Attempted Seattle Home Invasion Shows – Once Again – Why You Need More Than 10 Rounds [VIDEO]

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You’ve heard it dozens of times. No one needs more than 10 rounds in a magazine. If you can’t stop a threat with 10 rounds, you’re doing it wrong. Woolly-headed utopian anti-gun activists justify the limits they want to impose on all gun owners as some kind of safety measure that might some day, somewhere, slow down a spree killer who chooses to comply with a gun control law…while he’s murdering people.

Joe Biden went so far as to assert that 100 rounds in a chamber is crazy…whatever the hell that means.

As a recent attempted 2:00am home invasion by three armed men in a south Seattle suburb illustrates, there are a lot of personal defense situations when a standard capacity magazine with more than ten rounds comes in very handy.

From the Auburn, Washington police department . . .

Security footage from the home showed three masked men carrying guns announcing themselves as “Seattle Police” before trying to kick in the door. The homeowner was armed and quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door. After multiple shots were fired, the three suspects fled.

We don’t suggest using the Biden-approved tactic of shooting through the door as it seems the homeowner did here. While it can be considered justified — depending on the circumstances and what the local prosecutor had for breakfast that morning — it’s not something you want to hang your hat on.

The three home invaders ultimately weren’t convinced to break off their attack until they’d finally kicked the door open and the armed defender shot back…when one of them began to raise his gun.

We counted 14 or 15 shots fired by the home owner. Washington Democrats passed a 10-round magazine capacity limit in 2022. Because common-sense gun reform…or something.

The three police-impersonating thugs couldn’t be reached for comment as to whether Washington’s gun control law affected their choice in weapons early Thursday morning. It obviously didn’t limit the home owner (current owners of standard capacity magazines were grandfathered in when the capacity limit became law).

Gun control kills. It limits or stops law-abiding citizens from defending themselves against those who would prey on them…people who don’t give a damn about gun control laws. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case here, no thanks to the great minds in Olympia who, if they’d had their way, would have limited their victim’s ability to respond in a potentially life-threatening situation.

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  1. They can draft all the idiotic rules they want…..WE will protect what’s ours from the products of today’s phuked up society!!

    • Pretty much huh. There’s a few things where the rubber meets the road. One is my doggies. There’s the old saying where you never mess with a mans car or his dog. We here at TTAGs take that saying a step further.

      Strong Second Amendment advocates don’t appreciate the antis attempting to push their ideology on us and that’s putting it rather mildly.

    • People need to understand that the criminals are traveling in packs now, like hyenas, and you need to have many rounds at your disposal.

  2. Funny(not ha ha) how those wanting to limit magazine capacity, gun types etc never speak from experience, but scream about how this or that will make us all safer. Idiots one and all.

    • RE: “Gun control kills”

      Gun Control does kill and if it does not kill it will make slaves out of those in its path like it has done for centuries and recently what insane Gun Control did to the defenseless Israelis bordering Gaza.

      The following should ruffle some Gun Control zealot feathers and if it does they will have to go pound sand…

  3. As for firing through the door. If I had small kids at home with me then I would fire through the door. Keeping the threat outside the house away from the kids would be my priority.

    Lawyers can sort it out later.

    • Also, maybe, the home owner has access to the live video feed. Why is that non-obvious? Surely if you have a video camera on your front stoop, its ultimately for this reason. Then shoot through the door to your hearts content as long as you know its not girl scouts, lol.

      • I always sign up for the 2 AM delivery option when I order Girl Scout cookies. 🙄

        Not gonna gonna use the Biden approved shoot through the door option. One, it feels too much like a warning shot and two, my door doesn’t really deserve to be shot.

        • Lol, its just an option, you can see them and they are kicking the crap out of the door. This makes me think he should have an X painted on the front porch to help line up the shot. Also, it’s just amusing Monday morning QB’ing

  4. Relative to gun free zone signage, John Lovell in one of his Warrior Poet Society videos compared how wolves hunting in a sheep pasture is similar to bad people hunting in Gun Free Zones. Makes perfectly good sense even though the left cannot/refuse to see the dangers apparent in Gun Free Zones and or so called sensitive locations all the while shouting we need to pass more “common sense” laws. Truth is they would not recognize common sense if it kicked them in the groin.

    • their definition of ‘common sense’ is making rights privileges then controlling what ‘privilege’ you have and don’t have. it’s outlined in the below video

      “BANNING FIREARMS IN 2024?” (with Nick Freitas) | Homesteaders of America Conference 2023.

  5. @.40 cal Booger, Thanks for the link. The fellow makes excellent knowledgeable points. I have pointed out to members of the house and the senate in my state the difference between Rights and Privileges. You and I are in total agreement and I appreciate your comments.

  6. The Washington Dems did pass a law banning all magazines with more than 10 rounds from being manufactured or sold after July 1, 2022. They also explicitly said all magazines prior to July 1 are legal. They did this to avoid the law getting overturned as an Unconstitutional Taking.

    Tons of us bought as many magazines for our pistols and rifles as we could prior to July 1. Hopefully the guy in Auburn can establish that his standard capacity magazine pre-dates July 1.

    • Same as what we Californians did prior to 2000, and again during Freedom Week in 2019. With so many people owning standard cap mags, and the law being declared unconstitutional a total of four times by Federal judges (Benitez 2017, Ninth Circuit en banc 2018, Benitez 2019, Benitez 2023), nobody I know in LE cares one whit how many rounds your mag holds. They only care if/where you’re pointing your gun.

    • All well and good, except what if I NOW want a Grendel, or ARC, or anything else I didn’t own before the law was passed? How does a 12 year old now get a 30 round AR mag at 18?

      This of course assumes Washington doesn’t understand how interstate travel works.

      These laws serve to divide even gun owners into the haves and have nots. I’ve got mine, I’m good. Why fight?

      • Washingtonians are fighting: multiple law suits were filed pretty much instantly. Unfortunately, the courts in Washington are stacked against the Second Amendment, so we’re going to be dependent on the Supreme Court to eventually end this.

      • For the first part you were financially limited and started buying magazines for your Grendel before you had the gun.

    • I took photos of all my magazines and the date stamp is my proof that I had them before the bullshit law went into effect.

  7. …the home invaders are imports from somewhere else, probably recent ones.

    Anyone local knows Seattle PD is way outside their turf in Auburn.

  8. Did The ATF Try To Get In? (my answer is yes, I’ve had them tell me they’ve been told by supervisors to check to see if the door is unlocked and if it is they go in, and they’ve been caught on other videos checking too)

  9. Can’t see the video, when i click on the start icon, it starts and then stop immediately. What am i doing wrong.

    • you need to click on the video and play icon after or loads up and after that initial stop. that’s what I had to do.

    • Oh yes- the same government that told me wuhan Coronavirus was the death plague and that’s holding J6 peaceful protestors without trial. I trust everything they say. I trust them when they a rocket with a 20lb payload could kill 500 people in a hospital. I trust when they tell me my child needs puberty blockers.

      I trust “Never Trump” Fox News. I have so much money that I don’t mind the government taking half my money to pay for dropping bombs on churches. I don’t care that millions of illegal immigrants are coming across our southern border. Ukraine and Israel’s borders are more important that ours.

      • So you believe the folks who randomly launch thousands of rockets at Israel and send out raiding parties to murder over a thousand and kidnap a couple hundred people (from their headquarters under a hospital) when they tell you that the rocket misfire in a hospital parking lot was actually an Israeli airstrike that killed 500 people? Despite the hospital still standing. And the casualty count has dropped to maybe 50. (Yes the NYT ran a picture of a destroyed building, but that was a different location. They couldn’t run a picture of the hospital because it’s still there in good shape.)

  10. i wouldnt be surprised if the local DA didnt press charges against the homeowner for shooting at the fleeing disinfranchised individuals just trying to turn their lives around. There is a county here where that is exactly what would have happened.

  11. Can we all agree that those three men (all carrying firearms) were going to rush inside if they managed to open that door and the homeowner had not yet shot at them? I personally put the odds of that being accurate at 99%.

    In the above situation, it is absolutely certain that those men would be able to immediately shoot at the home defender and literally be on top of the home defender within two seconds thereafter (if the defender was anywhere near that door).

    Given all of the above, a home defender armed only with a semi-auto handgun is very unlikely to physically incapacitate all three attackers before at least one of those three attackers can impart life-threatening or fatal wounds to the defender. And even if the home defender had a semi-auto rifle, there is still a very high probability that at least one of the attackers could reach the defender and impart life-threatening or fatal wounds before physical incapacitation.

    This makes the case for a full-auto rifle for home defense: the only way that the home defender has a high probability of physically incapacitating all three armed attackers before at least one of them imparts a life-threatening or fatal wound is if he/she can open up on the attackers in full automatic fire as they pile in through the door (a.k.a. “fatal funnel”).

  12. the devil is in the details:
    did he start firing before
    – or after –
    the 3 armed men at 2 am
    began kicking in his front door
    if after – he might ok
    if before – he may have a problem
    my 2 am multiple intruder contingency:
    steel front door
    double deadbolt with lengthened hardware
    steel pin in the floor
    braced with 1×6 jammed under the door knob
    (itll take them quite a while to kick that in)
    if they still insist on coming all the way through
    into my perfect fatal funnel entryway
    after making a bunch of noise for 90+ seconds:
    glock 22
    15 round mag
    +5 mag extension
    165 grain golden sabres

    • Sound Awake,

      Your preventive measure (seriously reinforced/hardened front door) is your gold-star element in your home defense approach.

      May I suggest that you have hearing protection at the ready and, more importantly, a SECOND Glock 22 with 15 round magazine which would enable you to fire with both hands simultaneously. (That means that you are shooting one-handed with one Glock in each hand of course.)

      See my comment above where I explain that your probability of physically incapacitating three armed men rushing in (before at least one of them imparts a life-threatening or fatal injury) is very low unless you are shooting a full-auto rifle. Of course we have no practical ability to legally acquire a full-auto rifle for home defense. So, I am thinking that shooting two semi-auto handguns at the same time (one in each hand, shooting one-handed) improves your odds over a single firearm shooting semi-automatic.

      Having a second Glock in your “off” hand also provides redundancy: if your “primary” handgun fails in any way, your “secondary” handgun is already in hand and you are already firing.

    • Sound Awake,

      I forgot to ask about other possible points of entry such as an easily accessible window, back door, or (worse) a glass sliding door. How have you hardened those?

  13. These “limitations” on how many round mags you can have are ridiculous. It is so easy to change mags is is makes such “rules” look stupid.

  14. 14 to 15 rounds were fired.
    So that’s less then the Presidents recommended two blast from the old double barreled buckshot shotgunm.
    100 rounds to a chamber, thatd be like #4 shot?
    Mr. President you can shoot pheasants(the h is silent)with buckshot?
    I’m going to need more practice to pull that off, and a balcony.
    The right to bare arms, or breast, shall not be infringed.
    Long live Democracy.

  15. It says that after he fired shots through the door, they fled.
    Then it says they kicked the door in.
    So which is it?

    • Both. The bad guys tried breaking in. The resident fired several rounds as they continued. They succeeded in forcing the door, then fled as the resident fired better aimed shots through the open door. So the fleeing occurred after the shots, but not immediately after the first shot.

  16. I don’t know whether to laugh or bloody cry at the sheer stupidity of the opening comment. Did it or has it not occurred to you that you can actually CHANGE a MAGAZINE?? In fact it’s NORMAL practice that if you fire a series of shots, no matter how many you THINK you’ve fired the first thing you do IS CHANGE YOUR BLOODY MAGAZINE-or at least that was the procedure that I was taught back in my days in the UK Infantry Reserves. NEVER GET CAUGHT with a EMPTY Mag, The drill is the same whether your Mag has a 30 round load, a 17 round load or a 10 round load and applies to any weapon. You’d be surprised at how many GI’s in VIETNAM died because they did not change their mags Whole patrols were caught with empty mags. Simply because they just blasted away!

    • “I don’t know whether to laugh or bloody cry at the sheer stupidity of the opening comment. Did it or has it not occurred to you that you can actually CHANGE a MAGAZINE??”

      You obviously didn’t get it. You obviously don’t understand the context.

      How many rounds would that person need if those guys had gotten through the door? Can you predict that? No, you can’t and don’t pretend like you can either.

      How many mags would the person need if those guys had gotten through the door? Can you predict that? No, you can’t and don’t pretend like you can either.

      Considering that a mag change with a mag limited to 10 rounds, and if you had actually been in the military you would know this, under very close CQB conditions that this would have been if those guys had gotten through the door would take, say, even one second that’s one second too long. So it would have benefited to have more rounds than 10 in a mag to increase chances of survival. There were three of them, armed, and even if they were armed with 10 round magazines that’s 30 rounds available to them, collectively, against a lone defender limited to 10 rounds in a magazine and forced to change mags while they can continue firing – so the chances of survival for the defender decrease under this very close CQB conditions situation by being forced to do a mag change because of limitations on the number of rounds in the magazine. And sure, one could say that for 15 round magazines too, but the chances of survival for the defender are increased in such a very close CQB conditions situation because the continuation of being able to fire longer before a mag change helps increase the likely hood of hits to stop the threat. And most ordinary law abiding citizen ‘self-defense’ situations are like this against armed attackers, they are very close CQB conditions situations.

      Now, regarding your post claim of “at least that was the procedure that I was taught back in my days in the UK Infantry Reserves”… First, your own spew of nonsense here shows you do not understand the context of the situation. Second, no military ever taught their troops to limit their magazines to 10 rounds and just change magazines when those were exhausted in a very close CQB conditions situation. Third, it has been proven here before, using your own words and posts, you never served in the U.K. military. So just STFU and go away and stop promoting anti-gun agenda that has been shown and proven to get ordinary law abiding people killed.

      • Albert what’s the difference between 1 X 30 round magazine and 3 X 10 round magazines?
        Take your bloody opinions and stick ’em and shove ’em in with a magazine.

        • Albert, also if you want to take a chance with your life while changing a magazine, that’s your business; but, it isn’t your business if POTG don’t want to risk their lives while changing a magazine. The time, even though mere seconds, gives the bad guys more time to shoot back. Also in the heat of the moment a magazine could be dropped along with other things that could go wrong thus giving the bad guys even more time to shoot, stab etc.
          Consider, all people are not young and agile. Older folk loose fine motor skills over time and become more vulnerable. But, I suppose you are OK with sacrificing certain groups of people for your inconsiderate opinions.
          Oh, and around here your opinions are unnecessary and non productive.

    • Tell me more about YOUR experienced knowledge of Vietnam, might be the reason for some Brits or Canadian deaths but I never saw anyone killed because they “forgot” to change a fucking magazine, moron…

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