Chinese GLOCK full auto switch (
Chinese knock-off GLOCK full auto switch (
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“It used to be we’d have an incident where a round or two was fired, and that’s bad enough,” [ATF D.C. field office special agent in charge Charlie J.] Patterson said. “Now you’re having crime scenes where there are 15 or more rounds fired. . . . That’s doubling or tripling the potential for death.”

Patterson also said authorities take a dim view of the term “giggle switch,” though it has made its way into police reports and court documents.

Chris Stone, a spokesman for the National Association for Gun Rights, said the “average person is not going to own a Glock with a full-on auto sear.” He said their increasing use on the streets is “criminals doing what they always do — breaking the law and finding a way around it.”

His group says that additional laws or rules, such as those proposed to more closely regulate kits used to make ghost guns, harm hobbyists while failing to dissuade or prevent criminals from obtaining the parts. Stone said laws prohibiting auto sears “are not doing anything to stop the criminals.”

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  1. “It used to be we’d have an incident where a round or two was fired, and that’s bad enough,” [ATF D.C. field office special agent in charge Charlie J.] Patterson said. “Now you’re having crime scenes where there are 15 or more rounds fired. . . . That’s doubling or tripling the potential for death.”

    Apparently AFT isn’t very good at math either

    • While the AFT certainly is bad at math (and everything else they do), it appears that they are actually aware of how rounds:hits ratios work in the hood…a 15x increase in rounds fired to obtain a 2x increase in hits…

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    • Sooo, since Glocks are readily convertible to fully automatic they are really NFA items like bump stocks and Rare Breed triggers. Who would have guessed?

      • Aaaaand you win the prize for figuring it out.

        In engineering terms, the easy part about self-loading firearms is making them machine guns; The difficult part is taming that machine gun to behave and fire only one shot per trigger pull, a bit of magic performed mostly by adding bits such as a disconnector/connector or leaving out bits such as a second sear.
        Make no mistake, our Betters know full well that all semi-automatic firearms have the makings of machine guns hidden within, just waiting for a bit of scrap metal, a coat hanger, or a ChiCom gimmick to set them free.

        That means that they all must go, or Utopia cannot happen.

  2. And yet so many of these gun control politicians (tyrants) force ten round magazine limits. When people like Biden says no one needs more than ten rounds, its reality being ignored.

    The truth is, the ATF and the 1968 GCA are simply being rendered obsolete. Karens and liberals filled with fear are not enough to stop the winds of these changes.

    • The citizenry must have unrestricted access to military firearms…PERIOD.
      Ctiminals ( or, aparently, drug cartels and terrorist organizations ) will always have them. It should be easier to buy a machine gun than it is to vote.

    • I’ll never understand, nor seek, the appeal of full auto. Two rounds in the thoracic is usually enough to get the job done, so anyone spraying out “15 or more rounds” doesn’t seem to be efficient or self-controlled.

      Then again, I don’t live in D.C., so mebbe that’s just how the locals roll…

      • First two go to the chest. Third one is aimed at the head in case they are wearing body armor. I learned that from my dad. He was never a cop but qualified Expert with a rifle in Army basic training.

        • True, but two to the chest first, and *only* the third to the ocular cavity if he’s still a threat. The infamous “Mozambique” method of popping all three rounds at the same time will be a slam dunk for any zealous D.A. to charge you for murder, because it can be argued that you intended to kill your attacker, not simply stop the threat.

          Two to the chest. Pause.

          One to the ocular, only if/when the perp is still coming at you after the first two. Someone high on crank might require that third one.

      • I feel the same way. There aren’t many self-defense scenarios I can think of where having full auto would be an advantage. Especially in a handgun.

        Still would love to be able to legally own one, of course. Be a hell of a lot of fun for the range.

        • I’ve had plenty of opportunity in the military to fire full auto weapons and I still don’t care to own one, even if they were easy and plentiful. I’ll be surprised if the criminal’s hit ratio doesn’t go substantially lower when they have the giggle switch. Any full auto pistol is extremely difficult to control without extensive training and so only maybe the first one or two rounds can be said to really have any aim.

      • Most of the shooters in the hood don’t go to the range much, don’t have much understanding of accuracy, how to attain it, or even how to hold a handgun so the residents assume bullet volume becomes much more important. Besides full auto sounds scary.

        • That’s the whole problem. They are dull and untrained. All they know how to do is hold the trigger back until the gun stops firing. It is the unaimed fire that presents the problem. The brain-dead crook doesn’t have. nor does he or she care where the bullets have gone. Houses are hit and damaged and innocent folk in their houses and cars and on the streets are put in danger of rounds going every which way. Remember, one of the rule of gun safety is to know what is beyond your target.

          You are probably safer if the bad guy is intending to shoot you because after the first or second round, all the others are every where and any where.

          The only really accurate fully automatic firearm I ever fired was the Browning Automatic Rifle and that was from the prone position with a bipod and a piece on the buttstock to go over the shooter’s shoulder to assist in holding the firearm in place.

          With careful trigger squeeze, the BAR was semi-automatic and that is where it excelled as a sharp shooting firearm. A long barrel that squeezed all the horsepower from the round, a long sight radius to cut down on sighting errors, a bipod to keep the muzzle steady and the shoulder brace (65 years later, I forget the name of that particular piece) to get your shoulder really behind the weapon.

          It’s too bad the U.S. armed services never saw fit to put a low-powered long eye focus scope on that bad boy.

      • Have you watched the numerous security videos of these idiots shooting ? They pull a pistol out and begin jumping around like their pants are on fire and spray half the town. They should be taught good marksmen ship so they will miss less often. This will result in the idiots killing each other off sooner and with less colateral damage to those around.

  3. “criminals doing what they always do — breaking the law and finding a way around it.”

    Imagine that.

    • Just like the office administrator I knew at one place I worked. The only times she would obey the law was when she could use it against someone or to her own advantage. Usually both.

      And yes, she was studying for a MBA.

  4. What’s funny about this is I call utter bullshit. When was the last time you ever saw a video from Chicago where they popped off a round or two? It’s more like a mag dump or two.

  5. Authorities take a dim view of the term giggle switch. I take a dim view of these so called authorities.

  6. Criminals do not obey laws, that is why they are criminals. Passing more laws that criminals, by definition, will disobey will do nothing. This is all simple logic.

    • The logic is not as simple as you think.

      Look at the problem from the magical-thinking angle of attrition. If, for example, vast numbers of guns and ammunition are outlawed and seized from the hands of the law-abiding, taking them out of circulation, they are no longer available to would-be criminals (which, of course, includes every gun owner, who is a crime that just hasn’t happened yet), and crime must inevitably drop. If no person has a gun in their car, or in their home, or in a store, then, magically, criminals will no longer be able to steal them. If, as is inevitable, all sources of guns disappear, and all of the high-capacity magazines are used up, and there are no replacements, then, magically, mass shootings will stop, and immediately thereafter the little children will dance all day under the smiling Sun on the cotton-candy grass beneath the gumdrop trees beside the wholesome fruit-juice rivers, and not a single discouraging word will be heard forevermore.
      See? It all makes perfect sense.

      • “who is a crime that just hasn’t happened yet”

        So why not just take that position to its logical conclusion, arrest everyone so they never get a chance to commit crimes.

        • If expressing personal liberty by refusing to wear a BidenBra or be vaccinated is now a crime punishable by loss of job, right of association, right of travel, removal from commerce, and fines and/or imprisonment, the likelihood of pre-crime preventive incarceration cannot be far behind. Never think that our Betters haven’t considered it, and wouldn’t hesitate to put it into play if they deemed it necessary for the Greater Good.

  7. These gun parts are coming from communist China. But it’s just a coincidence that the communist leadership has made many statements complaining about the Second Amendment in the American Bill of Rights.

    And there have been several attempts over the years by Chinese Communist Party owned manufacturers who attempted to ship fully automatic weapons into the United States.
    But that’s all just a coincidence correct? Just as it’s just a coincidence that the C 19 flu came out of a communist Chinese biological weapons Laboratory.

    A lab that was totally funded by the Obama /Biden administration. Who also supervised it’s construction.

    • Maybe it’s China, but I think it’s the FBI. The DOJ trafficked firearms into the Mexico. Now they’re doing the same thing domestically. The PTB are fomenting chaos so the sheep start screaming for Law and Order. The Feds will then crack down on everyone.

      Oldest trick in the book.

      • The FBI program COINTELPRO was used against the Black Panther Party as well as the Klu Klux Klan. But it was not used against the Deacons for Self Defense and Justice.

        And just as the FBI used mafia criminals to track down and kill german american citizens during WW2. People they accused of spying. But were never given a trial.
        The morality of the FBI changes with the times. Nowadays the FBI plants agent provocateurs at Trump rallies and at other conservative events.

        • The FIB has never been a moral organisation… they are secure behind their “Fed” status and do pretty much as they please to Americans… That they assassinated citizens of German descent is news to me however.

        • to herbert
          People like you are one of the reasons why I’m here on TTAG.
          Someone needs to tell the truth. The people who write history books will not. They lie by omission.

          Anyone who tells you that only Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps during World War II, is either a liar, or simply repeating the lies they were taught in schools. It’s a “blood libel” against honest law-abiding German American citizens. And the same can be said for Italian Americans. who are also rounded up and placed in internment camps. All simply based on their ethnicity.

          Tens of thousands of white people lost their civil rights during World War II. Their white skin didn’t matter. They were locked up right next to the Japanese-Americans.

          1. books and journal articles on the internment of German American civilians in the United States during World War II.

          2. “Unconstitutional German-American Internment during WWII” video 2 min long

    • Fairly easy to obtain like the “pill boxes” on Amazon and e_Bay that look for all the world like a suppressor with a few holes missing, but really difficult to explain to the ATF crew that shows up at your front door to deliver your order. (Apparently you can actually buy one of these “pill boxes” without a whole lot of hassle, but it is good to register it as a home made suppressor with ATF first. Form 1 as I recall.)

  8. They know exactly how these got here yet they don’t say it. Maybe they should advocate on an import ban that would actually matter, on China. But no, Xiden and the PRC loving democrats would never do that.

  9. This will soon morph into full auto ghost guns with banana thingies that go up making their way in from neighboring states with lax gun laws. Whatever… criminals gonna’ crim !

  10. Is it a knock-off if the name-brand company doesn’t make a version of the product? Glock 18s are different slides (with rotating thumb switch) and frames. Glock doesn’t make a back plate to go full auto. The theory of operation is pretty simple, and you can accomplish the same effect (non-selectable) by epoxying a properly shaped wedge to the appropriate part of the slide.

  11. So all the ammo went to DC?

    Is it still a problem if they don’t use a brace and green tips ?

  12. Things that should not be illegal to own and use in the first place. For a “free” country we certainly have enough laws. Suppose we should thank the great Saint Reagan and the NRA for the 1986 law. Republicans hate guns too and surprisingly the NRA. But hey we are living in clown world for a long time.

  13. Not that I want to give Bloomberg any ideas, but I’m wondering if we’ll see the usual suspects try to argue that Glocks are “easily modified” into a machine gun, and thus need to be regulated the same way open bolt designs are.

    • Warning. Such a proposal could also affect other designs such as the 1911 and Browning High Power.

    • a full-auto pistol doesn’t make much sense if you’re actually trying to hit what you’re aiming at..all it does is ensure your gun will be empty at about the time you really need it….

      • Don’t need and never have any use for a full-auto anything, tho I admit it is fun to blow a few mags down-range for the heck of it. Frankly I don’t see why private citizens (who are the militia) should not own F-A IF THEY WANT TO. As with any crime, punishment should slap down criminal abuse… A crime is a crime is a crime, as they say.

  14. “That’s doubling or tripling the potential for death.”

    I’m having some difficulty working this statement out mathematically….

  15. The Rookie is right I’m not going to manufacture one, but am one of those, who always want to know how things work. I have seen plans for these Glock full auto mods and it just isn’t that complicated for someone with a certain amount of mechanical ability and a few readily available tools.

  16. Good. If the gang bangers full-auto their Glocks, one of two things will happen: 1) they’ll miss more often, thus wasting ammo, or 2) if more rounds really does mean more hits, they’ll hit each other more often (since they mostly shoot at each other.)


  17. All the proposed laws are not and were never intended to address crime or deal with criminals.
    The CRIMINALS IN OFFICE don’t care what their low level associates are doing. These laws are intended to DEPRIVE US of our Right to self defense. They MEAN TO RULE US….by any means necessary.

  18. Choice between Full or Burst, I’d lean towards Burst as I found it to be more accurate and appropriate for my skill level.
    I wouldn’t say No to Full at any point.

    The NFA was governmental infringement to a problem the government created (Prohibition). In truth as soon as that bone headed move was repealed, the need for the NFA was moot, but the Morons passed it anyway.

  19. I have been unamused at the term “giggle-switch” since the first time I heard it used by gun magazine writers decades ago. It isn’t cute, humorous, or descriptive of full-auto fire. If the term passed from the language tomorrow it wouldnt be too soon to please me. If people truly are converting firearms illegally they need to answer for it. Should the law stand as it is written and enforced is another question. I am against the GCA-1934 and as amended in 1968 and 1986. The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms was written into the Second Amendment by the Founders for reasons.

  20. I used to have a class III license, and did have a couple legal, full auto weapons. Not practical as everyday tools, but were fun range toys. As military weapons, or even as militia weapons, full auto does have it’s purpose. Suppressive fire, cover fire, room, bunker, or trench clearing, etc.
    The term “Giggle Switch” comes from the dumb grin many people get from doing a magazine dump at the range with such weapons. Being able to hose down a target with no one shooting back, is fun. Anyone who has the chance will tell you the same thing. Of course, today, the expense is best left to those with very deep pockets, or those with government funding.

  21. Must be one of those “gunshow loophole” items I been hearing about, eh?? Still can’t find one!!

  22. Maybe if the fbi and the atf stopped giving these to the gangs / cartels there
    wouldn’t be so many of them around.

  23. It never seems to amaze me to see the level of ignorance of some of those who hold an office. “Gun control” has ALWAYS been about just….”CONTROL”. Any excuse for these tyrannical scum to continue to falsely declare that GUNS are the issue. A firearm in and of itself is an inanimate object subject the the actions of the individual who is handling it. Every single issue, especially firearms, is turned into a “ruin and punish the law abiding, tax paying middle class citizens” campaign. We all know they get to their position through outrageous funding, cheating and literally stealing their held offices. We need to focus on beating them at the ballot box first and foremost. There is no reason whatsoever we shouldn’t have a country full of true conservative law makers. There are way more of us than there are of them. We owe it to ourselves our families our country and the world to regain and remain a Christian nation who upholds right of its’ people!!!!!!!

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