normal magazines”.

      • Nah, a law would have made it unlawful, which it ain’t. It was a legislator that made it illegal. Which it also ain’t.

    • walker,

      Didn’t anybody ever tell you, “Don’t stick your d*** in crazy”???? (Yeah, I did it, too, MANY years ago. Crazy is not worth it, but . . . crazy sex is pretty hot.)

  6. I got major case of deja vu reading this article. As in, I could almost predict the wording of the next sentence all down the page. Is this a re-post of an earlier article?

    • yes. and some people are upset that guns are selling. plus, people are also fed up with stuff and things are going to change.
      just keep your eye on the penn guber race. that’s the one.

  7. Best thing to do is leave and not argue with a spouse or girlfriend to the point the police get involved and gives your so called spouse or girlfriend the chance to throw you under the bus. Hopefully the person mentioned is not a glutton for punishment and terminated the relationship. Really it takes a pos to falsely accuse anyone of pointing a gun at them.

  8. The only way to solve this is to get a ‘red flag order’ challenge to the SCotUS as soon as possible…

    • Lol. The above commenter is a perfect example of why red flag laws exist. He’s an admitted alcoholic and pill head who’s I’ll tempered due to lack of ‘affection’ from the ladies. As in ever. He’s almost as big a joke as Lamp. Almost…

      • PeeGeee, I still won’t have sex with you, no matter how longly and loudly you beg.


        Have you stopped fantasizing about ‘doing things’ to your young daughter yet? 🙂

      • And you and your ilk are perfect examples of why we cannot allow the use of red flag laws. You would, without any qualms at all, abuse them and lie about your boyfriend too. Wouldn’t ya, short bus bouncy house guy?

      • nameless, brainless troll,

        Can you at least make an effort to post commentary actually relevant to the subject of the article???? Nah, probably not. Because you are abominably stupid, pointless, irrelevant, and annoying.

        So, instead, please hie thyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment. Or go micturate up a cable. Or go join your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ. Just G. T. F. O.

        • 👍

          This 🐒🤡s chops were old when they were being posted under the username All Hail.

          It’s just the same sh!t in a different wrapper. Like when his mom drags him to Good Will for some new/old clothes. 🤣

        • James,

          He doesn’t need clothes in his mommy’s basement, his jammies work just fine. If she ever kicks him out, THEN he’ll have to go to Goodwill.

  9. “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

    The vision of America since 1945 has been to simply exist and be self-satisfied. To exploit the peace and freedom bought by others. To become lovers of themselves.

    Just what is the vision of America’s place in the world? The effective majority vision? Is it to convert the world into a Jeffersonian democracy? Is it to be the hired gun-slinger; riding here and there to right wrongs? Is it to internalize our comfort to the point of irreversible demise through lack of replacement numbers? Is it to become a nation swallowed up in licentiousness?

  10. Without the virtues of natural selection we’ve become a nation of tards and adult children who make allowances for the tards.

    • Exactly so, Shire-man. And, distasteful as it is to say, I’ll add another closely related faction; the female voter and the professional grifters that pander to them are very much part of the problem. Empty headed nanny mentalities have enabled this kind of abuse, to the point of making it ‘popular’. Darwin save us from “omnipotent busybodies…” (see what I did there?)

    • Stereotypical comment from a capitalvaniast, that doesn’t want to share with the collective! The republican mantra is – I got mine, screw everyone else! Nope! F*** you guys! I’m going to “vote” and you are going to “share.” #Democracy! By the time I’m done, your ass will be pulling my wagon! #Equality–>Equity

  11. Didn’t have anything to to do with the 2A, but my testimony helped send my captain to a federal prison for seven years, stripped him of his retirement and left his life well… The 14th amendment is just as important as all the others.

  12. The MSM has quit covering weapons being handed to the citizens. Guess it goes against the narrative. If the people of Ukraine are portrayed as using rifles to fight, that is bad.

    We have a 2nd Amendment just for this type of situation, no matter foreign or domestic.

    Any one that supports gun control is just another Tyrant wannabe.

    • Manse,

      I am looking forward (assuming Putin’s war continues to go as badly as it has gone) to the “after-party”. I am betting, heavily, that Ukraine will return to its fascist ways, and try to round up all the guns that are now in the hands of the people of Ukraine. I am also betting that the people of Ukraine will tend to give a hearty middle-finger salute to that effort – they got an object lesson in the “benefits” of gun control. Only idiots like dacian the stupid could believe in “gun control” after being invaded.

        • Because of an accent or did you fatthumb ‘vermin’ on your cell phone? 😉 sorry, that one was taking it too far; they’re not all vermin. I knew one once that wasn’t a crazed, self centered, vindictive domestic terrorist. I did catch her grinning quietly when the Laureena Bobbit story broke though… Watch yer six, head on a swivel and “trust but verify”. Separate bank accounts seem wise as well. Separate dwellings even wiser.

  13. How have we fallen so far?
    When Wyatt Earp hung a sign on a fence post that that “NO GUNMS IN CITY LIMITS ” and nobody but the Clantons said bullsht.

    • Of course, as the marshal he personally was exempt, which let him indulge his habit of cheating at cards with significantly less risk to his person.

    • possum,

      You are not wrong, my friend. The essence of “gun control” is “guns for me, and not for thee”. They don’t hate guns, they hate YOU having a gun. F*** ’em, and they swaybacked, spavined, worthless horses they rode in on.

  14. How could we have fallen so far? Easy. Stupid Americans did not think it could happen here and fell asleep. By the time they figure out it IS happening here, they are going to be dead or in a FEMA camp somewhere wondering what the hell happened.

  15. The deliberate dumbing down of America through government school indoctrination centers to brainwashing through TV and pop culture. What more would you expect? Let marxism in your government and schools and invite them into your child’s mind and you get exactly what we see today.

  16. Did the author force prosecution of the “girlfriend”? Civil charges on her? Probono. Then he is part of the problem

  17. “While I am certainly not advocating people take up arms against the government now”

    Then when? Because if you cannot answer that question, and answer it well, then everything the author states after that (or anyone else) rings hollow.

    • So your fat ass is gonna ‘take up arms against the government’? Lol let us know how that works out for you, tubby!

      • nameless, brainless troll,

        Go climb up Satan’s backside, you useless waste of (purportedly) human flesh. Go join your boyfriends, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, for your daily circle jerk.

      • Well we certainly know yer basement dwelling, short bus riding, bouncy house enthralled, cowardly, compliant, green haired, skinny jeans n skinnier arms, nostril ringed ass never will. Don’t we?

      • Keyboard Kommando?

        This garbage was beyond it’s “use before” date when you were spewing it two years ago Hail.

        FCS, can’t TTAG get some new trolls?

    • “Then when? Because if you cannot answer that question, and answer it well, then everything the author states after that (or anyone else) rings hollow.”

      Since 2013, I have been asking for someone to define the “bright red line” that will identify the time to “take up arms against the government”. To date, every response has been a variation on, “You’ll know it when you see it.”

      Given the above, all talk of armed rebellion are just people blowing off steam, being proud of themselves.

      • Attempted confiscation of arms is that bright red line Sam. Which again, I might very well be facing one extremely short month from now (watch this channel!). And: “if not now, when? If not us, who?”.

        • And the media will portray you as the nut job with an arsenal living amongst the good citizens , and the good citizens will chear “Thank god the law got rid of him, I knew him for twenty years, he seemed an okay guy but I never realized the danger I was in .”

      • Left a couple more replies to you in our last conversation a few articles back (can’t remember which one now, sorry). Nothing earth shattering though.

      • Where’s the red line?
        Are you that retarded SIA?

        Explaining that is like telegraphing a punch, or telling a thief how much they can take or harm your loved ones before you intend to use deadly force, or how much rope you’ll let them take before they hang.

        You’ve posted some stupid stuff, but that was next lever, super galactic stupid.

    REALLY ,

    • The world that suffers stupid people like you to exist day to day is about to end.

      Get your affairs in order.


    • TDS 24/7. That fool is completely oblivious to what’s happening right now. The sky was falling every day under Trump according to the media. If you didn’t know it then, hindsight tells us it was BS. Where’s the media now? Yet ‘NTexas’ troll probably believes every word they spew.

  19. I’ve been through a slightly different type of case. I was charged with rape by a young woman shortly after I returned from being stationed in Germany. Met her in a bar a few days after returning home on leave. I turned down her attempted come on because I don’t date/go out with/get involved with women who change boyfriends as often as I change socks.
    Next morning, she went and swore out a statement that I had raped her. Problem being, her date and time alleged was when I was somewhere over the Atlantic in an airplane. Didn’t arrive back in MN until the next day. Was arrested, charged, jailed, had to bond out, and show up for court a month later. And while the charges were dismissed because she didn’t show in court, and I was able to prove with my plane ticket I didn’t get to the state until after the alleged rape, it still cost me several thousand dollars and several days of court and jail time over a couple months time.
    As far as I know, she has gotten away with the same crap several times because the state wouldn’t press charges for false statements in fear of scaring off actual victims of sexual crimes from reporting said crimes. I asked a couple lawyers a possible civil suit. Was told not to bother because such suits usually result in the culprit still not being held accountable by the legal system in MN.
    The current crop of “Red Flag” laws are highly doubtful in their Constitutionality and in most cases there already legal options to get possibly violent or unstable persons separated from their weapons etc. While not violating the person’s rights. Anyone who supports such laws should also turn over any weapons, guns, knives, etc. and turn themselves in because of what they might do before anyone else is accused and deprived of their right to due process.

    • Anyone that says “take the liars to court”, obviously hasn’t had to deal with the courts.

      The system is broken (zero tolerance for common sense, on every topic) and only those who haven’t been railroaded think it isnt.

      • D Y and oldman,

        As a lawyer, I can tell you definitively that the American “justice” system is useless until America adopts a “loser pays” approach. As one of my law school professors used to say, “Any @$$hole with $130 (the then filing fee in local court) can sue your @$$ for anything.” We need to make idiots filing frivolous lawsuits PAY for their games. A loser in a lawsuit should have to pay/reimburse ALL court fees, ALL fees paid by the other party to their lawyers, etc.

        That will kill 99.9% of baseless lawsuits.

  20. Feminist groups (and the low-value males who curry favor with such women in attempts to get sex from low-value females) push these policies because they sound at first hearing to be something that women want. So females continue to vote for politicians who peddle these types of idiotic legal nostrums – because the SCOTUS has ruled in Castle Rock v. Gonzales that the government gives no enforceable property right when they hand out restraining orders.

    Subsequent to Castle Rock v. Gonzales, feminist groups sought some way to have females who have made some very poor choices in their personal lives get protection from the government by some other way – so they disarm the men whom they point at and say “He’s being mean to me!” when the truth is, lots of females need to learn to quit putting out for the wrong type of man.

    As with all of these ridiculous legal issues, women will weaponize it against innocent men, just as they have used accusations of sexual harassment, rape, etc as a weapon. Before voting for or supporting these laws, people should have to talk to cops who investigate claims of rape and ask them, frankly, in their experience, how many claims of rape turn out to be complete fabrications, just a “wanna-get-even” call the female made to the cops. Cops with whom I’ve discussed this have given me estimates from 8 to 10% for claims of rape – cases that turned out to be bogus claims of rape. Some are discovered early, and no charges are filed. Some DA’s and prosecutors, seeking to curry favor with women’s groups, charge first and investigate later. The problem in all of these laws is that far too few women are held accountable for false claims – and so the problem continues to become more prevalent.

    • “How do you write women so well?

      I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”


      Hillary Clinton’s platform was elect me I’m a women.

      Hillary Clinton’s platform was also they didn’t elect me because I’m a woman.

    • This is exactly correct. The vast body of empty headed female voters out there and the utterly shameless professional grifters who endlessly pander to them are hugely responsible for most of this mess we have today. They enable this crap. Sucks to say it but it’s undeniable.

      • The worst part of this pandering is that we taxpayers are now effectively cuckolds: We’re paying for the feeding and upkeep of children that are not our offspring.

        I have a firm rule: If I am not sleeping with a female, or I’m not related to a female, then I will not be paying for that female or her spawn. We taxpayers should not be paying women to have children out of wedlock. If women want to produce bastard offspring, that’s their business, not mine. Women like to keep bellowing that they have a right to kill their children. Well, if they have the right to kill a kid, then I should have the right to not pay for that kid, especially if the kid isn’t mine.

        After all, “My wallet, my choice.”

        • Couldn’t agree more, DG. It truly boggles the mind. Evolution long ago set the two genders (leaving the other 53 more recent variations aside for brevity) on differing paths with different responsibilities/requirements and their own best means to achieve what they most desire; males largely by action, force and teamwork, women by scheming, manipulation, convenient selection of the moment and vindictive retribution if that didn’t happen to go their way. Fortunately not all are like that of course, but more than enough today to have a widespread deleterious effect.

        • The U.S. has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households, and over 80% of those families are single mother head of household.

          40% of all live births in the US are to single mothers. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers. 70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies and teen substance abusers come from single mother homes.

        • @ Goof: and exactly whose policies are responsible for that outcome? That’s right, bucko, the left.

  21. “From Redcoats to Red Flag Laws…How Have We Fallen So Far?”

    Well, to be really honest we have fallen so far because we let the government become about being government instead of becoming about the people. We let government become its own supremacy outside that granted constitutionally, and today we see the effects of that in a wrongfully emboldened government who is no longer afraid of the people as they should be, who no longer serves the people but rather serves its own purposes, and is free to threaten to infringe then carry out those threats in dubious manner by duplicitous and wrongful application of law.

    The people should not need to fight in its own courts for application of constitutionally guaranteed rights, to risk burden of life and cost, and to risk loosing that right or even more precedent set to infringe a right, to risk imprisonment and even loss of life for exercising a guaranteed right. The people should only need to say “no, you will not infringe and that is how it shall be.” which is how was intended to be.

    • “who no longer serves the people but rather serves its own purposes”

      Those criminals used Covid19 relief money to fund illegal immigration into this country during a freaking pandemic, no less. That’s double theft from the American tax payer, not to mention illegal. Then, after over purchasing vaccines that are now being thrown into the trash, they’re asking for more money to fight Covid. These people would never be able to run a successful business that doesn’t depend on getting money from the government. They don’t care because they’re never held responsible for their mistakes. If you call them out, they’ll use the power of the government to destroy you, or they’ll use their proxies in the private sector to destroy you.

  22. When you consider that more people in this country own firearms (and carry) than at any time in the entire history of our nation. Most of them are more powerful and more efficient than we had 200 years ago. That’s not to mention the HUGE amount of ammo that exists at levels never see before in terms of numbers manufactured, rounds spent at the range, and what people are personally stock piling. I’m left asking just how far we have fallen?

    We have always had people in leadership and within the general population that see guns in the hands of average citizens as a bad thing. That, much like the poor, will always be with us. It’s why there needs to be a constant fight.

    • prndll,

      We have absolutely no frickin’ idea how many people carry, today, or how many people carried back in, say, 1840. More than most estimates indicate, I’m certain. I carry. I’ve carried since I was around 22 (about 46 years, now). If I can easily get a permit, I do. If I can’t, I carry anyway. F*** ’em. As the saying goes, “The Second Amendment is my carry permit.”

      • I’m not interested in a specific number to nail down. Ultimately it is just a guess but its a reasonable assumption. One I’m perfectly comfortable making.

        • Well, personally, I’d be inclined to doubt that the percentage of people owning, and carrying, is higher now than it was in the 1840s, but I have no way to prove that (nor does anyone else).

        • “The percentage”
          Perhaps…I’ll give you that. But I wasn’t talking about the percentage.

  23. Learn about the threat of red flag laws when they are proposed in your state. Reach out to your politicians to point out the numerous constitutional failures of this kind of legislation.

    Ha ha, the author actually believes that politicians care about “constitutional failures”. The overwhelming majority of politicians care about increasing their wealth and power. If you want to influence their votes, you better have a way to increase their wealth and power in the process.

    By the way, THAT is why we have fallen so far–our politicians’ primary concern is their own wealth and power, even when that comes at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent.

  24. Socialist all think they will be in the top ten percent of that regime and live off everyone else as they believe it should be! But that idealism has been proven wrong as history shows!


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