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It’s been a long time coming; Steyr [Mannlicher] Arms posted the above video nearly two years ago. On September 29, the Austrian gunmaker will formally introduce the civilian spec AUG/3 SA to the American public. The gun will make its debut at the bullpup hoedown throwdown at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY from Sept. 29-30. According to Steyr’s website [link autoplays video], the AUG/3 was “conceived to meet the state-of-the-art requirement of today’s sports.” In light of the controversy surrounding RECOIL magazine’s “no sporting purpose” remarks about the H&K MP7A1, ha! Did I mention that I really, really want an AUG/3 on or before next August 3rd? I mean, did you see the reloading process? To quote Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame), that is clever.

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      • Tack on how much more to the already ridiculous price? I’ll stick with my AR until something really game changing hits the market.

        • Your FFL can special order a left-hand version of the rifle directly from Steyr Arms. To let your wrong-handed buddies shoot it, you’ll need the right-hand bolt, which is available for $249 on the Steyr website.

          As for ARs, I just cleaned my AUG trigger group after almost 7,000 rounds because I had nothing better to do. How often do you have to clean your rig, align gas rings, etc. to keep it running? 😉

        • “How often do you have to clean your rig, align gas rings, etc. to keep it running?”

          Like never. At the end if the day I add some lube, but that’s it.

        • +1 Ando.

          Aligning the gas rings is a load of crap. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. I hit the lube points with some red lube after shooting and my AR is GTG.

          Obvious AUG fanboy. That being said I’ve always wanted one.

  1. Definitely not southpaw friendly with the offset to the grip. I’d rather have a Tavor (if they ever get around to releasing those here too).

  2. I’m sure it’ll be expensive and I’m confident the mags will be even worse but I’ve wanted one since I saw Die Hard back in the day.

    Steyr’s site says it is a .223 caliber which is surprising. I would have figured 5.56 chambering for sure.

  3. Those amazing Austrians. They make great beer, wonderful food, the best economists, fantastic music and awesome guns. Too bad they have devolved into a sniveling pack of Euro-weenie socialist knuckleheads.

    • You left out their automobiles, they make excellent automobiles too. The political point at the end aside (not disagreeing), I’ve always said that if you want good, solid, German engineering – you should buy Austrian.

  4. “According to Steyr’s website, the AUG/3 was ‘conceived to meet the state-of-the-art requirement of today’s sports.’ In light of the controversy surrounding RECOIL magazine’s ‘no sporting purpose’ remarks about the H&K MP7A1, ha!”

    Little bit of marketing genious there. Hitting a sweet note to contrast the sour note that has been played to the gun-enthusiasts lately. I’m sure it’s intended to also be a bit of a dig at HK. Steyr almost certainly considers themselves in the same league with HK, although their military and civilian market shares are considerably smaller.

  5. That looks like an apartment dweller’s perfect HD rifle.

    Clearing the hallways of a college apartment with a 16″ AR15=megaubersuckitude. May as well hang a sign on the end of the barrel saying “Please disarm my owner”

  6. Why do I have the sudden urge to own an “ebr”. It seems to have developed as a direct result of finding TTAG.

  7. “Conceived to Meet the State-of-the-Art Requirements of Today’s Sports”

    Well, we all know that this isn’t referring to an HK product featured in Recoil magazine.

  8. Will be my next purchase, they just started general issue of the AUG for the New Zealand Army in my last year of high school growing up there, always liked the platform.

    In this brave new world of “multi-caliber” the AUG was way ahead of the curve, 9mm and 5.56 using the same common receiver and stock.

  9. I have one of the older A3s built on a saber receiver and I love it. I have no idea why these arnt more popular. This rifle points like a part of your body. The feel of it is amazing. It shoots great, has very little muzzle flip. If you get the chance try one, you will be surprised.

  10. I have an M9A1 from before Steyr’s market exit. I love that gun but have been afraid to shoot it because of its orphan status in the market. I consider it my exotic firearm to be looked at and fondled but never shot.

    I’m excited Steyr is coming back to the US. Their pistol is head and shoulders above a Glock (I carry and compete with Glocks). Its like a Gen 18 Glock. I won’t let my 13yo daughter shoot my M9-A1 because she’ll never want to go back to her G17.

    I would love to get a second M9-A1 to shoot in USPSA and Steel and to carry. If anyone in Atlanta knows of a Steyr dealer with fair pricing, please point them out.

    • Steyr brought back the pistols about a year and a half ago. Just call down to the Trussville, Ala., headquarters (205) 655-8299, and they should be able to get your local dealer another pistol for you.

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