Missouri Gov. Parson: Trump Is ‘Focused On, Concerned About’ McCloskey Home Defense Case

Last week, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner had police execute a search warrant and seize the rifle that Mark McCloskey used in the photo above when marchers trespassed in his neighborhood and reportedly threatened him and his wife last month. Supposedly part of Gardner’s investigation into the incident, the warrant and gun seizure were […]

New York City Black Leaders Call on Mayor to Put More Cops Back on the Streets

As we’ve noted time and again since the entire ‘defund the police’ movement gained traction and began to be implemented around the country (Minneapolis, Seattle, Oakland, San Diego, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, even Norman, Oklahoma), the biggest casualties of limiting, restricting or outright eliminating law enforcement in the cities that go that way will […]

Shannon Watts Announces Moms Demand Action is Also Anti-Cop

There was already a strong connection between the movement against police violence and the movement against gun violence; some “Mothers of the Movement” like Rep. Lucy McBath have devoted their efforts to the broader gun violence prevention movement. How has the recent movement for racial justice affected the movement against gun violence? Police violence is gun violence […]

Sorry Gun-Grabbers, You Still Can’t Blame the Violence Problem on Firearms

Note: the drop in the US violent crime rate depicted above occurred during a period when the number of civilian-owned firearms doubled. (Find more statistics at Statista) The Washington Post responded to the recent [surge in violent] crimes in their city by publishing an op-ed calling black-on-black crime a “fallacy,” and concluding by blaming “lawmakers’ blind devotion […]

De Blasio Plan for Fighting ‘Gun Violence’ Surge: MORE Cops Accompanied by Community Leaders

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is the Mayor who just announced he’s doing his part to defund the police by  cutting $1 billion of the New York Police Department’s budget. He’s also the Mayor who recently disbanded the NYPD’s 600-man plainclothes anti-crime unit. Oh, and he’s also the Mayor who’s been forced to limit […]