When the Gun Control Bureaucracy Fails, Gun Owners Pay the Price

Whenever the massive, expensive, inefficient, rights-impinging jobs programs that operate this country’s gun control bureaucracies fail, the solution is always to enact still more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. So the Illinois State Police’s failure in issuing the Aurora shooter (a felon) a FOID card now means the rest of the state’s gun owners will […]

City of Pittsburgh, Mayor, and ‘Gun-Grabbing Gang of Six’ City Council-Members Sued Over New Gun Control Laws

From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . . PITTSBURGH, PA (April 9, 2019) — Today, attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., filed a new lawsuit against the City of Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto, and six City Council members over the City’s latest gun control legislation. The case, which seeks […]

Eric Swalwell Bases His Presidential Campaign on Gun Confiscation, False Assumptions

Rep. Eric “Nuke-Em” Swalwell (D-CA) has said he’s going to base his nascent campaign for the presidency on gun control. Good luck with that, Congressman. 2020 hopeful @RepSwalwell: “I’m 38 years old but I’ve been on the Intelligence Committee.” “Keep your rifles, keep your shotguns, keep your pistols. We just want the most dangerous weapons […]

Pittsburgh Residents Sue, Challenging Ban on Standard Capacity Magazines

By NRA-ILA FAIRFAX, Va.– With assistance from the NRA, Pittsburgh residents filed a lawsuit today challenging the city’s ban on publicly carrying loaded magazines that accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Pittsburgh’s recently enacted ordinance misleadingly describes these magazines as “large capacity” even though they come standard with many of the nation’s most popular […]

America’s Gun Culture is an Essential Part of Creating and Preserving a Healthy Civil Society

America’s gun culture is an integral part of who we are and why this country has been as free and prosperous as it has for over 240 years. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. From the colonists winning independence from Great Britain to African-Americans vindicating their civil rights, the role of the gun is inseparable from American identity. The […]