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Large portions of the American public still believe false claims of all kinds about guns, the COVID-19 pandemic and reproductive health, a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows.

Though the poll found that percentages of Americans who believe that false claims are “definitely” true is small, the portion who think they are “probably” true is substantial. Overall, between half and three-quarters of the country belong to what KFF CEO Drew Altman called the “muddled middle,” saying that the false claims were “probably” either true or false.

Perhaps most striking of the poll’s findings is the incorrect belief, held by many Americans, that guns make them safer. Sixty percent of Americans believe it’s true that armed school police guards have been proved to prevent school shootings. Eighteen percent of respondents thought the claim was “definitely” true and 42% believed it “probably” true. 

In fact, as KFF noted, no studies have shown this, and researchers in 2021 found that in an examination of 133 cases of school shootings and attempted school shootings from 1980 to 2019, “armed guards were not associated with significant reduction in rates of injuries.”

What’s more, 13% believed it was “definitely” true and 29% believed it was “probably” true that people who have firearms at home are less likely to be killed by a gun than people who don’t have a gun. That’s also false: Studies have shown among other things that guns are rarely used in self-defense, that living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk — particularly for women — of dying by homicide, that the spike in gun sales after the Sandy Hook mass shooting was linked to an increase in accidental deaths, and that handgun ownership is associated with elevated risks of death by suicide.

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    • shuham sounds like a frustrated pedophile who knows the parents of the children he’s been eyeballing are armed.

    • Vahn, it’s not “spreading lies for the other team.” It’s making sure that we on the liberty side stay aware of what the other side is saying, since the vast majority of us do not read such left wing propaganda as the Huffington Post, Slate, the New York Times, etc. If we don’t keep a watch on the opposition, then how can we know what and how to counter their lies.

      As for the specific survey cited, the elephant in the room is that 133 out of 133 school shootings occurred in Gun Free School zones. Does that mean that there’s no truth to the belief that guns make you safer or there’s no truth that Gun Free School Zones make you safer? I believe it’s the latter.

    • Typical misdirection.

      Step 1 : Point out that guns don’t stop every crime in a specific circumstance as proof they are ineffective.
      Step 2: Forget to mention that those cases are dwarfed by the 500k to 2 million violent crimes stopped by armed potential victims without a single trigger pull.

    • So you do the STATISTICS and you prove them wrong.
      Try using you bloody brain for once and actually take note of the evidence. That ‘evidence is nothing new.It’s been around since forever. The fact is that when a GUN is being pointed at you even attempting to resist will turn an incident where KILLING is NOT the Prime Intent, -because if it was you’d already be down for a one way trip to the morgue, into an incident whereby it most definitely IS. That bad guy or gal has every bit a much of a SURVIVAL INSTINCT as you.
      In the very, very, very few incidents where CITIZEN INTERVENTION [by FIREARM] occurs it’s by REMOTE intervent by somebody not immediately involved.

      • Albert, “evidence?” Statistics you control freaks used are contrived and changed to fit your control freak agenda. For a guy who claims to have been an instuctor in firearms in the RAF you sure do have a powerful fear of guns.

  1. The Constitution guarantees the right of self defense and preservation. Apparently Matt Shuham has never read the Constitution or has read it and doesn’t comprehend plain English. No wonder this country is so F*-ed up.

    • That was NOT the bloody point and you know it. The point was being made OWNING or having a FIREARM about one’s person IS not an effective means of SELF DEFENCE and never has been.
      Whether you agree or not is another matter but you cannot just make you ‘disagreement’ a STATEMENT. You have to provide COUNTER EVIDENCE and back thay t up with statistics if you wqant to be taken seriously,
      I mean I’ve read on these pages the wisdom of carry a bloody DESERT EAGLE in case of being attacked by a LARGE PREDATOR. How bloody likely is THAT to happen? You might well be killed by a DOG and in fact dozens probably are every year but A DESERT EAGLE to see off a DOGInthe UK qwe have the same DOG problem but the usual cure for miscreant DOGS is the SUSSEX 4X4 or CRICKET BAT] treatment or suchlike – you go figure.

      • Albert, in an of itself owning a firearm is not an effective means of self defense, but the will to use it in your or your family’s defense sure as hell is.

      • I’m sure if you were to wander over to the Cascade Mountain range we could introduce you to Mr. Cougar and Mr. Grizzle Bear, along with the skunks of the two legged variety that occasionally pop up. (Yes, there ARE grizzly bears in the Cascades. Just very few of them. Mostly medium size black bears, but those can tear you a new a**hole pretty quickly..)

        I somehow think your bloody ‘cricket bat’ will be just that, and it won’t be the bears’ blood on it, either..

        BTW, Look up Dr. John Lott and the Crime Prevention Research Center. Lots of STATISTICS that show yes, a firearm IS an effective means of defense, to the tune of millions of times a year.

  2. Many even believe the “false claim” that armed SS guards at the Whitehouse make the president safer.

    • Pretty sure at this point that the Presidential Detail’s duties these days are to make sure Biden doesn’t wander off when Dr. Jill is not around to care for him.

      • …and change Presidential diapers. I pity the SS who receives the disciplinary duty of “Diaper Doody”.

    • Just like the armed guards on the Brinks truck keep the money safe, or the reason police have guns. This knuckle head doesn’t understand the concept of deterrents, and only counts when shots are fired in an act of defense. I especially love the trope about women being shot by their husbands, but the way he conveniently forgets about single women who really need a firearm for their own protection.

    • “SS who receives the disciplinary duty of “Diaper Doody”

      For an old guy you claim is in diapers, he sure is doing a great job of spanking the Chinese and Putin, all at the same time while US unemployment is the lowest it’s been in over half a century.

      “China’s Economy Is Still Stuck
      Milton Ezrati
      Senior Contributor
      Aug 7, 2023,08:05am EDT

      “China’s economy is in a sorry state. The nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter disappointed both official and unofficial expectations. All sectors showed weakness, though some worse than others. China will fail to achieve its already reduced 5% real growth target for this year.”

      “Russian Ruble Tumbles Past 100 Against Dollar—Here’s Why That’s Significant
      Robert Hart
      Forbes Staff
      Aug 14, 2023,05:19am

      Russia’s ruble slipped past 100 per U.S. dollar on Monday morning, a nearly 17-month low that has sparked internal discord over monetary policy as economic pressures from its ongoing war in Ukraine mount and international sanctions erode Moscow’s income streams.”

      “Today, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released the monthly Jobs Report which shows the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.4% with more than a half million jobs created in January and 800,000 manufacturing jobs created in the last two years.

      “President Biden’s economic plan is working,” said Commerce Secretary Raimondo. “When President Biden took office, the unemployment rate was 6.3%. Today, it is just 3.4%. That’s the lowest in 54 years.”

      Also last month, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew at 2.9% for the last quarter of 2022 and that real wages were higher last month than they were seven months ago.“

      All that economic success as our rivals bite the dust, and the icing on the cake is that Donald Trump will get his mug shot tonight at 7:30 PM.

      He’ll also have a simple physical, where they’ll check his blood pressure, pulse rate height, and… weight.

      My money is on 305.

      • Of course the resident Marxist, will defend his MARXIST comrades in the White House!!!

        He/she/it is earning their pay!!!

      • They list President Trump as 6’3 and 215lbs

        — Eric Spracklen🇺🇸 (@EricSpracklen) August 24, 2023

        • Yep, he self-reported 215 pounds.

          He can’t even tell the truth about that.

          “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”

          “The document states Trump’s inmate number as P01135809 and lists his height as 6’3″ and his weight as 215 pounds. The figures appear to be self-reported and were posted in advance of his arrival at the Fulton County jail.“

          The Vegas line is 278.5 pounds.

        • “The figures appear to be self-reported …”

          “Appear to be?” That’s some hard evidence right there. I’m sure that the Fulton Co. Jail just accepts anything that Trump tells them. And how does one “self-report” an inmate number?

          Why didn’t you cite your source? It’s from “The Hill.” One might think that you’re lying again, Liar69er.

          “The Vegas line …”

          … is irrelevant.

        • Once more you quote only half the senten:

          “The figures appear to be self-reported ….” “…and were posted in advance of his arrival at the Fulton County jail.“

          Obviously he wasn’t weighed at the jail if the figures were posted in advance of his arrival.

          And the article doesn’t say he self reported his inmate number, your reading comprehension skills are somewhat lacking.

          And yes, you can continue to claim his weight is 215 pounds, it is not surprising that he continues to fool you with bullshit.

        • “The figures appear to be self-reported ….” “…and were posted in advance of his arrival at the Fulton County jail.“

          “Obviously he wasn’t weighed at the jail if the figures were posted in advance of his arrival.”

          appear to be self-reported. Another source says that the jail personnel takes the information from driver’s licenses. Point being — you don’t know and can’t prove where the numbers came from.

          “And the article doesn’t say he self reported his inmate number.”

          The article doesn’t say where any of the numbers came from.

          If I go to jail and self-report my identifying information as “8 ft tall, 35 pounds, green skin, purple hair,” will that be posted on my arrest record? And what if I escape? That would be an interesting BOLO call from dispatch.

          “…it is not surprising that he continues to fool you with bullshit.”

          You’re the one pushing bullshit, Liar69er, and it’s not fooling anyone here.

        • MINOR49er, I don’t give a flying fluck what his weight is. You are one stupid nit picking bum.
          And speaking of the truth, we are yet to see you tell the truth ever.

        • “ “Obviously he wasn’t weighed at the jail if the figures were posted in advance of his arrival.” “

          What’s the BFD, Minor? Wait for facts when dealing with DJT? No way. The Fulton Co Clerk listed the indictment charges online before the grand jury even met. Move along. Nothing to see here.

          About everything your banana republic idols do in this country places us ever closer to the 3rd world status they seek. I guess a valid question to you would be: What makes you think those Leftist heroes of yours won’t toss you under the train should they ever succeed to dismantle this nation? Certainly they would find better than cheap cheerleaders like you, just like the commies did in N Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, et al.

        • MINOR49er. Now wait a minute. First you claim that Trump lied about his weight (who cares). Now you claim that he wasn’t weighed when he was booked? In spite of what the Sheriff said?

      • “The labor force participation rate in the United States remained unchanged at 62.6 percent for the fifth consecutive month in July 2023, remaining at its highest level since March 2020 (63.4%, when President Trump was in office)” —

        “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday revised down its tally of total employment in March 2023 by 306,000. The change mostly means there were about 300,000 fewer job gains from April 2022 through March 2023 than first estimated.” —

      • Damn. You get into the same mold covered bread dacian is eating?

        Must be some good stuff…

        Meanwhile, the real rate of inflation breaks through the double digit barrier for another consecutive month..

  3. that living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk — particularly for women — of dying by homicide,

    Maybe, going out on a limb here, women could pick better partners?
    Chicken and egg. Everybody seems to want men to behave better but then women continue rewarding the so-called toxic men thereby encouraging more of that behavior.

    There’s a certain class in society that will always behave like this. Often they take pride in this behavior. Like it’s a badge of honor to have a black eye, several DUI’s and a shitty double-wide or gold teeth, a bullet wound scar and a Lexus you live in. The geography changes the specific flair they adorn themselves with but they’re all still trash. Trash by choice. Find value in yourselves, be better to others and expect better from others. God forbid anybody sell-out. Your peers won’t think your cool anymore if you have a stable job, a home you maintain, a happy spouse and maybe a confident kid or two. Better to be cool than have any of that. Especially as you roll through your 30’s into your 40’s and beyond.

    • “Maybe, going out on a limb here, women could pick better partners?“

      Right, place the blame right on the women’s shoulders, clearly this has nothing at all to do with abusive men and their unrestrained toxic masculinity.

      Typical conservative Republican tactic, blame the victim, not the male perpetrator.

      • Minor- when women make poor choices in giving their bodies away or hooking up with someone who continually abuses and mistreats them, it’s not wrong to point to those choices as the real crux of the issue. It obviously has done no good to just ignore it, except to create yet another phony crisi for the Left to capitalize on.

        Besides, most of the known abusers and molesters have already been caught and turned loose on the public by those people in LE administration and the judiciary that you seem to admire.

        • “someone who continually abuses and mistreats them, it’s not wrong to point to those choices as the real crux of the issue“

          No it isn’t the “real crux” of the issue, unbelievable.

          The crux of the issue is the criminal assault, I can’t believe you would intentionally downplay that.

          Yes, everyone could make better choices. But the root of the problem is not the women’s choice, it’s bad behavior by the Man, to pretend otherwise is reprehensible.

          “yet another phony crisis”

          Interesting, but I bet it’s not a phony crisis to the women suffering through it.

          I’m all for women having the right to possess and carry firearms, but if they wish to carry them in public spaces that we share with others, they need classroom instruction and live fire range proficiency demonstration.

      • Nope you believe they should be “COMPLIANT VICTIMS”!!!

        I betting you cheer on these attacks, since they give you “PROPAGANDA” points!!!

      • Clearly, you don’t have to worry about ‘unrestrained toxic masculinity..”
        I rather doubt you have to worry about any kind of masculinity..

      • MINOR49er. I place the blame on women who pick the wrong man and then when it comes time to do something about it, do NOTHING. If you want sympathy it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

    • And going out on a limb, maybe many of these women had crappy father figures who treated their mothers badly, and they themselves as well growing up. So, they grow up thinking that is how they are to be treated, and that it is “normal”. Many also do not feel they deserve a good man. Maybe you can blame the woman for being in an abusive relationship. But maybe someone could tell her she is worth more than that, and deserves to be treated better. Blaming her for poor choices will do nothing to help the situation.

      • That would make sense in a closed system. We live in a world of perpetual communication and information. There is no reason for anyone to ever think the way they live is the only way to live. Even some beaten down shell of a human that never leaves home can see a TV, read a book or listen to the radio. If anything a person like that would see that very few people, in those stories, live that way and better possibilities are out there.

  4. And people like Shuham believe the police are there to protect them 24×7 and will respond within seconds of making a 911 call.

    All pigs fed and ready to fly.

    • Before he was hired by Huffpoo he was an intern for The Rolling Stone. He’s got his Marxist cred card punched up and down both sides.

        • One of the first things they teach in Statistics – you can’t use population-based data to predict individual fate unless individual fate is controlled by random chance.

          Gun safety is not a matter of luck. Ditto marital safety. Shuham’s argument is at best mathematically IGNORANT.

          Or a sham.

    • “There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion.”
      –Winston Churchill

  5. Cherry picked junk science… and why? This portion is the clue…

    “and researchers in 2021 found that in an examination of 133 cases of school shootings and attempted school shootings from 1980 to 2019, “armed guards were not associated with significant reduction in rates of injuries.”

    The study separated out ‘armed guards’ as in those specifically assigned the ‘duty’ as a job as opposed to others who did have a specific ‘duty of care’ – in other words it was biased by not including the complete picture. There was a countering study that did include the complete picture and it found during the same time time frame when armed school staff (e.g. teachers AND/OR actual police powers SRO’s with a specific legal duty of care) were present that none of those schools suffered actual school shootings because either the school shooter was deterred by the presence of armed staff or were stopped by armed staff before they could begin. So although “armed guards were not associated with significant reduction in rates of injuries.” in the sense of an incomplete picture being presented may be true in that sense, when the complete picture is viewed its not true and those “armed guards” claimed in this biased study represent a minuscule portion.

    Their approach is like looking at one defective thing in hundreds of the same thing that are not defective then claiming 100% of that thing are defective – its just not a true picture and that’s what passes for left-wing ‘gun’ research today, biased junk.

    And in addition to that, for the rest of their stuff they, used something from ‘The Trace’ that was a previously debunked biased study in its self, among other previously debunked stuff.

    In short, Shuham’s article is based on already known to be false and debunked.

    “Studies have shown among other things that guns are rarely used in self-defense, that living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk — particularly for women — of dying by homicide, that the spike in gun sales after the Sandy Hook mass shooting was linked to an increase in accidental deaths, and that handgun ownership is associated with elevated risks of death by suicide.”

    Yes studies have shown that, biased anti-gun studies all of which have been debunked and proven to be biased and conducted improperly to arrive at a per-determined conclusion by separate independent researchers and Rand.

    In short, the ‘Kaiser Family Foundation’, known for its bias and ultra left wing anti-gun stance regurgitated junk science and used it to weight survey responses.

    • You don’t even need a study. I like to ask this question: You are facing an immediate threat from an armed killer. Do you want a gun or do you not want a gun?

      They can spew nonsense and irrational beliefs all day long on the internet, but none of these assholes would ever sacrifice themselves that way in the name of Almighty Leftism.

  6. Having spend childhood in then-Soviet Russia, I cans speak first hand that having a Second Amendment is a blessing. This fool has no clue as to what it is like to be unarmed, defenseless, growing up and living (surviving, really) in a climate of fear. And oh, wondering if your so-called “friends” and “neighbors” are going to turn you in for something you may have carelessly told them. Never trusting anyone, fearing your own children who are indoctrinated by the state. Do not worry about calling anyone for help if something happens to you. There is no 9/11. Those same authorities may be the very ones who end up being worse than the one you called to be protected against. Until Mr. Shuham leaves the four walls of whatever he calls his reality, he has no businesses writing such garbage.

    • Joe, you are saying much the same as I have for years. No, I wasn’t raised in another country. However, I was sent to such countries while in the Military. As you said, surviving under totalitarian regimes is to live in fear of being denounced or turned in for trivial matters or for some off hand remark. Usually resulting if heavy handed punishment. Depending upon government to send help or to protect from criminals is another fools errand. Even with honest civil minded government, as we should but seldom see, response is never going to be fast enough to prevent or stop the crime/act of violence.
      So comes the choice. You can be an armed citizen and do what you can to protect yourself. Or you can be the disarmed victim at the mercies of both the criminal and the government.

      • The kind of places dacian and miner want to turn the US into. They think the people NEED oppression after the great purge.

        War is peace.
        Freedom is slavery.
        Ignorance is strength.

      • The sad thing is, Old Man, no one will listen to us, because too many take an “it cannot happen here” mentality. Until it does. And then, they will be looking to people like you and me to scapegoat, because they refused to heed the warnings ahead of time that could have saved them. As for Miner49 and Dacian, you cannot fix stupid, and I do not bother trying. Their own idiocy will get them killed. As for me, (and perhaps others with like mind), I would rather die fighting to be free, than exist as a slave again. I will not go there again, period.

    • I have always been wary of tyranny, but in 2020 something happened that I did not believe I would see in my lifetime: most the entire planet surrendering to tyranny. As far as America goes, I have gone from skeptical to cynical that freedom and liberty will ever be on the rebound here.

      You are 100% correct about how so many dipshits have no clue what it’s like to be truly oppressed.

      • Even more sad, Colonel Travis, is that when clueless Americans realize that it CAN happen here (and will), there will be no “USA” alternative to run to. We are it. In the past, I had hope that maybe freedom and liberty would rebound. Instead, Americans have seemed to have fallen into a deeper slumber, unable, or unwilling to see the tyranny that is right in front of them. When it does happen to them, they will be easy pickings for the enemy, because they will not have done any mental preparations ahead of time. Which is just as important as the physical of having ammunition, guns, survival gear, knowing how to use such items, etc. Some may like to make fun of the Russian people for having a slave mentality. But when SHTF, they are going to be better prepared, because they have been there before. I had hoped that the U.S. would have turned around. But sadly, she is turning into what I fled, and that is even more tragic, because it was avoidable.

  7. “Though COVID-19 vaccines are extremely safe and effective at preventing serious disease and death among people infected with the virus …”

    … they also have the added benefits of being ineffective, non-preventive, and in some cases, dangerous or even deadly. A “vaccine” prevents the acquisition or spread of a disease; the “jabs” do not.

    • Uhhhmmm – not gonna argue with you, but I’ll point out that ALL vaccines carry risks. I’ve known two children personally who were destroyed by those childhood inoculations. The best of vaccines save millions of lives, but they also cripple or kill random people. It’s a crap shoot at best, and if you have the wrong rare allergy that nobody knows how to screen for, you just lose. Pick a vaccine, and read the warnings and disclaimers carefully. They ALL carry similar risks, with some being higher risk than others.

      • Paul — risk vs. reward: in the case of the WuFlu concoctions, why take a “jab” that is ineffective against WuFlu, but can injure you?

        It’s all risk and no reward. That’s a fool’s wager.

  8. I would like to bring to Matt Shuham’s attention, the fact that no school with armed staff members has suffered a shooting event to date.

    I would also like to invite Matt to some of the scuzzier neighborhoods in our largest cities, to conduct business. As a former truck driver, I have been to some of the very worst neighborhoods around the country, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and many more. I’ve gone into, and out of, most all of them late at night, and in the wee hours of the morning.

    No, you can’t shoot your way out of every situation. Not every encounter with the riff raff requires the use of a gun. But, it is comforting to know that you have force at hand, so that you can speak the language best understood by street toughs. It is also comforting to know that if you go down, you might take one or more of those toughs with you.

    Always try diplomacy first. If diplomacy fails, you NEED a backup plan. Dialing 911 with some thug in your face is not an option.

  9. A much more accurate and appropriate statement would be:

    — Many Americans Still Wrongly Think GOVERNMENTS Make Us Safer —

  10. Guns in general may not make people safer, per se, but they are a valuable tool and a blessing to keep people alive, particularly the small, weak and meek.

    As per “armed guards” at schools, we all knew that. They’ve already proven themselves to not have the balls to be effective, from Columbine through Uvalde. Ability but no action or reaction. Little motivation to put their own lives in jeopardy for the sake of others.

    When those hired to keep the students and staff safe aren’t up to the task when an actual shooter, or violent disrupter confronts their place of business, what’s the point of wasting money on them? On the other hand, allowing teachers/staff to be armed- those who are actually the targets and will be directly in the line of fire, might do wonders if they were able to act to save their own lives. Having “skin in the game” often tips the balance in any situation.

    • Yup. Most teachers would lay their life on the line for their students. Especially children. I know my wife feels this way towards her classroom. She feels those children are under her care as if they were ours. Bothers both of us that she cant carry.

    • An over age,over weight,rusty gun retiree in a costume wont care enough to risk living out their social security. Instead arm, and train teachers who are on site at the problem, and have about 500% more motivation to take risks protecting the children.

      • And if money is available, do both. An armed guard may at least deter an attack from happening at all, or stop someone at the entrance before they even get a chance to point a barrel at the schoolchildren. Teachers shouldn’t have to be the *first* line of defense, but they should absolutely be *a* line of defense.

        • Great suggestion.

          Money? If they can find the money to promote CRT, alternate lifestyles and, hell, even a typical athletics program — they can afford a security guard.

  11. Many Americans Still Wrongly Think …

    Wrongthink. Etymology: from the Orwellian concept of “crimethink.”

    Definition: beliefs or opinions that run contrary to the prevailing or mainstream orthodoxy.

    • A more accurate definition of “wrongthing” is:

      Beliefs or opinions that run contrary to the True Believer Pr0gre$$ive Democrat party platform.

  12. Having an armed guard on campus doesn’t always make the school safer. It takes an armed guard or teacher with the balls (or ovaries) to do something. Look at Parkland and Uvalde.

    • At my son’s high school a dozen & more years ago they had an armed SRO. And he always had a mean look on his face. Saw him kick the azz of a punk in front of the school. When I was in high school more than 50 years ago all we had was an assistant principal. And we had race riot’s in 1969-1972. Kankakee,ILL Westview HS. No one shot but it least one stabbing & lot’s of injuries. The teacher’s were generally not heroic. I never joined in. Got along with everyone(and was a teenage weightlifter who weighed well over 200lbs). In my geriatric years I’m still strong but under no allusions of my invulnerability. If his lowness Slow Joe Bidumb has armed protection how am I to disagree with with the sniffers example?!?🙄

  13. My guns have never endangered me or any of my friends or family. However, they HAVE stopped attacks upon me a dozen times, about half by dogs. I will continue to carry my pistol and keep my rifle near to hand, because i KNOW what you scumbags would like to do to me.

    • I read a comment awhile back that can really get one to thinking. That is, if they (the government, those who want to disarm us, etc.) are treating us like this NOW, with how many millions of firearms scattered throughout the nation in the hands of citizens…can you imagine how infinitely worse it will get if the government (or even the UN or Chinese, etc.) will treat us once we are UN-armed?

      • “The only reason why the government would want to disarm you, is because they intend to do something that you would shoot them for.”

  14. Mr. Shuham is a useful idiot. He would thank the commissar that is about to shoot him in the back of the head.

  15. How many gun free school zones have stopped a school shooting…..I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an example…..

  16. Kaiser is not qualified to issue opinion on anything, IMO. They do not adhere to medical science. I went to an appointment there the other day and they were still wearing masks. Proven not to have an effect in reducing COVID transmission, yet they still do it. And were the masks that were wearing N95? Nope, just the cheap Chinese made imported ones.

    • Funny, isn’t it?

      The MSM spent the past six months essentially apologizing for pushing all the covid protocols that made things worse for everyone especially the kids and a switch flipped this week they’re all demanding we go right back to them.

      We’ve gone full circle.

      2020: masks/distancing/lockdowns aren’t necessary and may even be racist.
      2021: you’re racist if you don’t follow the masks/distancing/lockdowns
      2023 (first half): turns masks/distancing/lockdowns weren’t necessary, did nothing to save lives and may have stunted your kids for life. we’re very sorry.
      2023 (second half): you’re racist if you don’t follow the masks/distancing/lockdowns + JABJABJABJABJABJABJABJAB

  17. Does having a gun make me less safe? Maybe, maybe not – it will depend strongly on the circumstances.

    My having a gun, however, definitely makes those who would do harm to me or mine, less safe. Which is more to the point of having a gun, imo.

    (An analogy can be drawn to any piece of safety gear, e.g. a fire extinguisher.)

    • Well spoken “no one of consequence” and that’s the main purpose, I think, of having a weapon. It makes the perps less safe.

  18. You darn well better believe that having a firearm in your presence when a perp tries to break into your house and rape your wife/daughter and kill those present, is better than having to wait 30 minutes for a cop to get on the premises. You better believe that I am armed every single day, just for that reason..

    • Thirty minutes? I called the cops once, and they never came. That’s “never”. Another time, I wanted to take the injured to the hospital by the fastest means possible – my personally owned vehicle. One of the parents says, “I’ve already called 911, the police are on their way with an ambulance!” Two hours later, a cop rolls up, and 20 minutes after that, the ambulance arrives. If you can get service in 30 minutes, I’m happy for you.

  19. We have learned that virtually everything teh establishment tells us is a lie,
    If yo are afraid of gun Violence, move to Chicago because the strict gun laws keep you safe.

  20. Addendum: Years ago, I worked as an armed security officer for a bank. Nothing of danger happened, although one incident stands out. One day as I was on duty at the bank, we received news that the branch bank right down the road from our location was robbed. When caught the robber said the reason he did not try to rob the branch bank that I was guarding (with my trusty .38special revolver), was that I was standing there with my weapon on my hip. Does a weapon’s presence make a difference…..I’m sure it does.

  21. This guy is only part right. A gun locked up in a safe unloaded does not make you safe. But it does make you stupid if that gun is supposed to be your self defense firearm.
    What is the best weapon in the world in self defense is training and common sense. In other words, it’s the person holding the firearm.

  22. The more correct tile would be “Kaiser Family Foundation Says Far Too Many Americans Still Hold the Delusional Belief That Guns Make Them Safer ‘Cause Biased Junk Science”

    Guns do make one safer. Don’t think so? A few examples…

    Ask the ~1000 (nationwide) yesterday who were forced to use a firearm to keep from being killed by a criminal with a knife. Yes that’s right….~1,500 knife attacks nationwide by criminals against innocent victims daily in the United States… and yesterday ~1,000 of them were made safer from serious injury or death because they were armed with a firearm.

    In the United States in 2022, in constitutional/permitless carry states; 38% of the women that were attacked for the purposes of rape were armed with a firearm and repelled their attackers successfully without being seriously harmed or raped, 23% of the women that were victims of domestic/partner violence that were armed with a firearm repelled their attackers successfully without serious physical injury. 2% of the women that were not armed with a firearm that were attacked for the purpose of rape or domestic/partner violence managed to escape their attackers and the rest of the non-firearm armed women were seriously harmed (some killed) and/or raped even though some of them were armed with either pepper spray or stun guns.

    In the United States in 2022, in states that were not constitutional/permitless carry states (where its less likely for people to have firearms for carry; 4% of the women that were attacked for the purposes of rape were armed with a firearm and repelled their attackers without being seriously physically harmed or raped. 2% of the women that were victims of domestic/partner violence that were armed with a firearm repelled their attackers successfully without serious physical injury. 5% of the women that were attacked for the purposes of rape and were not armed with a firearm managed to escape their attacker, and 87% of the women that were attacked for the purposes of rape were not armed with a firearm and were raped. 90% of the women that were victims of domestic/partner violence that were not armed with a firearm were seriously injured (some killed).

    In 2022, violent robbery victims (nationwide) that were armed with a firearm or had an armed defender to defend them; Overall, 97% had their attackers successfully repelled or stopped by defensive gun use and avoided serious harm and death.

    There are over 7,000 defensive gun uses daily in the United States. Sure, you can get a survey from people who have never been subjected to a violent criminal attack and crow about it to claim its some way delusion to think a gun makes you safer, but that’s not reality. No one can predict when that imminent violent threat will present its self.

    People do all sorts of things just in case, for example;

    You fasten your seat belt in your car, and you do that just in case and you may never have an accident but you still fasten that seat belt just in case don’t you. (and yes, some stupid person will miss the point and want to argue they fasten if because its the law)

    You have a fire extinguisher in your home just in case and you may never have a fire but you still have that fire extinguisher just in case don’t you.

    You wore your mask and got vaccinated during COVID didn’t you, just in case even though you may never have COVID.

    … and the list goes on and on for the things people do ‘just in case’.

    Well, the chances of being targeted for a violent crime (e.g. assault, robbery, rape, domestic partner violence, etc….) is greater than you having a car accident, or a fire, or getting COVID, or any number of things for which you take a ‘protection’ or ‘precautionary’ stance … and sure you might get lucky and never need to face it. But the best chance you have, the thing proven to give you the best chance, when confronted with that imminent violent physical threat from a person (e.g. the ‘bad guy’) is a firearm – and if you want to think of having it ‘just in case’ there’s nothing wrong with that and its your choice to have a firearm or not but if you think its a delusional belief that guns make you safer then its you who are delusional and there are millions of people in this country who are made safer annually because they had a gun to use against that threat when the time came to face that imminent violent physical threat from a person.

    • You wore your mask and got vaccinated during COVID didn’t you, just in case even though you may never have COVID.

      No. No, I did not do either of those things. Thankfully, I read the peer reviewed literature (aka “ACTUAL science”) which wholly contradicted the public / media narrative.

      You were on a roll there… until that paragraph.

      • Look at the context…

        “People do all sorts of things just in case, for example;

        You wore your mask and got vaccinated during COVID didn’t you, just in case even though you may never have COVID.”

        I was speaking in general as example (e.g. where I specifically wrote “for example”) and to the premise in example because the left-wing (and others) did that and its left-wing bias in the ‘survey’ in the article – and – the chances of being targeted for a violent crime are (actually far) greater than getting COVID. I wasn’t speaking about you specifically or any certain person.

    • One may take a chance and go around the police barricade and live or one may trust the authorities and sit in their car behind the barricade and burn to death.


  23. Kaiser Family Foundation.
    What a joke.
    I will say I am looking forward to their attempts to reinstate mask mandates. I want to see who will comply and who will not.
    Seeing people wearing masks in their cars by themselves is dang funny.
    I saw one woman in the grocery store with a N95 mask on, so tight, it looked like she was hyperventilating. That is it! The next tiktoc challenge! See if you can get a person wearing a N95 to pass out!

  24. liberals
    ought to know by now
    to not use big words they dont understand
    like delusional
    for if they knew what the word meant
    they would know that the word
    is a more perfect descriptor of themselves
    see also:
    lack of self awareness

        • You have of course heard of that industrial solvent that can eat right through rock, and is one of the most deadly chemicals on the face of the earth? It’s found in all cancer cells! It’s found in all forms of deadly diseases!

          I refer of course, to di-hydrogen monoxide. It’s everywhere!! We must BAN IT!

          (Cue video clip of people being asked to sign a petition to ban di-hydrogen monoxide after hearing all the problems it can cause…)

  25. No one believes suicides or accidents are crimes we want to protect ourselves from with guns, we are concerned with home invaders, sexual predators and robbers. If only the police came when called AND did something, every time, we may have felt safer.

  26. Using population-based statistics to predict individual fate is fundamentally erroneous, a violation of mathematical law.

    Gun safety is not a matter of luck. Ditto marital safety.

    Shuham’s argument, presented as widely-known and factual, is at best mathematically ignorant.

    • Using population-based statistics to predict individual fate is fundamentally erroneous [whn analyzing non-stochastical phenomena].


    You are 35 times more likely to die of suicide if a gun is in the home and you have almost a zero chance of survival if you do shoot yourself as compared to other forms of suicide. All this has been verified numerous times by the number of people saved by first responders that used another means other than a gun to try and kill themselves with.

    Of 595 448 cohort members who commenced residing with handgun owners, two thirds were women. A total of 737 012 cohort members died; 2293 died by homicide. Overall rates of homicide were more than twice as high among cohabitants of handgun owners than among cohabitants of nonowners (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.33 [95% CI, 1.78 to 3.05]). These elevated rates were driven largely by higher rates of homicide by firearm (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.83 [CI, 2.05 to 3.91]). Among homicides occurring at home, cohabitants of owners had sevenfold higher rates of being fatally shot by a spouse or intimate partner (adjusted hazard ratio, 7.16 [CI, 4.04 to 12.69]); 84% of these victims were female.

    Living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk for dying by homicide. Women are disproportionately affected.

  28. Shuham can decide not to call the cops if he is assaulted by a criminal. Let’s see how going gun free works for him.

  29. I have been the unarmed victim of a random crime. Very nearly cost my life. And did cost the life of a young woman who happened to work the overnight shift in the store.
    When I was released from the hospital I promised myself I would never again be the unarmed victim. Only in a few very specific places and situations am I unarmed. Visiting courthouses with metal detectors, unfortunately when I must fly somewhere, or when forced by law to disarm. Always with protest and avoidance if possible.
    Anyone who willing chooses to depend upon the good graces of government to defend them from possible violence has obviously not bothered to look at the history of the past century.
    One of the first things done when authoritarian or despotic governments or dictators try to take power/control attempt is disarmament of civilians/citizens. Usually resulting in more death and misery for the populace than any conditions short of civil war or an invading army.
    Those thinking civil war or some sort of armed rebellion would be preferable perhaps should think twice. No one wins such a war. They only survive it.
    In the question of domestic violence. Much of the problem lies in cultural acceptance of such things. You still have some idiots saying things like, ” He was just keeping his woman in line.” Etc. As well as some women who want the “Bad Boys” who offer excitement. The “Dangerous Man”. But, instead of the fictional James Bond dangerous man, they end up with Tyrone or Billy Bob. No excuses are acceptable for spousal abuse, but sometimes it comes back to the chump the woman chooses to get involved with. Both sides need to make better choices and do better as adults.
    As always, it isn’t the tool, but the human behind it.
    Something I was told long ago. ” I am the weapon. The Gun, Knife, etc. is only the tool.”

  30. Studying 133 mass shootings between 1980 and 2019 is stupid. What percentage had armed personnel? Of those, how many took action? Certainly not MSD or Uvalde. How do you quantify the improvement? Smokey Hill High School and STEM School both had one death before armed staff intervened. How many get counted as saved? Since the murderers didn’t get to kill enough to count as a mass shooting, they probably weren’t even included. How many shooting were deterred because the School was a hardened target?

    Here’s the ultimate proof that the article is a lie. If somebody big thug is beating Shuham to death,l or raping and stabbing his friends and family, will he be talking the murderer down, requesting a violence prevention specialist, threatening to cancel the bad guy on social media, or requesting that somebody come as quickly as possible with enough force to make the murderer stop (i.e. call police/security with a gun)? Anysane person is going to want a person with a gun to stop the murder.

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