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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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From the California Rifle & Pistol Association . . .

September 14th is an important date in California history. It is the day that we have the opportunity to remove one of the most anti-gun governors in California history. The recall election will present voters with two questions. The first will ask whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled from the office of Governor.

We recommend a YES vote.

The second question will ask who should replace Newsom as Governor. This is a bit more complicated.

A majority vote is required to remove Newsom from office and the candidate with the most votes after Newsom is removed will become the next Governor of California. This is our chance to remove the Constitution-hating Newsom and replace him with someone who upholds the rights of the individual.

Make sure to watch for your ballot in the mail and return it immediately!


CRPA has sent out questionnaires to our members to determine their choices on the top candidates for governor when Newsom is recalled. There are, to date, 46 candidates who have qualified for the ballot including nine Democrats and 24 Republicans. The top contenders include:

Larry Elder– Secured the top ranking by CRPA Members by getting 80% of the votes in our survey

Kevin Kiley – Second in the survey with 6.3% of the votes

John Cox – Third in the survey with 6.0% of the votes

Kevin Faulconer – Fourth in the survey with 3.8% of the votes

If you live in California, make sure to watch for your ballot in the mail and return immediately.


Join the Fight and Join the CRPA PAC to fight back against anti-gun politicians. Click here to learn more.



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  1. A message from the “smartest people” in the room.

    “Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward” video 1 hr long.

    • Only you seem to believe this is true. You have also been smacked down over this already. Why you insist on repeating this is beyond any of us. Oh wait, your a Rebublican obsessed with sex toys and homosexuals. Typical Republican living in clown world refusing to understand you are part of the problem as much as the Democrats.

      • to The Bson TTAG
        I am also very comfortable talking about the gun grabbing anti-civil rights drug legalization crowd, and the history of their racist anti-civil rights activities in California.
        Just as I am comfortable with talking about the anti-family and anti-civil rights statements, of the sexually liberated, who are socialist progressive in their political orientation.
        People have been waving around sex toys at your pride parades for decades now.

        Your problem is you are incapable of being honest with yourself. You’re incapable of honestly explaining why there are 21 States with constitutional carry and California is not among them.

        I know why, because I was born and raised in California. And my experiences are not yours.

      • It’s a Marvel to witness atheists starting to wake up. This is a good thing.

        From Tim Pool, March 2021
        “Culture NEEDS Moral Framework Like Religion, Rejecting Founding Principles FAILS Massively” video 17 minutes long

        I hope you have, like I did, purchase your copy of Recoil Magazine, with Chris Chin on the cover.

    • Not for this one, Chris. We need to overwhelm Sacramento with so many YES votes that the fraud his team attempts will be all the more obvious for everyone to see.

      I’ve voted in every election possible since I turned 18 long ago. I’m not going to bow to the pessimism.

      Vote YES on the Recall Newsom ballot. Then select Larry Elder to replace him.

      • I really hope Larry Elder is elected as the next governor of California. Unfortunately the primary message of Libertarians that they talk about the most. It’s not fiscal responsibility. It’s drug legalization and butt sex. If the Libertarian crowd could find people who pushed just as hard for fiscal responsibility and personal accountability as they pushed for drug legalization in decriminalizing sodomy, they would be much more successful.

        I invite everyone to go listening to the most recent conversation and Dave Smith and Nick Gillespie had on reason TV. The Second Amendment never came up in their conversation. These two white Libertarians talked about the high amount of violence in the black community.

        Their solution was to legalize drugs and make it easier for black people to sell poison to each other.

        There was no talk whatsoever about the Second Amendment and law-abiding black people defending themselves against criminal blacks.
        Dave Smith actually downplayed the devastating effects of the welfare system from the black community. The two atheists Dave Smith and Nick Gillespie never said it would be better for black people to receive private welfare from a religious institution known as a church or synagogue.

        Larry Elder a libertarian supports the traditional family of one man and one woman. And the vast majority of Libertarians do not. And that is why Larry Elder will not get very many Libertarians Liberals or Leftists to vote for him.

        The more than seven million gun owners in the state of California have shown that they are incapable of getting their act together. Maybe this time they can figure it out. Before its too late.
        I pray that they do.

        • Larry Elder’s only purpose will be to say “no” to the progressives in the state assembly. sadly, unless we win a few seats in the assembly, they have a veto overriding supermajority, which they will happily use every single time.

          So, worry not about “butt sex and drugs”, they’ll be just as legal in the future as they are this very second.

          now…if we can dump a dem or two….who knows.

      • Ok,
        Ron Paul and his son Ran Paul both ran as Republicans. Both served as republicans.
        Now go look up why Ron ran as a Republican and not as a Libertarian?

        • Larry Elder has always self identified as a conservative based off of his views over the year it lines up as far your vitriol against libertarians the more you open your mouth the more you demonstrate what little you know about them.

  2. Larry Elder: If Feinstein dies or resigns, I’ll replace her with a Republican.

    California Democrats: Holy poop, which wastebasket did I put that ballot in?

  3. Newsome has already raised contributions exceeding the GNP of Bolivia (excluding the marching powder) and has all of Hollywood, the media and George Soros in his corner. If Elder wins it will be the biggest upset since Buster Douglas clocked Mike Tyson.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    • It’s a weird system 2-step process.. 50%+1 has to vote toss Newsom out. If that happens, whoever has the most votes from the dozens of replacement candidates becomes governor. Newsom would destroy Elder in a head-to-head match, but Elder could become governor if a majority vote for the recall, and 20% vote for him.

      • “Destroy” Elder how? In a straight and normal election? Or in any televised debate? Elder would run him over with the verbal bus and not even notice the bump in the road…

        • Democrats outnumber Republicans statewide 2 to 1. The Legislature has a Democratic Party supermajority. You would need half of all Democrats to vote against their party and for a Trump supporting Republican. Not gonna happen.

  4. Voting yes for the recall is the best thing we can do. Voting your conscience for a replacement “might” help flavor the actual winner’s platform, so you get the best of both worlds here.
    I am very jaded here. No one I know likes Newsom, even liberals and minorities. He ignores the homeless problem and that effects everyone negatively.
    Personally, I think the fix is in and has been since Obama was in office. The only reason Hillary lost, is they underestimated Trump’s support. They made sure at the end of the count that they had enough “votes” for Biden.
    If Newsom gets through this, I will be 100% convinced that our votes(federal and state) mean nothing.

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    • Dan and his team patrol these pages for inappropriate comments by TTAG’ers. I really do wish they’d patrol as fervently to remove the spammers.

  6. I think people will vote him out. Unfortunately, those people don’t count the votes and Newsome and the Democratic Party are paying the people who count the votes. They’re also paying people to pick up mail in ballots and haul them out to the forest primeval and burn them. And those people who live at the cemetery, their vote counts too. So Newsome will probably “win” by a landslide.

    • I read in this yesterday’s news that Newsom has already surpassed $80 million in fundraising for his defense, and is actively hiring 700 “agents” to canvass communities for our “legal but completely unlawful and immoral” ballot harvesting. I smell a ton of lawsuits coming.

  7. The recall will fail, at between 0300 and 0400, of the morning after the polls close. That is when the preprinted NO ballots will be delivered and run through the counting machines until the totals are sufficient.

  8. I’d like to see it happen, but even if it does, not much of anything will change – it’s not like the Republik of Kalifornia is close to a 50/50 split, right?

  9. All Larry Elder could do to support gun rights is to veto bills presented to him. The Legislature has a supermajority of Democrats to override any veto, so his veto will have no effect at all. Pro-gun bills do not make it out of committee much less to the floor of either chamber for an up or down vote. And with the backing of the Ninth Circuit, gun rights come here to die. We have no 2A right to bear outside the home, no right to openly carry arms in any urban area, no right to CCWs. Our only hope is SCOTUS.

    • Golly Mark N., until you mentioned the 9th Circuit and a passing reference to Larry Edler I thought you were speaking as a Maryland resident! Indeed, our only hope lies with SCOTUS.

    • For 30 years congressman Ron Paul was the only person who voted NO. It seems people forget that. It’s about time someone started to tell California NO.

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