Verney-Carron’s Speedline Rifle is a ‘Semi-Semi-Automatic’ and Australians are FREAKING OUT!

The UK’s Daily Mail is sounding the alarm about a dangerous new weapon: A rifle promoted as having an ‘unequalled rate of fire’ of military-style ammunition is now freely available to hundreds of thousands of Australian gun owners. The Verney-Carron Speedline can fire six shots in about three seconds and is being sold with little restriction […]

NRA Board of Directors Exodus Accelerates

Earlier today we reported that National Rifle Association board member Richard Childress, a former NRA first vice president, had resigned. Now CNN is reporting the departure of two more board members. Country music singer and NRA board member Craig Morgan has resigned, sources with knowledge of the matter tell CNN, and NASCAR team owner Richard […]

The Same People Who Call Police Racists Want to Disarm Civilians…And Leave the Guns to the Police

Why does the anti-gun left…the people who denounce police as violent racists, and slave-catchers… seem perfectly happy to ensure those same men and women in blue are the only ones with firearms? The ‘government is needed to make us feel safe’ proposals are not limited to white nationalism, of course. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney used […]

Montana’s Steve Bullock is the ‘Reasonable’ 2020 Democrat Candidate on Gun Control

The following profile of 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Governor Steve Bullock is unintentionally funny, but not in a make-you-laugh kind of way. Right off the bat, the AP’s Michelle L. Price refers to his home state as “deep-red Montana.” Take a look at the history of the state’s elected Congresscritters, Senators and Governors and you […]

ATI Adds the New MilSport AR 410 Shotgun

American Tactical is adding another fun .410 bore option with the introduction of the new MilSport AR 410 shotgun. While their Omni Hybrid AR-15 410 shotgun is built around American Tactical’s Omni Hybrid polymer lower, the new MilSport AR 410 uses a standard American-made milspec aluminum AR-15 lower. Here’s their press release . . . […]