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  1. That gun was made for one reason and one reason only! To KILL people! The world cannot tolerate such weapons. I call on the UN to take universal control of these death dealing “hobby” guns!

  2. anybody else see the guy on youtube that makes all sorts of robber band guns. saw a quick clip and can’t remember his name. does some great stuff, i think he’s from germany.

    • I’m guessing you’re thinking of “the slingshot channel” on youtube, the guy’s name is Joerg Sprave. He even did a video on “how to weaponize trash”.

      • Sweet! I think I need to make myself one of those. I don’t have the mechanical genius it takes to invent nifty things like that, but I’m pretty sure I could copy it.

        The Slingshot Channel is awesome! That dude can make a miniature weapon out of anything. My personal favorite is his steak-knife chainsaw. It may not be practical as a tool or a weapon, but it says “crazy” in all the right ways.

    • Heck I am 50 yrs old and I would still put it to good use!!
      Especially at work!! We have a couple of foreman who like to dish it out and talk trash but can’t take it when you get right back on them.
      Retaliation and justice without ever saying a word to them!!!! Ah the sweet smell of stinging skin! LOL..

    • Oh yea nice reference to an oldie’s tune that was pretty decent actually!!!
      Dd you ever see them perform Rubber Band Man!? Remember watching them on Soul Train and The Midnight Special!!!!

  3. I’ve got a rubber band Gatling Gun that I used to great effect at HQ before I retired. As I recall, I could load up about 50-60 rubber bands then crank them off at my co-workers. I need to try and find that in my retirement boxes. It’s there somewhere.

  4. Next thing ya know, “assault” rubber-band gun owners will start “anonymously” ordering rubber-bands by the thousands online! OMG! OMG!

  5. I have a rubber band gun that will hold about 8 bands. I thought it would be funny to have my 5 year old son rattle them off at my wife. Oh what a mistake. She just went off on gun safety, etc. She apparently had an incident with a rubber band on the school bus when she was a kid.

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