Indiana Supreme Court Refuses to Halt City of Gary Lawsuit Against 10 Gun Makers

The quote of the day is presented by Gary alleges the gun manufacturers engaged in unlawful sales and marketing practices that contributed to increased crime in Gary during the late 1990s, and caused the city to incur significant costs for the resulting criminal investigations and prosecutions, according to court records. The case has lingered […]

Happy Thanksgiving From TTAG

Whether you got your bird with a well-placed load of No. 5 shot from 15 yards or from the freezer case at your local store, have a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving. TTAG will be on a reduced posting schedule this long holiday weekend as we spend more time than usual out in meatspace with […]

59-Year-Old Texas Woman Killed in Feral Hog Attack

No, she wasn’t hunting. No, she wasn’t out in the sticks somewhere. Chirstine Rollins was visiting the home of a client in Anahuac, Texas, an exurb east of Houston just south of I-10 when she was set upon by feral hogs. From the scene the local sheriff found, it appears that she was attacked in […]