William Joyner. Hero. Screen cap by Boch via Fox5.
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In most of the country, you can’t turn a corner without running into a good guy, gun-toting American. After all, roughly 16 million Americans carry a gun (or two) everyday. In College Park, Georgia, an armed suspect escaping from police ran through a food bank’s parking lot. Army veteran and food bank manager William Joyner then emerged with his own gun.

The crook, a 20-year-old named Jordan Shelley, had just left the scene after wrecking a stolen car with an accomplice, James Green, who police had already arrested. Shelley wasn’t eager to comply with Joyner’s commands to get on the ground, even while looking down the barrel of the food bank manager’s gun.

Joyner said Shelley weighed his options, running his mouth while his hand kept slowly moving slowly towards his gun. The manager gave him a final warning when a police officer rounded the corner and took the suspect into custody.

Suspects James Green and an unhappy Jordan Shelly, the man held at gunpoint. Screen capture by Boch via Fox5.

From Fox5 . . .

Workers at a food bank in College Park helped police catch a suspect after a chase Monday evening.

Feeding GA Families’ security cameras captured the heart-pounding moments when a volunteer rushed into the break room and told manager William Joyner that a guy had just bolted through their parking lot with a gun.

Joyner, an Army veteran, instantly knew what he had to do.

“I told him to go to the ground, the police are on their way. Just go to your knees with your hands up,” Joyner recalled to FOX 5’s Rob DiRienzo.

Joyner said the suspect, later identified by police as Jordan Shelley, 20, refused to show his other hand.

“The whole time his hand was sliding down towards the gun,” Joyner said. “I was telling him, don’t make me kill you, because I will.”

And more video . . .

Kudos to Mr. Joyner for his service to our country and for helping to take another felon off the streets. Well done sir.


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  1. That’s swell…in Purgeland aka Illannoy I’d end up in trouble for pulling my gat on a perp. Come January 1,2023 ILLANNOY po-leece become the “bad guys”. And worse if(when)gun n mag bans become “law”…

  2. He decided it was the best approach for his situation – and he chambered a round the moment he decided the gun needed to be in his hands. Commendable two-hand form, as well. Good job all the way around.

  3. So, Jordan surrenders instantly to the Popo with the Taser…but not to the random guy holding him with a loaded firearm. Jordan was begging to be a late entry in the 2022 Darwin Awards.

    Meh, just two more oxygen thieves polluting Society.

  4. Montana, seen it before. What he submitted to was superior numbers. When the bad guy thought it was one on one, he was considering his options.

  5. Mr Joyner is the hero. However, he might have said something like “Please go for your gun so I have to kill you”. The criminals were robbing people to get money for haircuts so they would be accepted to medical school.

  6. Will this make any news media other than their local news? NO! It does not fit liberal media agenda. Let’s hope the local DA is not one of Soros’s plants.

  7. Just saw a story last night about two wanna-be gangstas that tried to roll out of a Tractor Supply Store in Alabama with a cart full of “free” stuff, one was severely beaten by customers, but the second guy got away after someone shot out one of his tires (everyone in the store was packing), cops found the vehicle abandoned… Don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out that not too many Snowflake gun-grabbers frequent a Tractor Supply in rural Alabama.


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