Congressional Democrats’ ‘Assault Weapons’ Show Trial Fails, But Offers Some Lessons

Gun control advocates intended for Wednesday’s U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Protecting America from Assault Weapons” as a show trial exposing America’s favorite rifle and those own it. The effort failed like a wet firecracker. The bitterly anti-gun committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York led the event intended to capture headlines nationwide. […]

US Army, Local PDs Warn of ‘Incel’ Murder Sprees at Joker Movie Showings

Federal officials have uncovered enough credible evidence from social media of possible mass shooting sprees at showings of the upcoming Joker movie that they have issued warnings nationwide.  The US Army, citing this information, warned its personnel of the potential for danger and urged caution. Supposedly, involuntarily celibate males (AKA “incels”) celebrate many of the […]

Colorado Military Officer’s Off-Duty Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

John, a military officer in Colorado (could this be at the Air Force Academy or Cheyenne Mountain?) sends in his off-duty carry for today’s EDC submission. A Kimber 1911.  Mmm, nice.  Can’t go wrong, even if the design is approaching 110 years old.  (Perhaps just maybe it was the original “perfection?”) Apparently John (him, not […]

Pete Buttigieg: Having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger.

Part-time South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg currently spends his days running far behind people like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination. That’s probably more fun than running his increasingly crime-ridden city. And like all of the other Democrats running for President, he doesn’t like guns. […]

NY State AG Goes After ‘Ghost Guns’

What would the residents of New York State do if they didn’t have Attorney General Letitia James to protect them from metal and plastic parts? Not to mention her work investigating Wayne LaPierre and the NRA, of course. Her latest anti-gun stunt: she has demanded — for the media’s benefit at least — that a […]