Marine: We Must Be Willing to Take Up Arms to Fight Virus Lockdown Orders [VIDEO]

The husband of a co-founder of the ReOpen North Carolina protest group has said he would be ‘willing to kill people’ to fight the government’s coronavirus lockdown measures. In the 17-minute video Adam Smith, husband of ReOpenNC founder Ashley Smith from Morganton, North Carolina, said he would ‘bring force’ and ‘bring guns’ if armed authorities […]

Gunwerks’ Aaron Davidson on #FakeNews and the Settlement of The Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Wyoming-based premium rifle maker Gunwerks had been doing business with Wells Fargo for years. When the bank recently tried to change the collateral valuation basis underlying the company’s working capital loan, lender and borrower got into a dispute. That dispute escalated over time and resulted in Wells Fargo filing suit against Gunwerks earlier this week. […]