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The most impressive statistic, I think, from this week’s collection of defensive gun use articles: we haven’t had a DGU incident in Florida for a whole week. Maybe that’s one side-effect of Hurricane Isaac’s tromp up the Gulf – everbody’s layin’ low, not robbin’ or burglin’. The rest of the country didn’t fare so well; home invasions, robberies, burglaries, and violent assaults were scattered pretty evenly among regions, with incidents occurring in at least half the states that Miss South Carolina could name. Speaking of the Palmetto State, our first incident for review hails from sunny Conway, just inland from Myrtle Beach, where a blade, once again, was no match for a handgun . . .

There’s something to be said for our ability to sense when we’re being stared at while sleeping, an instinct that likely saved the life of a Conway homeowner.

Just before six last Tuesday morning, he awoke to find a man standing over him with a machete. The man attacked, and the homeowner pulled a gun from under his pillow and shot the attacker, who remains hospitalized.

Across the border in Charlotte, a robbery victim once again proved that going mental and fighting back is better than rolling the dice with your life. A man and his son were out in their neighborhood when they were approached by an armed man who demanded money. The victim, who was not carrying a weapon, immediately reached for the robber’s gun.

This story could also be run under the IGOTD masthead for the “friendly fire”:

The victim was grazed by a bullet. He said there was a second suspect who was on top of his son and he was afraid the bullets would hit him, so he kept wrestling with the gunman, who he said ended up shooting himself.

After the bad guy’s self-inflicted, his target became the proud, but temporary owner of a new gun, holding the remaining perp until the cops showed up. Moving southeast, we come to Mississippi… oh, wait.

There’s a damn DGU report from Florida; so much for my theory. Speaking of critical thought, who in their right mind would rob a Dollar General store? Even if they have a blockbuster, record-breaking day, everything costs a dollar.

Cranial fortitude wasn’t in the cards for a pair of Jacksonville robbers who attempted to take down their local DG. Aundre Campbell and Rakeem Odoms figured an easy haul, so easy they armed themselves with pellet guns, and grabbed the cash drawer from store employees.

What they didn’t expect to get with all their Washingtons was an armed concealed permit holder, grandfather, and amateur shooting competitor.

The unnamed customer shot and killed Odoms in the store. His accomplice, now charged with Odoms’ murder, was arrested a couple of days later. Back to Mississippi, a Clarksdale man might be in hot water with the law after popping off a few rounds at a couple of guys trying to break into his car.

No lives were lost, but a 25-year-old man’s in the hospital, and a juvenile is in jail.

Hopping down I-10 through a surprisingly quiet Louisiana (again, the storm?) we arrive in San Antonio, Texas. The shocking DGU incident was already covered here, but I wanted to take a moment and mention TTAG reader nisord who used his KelTec P3AT to stop a horrific domestic violence attack.

Nisord, you really are the face of responsible conceal-carry defense. Thank you.

At this rate, we could spend the rest of this week studying last week’s DGU incidents. Let’s wrap up with a quick story of a young man being hailed as a hero for saving his friends from a couple of armed robbers.

A bunch of friends were partying around a backyard bonfire, when the group saw shadows moving about, well, in the shadows. Thinking it was a joke, the homeowner – a Marine, recently back from serving his country – flanked the shadows, and that’s when everything went Tango Uniform.

The robbers confronted the group, shouted, “Hit the dirt!” and pistol-whipped the guy’s roommate. The homeowner dashed inside and returned with a loaded Ruger 9mm in his pocket. The suspects forced the two men towards their vehicles in search of more loot.

At this point, in fear for their lives, the homeowner fired two shots into the chest of one robber; the other assailant is still on the loose.

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  1. Don’t worry, as the anti’s will tell you, no lives were actually saved by guns in these instances, you just think they were because youre a racist gun nut. The poor “criminals” were profiled and wrongfully murdered. Their families should sue the bejesus out of the wannabe vigilantes

  2. Yes! we need more articles like this!
    I like how in one of the incidents you guys were able to determine the actual brand and model of gun used.
    I for one would be interested in knowing what make and model is used in future DGUs. if there’s any way to find out…


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