VIDEO: 3-Lug Mount Suppressor Science

Do you know who developed the 3-lug mount? Or why it’s used for pistol caliber guns rather than center fire rifles? Do 3-lug mount suppressors affect accuracy at all? As SilencerCo writes in the intro to this video . . . There’s no faster way to attach and detach your suppressor than 3-Lug. With a […]

Charlottesville Police Chief Facing Blowback After ‘Assault Weapons’ Committee Testimony

Charlottesville, Virginia police chief RaShall Brackney testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s recent hearings on “assault weapons.” She told the committee that, in her considered opinion, every gun should be banned that can be used to “hunt individuals.” Yes, we know what that means. So did a Republican member of the committee who then pointed […]