The Vigorous Exercise of the First Amendment Can Make Second Amendment Rights More Necessary

Interpreting the Second Amendment by analogy to the First has the specific advantage of importing a well-reticulated body of First Amendment principles to help guide a Second Amendment law still in its infancy. But even more importantly, reference to the First Amendment also encourages neutral treatment of the Second Amendment, because judges as a class […]

Cook: Relax, Biden Won’t Be Able to Do Anything to Really Restrict Gun Ownership

“Anarchy will reign and I don’t expect any compliance amongst citizens,” said Brian Rafn, a recently retired gun industry analyst from Morgan Dempsey whose family owns shares in Sturm, Ruger. He estimated the “civilian gun arsenal” to be 585 million in guns in private ownership, which he referred to as “a Red State and rural/suburban […]

America’s Tense Political Atmosphere Is Leading to Increased Black Gun Ownership

Gun ownership is most common among white men, particularly those who live in rural areas and those who describe themselves as conservative, according to the Pew Research Center and other surveys. According to a 2015 report by the non-partisan research group NORC at the University of Chicago, 39% of white adults said they lived in a household with a […]

Everest Announces their New CaliberVideo Streaming Platform for Caliber Members, the world’s first outdoor lifestyle focused multi-merchant marketplace becomes one of only two online marketplaces to offer streaming entertainment to its customers, which they call Caliber Members. Specifically, CaliberVideo is the streaming component of Everest and has now launched its proprietary streaming platform with over 3,000 titles including movies, documentaries, reality shows and television […]

After Defunding Police, NYC Will Have Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers Respond to Some 911 Calls

Bill de Blasio has feuded with the New York Police Department virtually since the day he took office. The socialist mayor’s war with New York’s Finest has frequently spilled out into the open, with cops turning their back on him and the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association president calling for his resignation in August. The pandemic and […]

Biden Wants to Prevent Armed Teachers From Protecting Themselves and Their Students

Preventing teachers from carrying firearms is just one of Joe Biden’s gun control goals. See his other priorities for rolling back Second Amendment rights here. The idea of arming teachers to prevent school shootings burst into the national conversation after Parkland, when President Trump raised the possibility in listening sessions with grieving parents. Shortly after […]