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From the CCRKBA . . .

Anti-gun-rights President Joe Biden has once again taken advantage of two high-profile shooting incidents this week — in Texas and Nevada — to push for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” when published reports indicate such firearms were not used in either case.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says Biden is “remaining true to form, dishing out the same gun control rhetoric he has used in the past, whether it matches up with the specific facts of a crime or not.” It is not the first time Biden has called for a ban on semi-auto rifles.

The New York Post, in its coverage of the Texas mayhem, reported that at least some of the victims suffered gunshot wounds from a “large caliber handgun.” Several news agencies covering the campus shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas reported the killer there was armed with a handgun.

Yet in his prepared White House statement, Biden demanded that, “Republican lawmakers must join with Democrats in Congress to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

“At least Joe Biden is consistent,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “which is to say he’s like a broken record, repeating the same misleading rhetoric over and over. The president and his speech writers should find a new script, or at least wait until they have some facts on which to base their statements. Instead, they seem to go on auto-pilot whenever they can exploit a gun-related tragedy.

President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

“It is hard to know whether Biden is intentionally lying, or if it is dementia,” he stated. “Either way, his one-size-fits-all gun ban fixation is intellectually bankrupt. It purposely promotes a false impression that banning modern rifles will result in a crime-free Utopia. 

“Biden is locked into an obsession to ban modern semiautomatic rifles,” Gottlieb observed, “but he ignores two details. Rifles—of any kind—are used in a fraction of all homicides in any given year, and banning rifles will have zero impact on the criminal misuse of handguns, other than perhaps increasing the use of pistols in crime. In Biden’s case, his rifle ban rhetoric amounts to political bait-and-switch, and he’s hoping nobody notices. It’s disingenuous, if not downright dishonest.”

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    • People were willing to overlook the fact that he was going to be a puppet because Orange Man Bad. Who’s a threat to “democracy” again?

      ‘He is on drugs. I have established that,’ said [Tucker] Carlson.

      ‘I know someone who witnessed it – I’m not guessing at this. I know someone personally who witnessed him taking amphetamines. And this was during the 2020 election.’

    • It came to this because we have become a society that is morally devoid. Millennials think the world owes them everything. And many of them, not even yet of age to own a gun, has been indoctrinated with the “gun bad, orange man bad” mentality. It’s our own fault for allowing a public education system rife with idiots educate our children. They are more concerned with banning guns and making men more effeminate and less imposing than educating. Look at the idiots running CA right now. Not even 12 months ago they were singing their own praises about their budget surplus. Now they are over 60 billion in the red. Until people stop voting for idiots, this will only get worse.

      • You know the youngest millenial is born in 1996, making them 27 years old…same as young people calling everyone older than 40 a boomer. Your gripe is with gen z for the most part; those are the predominant young folks nowadays.

    • An unwillingness to see the facts for what they always have been and cowardice to do what is necessary. To remove the destruction being facilitated on our nation. Once and for all. You deserve the tyrants and tyranny…You allow. something the founding patriots understood, acted upon to remove the threats and passed that responsibility on to future generations. Who for many decades took up that responsibility and acted upon it. to protect and defend, not only the nation from all foreign threats, the domestic ones as well. Threats to the sanctity of a way of life, but also life itself. From the evils being perpetrated on society by an ideology of hatred of freedom and the support of crime and the criminals that perpetrate it upon innocent citizens. Each must choice what they are willing to live with in these regards and the evidence of that willingness. Is being seen all across the nation.

    • Because people foolishly listened to people who said attending meetings doesn’t matter. They said voting doesn’t matter. They said politicians are all the same. None of that is true.

      If you want to keep your liberty you have to always work to protect it, from anyone who wants to take it away.
      They will give you “free stuff” in exchange for you giving up your civil rights.

      • “They will give you “free stuff” in exchange for you giving up your civil rights.”
        Sounds like the feds and our education system. We will give you access to federal funds as long as you teach to our agenda.
        I think in some ways parents are responsible for the situation that we are in. When I was young my family sat at the table together at dinner and mom and dad asked me about my teachers and what I learned that day. They asked who my favorite teachers were and why and the other way around. They took an interest about what I was being taught and asked for and gave feedback. I don’t know if parents being stressed today is an excuse for parents not engaging their children. I remember mom and dad sitting at the table and cutting up credit cards. I’m pretty sure at that point they were stressing! Left wing liberal bastards infiltrated academia. Parents have an obligation to counter it directly by talking to their children.

    • “How did we come to this? I weep for our children’s future.”

      There’s a faint ray of hope :

      A woman who threw a bowl of hot food in the face of a fast-food worker was sentenced (after doing a month in jail) of working in a fast-food joint for an additional 2 months by the judge :

  1. Tough guy Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe brags about peasants having no chance against his military planes and guns yet he still cries for Gun Control. Just how under armed do the peasants have to be to satisfy crybaby joe? Apparently we peasants should all just go throw our guns in a dumpster so joe can feel safe to sniff all the hair he wants.

  2. Kinda surprised he didn’t refer to the 67 year old shooter as a kid and use the event to call for age restrictions.

    Biden was probably out of college by the time the social security collecting shooter was born.

  3. It’s so clear that the true motive of Biden and all the Democrats now is to ban firearms, period. They know the model for this very well, through examples around the globe, and they know the first step is to ban “assault weapons”, which look “scary” to the ignorant masses. Once that’s done, it’s an incremental domino effect… they will move down the line, targeting other rifles and certain handguns, until they eventually have their general ban in place. Truth doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter… these people are totalitarians whose aim is to control the people, and to transform us from free citizens to government-controlled subjugates. Their dream is to dismantle the US Constitution and turn it into nothing more than an old piece of parchment, whose essence is purely symbolic, and no longer genuine.

    The worst part of all this is that so many citizens fail to comprehend the basic fact that the only way the US Constitution is a living document is through an armed (WELL armed) citizenry, capable of defending our Constitutional rights if necessary. Biden and his globalist ilk don’t want us to have that option, hence these incessant attacks on gun rights at every possible opportunity.

    • .40 – yep – right out of the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ playbook.
      STILL haven’t seen any rationale for why he has such a visceral hatred of guns, except for his shotgun of course. Maybe he is just ‘following orders’ as fed to him by his controllers.

  4. El Dementio speaks! and like his whole career , he’s on the wrong side again.
    The Las Vegas gunman shoulkd have been in jail for terrorism for previous sheenaneegans.
    BUT a lax DA didn’t try him for it.

  5. He is on drugs – of course he is. Most people today in the US over 60-65 use drugs. Only those in power get speed, though.

    • Watch this video beginning at the 8:00 mark. See if you spot a sudden difference in the Puppet’s posture and tone. Look at his eyes. Note that this is an official White House video.

      • probably stopped recording, bought a little girl in and let him sniff her which perked him up some and they started recording again.

      • Something like the scene in the movie Flight where the main character gets a recreational pharm cocktail from his personal dealer just before he has to testify.

      • When He touches his nose it’s a signal to his care giver that he is feeling BM running down his leg.

  6. Same song, second verse. Could get better, but it’s gonna get worse.

  7. When you’re a LUNATIC that gets in to office by a stolen election you will work the entire 4 fraudulent years in loss and foolishness. Stupid idiot.

  8. I’m technically an old man and I’m kinda confused on why that senile old fuck hasn’t been put out to pasture already.

  9. Biden is not lieing. Dementia? Perhaps.
    Define assault weapon. “Assault weapons” are anything that propels a projectile.
    Next up, Biden declares the Bill of Rights unconstitutional.

    • possum – please don’t give them any more bad ideas – they come up with enough on their own.
      BTW – saw a video that said possums are good to have around since they eat ticks. Do they taste like chicken?

      • Ticks or possums?
        Ticks taste like chicken if they’ve been sucking the blood from chickens.
        They taste like chicken shit if they’ve been sucking the blood from politicians.

  10. And again I will ask exactly which law ever written has ever prevented a crime? Or which ban ever prevented someone from obtaining the banned object/product?
    Murder has been illegal for a very long time. Yet it happens every day. Even in the so called civilized countries with strict gun control/bans.
    Could it be the disarmament crowd have another agenda that has nothing to do with firearms or crime?

    • Yeah, he’d probably be dead by now if not for the fact that he has never worked a day in his entire oxygen stealing existence on this orb.

  11. Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party and they realize the US would be easier to conquer drugged or dead and weaponless hence the fentanyl crisis, so he is just taking orders. Even the battalions of secret Chinese soldiers sneaking over the southern border might be taken out by a well armed populace! Better they be unarmed and helpless! Right Joe?

  12. all political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party – Mao Zedong

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