BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Extradition to Wisconsin Delayed At Least Until September 25

Much to the chagrin of some, an Illinois judge has delayed the extradition of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse to Wisconsin to give him time to secure private legal representation. Rittenhouse allegedly shot three individuals, killing two and wounding one Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin while under attack during rioting. The extradition hearing is now scheduled to […]

ARE YOU READY? ‘Revolutionary’ and Opportunistic Violence Ramping Up Ahead of November

Many politicians and the mainstream media persist in gaslighting Americans about widespread violence and looting in America. Even with buildings burning in the background, reporters keep reciting the mantra of “mostly peaceful protests.” Meanwhile, Democrat party leaders like Rep. Jerry Nadler claim that the fascist violence in Portland (for more than 80 days) and elsewhere […]

Kenosha Riots: A Small Midwestern Town Devolves Into Chaos After Police Shooting

On Sunday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a sexual assault suspect who reportedly resisted arrest.  Within hours, hundreds of rioters assembled within the city and began a spree of burning and destruction. They committed all manner of felony-stupid violence including looting businesses, attacking the police and starting fires in the small midwestern city. It all […]

Is Old Ammunition Safe to Shoot?

As a longtime firearms instructor and head of a gun rights group, people ask me all sorts of questions. All questions have merit, especially for people who are new to guns. Among these questions, folks will ask about the safety of shooting old ammunition. I tell them that in general, old factory-loaded ammunition should be […]

NYC Released Attempted Murderer With ‘No Bail’ – Feds Say He Then Committed Three More Shootings

Remember when New York State Democrats said that their new “no cash bail” law would not apply to violent crimes? Someone in the city’s creaking criminal justice system didn’t get the memo. Feds say New York City gang banger Darrius Sutton, 23, committed three more shootings…after he’d been released without bail on charges of attempted […]

St. Louis County Prosecutor Announces ‘No Charges’ Against Darren Wilson…6 Years Later

Wesley Bell, the recently elected St. Louis County Prosecutor announced Thursday that after re-opening the Michael Brown case, he will not charge officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s death…just like the previous St. Louis County Prosecutor and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. At the same time, Bell claims the evidence does not “exonerate” officer Wilson. From […]