Answering the NRA’s Call, Virginia Gun Owners Crowd the Capitol for Gun Control Hearings

The newly Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature begins hearing testimony on a raft of gun control bills today at the capitol in Richmond. Bills under consideration include an “assault weapons” ban, “large capacity” magazine ban, red flag confiscations, universal background checks and more. Hearings today will be held by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The NRA […]

After Rampant Noncompliance, New Zealand Police Using Social Media Posts to Target Gun Owners

New Zealand doesn’t have firearms registration so police are getting creative in finding other ways to determine who owns them. And they’re apparently targeting critics of PM Jacinda Ardern’s failed gun-grabbing scheme. This is for a lever-action .22LR that’s designed to hit paper or be used to hunt bunnies. What happened to going after the “weapons […]

The UK’s Guardian Stokes Fear of Armed Insurrection in Virginia and the Start of the ‘Boogaloo’

The effort to discredit those in Virginia who happen to disagree with the flood of anti-gun laws being pushed by newly-empowered Democrats is well under way. Anyone challenging the gun-grabbing proposals under consideration in the state legislature is being portrayed as a racist, a white supremacist, or an anti-government militia type. Or some blend of […]

Biden’s Latest Strategy: Run Hard on Gun Control

Because that strategy has worked so spectacularly well for Eric Swalwell (remember him?) and Robert Francis O’Rourke. The effort, details of which were shared with BuzzFeed News, is part of the Democratic presidential candidate’s $4 million advertising plan for Iowa. The ads, according to the Biden campaign, will narrowly target potential caucus-goers who might be […]

Virginia Indoor Range Ban Bill is Aimed Directly at the NRA

Virginia Delegate Dan Helmer pre-filed House Bill 567 recently. If enacted, the bill would ban any indoor shooting range not owned by the commonwealth or the federal government…with an exception and some onerous reporting requirements. You can read the bill here. First, smaller indoor ranges would be exempt. As the bill states, Virginia would allow […]

GEMTECH’s New Modular Lunar 9 Suppressor

Jeremy has already gotten his hands on GEMTECH’s new Lunar 9 modular suppressor. You can run it in a 4.7-inch or 7-inch configuration with either 9mm or 300 BLK subsonic firearms. Look for a full review soon. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . . GEMTECH Suppressors announced today that it has introduced a new, modular 9mm suppressor – […]

Angstadt Arms Reveals the New MDP-9 AR-9 Pistol

After teasing their new MDP-9, Angstadt Arms has now officially released the new roller-delayed blowback AR-9 sub gun. As Angstadt says of their new pistol, the MDP-9 is a true roller-delayed blowback design with very low recoil that’s ideal for attaching a suppressor. And yes, it runs GLOCK magazines and has last round bolt hold […]