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Argentina’s Vice-President narrowly survived an assassination attempt at point-blank range thanks to an apparent cartridge misfire. The incident took place Thursday evening when Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner emerged from her car at her residence. She began to shake hands with admirers and supporters.

Her security detail missed not only any pre-violence indicators by the assassin, but also the gun as he drew and pointed it. The would-be killer put it in her face and pulled the trigger…and nothing happened.

Media accounts say it was a five-shot revolver although the screen captures suggest it was a semi-auto pistol. Either way, where security failed, fate interceded and saved the VP.

Here’s the video . . .

Here’s Reuters’ confused account (the assassin never “fired” the gun) . . .

Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner escaped unharmed on Thursday after a man fired a loaded gun at her that failed to go off inches from her head.

The attack, which the economy minister called an assassination attempt, comes at a time of acute political and social frictions inside Argentina.

It happened as Fernandez de Kirchner stepped out of a car outside her Buenos Aires home, where hundreds of supporters had gathered. Video footage showed a man holding a pistol next to her head.

President Alberto Fernandez said the gun had been loaded with five bullets.

“This is the most serious event we have gone through since Argentina returned to democracy,” he said in a televised address, referring to the 1983 end of military rule.

From Yahoo News . . .

On Thursday, President Alberto Fernandez confirmed in a televised address that a man attempted to kill the vice-president while she was surrounded by hoardes of supporters outside her Buenos Aires home.

“A man pointed a firearm at her head and pulled the trigger. Cristina is still alive because – for some reason we can’t technically confirm at this moment – the weapon, which was armed with five bullets, did not shoot although the trigger was pulled,” he explained, before adding: “We must eradicate hate and violence from our media and political discourse.”

As for Kirchner’s “security” detail . . .

Jorge Vidal, a public security expert who used to work for the Buenos Aires city government, said the security response to the incident was “far from being a professional performance.” …

“We noticed that there were fewer police officers. I saw two from the federal (police). It was full of people,” [Kirchner supporter Silvana] Venegas said.

Javier, the young witness, declared in court that he and other supporters detained the suspect, not the police.

“I grab him, and also others,” he said.

It seems Argentina’s security forces seem to have some work to do in terms of personal protection protocols.

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      • I WILL continue to ask God to deal with such evil, justly. But I also know that until people turn to Him and repent of their foul ways He is likely to allow the present evils to continue.

        And I don’t care HOW “stupid” you think that is.

        • Tionoco, yes, it certainly does have that aspect to it, and here’s why: examine your words and then tell me what possible difference could it make? If we don’t stop, he doesn’t sort us out. If we do stop he doesn’t need to bother. I mean, c’mon man…

  1. I saw this a few days ago. My first thought was the idiot forgot to chamber a round. You can hear the hammer strike.

    • Yes. That dingbat manson follower that tried to off Ford had a semi with an empty chamber. Snap! And then dog piled by the Secret Service.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Oh, that actually makes sense when you think of all the morons who think that they have unloaded a semi-auto pistol when they remove the magazine–without racking the slide and clearing the chamber.

      If removing a magazine “unloads” a handgun, then inserting a magazine “loads” a handgun, as far as people are concerned who do not understand firearms.

    • That was my thought.

      The pistol is a Bersa. I have one.

      There’s a safety disconnect, so if the safety was on it wouldn’t even click, the trigger moves effortlessly and does nothing. So that wasn’t it.

      It’s a DA/SA, and the hammer strikes are pretty robust. So it’s unlikely the cartridge just wouldn’t go off, especially considering the multiple strikes you can hear on the video.

      Thank God he made leftists stupid.

    • Well, the controllers get the level of quality they are willing to pay for. Back to basic firearms training for this creep.

      As to the security “needing to follow protocols”, I do not think that was the issue/ From what I see it smells a whole lot like they essentially stood down as this unfolded. I’d put the lot of them in solitary for a day or three, and interrogate them one at a time, a few times. Then polygraph tem, again, one at a time. Check their financial records to see if there have been any signficant inflow of funds that don’t seem to be normal. This whole thing smells like an inside job. And no I am NOT paranoid. Even if they ARE after me.

      • Have to tentatively agree. If that is top security in Argentina, and one would hope that even the VP rates a first class team, then we need to send them a boy scout troop who would be more alert, than these bozos.

  2. That is an automatic pistol, no doubt about that. Could it be that the magazine was loaded with 5 rounds, but the assassin forgot to shuck a shell into the chamber? I can see where the assassin was quite nervous, even if a professional killer, which I doubt, and lost his concentration when preparing his weapon of choice. Note that a revolver that is loaded to capacity would most likely not have failed. Ammunition today is so reliable that a misfire is very improbable. Additionally, if he used a double action revolver, a quick second pull of the trigger would have completed the job.

    • Was very effective against Raygun. A cheap snubbie .22 nearly killed the potus and wounded 3-4 others. Put one in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

      And a .22 did for bobby kennedy.

    • Bersa .32 ACP. Some older model they never sold here, I guess. If he shot her in the face with it, instead of her forehead, very little chance it would have killed her. People have taken .357 rounds to the face and lived.

  3. Someone needs to explain to Alec Baldwin and crew that this is a misfire. How much you bet that the would be assassin inserted a full magazine but neglected to cycle the slide to chamber a round?

  4. “It seems Argentina’s security forces seem to have some work to do in terms of personal protection protocols.”

    So do the security honchos in Japan. It was too easy for the assassin to sneak up behind former prime minister Abe and kill him with a homemade weapon, because no one was watching his back.

    Security teams charged with protecting public figures in Japan have been lulled into complacency by the rarity of an attack. It’s almost as if they believe the anti-gun propaganda in the US that we are the only country where violence is committed.

  5. Rather than the frequently-reported guns that go off by themselves, here’s one that was fired but didn’t go off by itself.

    • This will be a common thing here if the bozos manage to impose the “safe fire” guns upon us. Press click will be the new theme song on the streets. Of course, the bad guys will just steal the old fashioned ones and use them. No law will restrict them to the identifying type guns.

  6. I’m watching the video. Gun appears, trigger is pulled, gun disappears, and Kristina puts her hands to her head – ears? looks like she was sprayed with something nasty? Apparently she drops her book and bends on to the ground to pick it up. Is that a Bible? No one on screen really acts like an assassination attempt has been made. One guy, wearing what appears to be a Navy uniform jumper, turns his head to look in the direction in which the would-be assassin has gone. As for the sound, it certainly sounds like the hammer fell on an empty chamber, or possibly on a round that failed to fire. I’ll go with the empty chamber though.

    It all looks rather bizarre, actually.

    • From a story:

      “According to reports, Fernández de Kirchner told the investigating judge on Sunday that she had been unaware that a gun was even pointed at her face. When she ducked down as the attack happened, rather than protecting herself she was crouching to pick up a book that had fallen to the floor.

      The gun was apparently stolen ten days ago from the family of a friend of the shooter, they confirmed. When the perpetrator was attacked, the weapon had five bullets though none were in the chamber.”

  7. @jwm
    “Who reads papers?”


    Way back when, “papers” were the digital social media of the day.

    • and had some useful content,even if somewhat biased. There was always another one had the other side of the story.

  8. Commies are on the March all across South America. The cognitive dissonance is astonishing when they are literal neighbors to Venezuela… Oh wait, that’s not “real communism, REAL communism has never been tried…”.

    • There’s a reasonably strong argument that South and Central American tend to fall into the same traps repeatedly for a fairly simple reason.

      None of the countries in the area were founded in a manner that respects private property rights and few have created such systems.

      The result is instability and the the populations basically aren’t capable of forcing such a change because, at root, it’s a foreign concept to them because they don’t have a society that values such a thing.

      CR is a notable exception that is very stable comparatively and, really, quite a nice place. The people from the rest of C/S America that have an affection for such a system move there. In some ways it creates a lot of friction with the Ticos too.

      But the number of Argentinians you could meet in CR even 15 years ago was undeniable and they all gave you the same reason for having left Argentina.

      Which is a shame, Argentina’s a pretty country with very nice people. Maybe not the most politically savvy people…. but that’s a different issue.

  9. “…REAL communism has never been tried…”.”

    Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin would be so disappointed to learn that.

    Gotta admit, though, communism is a very simple proposition: great power and wealth for the elites (if they live long enough); rationing and poverty for the populace.

  10. Ronnie Raygun got shot with .22 Devastator “exploding” bullets. I think one hit his rib but didn’t detonate. I think I still have some around here somewhere. Stupid idea.

  11. Our President’s recent fanning of the flames, seemingly hoping for similar behavior in this country is what has me somewhat worried. I’d expect to see this sort of thing become more prevalent in the EU first though.

    But if I’m honest I can think of several EU pols who really do deserve a Mussolini-ing at this point, the German Health Minister being pretty high on that list.

    • “Wheels turnin’ round n round…”. Sigh, another crate of surplus .308 on the credit card, another perimeter check in my (now) damned level 1Vs…

    • strych9,
      I remember being so pissed on Jan 7th after the “insurrection”. My thoughts were how stupid can you be. All these idiot’s had to do was step back and think about how the media and dems were going to spin this. Now we have a sitting president actively pushing for some unhinged asswipe to make what would be a disastrous move. He already has all the alphabet agencies ready to go. I hope our country survives the bidumb.

      • You touch on a repeating theme of mine, not because I own it but because the theme repeats. For LOTR fans, it’s the “one ring”. The thing that you never want to build because it’s simply too dangerous to exist in the first place. If someone builds it the entirety of the world needs to unite to destroy that thing.

        Biden’s abilities, which you mention, go back a long way actually but a lot of that power comes from the surveillance state set up post 9/11. (Remember when TSA was temporary? I do. Now they’re unionized, lol!).

        For 21 years we’ve built a massive apparatus that many people warned Conservatives not,/i> to support because it would, eventually, be turned against the very people who supported its construction.

        That has now happened. J6 is just the most convenient excuse currently available.

        I’m not sure why it is that most people are unable to wrap their heads around the idea that Biden represents a coup. Flat out. That doesn’t mean that the election was “stolen” via fraud either. Laws were changed and in many cases idiot GOPers agreed to those changes, not realizing what they were doing. One need not “stuff ballot boxes” when the system itself is easy to game in other ways.

        So, while Biden does represent a coup it’s not in the classic “illegal overthrow” sort of way. That which was illegal was made legal, this is more reminiscent of a “color revolution” than anything else.

        But make no mistake. Those in power believe in the “Jack Sparrow Philosophy”: Take what you can, give nothing back.

      • I had the same thoughts the day of and after. I’m still convinced the FBI instigated this Tailgate Party Gone Awry, just like the Whittmer “kidnapping.”
        Whatever happened to the two pipe bombs with “Made in Langley” all over them?

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