Detroit Jewelry Store Owner Shoots Robber 4 Times after Being Stabbed by Stickup Man

Detroit suburb Hamtramck apparently isn’t a place where jewelry thieves should feel safe. “‘I don’t know of any of our jewelry stores where they’re not armed, so it’s very foolish for someone to do that here,’ [city safety director Max] Garbarino said.” But one would-be robber didn’t get the message and tried to relieve Naya’s […]

Don’t Disappoint the Founding Fathers…Buy an AR-15 Rifle Today

Contemporary legislators have the hubris to believe that the Founders hadn’t envisioned any kind of technological advances in firearm technology. It’s an argument tantamount to claiming that free-speech protections are not operable because James Madison couldn’t foresee the incredible speed with which information can be disseminated on the Internet. Not only did legislators in the […]

Giffords Tries to Spin Up Yet Another Fudds-for-Gun-Control Group to ‘Take on the NRA’

Oh look! Another sockpuppet “grassroots” organization of “responsible” outdoorsmen and sportsmen who are FED UP! with the radical positions of the super-creepy GUN LOBBY! and want to DO SOMETHING! that’s “responsible.” Gee, where have we heard this kind of BS before? Unlike past efforts generously funded by Bloomberg-affiliated front groups, the strings for this particular […]

Martha McSally Finally Attacks Mark Kelly on His Gun Control Record

A show-stopping moment during last week’s Senate debate between Republican Sen. Martha McSally and her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly came when the senator accused Kelly of having a part in a “radical political organization” tied to the “extreme left” fringe of the Democratic Party. Without explaining the nature of the group or naming it, McSally charged that Kelly, a retired NASA […]

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Won’t Face Gun Charges in Illinois

Lake County, Illinois prosecutor Michael Nerheim announced this evening that Kyle Rittenhouse will not face weapons charges relating to the August shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The rifle was apparently never in the state of Illinois. From the Chicago Tribune: An Antioch police investigation found that the Smith & Wesson .223 caliber rifle “was purchased, stored […]

Pinkerton Guard Mathew Dolloff Jailed for Investigation of First Degree Murder in Shooting of Lee Keltner

From the Associated Press: A private security guard working for a local TV station was jailed for investigation of first-degree murder in the deadly shooting of another man during dueling right- and left-wing protests in downtown Denver, police said Sunday. Matthew Dolloff, 30, was taken into custody in connection with a clash that took place […]