Blue State Gun Owners Look On in Horror and Scream…Why Won’t You Die?

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Assault Weapons Ban cartoon

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      • I don’t think he’s new. There was a guy here months ago that spouted this same bogus line. Different name, that I forgot. But same ignorant shite.

      • Everyone take a deep breath, Dacian finally said something reasonably intelligent. Either there’s hope for him or we’re nearing Armageddon!

      • “The sad and unfortunate truth is that the nazis did not violate any laws. Not the laws of their own country obviously, but neither any international laws.”


        Rounding up the Jews without a trial and shipping them off to concentration camps for mass murder without a legal trial where they could prove their innocence of a capital crime didn’t break any laws, German or international?

        You, are the very definition of a Fascist and deserve to be executed yourself, son.

        Except, that will be hard to do since you hide behind your fake name on the internet.

        TTAG really should consider banning by IP addresses… 🙁

      • @Geoff, nope, no blocking. Free speech must be for everyone. He can say anything he wants. We, in turn, can tell him the absurdity of his claims.

      • I agree that morons should not be blocked, let them express their beliefs. That way we know who/what we are dealing with.

        Look at this guy, he has expressed sympathy for the vile leadership who were tried at Nuremburg, he/she/lmnop+++— has expressed contempt for Jews, this allows us to know what moral failings this individual possesses.

        I like how these people bring up Jesus, you know the Jewish guy who berated the bastardization of His Fathers intent by those in power. As if Jesus would say genocide against His people is fine as long as you don’t sign some treaty.

        Hamas has really brought these people out for all to see. And stay away from Greta, Jerry called dibs.

      • While I feel that all the defendants at Nuremberg deserved what they got, the rules were made after the fact. That would not fly in today’s world. We would have to get them the old fashioned way, hunt them down and kill them, 1 by 1.
        I am not defending any Nazis, just stating the facts.

      • “I suspect Geoff, 40 cal, Dacian, and JWM are all just sock puppets of the editor of this blog, who is confirmed Jewish.”

        And you would be wrong that these are sock puppets of “the editor of this blog”. I happen to personally know “40 cal” and I can assure you that you are wrong, and I happen to know who “JWM” actually is and I can assure you that you are wrong. I also know who dacian is and where he lives (as do others here) and I assure you that you are wrong. Now, I do not personally know who Geoff is actually but I and others here know where he truly lives and his true age and it is not that of the “the editor of this blog”.

        And why does it matter if the “editor of this blog” is Jewish and even if you have ‘confirmed’ this why does it matter?

        Everyone here, all people, are of some heritage or lineage even you. But you single out ‘jewish’ as being somehow more deserving of your veiled-speak vile hatred-leaning posts and that some way or another makes what you say more significant?

        I do not post very often, in fact this is only the third post I have ever made here. I can’t remember the past names I used, since I don’t usually post on social media things I don’t create accounts so don’t keep track of random names I might use on occasions for the very few postings I might make someplace in comment sections on blogs. I simply say my piece and move on.

        However, I felt compelled to say something here at this time. This is because I noticed your post and knew it to not be true and I have noticed a recent trend of these new posters showing up with these veiled-speak vile hatred-leaning posts most of which, like yours, seem to have a certain writing style that is unique to a user called “Miner49er”, and with these types of implying lies as well.

      • First! AR15s ARE NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS! Semiautomatic rifles do not qualify. So hide your arms when not in use. Second. Blue states are the morons banning them. Red states allow you to shoot them in competition, and other lawful purposes. And even in some Blue states, police now ignore the laws themselves. Get to know your local LEOs and LEAs.

        • the thing they are not is ‘assault rifles’. ‘assault weapons’ is a term coined (supposedly by Josh Sugarmann) to call evil scary military looking rifles that they wanted banned.

          certain people having a ‘bullet button’ on their guns and just using the mag release as normal, never engaging the set screw, is what got those banned by name. and yes, at public ranges, cops in CA do still ask for your registered AW paperwork. might not be your local cops, might be the county sheriff, or state cops… so basically, hide them at home? yeah, not a valid plan.

        • @Draven
          Cop asking for the registration paperwork for my ‘assault rifle’ as they see me at the range firing my AR15…

          No sir, no paperwork. I don’t own an assault rifle. Never have and am not likely to either.

          But if you must know, I have the paperwork right here for this AR15. As I reach for my papers.

          It wasn’t all that long ago that the left was screaming bloody murder over the idea of ‘showing their papers’. Now they demand it.

        • They won’t say ‘assault rifle’ they’ll as for your paperwork for your ‘assault weapon’. I didn’t say they’d ask for your ‘assault rifle’ paperwork, at any point. MY point is, they see you slapping mags in anything that even looks like one of them, they can ask, and will, at many public ranges.

    • Something the Founding Patriots understood and dealt with appropriately. All those who currently complain about having their Rights being infringed. Not so much.

  1. In other news Larry Vickers could be going to prison for trafficking in automatic weapons. In the meantime the ATF lets the cartels walk. Go figure.

  2. Assault weapons ban eating it’s 26th block of cheese; ‘I came prepared, bitch boy.’

  3. To ban a firegunm is unconstitutional.
    The Second Amendment is and was about we the people having the ability to assault. SDS , you cant suppress unless you assualt.

  4. Oh wow. They just delete any comment that disagrees with dehumanizing Germans or Palestinians.

    Good job censoring, TTAG.

    • Deleting an obvious lie is not censorship. Being a holocaust denier and a terrorism supporter does not entitle you to be outraged when you get called out for your very obvious BS.

      • Are you saying that the IDF didn’t admit to bombing a church, killing family members of a former congressman?

        The big lie is that a Hamas rocket went off course and killed 500 people at a hospital- more than the 27 people killed by all 3000+ Hamas rockets fired at Israel over the last decade. But anyone who questions Israel’s supposed right to ethnically cleanse Christians and Muslims from the Holy Land is censored.

        • You’re trying to portray nazi germans as the victims of ww2. You’re rising up in defense of terrorists.

          You know what will stop collateral damage in war? Tell hamas not to go on a murder spree and start a war.

          Even a trailer park moron like you can understand that, right?

        • Truth is that a Hamas rocket misfired and landed in a hospital parking lot (NOT the actual building which sustained minimal damage) fucking up a bunch of cars and MAYBE killing a handful of civilians… If there were 500 bodies they would have on display, The video I saw did not show ANY bodies, no blood, no bits of clothing, nothing to indicate ANY deaths occurred, not even a body in one of those cars…

  5. The depraving that world witnessed as Hamas went from one unarmed neighborhood to another, with not a care in the world…… KNOWING that nobody would be shooting back because the Israeli gubbmint disarmed it’s citizens, should be a wake up call to all law abiding responsible Americans that this jihad is coming soon to your neighborhood should you ever allow yourselves to be disarmed and this become helpless sitting ducks for evil people with guns to come and what ever the hell they want to do to you and your family.

    Every time “We The People” ALLOW these traitorous piles of excrement 1 inch of lost Liberty, rest assured they will never stop until it’s all gone.

    • The carnage Hamas has inflicted would have been seriously limited with 20-30 of those in each neighborhood firing back with assault rifles. The result would have been LESS death.

      • Amen!!!! This is common sense. Sadly, the globalist minded gubbmint of Israel doesn’t trust their citizens to own firearms.

    • Cartel Sicarios will be doing Hamas Style attacks in this country before long. They did it in Jaurez Mexico 20 years ago to expropriate the wealthiest neighborhood…..the “lucky” ex-residents escaped to El Paso, the unlucky ones disappeared.

      • You are 100% correct.

        This is why Americans need to extract their heads out of their $$$ and start demanding that politicians stop “ infringing” the right to excersize the very precious 2nd amendment right.

        And rich left leaning anti gun DEMONcRATS are too stupid to understand that the gangs, Hamas, etc will first go to the unarmed anti gun areas of the nation first, and sadly bee will witness what we witnessed this past week in Israel…… armed evil people murdering helpless unarmed “sitting ducks”

  6. Newest Gun Control report bought by leftist is an epic fail of biased deception. They try to say red states have more gun homicide then blue cities (trying to compare a whole state against a blue city is bias deceptive to begin with – its an ‘apples vs oranges’ false correlation = causation deception so common in anti-gun studies) but the ‘report’ ignores and tries to deceive away from that the ‘greater’ homicides in those ‘red states’ are in cites run by left wing blue democrats in the red states.

    • we ALL know the real reason why some red states (in the South, specifically) gave higher murder RATES than some blue states…

      Southern red states have much higher melanin rates than leftist blue states such as VT, NH, ME, RI, CT, OR, and WA…

      High levels of melanin = High violent crime.

      Every. Single. Time.

  7. The up side with all these UN-Constitutional bills is they only set precedence, and strengthen the 2ndA.

    • I wish that were true. No matter how atrocious the laws are, a part of them always survives. Each time more chips come off the stone. A recently retired CEO of a gun grabber group called it “Radical Incrementalism.” They just keep chipping away, until eventually nothing is left. The only way to stop it is to educate that masses and vote out the scum. Mostly leftists but certainly some on the right need to go. Particularly those like Cornyn who try to cut a deal with the devil and then act surprised when the devil cheats.

      • They never learn, fall for the old “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” then act shocked when that particular Tuesday never comes…

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