Vivek Ramaswamy Talks Guns and the Second Amendment With Colion Noir [VIDEO]

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I don’t know how to feel yet about Vivek Ramaswamy. It seems a little convenient that he tends to always have the answer that will please the base. But I can’t deny the guy works hard, as I see him EVERYWHERE.

If he doesn’t get the nomination, it won’t be because he didn’t try. Yesterday he sat down with Colion Noir to talk guns and 2A, so let’s see what he had to say . . .

  1. Vivek starts off by saying how he is running to restore our national identity. I kinda love how quintessentially American it is for a child of immigrants to be the one carrying such a message, even if I do think it’s something just vague enough that listeners can fill in the details of whatever they think “restore our national identity” means.
  2. Vivek knowing about Dred Scott’s reference to the individual right to keep and bear arms is impressive. It’s a very “inside baseball” thing that most Republicans who more casually pay lip service to the Second Amendment wouldn’t know. That means Ramaswamy is either a true believer, or he really does his homework.

  3. It’s very true that immigrants from authoritarian and failed states tend to be much more pro-2A.

  4. Vivek embraces the Second Amendment as a defense against tyranny, which is exactly right. Hunting, sports shooting, and — despite what SCOTUS says — even self-defense are secondary to that primary purpose. A substantial amount of 18th and 19th century commentary supports this.

  5. The “sense of discomfort” he refers to is because our country was essentially founded by violent revolutionaries. After all, what is a “revolutionary” but an insurrectionist who won? But modern polite society academics and their buddies recoil at the suggestion that we too may one day have to take on a tyrannical government, so they’ve whitewashed the Second Amendment into being just about state militias or, at most, hunting.

  6. Vivek kind of dodges when asked whether he supports any gun control, switching to a vague point about national unity and not compromising in general. But I like his point about rediscovering the radicalism of the American revolution.

  7. Vivek says the constitution demands fully automatic weapons be available to civilians. If we are honoring the true purpose of the Second Amendment, indeed it does.

Overall, it was a great interview, and I’ll keep listening to what Vivek has to say. I still get a bit of a feeling that he’s saying what I want to hear, but his deep knowledge assuages that concern a bit. Most people trying to con you don’t have that depth of knowledge. Thanks to Colion for making this happen.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit


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    • “The sidewalk and streets in front of Metcalf’s residence are public property within 1,000 feet from the school and are a “school zone” as defined in federal statutes.”

      So if you live within 1,000 feet of a school, then even if you have a CCW permit, you can’t go for a walk without breaking the law? What use is your CCW permit then? You can’t even leave your house to go to the gun range without violating the law? You can’t drive to the gunsmith to have your gun repaired? Your gun is basically confined to your house, under house arrest?

      • County vs Federal, pretty much.

        A locally issued CCW isn’t sufficient to allow a licensee to bring a gun into a public airport, or a military base, or any other federally controlled area/building. So it isn’t enough to bring to a school.

        But I live with this every day. There is a charter school located right down the street from where I work. My employer was here for two decades before the school moved in, and I often walk to the coffee shop located literally right next door to the school.

        So I was previously able to walk from my work to get some coffee, with no issues if I carried. Then here comes the school, and even though I never physically enter the school’s grounds, and I possess a valid CCW, I am now within less than 100 feet of a school when I get coffee.

        What was previously allowed is now a gray area I’m not sure about. I’m performing the exact same activity that was “allowed”, but may no longer be due to the actions of someone else, not because of anything I’ve done. Am I somehow committing a bad act/crime by continuing to get coffee while continuing to carry?

      • The site’s acting wonky again, Dan/TTAG. My comment I posted here isn’t visible, but I didn’t receive any message saying it was held in moderation. Tried to re-submit, and it tells me I’m posting too much (huh?…my ghosted comment was my first of the day).

        I just want the site to work properly. You know…like other sites typically do.

        • Haz, just be glad that TTAG allows you to post here even though we can’t see what you post — uh, well, it sounded better in my head.

      • I have had discussions about this with friendly local law enforcement because I live approximately 640′ from a school. In fact, in my neighborhood, it is very hard to get 1000′ from a school. There are three elementary, one middle and two high schools within 0.7 miles of my house so, leaving my neighborhood without passing within 1000′ of one is a near impossibility.

        The general consensus? Stay off the radar. Not very confidence inspiring, that.

        • Oh, I forgot about the two private schools – not six but eight within 0.7 miles of my house.

          Not to mention a local school district office which, probably, counts as well. Make that 9.

        • You must be my neighbor… Exactly three elementary, one middle school, a high school and two private Christian schools (OBTW: did you forget about the Christian Day Care Center?) less than a mile from my home…

        • Howdy neighbor, The high school, now turned into a technical HS is literally in my back yard and the driveway for busses is right against the wall/fence out there. Next to tech HS is an elementary school and also beyond and further down the street is a vocational community college. I used to sit in my patio cleaning my guns when the busses would fill and pass within 35 yds of my patio. Going in the other direction is a private school or two. Howdy neighbor!

      • “Your gun is basically confined to your house, under house arrest?”

        He needs to appeal that conviction with a smarter lawyer, as that clearly wouldn’t stand under the ‘Bruen’ decision…

      • The Federal Gun Free School Zones Act exempts individuals from the prohibition “if the individual possessing the firearm is licensed to do so by the State in which the school zone is located or a political subdivision of the State.”

        The original act was amended to limit its application to firearms that had moved in or impacted interstate commerce; therefore, if the firearm happened to be made in the state of possession, it would be exempt from the act.

        Didn’t Smith & Wesson just move to Tennessee? Good place to be.

    • Darkman, this is disturbing. I have a school zone sign in the SW corner of my front yard. The speed limit sign is in the NW corner. Complete with flashing caution light. I could spit on it from my driveway. I’ve never thought anything of openly carrying a long gun to my truck.

      As for Ramaswamy, I was more impressed with him last night than I thought I’d be, but he might as well sit down.

      • Keep in mind simply having a firearm, even within your home. Is considered a Gun Free Zone violation under Federal law. That is why after local law enforcement determined he wasn’t in violation of state law. The Feds were called in to enforce Federal law.

      • Also driving your car or riding in a car, on any street within a Gun Free Zone. Get pulled over for any violation and now you are an automatic felon.

        • A similar rule was proposed downunder inspired by similar US laws. It was decided to be unworkable as many schools front main roads and would make driving to and from ranges and stores impossible.

    • Ladies and gentlemen,

      My understanding of the Federal Gun-Free School Zone law is that you cannot have firearms within 1000 feet of school unless you are on your own private property (or possibly any private property if you are there with permission), or you have a resident firearm license (e.g. a resident concealed carry license), or you are traveling to/from a school property for officially sanctioned activities involving firearms (such as training).

      Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice. Seek competent legal council in your jurisdiction.

        • @Mad Max, Name 1… No exceptions unless you are law enforcement. Regardless of state law, because the Supreme court has ruled Federal law supersedes state law. Which is why he was arrested under Federal statute.

  1. Again, talk is cheap! How many of our “leaders” have sold us a bill of goods then sold us down the river?

    • He is one of those that live and die by polls.

      Let him be a governor, senator, or congressman. If he can do good then THAT is where he can do the most good.

      • Like Trump??? Sometimes being a swamp dwelling congress/senator/governor critter inspires zero confidence. I don’t trust him at all so there’s that…he seems more like a gadfly who sez “whatever” to appeal to republicans. At least he doesn’t need the $. Like Trump?

  2. I listened to the interview yesterday and he seems to be a nice person however he lacks the been there done that experience needed to get the country moving from day one and without a salary.

    TRUMP 2024

    • “TRUMP 2024”
      The guy who believes in civil asset forfeiture? The one who was President with a party majority in the house and senate and accomplished nothing? The one who instructed the ATF to ban bumpstocks? The one who suggested the Constitution be changed so he could remain President?

      You believe in the US, it’s Constitution, and still support someone like that?

      • Yep. Sure, because what you just said is about 50% true and 50% complete horse shit. And the horse shit part completely skips over the unprecedented amount of abuse and opposition and negative press coverage and lies and a whole bunch of other facets of Trump’s four years in office, to a gross degree.

        So yes, go Trump, fuck the establishment and fuck you black pill swilling tools of said establishment.

        • Yes there was a majority in the house and senate during Trump’s tenure in office; however, consider the leadership in both houses and it should be evident that the failures were not all Trump’s fault.

        • “about 50% true and 50% complete horse shit. ”

          Ok what’s horseshit? He didnt do or say what of what I posted?

          Second, half as many anti-rights actions and beliefs makes it ok?

          I get the lesser of two evils. Except Trump is nowhere near the only choice at this stage. If you refuse to see he isn’t even close to believing in your rights, I can’t tell you anything.

      • Trump is not perfect, but none of the Keebler elves, except possibly Ramaswamy, has a clue or an interest in destroying the Administrative State. If this is not accomplished bend over and kiss the Second Amendment good bye, because these Ivy League Marxists realize it is the only thing in the way of making you a groveling subject! I like Ramaswamy, but as VP and possibly if he passes muster the next President.

        • @DY
          Oh, you just left out the MASSIVE parts of the economy being excellent, working to actually secure the border, the Justices, keeping Russia at bay, all the North Korea stuff, etc.
          But Trump was “The one who was President with a party majority in the house and senate and accomplished nothing?”

          You’re right, you can’t tell me anything because you are full of shit.

        • @DY
          No you don’t get what I’m talking about at all. You’ll posture and say there are other choices, but I doubt you’ll actually say who you’re with, and I’ve danced this dance 1,000 times with people just like you. Here’s where it all falls. The simple fact that every single Political and philosophical structure in the planet that I diametrically oppose HATES the Big Cheeto, means he must be doing something right. He has a track record, and it’s way more positive than negative.

        • “But Trump was “The one who was President with a party majority in the house and senate and accomplished nothing?”

          You call a hard lock on the SCotUS “nothing”? 😉

      • DY:
        One: is TRUE, but included additional protections for citizens and raised the level of “justification” for probable cause…
        Two: is basically true but omits the mitigation that he lacked a “working” majority in the Senate which normally requires a 2/3rd majority vote for items other than judicial appointments and budget matters…
        Three: Also true, Trump did ask the ATF to look at bump-stock regulation but there were WAY worse ideas roaming around the halls of Congress, bump-stocks were targeted because the asshole in Vegas used them, and it was actually the LEAST that could have been done to satisfy the “squeaky wheel”… This has been overturned by several courts…
        Trumps disregard for the Constitution was FAKE NEWS (Christie even tried to use it last night) what he REALLY said was “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”
        The fact that during the Trump Presidency (pre-WuFlu) we enjoyed the lowest unemployment with highest participation since the Vietnam War, lowest gas prices since the 90s (while achieving energy independence), an average inflation rate of 1%, lower taxes, winding down the war in Afghanistan, low illegal immigration and a boatload of regulation reversals on business and farmers, forced NATO members to pay their share, killed Terrorist leaders, new trade deals, kicked Chinas ass on tariffs (why we got WuFlu) and way too much more to list here.. Yeah, Trump really sucked, hopefully he’ll get the opportunity to fuck up the country that badly again…

        • So what I get is that the good outweighs the bad, therefore he’s the best. (this to all opposite my distaste for the guy, not anyone in particular)

          If he got nothing accomplished, but was actually an unequivocal champion of our rights, I wouldn’t have a problem with the guy. But that’s not what he is.

          The hatred that spews from trump supporters (even here) is distasteful, as are the assumptions about those who don’t like him. If you think name-calling and screaming is going too get people to see your side of the argument, you are no better than the leftists you suppose to be resisting. Newsflash: you are worse, because you are driving those away who think more like you do, but don’t happen to like the guy.

        • I must have forgot the yelling, screaming and name calling part, maybe next time… If you want perfection get Jesus Christ to run, if you want to see Bribems bullshit unfucked then vote for Trump… If your feeeelz get hurt because “Orange Man” speaks his mind and gives zero fucks about decorum, then I guess you should vote for one of the many “politically correct” clowns running on both sides…

        • Guys, guys, guys,

          Trump did some objectively good things. Trump did at least a few objectively bad things (COVID lockdowns, inflicting the COVID gnome on us, ramming an UNTESTED vax through FDA approvals), and he did some objectively stupid things, and then got away with it (I’m guessing the man’s a competent poker player) – tariffs, threats of trade wars, etc., but basically got away with it. Overall, in terms of what he actually accomplished, I’d give him a solid “B”.

          He is also a bombastic clown, has NO discernable political philosophy that I have been able to discover, and fell FLAT on his face on the one campaign promise that most appealed to me, “drain the Swamp” – his Admin was FULL of swamp creatures. Like I said, I’d give him a “B”. I find him annoying . . . but I find ALL politicians annoying.

          I think there are better choices (so far, none of them are running – anyone smart enough to actually DO the job, is too smart to want it!).

          IF teh Donald is nominated, I will probably hold my nose and vote for him, simply because ALL the alternatives on the Dim side are SO much worse. But anyone who has deluded themselves to believing ANY politician is ‘the answer’ needs to wake TF up, and smell the frickin’ coffee.

          Put not thy faith in men or politicians. There ARE no nationally-prominent politicians who actually, consistently believe in and support individual human rights. Find me that guy/gal, and I would vote for them with a giant smile on my face.

          Doesn’t look like I’m going to be needing to stretch my smile muscles, anytime soon.

        • NO discernable political philosophy that I have been able to discover

          Simple: In the words of Mr. Garrison, “fuck em, fuck em all to death”

        • “then I guess you should vote for one of the many “politically correct” clowns running on both sides…”

          D Y must think those clowns talk exactly the same way in private when they think the mic is off. Trump is the only president we’ve had who speaks his mind instead of carefully crafted (BS) talking points. It must feel safer knowing the administrative branch is under the control of various people who are not the elected president, but at least we don’t have to lose sleep over mean tweets. Maybe the Puppet administration should start mailing out pacifiers just in case someone becomes distasteful.

          It’s very telling that he thinks only Trump supporters are the “distasteful” people in politics. Remember all of the tasteful political activists in the summer of 2020? D Y lives in a fantasy.

        • “Trump supported red-flag laws….”

          Trump only supported red-flag laws IF they followed “due process” and since none of them do he didn’t support red-flag laws as we know them.

          Trump appointed THREE pro Second Amendment Justices to the Supreme Court who made the NYSRPA vs Bruen decision possible.

        • I’ll just put this out and we can all think about it… One third of the voters are Republicans AND half of them are never Trumpers or disappointed one time believers. One third of the voters are independent, non affilliated AND half of them don’t care for Trump either. Now the remaining third of voters are Democrats AND will NEVER vote for Trump . So it’s about 66/33% against Trump.The main stream media is working against anyone attempting to dethrone Trump as the presumed nominee because Trump is THE ONLY one Biden can win against. For the record I voted Against Hillary and against Biden and will vote Trump again if I have no other choice .

        • PM in Fl,
          National polls don’t matter. Individual states matter. No one has explained to me how Trump can win AZ and GA this time. If Trump becomes the nominee, he should make up with Kemp, and make him the VP choice.

  3. He certainly is an interesting candidate.

    I want to see candidates preface their responses with a simple and authentic disclaimer:

    “I (candidate) cannot possibly know everything about everything. I will certainly share my immediate take on any topic or question. Please realize that I may lack important information or even be misinformed on any given topic–and that is why I will have advisors (and a cabinet if we are talking about POTUS) who will provide additional information and insights. And that additional information or insights could very well lead me to a different conclusion and position on any given topic.”

  4. Said it in a few other places but he gives off con man vibes to me.
    Very likeable but he’s a politician 1st which means you can’t trust him.
    After the shitshow of last night’s debate, they all seem horrible.

  5. I like Vivek. At least the version of Vivek he’s playing.

    Even if he’s sincere would the swamp let him get anything done? Probably not.

    After the covid protocol comeback and the 1,000+ dead in Maui killed by their government in collusion with BlackRock, but I’m being redundant, the next true opposition leader will need to be talking about scorched earth house cleaning or secession.

    • The Maui fires have shown the destructive effect of arson, even if the fire wasn’t deliberately lit.

      And it also shows why having a roof made of petroleum (asphalt) is not a good idea. Easy to catch fire and when it does the whole house goes very quickly.

    • Most of what he’s after can be done through executive order and they can do nothing to stop that

  6. I like the guy- not enuff to change my vote (yet, anyway)… but there is a lot more to be learned about him. I’d like to hear more about his attitudes vis a vis gun control and the Second.
    Does he have any experience in office? What support would he have among the party muckety-mucks? We don’t need another president sabotaged by the leadership of his own party.

  7. He talks a good story on some things and questionable on others:

    He talks about America cutting off funds for Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel.
    Is wishy washy on 2A
    He does not support cutting spending
    He trusts the fed

    He is a billionaire, what does he contribute money to?

  8. Yeah, the cut-off of aid to Israel and Taiwan I have some real issues with… cutting them off is a deal-breaker afaic…
    I could give a d*mn about Ukraine, frankly. That’s Biden’s war.

    • Lol but you might have a point. My first reaction was to think “wow that was a horrible thing to say”. Then i thought back on the ones ive known in the business world.

      • local sikh leadership came out in support for gun control, so there is evidence that statement has some truth to it.

    • India still unofficially has a caste system and many immigrants see themselves as Brahmins and anyone else as untouchables.

  9. Former governor Jesse Ventura, and former president Donald Trump proved that without political “coatails”, even winning office does not result in political power, nor even re-election.

    Without a full team of supporters, cage-rattlers are not the demolition crew they think they are. The only Republicrat who might have political influence is Pence. However, he has zero personality, is a process-first politician, and pretty much unknown to the public.

    Vivek might be attractive, but with no political background, and way less name recognition than Ventura or Trump, he is not viable in the general election. Even if elections were pure, and every Republican voter selects Vivek, the Dims have more registered voters, and can easily manufacture the votes needed to block any Republicrat candidate. Vivek will not be able to get every Republican to vote, much less vote for him.

    The Republicrat elites do not want Vivek, and, as with Trump, will do everything they can to see that he is opposed at every turn. 2024 is a write-off. And, if the Repubs continue to offer pablum as policy, there will not be another Repub president for several generations. Dims are committed to keeping power by any means necessary; Repubs just want to be well thought of, and be invited to all the cool parties and events.

    NOTE: Yes, I will vote for whomever the Repubs put forward as the nominee.

  10. Vivek Ramaswamy DESTROYS entire pack during first presidential debate!! (note: video title on the youtube page, not my comments in case anyone gets confused)

  11. Trump won by a landslide in 2020.
    The evidence of election fraud and corruption in that election is overwhelming.
    The persecution of Trump through indictments clearly evidences he is the candidate the deep state and the hate-left fear most.

    For all his flaws (and there are more than a few) I’ve got to go with the candidate that instill fear in the hearts of those who hate our Constitution, who hate us.

    Go ahead, tell me how stupid and misinformed I am. Call me a ‘Trump-bot’. I don’t care. Post your denials about election fraud….that says more about you than about me. Post a mono-log about all of Trump’s deficiencies. I don’t care….I have enough of my own.

    I’m going with the guy that terrifies the bad guys.

    • I definitely want a candidate that pisses off the establishment from both the right and the left. Notice how this country has always gone in the same direction since the 60s no matter which party was “in control.” Both sides pretend to fight ideological battles that they don’t really care about. It’s really about power and money (for them – F everyday Americans).

      Saint Reagan not only gave amnesty to millions of illegals for nothing, but he’s on record supporting the 1994 assault weapons ban. “Ultra Christian conservative” Dubya never bothered to show up to the annual March for Life which had been going since 1973. Trump was the first president to attend, showing that it was an actual priority. The Bush and McCain families practically endorsed Hillary when they knew the Supreme Court was in play. That tells you everything you need to know about them. They’re frauds. Paul Ryan told Trump they would work on immigration and the wall after they did taxes. After passing tax reforms, Ryan immediately announced his retirement so he would intentionally be a lame duck. His job was to make sure Trump couldn’t implement his policies. I’ll be voting for the person that pisses those people off.

    • Trump terrifies absolutely no one in DC. He already had the chance to drain the swamp and failed to do so. He was easily controlled and the Democrat sweep proved it.

    • I’m open to the idea of election fraud, but I have yet to see hard evidence. There were claims of precincts with more votes than registered voters, but no names or numbers. There was an audit in AZ, which turned up nothing. Yes, there were some isolated examples of illegals voting or people collecting ballots, but nothing in the numbers to swing an election. Trump collected $250M after the 2020 election to prove fraud and produced nothing. His claims of fraud may stir up enough Republicans to win the nomination, but it does nothing to convince Dems or independents to pick him. I think all the charges against him are bogus, except perhaps obstruction for destroying subpoenad items, but 53% of polled say they want him prosecuted. That pretty much guarantees that 53% won’t vote for him and may even be motivated to turn out against him. He can’t win a general election with those numbers. His only hope of winning the general is if Biden’s corruption is proven and reported on, and the people hate him more for that than they hate Trump.

        • Thanks for that link.
          I remember a lot of ballots were counted with no signature in Pennsylvania and some other places. But hey, honest mistake I am sure

          I have seen no acceptable explanation why votes suddenly were stopped being counted on election night in five key states where Trump was ahead for several hours and then suddenly in the early morning Biden was ahead in all five. Just a weird glitch I guess. Sh*t happens and such.

          I remember how Broward county tried to steal the election from Rick Scott in 2018 with unbelievable shenanigans going in including ignoring a court order and mysterious trucks showing up late at vote counting place but hey I guess they just lost track of time and ballots or such. Probably honest mistake.

          Seems like the Covid scare is ramping up again. Wouldn’t that be convenient for the 2024 election and the Millions of extra mail in ballots again.

  12. BREAKING: Second Amendment Foundation Takes Aim At All States That Passed Red Flag Laws!

  13. I think you should have training if you want full auto weapon as Vivek says as I did in the Military!

    • Sure…how many actual hours did you get…firing full auto? And what weapons did you fully qualify with?
      Many would be OK with that if the prices dropped to $500-1,000 instead of $15-50,000

    • CPO.
      As an Army veteran, and, if your moniker is true, we both received government sponsored training. So should any basic firearms training be at no cost to the trainees? IE. Government paid for? At which level, State or Federal? Nothing against getting training in the use of whichever weapon anyone chooses, but mandating it and forcing purchase of such is antithetical to anything being a right. Should people be forced to pay for a civics class before voting? Or be forced to take a public speaking or writing class before speaking or posting on a discussion board?

      • Read the Constitution. It literally says that Congress is to Arm us and the States are to provide training

        • “It literally says that Congress is to Arm us and the States are to provide training”

          2A is designed to protect “the people”, should the feds refuse to arm the militia.

    • CPO, I wasn’t too impressed with the weapons training I received in the military. I saw a range NCO shoot himself in the hand with an M-60. That’s not easy to do. As for quals, M-2, M-60, M16-A1 and while we didn’t exactly qualify, my unit had HK MP5SDs in the arms room. They had a cap on the rear of the receiver with a sling swivel. I asked why they didn’t have stocks. The first answer was airborne operations. First I pointed out that we jump with full size weapons all the time. Then I I reminded the senior NCO that HK makes a retractable stock. I was asked if I had an attitude problem. I was later told that configuration was chosen because it looked cool.

    • actually russia and later Israel opted for full-auto weapons for their soldiers in lieu of more training on the theory they’ve got to hit something…right?

    • Not claiming to be an expert but I’ve fired fully auto firearms, back before the local ATF guys started to be replaced with mini-tyrants. Its wasn’t a complicated thing. The ATF guys would bring a few fully auto firearms out to one of the local ranges they used for their qualifications and if you were out there at the time and asked they would let you fire them so we got to do that a lot when they came out – thank you tax payers.

      I didn’t think it needed any sort of in-depth ‘specialized’ training if you were already basically familiar and proficient with firearms, it was easy to get used to controlling the muzzle rise and the firearm and hitting targets and handling it on full auto, took all of 30 seconds for the ATF guys to give a few pointers. And yeah some people would say “nah, its more and its this and that and I was military trained and its complicated and blah blah blah and the state needs to mandate a 10 hour course of check the squares and police and on and on and on” …. look, its not that complicated. Training, its basically a very short youtube video at best maybe if you don’t know anything and absolutely need it, if you exclude the pitch for a sponsor and the history lessons and the whys and where for’s and the down in the weeds OCD super-nerdy stuff and who invented what type of stuff some channels use to needlessly lengthen their videos and monetize them.

  14. Good to see him support full auto, that’s the one I ask for any office because it exposes the wantabe tyrants who think they know better than the governed. Ask him about the ability of 15 year olds, like Sergeant Martin, mail order of firearms next.

  15. There are reports that VIVEK accepted money for his campaign from SOROS, and then tried to hide it!!!

    Makes my suspect a infiltrator!!!

    He should have immediately returned the money, not try to hide the fact, if “TRUE”!!!

    • Check your facts. He received a scholarship from a Soros associated org. It was 2011 for $90k from the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans for Yale Law School. If you think that disqualifies him, then fine, but don’t spread unsubstantiated rumors about George Soros financing his campaign.

  16. I only wish Colion had asked him about restoring the Militia as the Constitution and US Code dictate.
    Otherwise, Vivek is the only candidate offering real change.

  17. “I don’t know how to feel yet about Vivek Ramaswamy.”
    I know how I feel. The SOB wants to give people who hate us the same amount of aid as our only friend in the middle east. I was all in for Mr. Ramaswamy, 2nd to Trump, right up until he stated this. If he will turn his back on our friends, he will turn his back on me. Better to vote for a demoKKKrat that you know hates you than another back stabber.

  18. Ramaswamy has made millions from China. One or more of his companies was launched with Chinese state owned funds. He’s also the only candidate that has said Taiwan should go back to China after 2028.

    Funny how he accused others of being bought and paid for.

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