Ukrainian sniper Andriy training outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko)
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By Derek Gatopoulos and Adam Pemble, AP

Before taking a shot, Ukrainian sniper Andriy buries his face in a foldout mat, breathing slowly and deliberately.

“I need to be completely relaxed, to find a place where I will not move the rifle when I pull the trigger,” he says. “I don’t think about anything. It’s a kind of vacuum.”

In a semicircle around his head are boxes of bullets, printouts of charts, a heavy-duty stapler and a roll of tape.

Strapped to his wrist is a monitor, which is the shape of a jewelry box. It’s a ballistics calculator to factor in the wind and other surrounding conditions. Bees persistently circling his head and scope are ignored.

After a long pause, he says the word “shot” in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian sniper Andriy training outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko)

Crack! A sound not unlike a starting gun used at sporting events produces a reflexive jolt in people unaccustomed to war.

Six months ago, the noise might have startled Andriy, who had moved to Western Europe to pursue a career in engineering.

His experience resembles that of many Ukrainians who returned home to the war, abruptly pulled from civilian life to embrace fighting methods ‒ modern but also makeshift ‒ that have held back the far larger Russian military.

Andriy comes from Bucha, a district near Kyiv’s airport that was hammered during the Russian advance. Hundreds of civilian killings took place there, the bodies found in mass graves or left lying where they were shot in what the United Nations describes as potential war crimes.

Ukrainian sniper Andriy training outside of Kyiv (AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko)

Tall and with a good command of English, the sniper spoke to The Associated Press while practicing alone at an informal firing range near Kyiv, hoping to resolve some issues with his weapon through hours of trial and error before his next deployment.

He asked only to be identified by his first name and that some details of his civilian life remain private.

Andriy scrambled home, taking a flight to Budapest and arranging an 1,200-kilometer (750-mile) overland route that included paying “a big amount of money” to a driver willing to take a risky journey eastward. Within a few days he had joined the ferocious fight around Kyiv, adopting the war nickname “Samurai.”

He bought his own gear and a U.S.-made sniper rifle, and began receiving training from a special forces instructor, connected through friends in the military.

“Early in the morning on Feb. 24, I received a call from my mother. She lives in Bucha and told me the war had started. She could hear helicopters, airplanes, bombing and explosions. I decided to return,” he said.

While not allowed to discuss any specifics of his operational activity, Andriy describes Ukraine’s military as a force that prides itself on flexibility, harnessing a wide range of skills from its personnel to become more versatile in combat.

Snipers, he said, are often used to spot Russian military positions for artillery targeting.

“I have also gained experience in tactical medicine, with drones and shooting with assault rifles,” he said.

Military specialists are encouraged to learn new skills and even find their own equipment, with Western suppliers still delivering to Ukraine in a private market that is monitored by the army.

Ukrainian sniper Andriy attends a training outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko)

To protect his hearing, Andriy acquired a set of hunter’s headphones that suppress the noise from his rifle while amplifying voices. “You really need these,” he says.

Russia has more than doubled the territory it controls in Ukraine since launching the invasion in February, to about 20% of the country, but Andriy shares the optimism of many fellow Ukrainians that victory will be possible after the winter.

“I think with the help of our friends in Europe and the United States that we can push them out of our territory,” he said.

His desire to become a sniper came from a familiarity with hunting rifles, common in Ukraine, and playing the role of a distance shooter in video games.

But his goal at war: “It’s to return to my home, to my family,” he says.

“No one of us wanted to be a warrior, a shooter, a sniper. It’s just a necessity to be here now and do what we’re doing here.”

After a pause he adds: “I don’t know how to explain this: I don’t like to kill people. It’s not something you want to do, but it’s something you have to do.”

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  1. What, no bragging about the 800 yard head shot you made on the enemy that required a second shot to finish him off.
    I suppose being a medic/sniper that’s bound to happen once in awhile.
    Koo Koo Ka Choo

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      • “I’m sure that made sense in your head.”

        Yup, he’s definitely a noob here.

        When reading Possum comments, suspend your disbelief and just imagine you’re speaking to an actual marsupial, prehensile tail, snout, and nasty yellow teeth… 🙂

        • :>)
          All.the nasty ones done rotted off two years ago Geoff. And us possums got alot of teeth, rotted off or not, I’ve still got 32 pearly whites.,,,,( omg ,I said it didnt I , White,,, ) oh crap did it again with omg.
          Opaque and possible entity pocessing great power.
          I still have 32 florescently opaque teeth.

    • Good luck to him, hope he comes back alive, but unlikely.
      This conflict is because We United States had to put our dam nose in someone else country. We orchestrated the coup in 2014 and caused 2014. We financed, trained and instigated radicals in Kievs regime against Russia and Russians speaking people in Donbass. We forced Russia to do what it did. Trust me, US wouldn’t wait 8 years if things were reversed

    • Possum, there are no moral kill requirements when war is in your eyes. I mean, its not like they’re animals or walruses or something…

      • See how they runm. ???
        Sounds more like hearding to me but hear goes.
        See how they runm like pigs from a gunm.
        I’m crying, ,, no really I am, finally the hysterical laughter wore off and now all I do is cry.
        Yes I’ve been having these manic episodes ever since americas last election. Well its really not crying it’s more like a constant sob.
        Let’s Go Brandon
        Long live Queen Pelosi

        • Ha! One long drawn out wail, like that ugly, screaming poster child hag dyke for the left but with marsupial biker features instead. And it was an installment, not an election. Words mean things. Koo koo ka choo bro.

  2. I hope Ukraine chokes on the 50 billion Brandon and the neocons sent. Disgusting that ttag constantly blows them. Very Fudd

      • Learn some history. A lot more Jews died at Ukrainian hands over the past five hundred years (Cossack progroms, Nazi collaboration, etc.etc.) than at the hands of Russians. Ukrainian born Jews here in the US remember well the torment that they suffered there and have NO love at all for the Ukrainians.

        • Per wiki 1.2 to 1.6 million Jews were killed in Ukraine by Germans and ultranationalist Ukrainians.
          Many ultranationalist were later murdered by the Soviet Union.
          Recently Russia blew up the Babi Yar memorial by accident.
          Not to compare, Stalin’s Holomodor 3.5 to 5 million. But Stalin was kind enough to mount a corrective action campaign encouraging the starving Ukrainians to not eat their children. This is not a joke. Later, Stalin moved ethnic Russians into the empty villages, which still causes resentment today.

    • Because of NATO, we have a choice between stopping Putin with Ukrainian blood and US money in Ukraine now, or US blood and US money in Poland or Lithuania or Estonia or Latvia very goddamn soon.

      Russia today is not an ordinary country. They are what happens when a nation’s Mafia takes over the government. I’m not exaggerating here, I’m being exactly truthful.

      • We’re learning that lesson ourselves daily. Organized crime, not necessarily the “mafia”, sunk it’s teeth in our govt. when Clinton first got in to office.

      • Because it is cheaper to fight the Russians in Ukraine than to get into open conflict with Russia and letting the silver birds fly. Even if 1 in 3 Russian missiles work well enough to get within a reasonable distance to their intended target it is still a tragedy for the rest of the world.

        • Lol cheaper or would be nuclear. All die. Most of Russian missiles are hitting targets. So you admit, fighting Russians until last Ukrainian

        • All do not die in nuclear war, in fact if you do not live in a major city or near a military base you will survive the initial blasts. Even the fallout isn’t complicated to deal with if you have decent knowledge on it. “Nuclear winter” is also a myth. There’s a lot of research out there that proves this.

          Surviving afterwards will not be easy as all social/government structure will be gone. For some people… that may not be such a burden.

        • I am glad you not in charge, if you really think that human will still be around after nuclear war lol. That is so absurd

      • Interestingly, the kleptocracy that is Russia stole from its own military such that they lack good tires, night vision, body armor, field hospitals, anti drone systems, etc. I agree that as Putin ages he would want to emulate Peter The Great more and would have attacked NATO. Now they have realized the military rot is deep, will they stop buying super yachts and build carriers instead and an effective military and invade NATO? Trump will back out of NATO and if Germany is an example, NATO military would be easily conquered. Then we would have a new mega USSR without any ideals at all, just a giant kleptocracy of misery. That would be a strange world. Once Russia would take Europe and China takes Taiwan, how long until USA collapses in isolation?

        • If you haven’t noticed yet, the USA is already collapsing from internal rot. China and Russia are threats, but they are less of a threat than our own globalist oligarchs.and psychopaths.

    • The propaganda war on the American people is indeed disgusting. There is another campaign against worker’s rights in the USA and Europe and the established powers must ideas they find dangerous to them.

      People should read about the Odessa massacre in 2014 and why the fight for freedom and separation in the Donbas region went hot. People had enough of being genocide by Ukrainian nationalists and opt to fight back and have been fighting ever since. Russia was supporting them on the ground for some time and now Russia has had enough too with the expansion of NATO and trying to park missiles on their boarder.

      • Odessa massacre is to you genocide? 42 people burned in a Molotov cocktail fight is genocide, but the kids at the theatre and maybe thousands of civilians targeted by Russia is pre-emptive?
        You basically are reading from a propaganda script.

        • First, most things he said went over your head. Being burned alive while police is not genocide?
          The theatre in Mariopol was not bombing, but Kiev inside expolosion according to civilians there

  3. Why just retake your own country? Why not take the war to Russia? Hammer their cities. Cause them destruction on a scale as they caused you.

    They brought the tragedy. Give it back to them.

    • Because they aren’t even successfully defending their homeland, no matter how much we fund their oligarchs defense? What’s the latest count? I’ve lost track. Just wait until we rebuild the country for them. There’s lots of money to be made $$$. Meanwhile, the Puppet is begging for even more money (printing) at home just to keep our government going. What a scam.

    • That is almost funny, in view of the fact that the US and all of Europe are already funding the war, to the extent possible with current public opinion. Just how many more billions would it take to invade Russia? Are we ready for the nuclear response? Russia has already stated some of the conditions in which they would go nuclear.

    • “Why just retake your own country? Why not take the war to Russia?”

      That’s actually happening right now.

      Have you missed the reports of sapper attacks blowing up all kinds of things in Russia?

    • jwm, “they brought the tragedy…” , respectfully, how sure of that are you? I mean, Putin is on record for approx a decade telling the Ukrainian mafioso ‘newish’ powers that be, along with them openly courting NATO whose only enemy in the world seems to be evil Mother Russia, to back off, stfu and stfd… or else. We all know the human trafficking/killing/corruption/political money laundering that has been going on over there. Imagine if that cesspool was going on in Manitoba, no wait… Quebec… for a decade and they started courting your only real enemy to plant missile bases on your border, all of them pointed squarely at you with a global contract compelling everyone else to join in the fun. Do you think Putin’s fight is with the Ukrainian commoner, or he has some Tsar like notion to gain a few more acres of wheatfields and oil deposits? He’d have been done n gone by now if it wasn’t for the holy crusade from the west prolonging the agony and profiting from it with western media, known truthsayers that they all are, loudly cheering it all on and calling for more, like succubus. It sucks for those caught in the middle but that’s always been the case in conflict, good or bad. I remember Pattons words at the end: “we fought the wrong enemy” …

      • So in other words. Russia insists on the right to tell its neighbors what they can and cannot do and if they reject that right Russia will attack.

        To Patton the right enemy was Russia. He would be rooting for the Ukies today.

        Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve said it before. There is no right side in this war. But all Russia had to do to avoid it was keep their tanks in the garage.

        • Lol But our government can tell other what to do? Do regime changes ?
          If Russia kept its tanks in garage, Kiev forces would have stormed Donbass and Crimea since they massed over 100k troops there.

        • All Ukraine had to do to avoid this “war” was not spend the last eight years murdering civilians and ethnically cleansing the country.

          Boris Johnson & crew popped up in Kiev around May and sabotaged peace negotiations. They effectively told Ukraine that it doesn’t matter if they are ready to sign some agreements, the collective west is not. The “collective west” being a hand full of globalist rulers that are doing their own thing against the will of the people(s).

        • Jwm, yes I know you’ve said that before, it just seems to me you’re rather ignoring what led up to this which surprises me, coming from you. He kept the tanks in the garage for a decade, while people were being murdered, accords and treaties broken plus whatever else. I’ll say this: I’ve listened to Putin speak more than a few times, both speeches and interviews, and out of all our collective glorious leaders over the last twenty years he’s the only one that I ever felt talked straight and made some kind of sense and called a spade a spade. Imagine my surprise but I’m not what you’d call bereft of at least a basic level of perception. ‘Putin man bad’ seems to be a thing which sounds awfully familiar and suspect to me especially when it comes from the same sources. Both our countries could have kept the tanks in the garage many times but felt compelled to act; if others feel the need to act are they automatically wrong while we/are always right? Food for thought. And I gathered that Patton was speaking about the Germans every bit as much as he was the Russians. Indeed, he would have had to be referring to both for his comment to make any sense. Wish we could get a better handle on things but I think those days are prob gone forever, if they ever existed at all. Cheers.

    • Ukraine is utterly incapable of invading Russia.
      The Russian military is not really in this fight but if anyone invaded you would see tenacity returning.
      Now you have Russian soldiers fighting for salary and some pedophilic rape but that would change if invaded.
      If a large force invaded (say NATO), they would go nuclear.

    • JWM,
      Hitting Russian targets inside Russia would be the worst possible move Ukrainians could do.
      Right now the 2 million man conscript Russian army is legally prevented from fighting in a foreign war.

      So Putin is fighting this war with volunteer soldiers (who were promised bonuses) and private military contractors from Wagner and other companies.
      He is right now scouring the prisons and poverty stricken areas of Russia for soldiers who will volunteer for promises of high pay and prison sentence forgiveness.
      Once the Ukrainians make a strike inside Russia, he will then be legally free to turn the full might of the Russian army onto the Ukrainians.

      • Since when does Putin concern himself with legality?
        Tossing people out of windows (defenestration) is also illegal in Russia as well as Polonium tea.
        I feel the constraint is more due to the unpopularity of a large draft.
        Full might of Russia military ?
        They probably have enough rifles and boots, but that’s about it as far as equipping and supporting more troops.
        They forced the Donbas draftees to the front with Nagants.

        • Lol if he didn’t care of legality, he would have this conflict much different.
          Supposedly it as done by Russia and you think CIA don’t take people out? Lol
          1/5 of the active component doing just fine in Ukraine. Lol Donbass government ordered draftees, not Russia and the only militia that use nagants are one in rear, not front lines. Might want to read more then main west media

      • to Klingon

        As usual our High School drop out knows nothing of U.S. History. In fact the statues that are being torn down were those of traitors much like your living God Trump and his traitors that tried also to overthrow the U.S. Government.

        If the Racists of the South had won the U.S. today would be a series of small 3rd World countries constantly at war with each other. No one today especially Black Americans should have to look at the statues of the Racist’s that wanted to continue the hideous institution of slavery. Due to shame and guilt the Far Right scream that the American Civil War was about “states rights” but they try and conceal the fact that the state right they fought over was the right to keep the institution of slavery.

        The Far Right also continue to hide the fact that most of these disgusting racist statues were put up during the 1960’s when Far Right Racists were trying to intimidate Blacks who were fighting for their right to vote, these monuments were by and large not put up after the Civil War.

        Once again Klingon you make a complete fool of yourself.

        And by the way if you indeed did graduate from High School, you shouldn’t have.

        • dacian dacian dacian…. Bless your heart. The War between the States had nothing to do with slavery, son. That is Northern propaganda to get the darkies on the yankee’s side. Before the tyrant Lincoln (spit) took over it was perfectly legal and constitutional for States to leave the union.
          I doubt that you will bother to educate yourself about the truth because you are a troll and a moron but seriously stick to your usual flavor of BS.

        • Dacian, you insufferable asshole — you continue to prove that you’re an historically-illiterate imbecile every time you post your garbage screeds invented in the recesses of your garbage brain.

          In my hometown of Clarksburg in front of the Harrison County Courthouse, stands a statue of Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a man revered by historians as one of the greatest American generals whose tactics are still taught at the West Point military academy. The sculpture was created by renown New York artist Charles Keck and dedicated in 1954. Unlike many of Keck’s other works, such as the statue of Lewis and Clark, who contributed greatly to the early exploration of our nation’s history only to have Keck’s depiction of the pair in Charlottesville shamefully removed and hidden away, Jackson’s statue still proudly stands just across the street from where he was born.

          Summary: an eminent sculptor creates a work of art dedicated in the ’50s years before the height of the Civil Rights movement, erected and dedicated in a Northern Union state, depicting a reverent Christian who established a school for blacks at his boyhood home in Jackson’s Mill, and whose military prowess is taught at our leading military schools — was all to intimidate a small portion of the population.

          That puts the lie to your revisionist bit of garbage that you maliciously puke out in every post that you make, asshole.

          Here’s a bit of history that revisionist liars such as yourself cannot deny — West Virginia was illegally and unconstitutionally created and entered the Northern Union as a slave-holding state. In fact, slavery was not outlawed under the Emancipation Proclamation in Union states until years after the Civil War ended — the last state to do so being our own pretender-to-the-throne’s birthplace of Delaware.

        • Klingon I cannot believe you are that dumb but after all you are an uneducated Southerner so that goes with the territory so to speak.

          Officially the Federal Emancipation Proclamation outlawed slavery in 1865 for “all” the States but yes some of the states were slow to comply with the new law so in essence you are attempting to twist what had really taken place in history. In its final form The Emancipation Proclamation was re-issued in 1863.

          Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States and provides that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”.

 by Congress on January,within the United States, or

          West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20, 1863, and the last slave state admitted to the Union.[18][19][20] Eighteen months later, the West Virginia legislature completely abolished slavery,[21] and also ratified the 13th Amendment on February 3, 1865.

          And Moron I said “most” of the statues, not all of them were put up in the `1960’s.

          Try again High School Drop out you just made a fool of yourself once again.

        • “…you are an uneducated Southerner…”

          A born-and-raised West Virginian is a Southerner? I know you’re fond of labelling people as “hillbillies” when you attempt to insult their intelligence, but the proper term is “mountaineer.” It’s even in the state motto.

          “West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle extends adjacent to Pennsylvania and Ohio to form a tristate area, with Wheeling and Weirton just across the border from the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Huntington in the southwest is close to Ohio and Kentucky, while Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry in the Eastern Panhandle region are considered part of the Washington metropolitan area, between Maryland and Virginia. West Virginia is often included in several U.S. geographical regions, including the Mid-Atlantic, the Upland South, and the Southeastern United States.” — Wikipedia

          You stated: “Officially the Federal Emancipation Proclamation outlawed slavery in 1865 for “all” the States … In its final form The Emancipation Proclamation was re-issued in 1863.”

          The fuck it did, asshole. You are lying again and managed to contradict yourself in the very same sentence!

          “On January 1, 1863, Lincoln issued the final Emancipation Proclamation… it stated: … order and designate as the States and parts of States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion, against the United States, the following, towit:

          “Lincoln then listed the ten states still in rebellion, excluding parts of states under Union control …”

          “The Proclamation did not free all slaves in the US, contrary to a common misconception; the Proclamation applied in the ten states that were still in rebellion in 1863, and thus did not cover the nearly 500,000 slaves in the slave-holding border states (Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland or Delaware) that had not seceded.” — Wikipedia

          You stated: “Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States …”

          The Emancipation Proclamation is not the same thing as the 13th Amendment, imbecile. Just because Congress passed the 13th, as I correctly stated many states did not ratify it (and it did not become part of the Constitution) until much later:

          “The Thirteenth Amendment was subsequently ratified by the other states, as follows:

          Oregon: December 8, 1865
          California: December 19, 1865
          Florida: December 28, 1865
          Iowa: January 15, 1866
          New Jersey: January 23, 1866 (after rejection March 16, 1865)
          Texas: February 18, 1870
          Delaware: February 12, 1901 (after rejection February 8, 1865)
          Kentucky: March 18, 1976
          Mississippi: March 16, 1995; certified February 7, 2013 (after rejection December 5, 1865)”
          — Wikipedia

          There was nothing in my post that wasn’t the absolute truth. You have again proven that you are an historical illiterate, an inveterate liar, and a garbage-brained asshole.

        • quote————Here’s a bit of history that revisionist liars such as yourself cannot deny — West Virginia was illegally and unconstitutionally created and entered the Northern Union as a slave-holding state. In fact, slavery was not outlawed under the Emancipation Proclamation in Union states until years after the Civil War ended — the last state to do so being our own pretender-to-the-throne’s birthplace of Delaware.———-quote


          Slavery was outlawed under the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and also outlawed in the 13th Amendment passed in 1865. and outlawed a 3rd time under the updated version was in 1863.

          Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the United States

          quote————-The Emancipation Proclamation is not the same thing as the 13th Amendment,———-quote

          Another Falsehood

          Look Moron both the Emancipation and the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, although the 13th Amendment was more extensive, even a 5th grader could understand that.

          To be clear on the Emancipation Proclamation

          President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, as the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war. The proclamation declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

          Despite this expansive wording, the Emancipation Proclamation was limited in many ways. It applied only to states that had seceded from the United States, leaving slavery untouched in the loyal border states. It also expressly exempted parts of the Confederacy (the Southern secessionist states) that had already come under Northern control. Most important, the freedom it promised depended upon Union (United States) military victory.

          Although the Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery in the nation, it captured the hearts and imagination of millions of Americans and fundamentally transformed the character of the war.

          Now who is the Moron. You are out of your league high school drop out.

          And once again your cherry picking one monument that was not put up in the 1960’s does not refute my original statement that the “majority” of the racist confederate monuments were put up to intimidate and insult Black People wanting the right to vote.

          And if you had any higher education dufuss Historical Scholars have long verified that it was Slavery that was the State Right that the South Wanted to keep and the main reason they fought the war.

          And my statement that the people who fought in the South were traitors to the United States of America so why put up monuments to these people who would have destroyed America as a “unified” and great country.

          And my statement is correct as to the monuments being an insult to all Black Americans.

        • dacian the demented dips***,

          Never read the Emancipation Proclamation, did you (among the MANY other historical documents you’ve never read)????

          ” . . . ll persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States . . . “. West Virginia (and other NORTHERN slave-holding states) were not within the ambit of the Emancipation Proclamation, you historical ignoranus.

          You really are too stupid to be inusulted.

        • Dacien, you lying illiterate asshole.

          quote————-The Emancipation Proclamation is not the same thing as the 13th Amendment,———-quote

          “Another Falsehood”

          Are you really that stupid? (Rhetorical question.) Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order. 13th Amendment was — the clue is in its name — an amendment to the Constitution. If you can’t see the difference, it’s because you’re willingly deceptive.

          “Slavery was outlawed under the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and also outlawed in the 13th Amendment passed in 1865. and outlawed a 3rd time under the updated version was in 1863.”

          How can something be outlawed a third time in 1863 when it was outlawed a second time in 1865? You have a time machine?

          You continue to lie after you’ve been proven wrong. Them you turn around and say:
          “Although the Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery in the nation …”

          You really are as stupid as you continually prove.

          “…the “majority” of the racist confederate monuments were put up to intimidate and insult Black People wanting the right to vote.”

          Prove it. How many monuments were erected before, let’s say 1960? How many were built after that date? And why was the Keck statue of Lewis and Clark taken down in Virginia? Was the sculptor trying to intimidate blacks with his historic depiction of two well-known explorers? How about the statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson? You’re a liar, asshole.

          As Lamp said, “You really are too stupid to be insulted.”

          OK, I’m done. I can read synopses of these articles on Instapundit, and the commenters there aren’t stupid, illiterate and pathological liars as are asshole Dacian and Liar49er.

      • Like the truth that this sniper is fighting alongside neo-Nazi militias and former ISIS soldiers who are being imported by the likes of George Soros. The Ukrainian ‘army’ is their version of what we have with BLM and Antifa only better armed.

        • Have you seen how ethnically “Russian” the Russian army is?

          The Moscow parade troops are all ethnically Russian. The troops in Ukraine look a bit more diverse.

        • What a brilliant response. I feel so overwhelmed by such dazzlingly intellectual positions now—being called a Putin shill—oh, the humanity…
          Makes me want to hang a Ukro flag in my window now and put a ‘Free Crimea’ bumper-sticker on the car. Maybe even a ‘Vote for Ted Cruz’ sticker too (since he’s the biggest recipient of Ukrainian lobbying money they’ll probably throw one in for free).

  4. Although I have great sympathy for the plight of the Ukrainian people I do not approve of sniping. It serves no purpose except that of blind revenge and murder. Large modern armies are defeated by getting there “fastest with the mostest”.

    Sniping has always been considered by most people in the worlds militaries as the most disgusting and brutal part of war. Sniping seemed to really come into its own during WWI although it dates much further back than that horrific war. After WWI was over sniping was considered so unacceptable that very quietly the sniping weapons were put into cosmoline and put away and all future training in sniping was cancelled a not even talked about by the military. During WWII the horrific trade had to be relearned all over again.

    Normal soldiers do not respect snipers and that was true in most wars. In WWI they were hated because they brought artillery fire down on their position and it ended up killing dozens of their own soldiers for every hapless enemy solider that had is head blown off while he was eating, going to the bathroom, or writing letters home.

    In Vietnam snipers were considered totally depraved because in normal battle you must kill the enemy to save your own life or those of your fellow comrades. Sniping on the other hand is killing people from a cowardly camouflaged position and usually when a battle is “not” going on.

    Clint Eastwood went into a rage when Michael Moore stated that his uncle was killed by a sniper in WWII and that he considered all snipers as nothing more than cowards. This conversation took place when they entered into a discussion on Eastwood’s depraved and glorified movie about Chris Kyle.

    In Vietnam and in the later Middle East Wars that the U.S. was involved in using snipers they became so depraved that they upped their horrific carnage by engaging in contests to see who could kill the most people, notice I said people, not the enemy soldiers. Women, children and decrepit cane walking old men were all considered fair game.

    Chris Kyle one of the most depraved of snipers got into a 3 way race with two other maniacs and they ended up killing women and children just to up their scores.

    Much the same happened in Vietnam and in one instance one sniper shot a pregnant teenage girl in the stomach and his fellow snipers laughed and said “you got two with one shot”.

    Carlos Hathcock of Vietnam fame admitted to shooting a young boy off of a bicycle.

    Rolling Stone Magazine did an in depth article on the depraved and racist life of Chris Kyle after Eastwood’s movie came out and Kyle was himself killed by a mentally ill veteran who turned sniper on Kyle and a fellow sycophant. It certainly was poetic justice for sure.

    To go back to the current Ukrainian/Russian conflict, most Russian soldiers did not want to fight the Ukraine but it is true that their commanding officers encourage brutality and murder of Ukrainian civilians because they want to conduct a reign of terror because they know they can never be prosecuted for war crimes because to do so Ukraine would have to invade and beat Russia which is highly unlikely. So one could hardly blamed the man in this article wanting to go to war and kill Russians. Will it make any difference in the winning of the war? No of course not, as Russia will only stop the war when it goes bankrupt fighting it and runs out of suckers willing to die for a lost cause and every Russian soldier is aware of this fact. Huge modern army’s simply brush away snipers like cows brush off flies with their tails, they are of no consequence in the outcomes of battles or wars. Even when a General is killed by a sniper (which is extremely rare) there are always dozens more power mad Generals eager to take their place so that they too can become “The honored dead”.

    • Dacian learned a new word. “Depraved”. By your description conducting an ambush and killing an enemy patrol is “depraved”.
      War itself is “depraved”. Artillery and mortar barrages, sniping, raids, drone attacks, booby traps, mines, flame weapons, IEDs, gunships circling overhead and raining down destruction…just where isn’t it ALL “depraved” son?

    • “I do not approve of sniping. It serves no purpose except that of blind revenge and murder.”

      *Bzzzzzt!* Wrong again, as usual.

      Sniping demoralizes the enemy, and lessens their combat effectiveness in a myriad of ways, like forcing them to keep their heads down. Troops with their heads down have a vastly limited ability to be aware of their surroundings…

    • Wow you ok?
      Sniping bad, artillery good?
      Sniping bad, napalm good?
      Sniping bad, thermobaric missiles good?

      I have met and spoken with snipers. They indicated that only high value targets were logical as indirect fire comes back at you.
      Everybody wants to kill the sniper. Shooting a non combatant would be the act of a psychopath and in any functioning military he would be removed from service.

    • One thing you don’t have with snipers is collateral damage. Snipers tend to hit what they aim at or they don’t take the shot. As a result, innocent bystanders don’t get shot.

    • You’re a truly disturbed and sheltered pudgy little pimple faced asshole, aren’t you? Do you giggle and drool uncontrollably while you pound away on yer mom’s laptop, rocking back n forth in yer stained stanfields at yer Fischer Price table in a cloud of Cheetos dust?

    • Well, dacian the demented dips***, I see your knowledge of things military is equal to your knowledge of firearms – zero equals zero. Sniping is so useless and ineffective that literally EVERY military in the world uses it, and has since the U.S. Civil War. But, then, you’d have to be educated in history to know that, and you are pathetically uneducated, ignorant of history, and laughably full of pathetic Leftist talking points. I would call you a clown, but being a clown can actually be an honest profession. You’ve never done anything honest OR professional in your life, you basement-dwelling cretin.

  5. And I care why? A dictator vs a kommie
    I’m not getting involved in a politician’s money laundering scheme. Some broken dude drank the koolaid and your panties fell off.
    We’ve got our own issues here. Y’all worried bout Russia in Ukraine when you’ve got enemy at your front door in the middle of the day trying to take your stuff you bought with your hard earned money.
    So easily distracted

  6. Ukraine has always the kick dog of Russia. They want their wheat and some land(for southern port access), as they always have. Russia should have annexed Ukraine in Communism, but then they would have had to extend all the rights to all the people.
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Karma is a bitch.

    • Read about Holomodor.
      USSR was not Russia.
      I think USSR “gave” Crimea to Ukraine.
      Every Ukrainian I have met not of Russian heritage hates Russia.
      The ethnic Russians hated Putin kleptocracy.
      Russia had vastly more assets on the ground than usa. I have trouble believing USA created Maiden in 2014.
      But I am aware of some torment applied to innocent ethnic Russians after 1996

    • our military supplies are not going to the Ukraine… our military supplies are going to the united nations for their military force according to the 1967 Charter…. all countries militaries will do be demilled or under the command of the united nations…. each country will build federalized law enforcement agencies instead of standing military call shit lightning struck right out in front do you know you’re not….Any wonder why the IRS got 87,000 armed to the teeth…TAX Collection will be the highest priority of all governments not just the United States…

    • Not to mention that the CEO of Ammo, Inc. donated a million rounds of ammo to the Soros-backed Zelensky Government (You know, because ammo is so cheap and plentiful in the US right now). I’m sure that the fact that BlackRock—which is heavily invested in Ukraine—is Ammo Inc’s largest shareholder had nothing to do with that decision…

  7. if the Ukraine should concentrate on thousands of new snipers (with good sniper rifles) they would defeat the Russians and push them back…. Russia tried to invade Finland around the 1930s… The Russians had a far superior force… but were pushed back by a few finish snipers…One had over 500 confirmed kills… each sniper should have a goal of 3 to 5 Russian troops daily…. if not a killshot then a permanent disabling shot would do… snipers have a very Debilitating psychological effect on an enemy…

    • 24and7,

      There are three ways to “win” a war:

      1) Your enemy’s logistics fail (for whatever reason/s).

      2) You obliterate your enemy (no one left to fight)

      3) Your enemy gives up (loses the will to fight)

      I doubt that snipers can cause an enemy’s logistics to fail.

      That leaves #2 and #3.

      In order for snipers to kill so many of the enemy that there is no one left to fight, that means killing on the order of one million infantry soldiers. If you had 2000 snipers, they would each have to kill 500 enemy soldiers. That is a very tall order, both in acquiring that many snipers as well as every one of those snipers averaging 500 kills before they themselves die in combat.

      The best probability for success is having your snipers kill so many of the enemy’s soldiers in countless unexpected environments that your enemy loses the will to fight. And even then, if you had 1000 snipers, each of your snipers would still have to kill something like 300 enemy soldiers minimum on average. That is still a very tall order.

      The really depressing aspect of this war: Russia will simply force their soldiers to keep fighting even if they don’t want to. That being the case, I doubt that a large contingent of snipers will be the deciding factor in this war.

      • “And even then, if you had 1000 snipers, each of your snipers would still have to kill something like 300 enemy soldiers minimum on average.”

        They don’t need to kill 300 each. Front line troops under the threat of sniper pressure know the only way to survive is not to be a target.

        That means, limiting their exposure to the sniper. Troops that can’t see clearly the situation around them have a *vastly* reduced combat effectiveness. Hence, a a sniper is actually a potent combat effectiveness multiplier for the side employing the sniper’s skills… 🙂

        • EDIT – You can’t underestimate the advantage the defending side has against the invaders. It’s the defender’s home turf, they know it the best, every nook and cranny and they are highly motivated to protect their homes.

          Historically, in conflicts like this, the defenders usually end up winning, even if the cost is grievous…

      • A sniper’s main job isn’t killing people directly.

        It’s collecting and passing along information about what they observe in/on/around the battlefield.

      • Nope, nope, nope. Not even CLOSE to correct. Almost all sniper targets are “high value” targets – usually enemy military and political leaders. Don’t have to kill too many of them to REALLY f*** up the organizational structure of the opposing military force. And a kill from a guy so far away you can’t even see him, and you don’t even hear the shot until after the target hits the ground, is demoralizing. Talk to any soldier who’s been in an actual war zone what it feels like to be under a sniper’s gun. Soldier’s who aren’t snipers hate snipers . . . because of how damn effective they are. And nearly impossible to defend against.

        • I spoke with a Canadian veteran of Yugoslavian war who described living in hellish conditions due to one single sniper, who typically fired one to three shots per night from a ruined area from abandoned apartment buildings. The Canadians, who were camped on a slope in view of the sniper, were forced to build sandbag passages while crawling for weeks. Finally they got a good thermal sight on a 50 cal and the sniper left a hot spot on a ledge then leaned his back on a nearby wall, eventually making a visible hot spot. End of sniper. I think in sniper school they tell you to move along soon or you will die. The enemy will focus on you, the lone sniper. But look at the drain one single man can cause.
          Last comment – what was the movie where every soldier who came near a hated lieutenant would snap to attention and salute as boldly as possible as to imply the man was a general? The character thought the respect was due – soldiers were in awe of him until someone told him they wanted the snipers to notice?

    • The Finns fought very well against the Russians in WW2, but they still lost both wars — the Winter War and the Continuation War — and were forced to give up important territory to Russia.

      We have a tendency to focus on how well the Finns fought, while ignoring that they lost twice.

      • They never forgot losing those wars.
        They take home defense very seriously.
        They make such nice guns, Valmet, Sako, etc.
        I’m sorry I don’t have my Finnish Nagant anymore but I have a few “SA” marked handguns.

      • That they did as well as they did, a tiny country against a major world power, IS the victory. Simo Hayha is still a GOD among snipers. Over 500 kills, some of them from a distance, and some from within 50 feet. If the Finns had had a dozen more Simo Hayhas, the Russians might have lost.

        • Some similarities with Ukraine. The Finns didn’t want to be absorbed and flooded with ethnic Russians. The Russian soldiers didn’t want to be there. That story about the Finn who gobbled a fist full of meth and skied away 20%?of body weight yet lived is a great one.

    • After a buddy went to sniper school and told me about needing to lie still while being chewed up by fleas and ants I knew I couldn’t cut it.
      He described planning to pee for a half hour only to have the grass bounce it back on him and getting a piss burn.
      Motionless face down in the sun under the sniper suit, wondering if heat stroke would take him. I like shooting but never had that toughness.

        • I remember him telling me about compensation for shooting through tall grass. I was amazed at how little it deflected and slowed the bullet.
          I had assumed a severe penalty but he told me I think a man target was still practical with prairie grass at 600 yards.

  8. I’ve never bothered to even attempt to really figure out what’s going on in Ukraine.

    99% of the information out of that country is someone’s bullshit story to advance their preferred narrative. Same as it’s ever been. “Our side” tells the story “we” want people to hear and the other side does the same thing.

    As such, as an observer, you’re reduced to general rules and seeing how the few actual facts you can glean line up with those general rules.


    The overarching geopolitical situation is goddamned dangerous across a host of domains that it seems most people are entirely blind to.

    • Everything we hear, everything we are shown, everything we are told has an agenda attached to its ass. Been that way for a long time now. Wake me when people figure this out and the shooting starts so that we can make it happen all over again.

      • Rider/ shooter yeah as in all wars it’s lies on lies. But, what is noteworthy here is Russia failed to update its misinformation skills so was and is making claims easily disproved. There’s a serous guy on you tube who tracks verifiable equipment losses against claims. He points out that the Ukrainian ratio of claims vs verified kills is roughly 2:1 (many true equipment kills cannot be verified as there isn’t remaining evidence adequate to identify), but that Russian claims are about 5:1 or 8:1. As example they claimed to have destroyed 150% of all Ukraine Bayraktar drones. The Maxxar satellite photos proved the Bucha civilian killings occurred during occupation and were not living actors or dead bodies placed by Ukrainians after the Russians left.
        Meanwhile Ukraine runs a slick machine with music etc. that occasionally mentions things like they have very few tanks left and almost no 152 mm ammo.
        Also, the Austrian military analysis is totally unbiased. Looking it all over it’s pretty clear Russia is incompetent at combined arms, has political interference in military decisions, has mostly unmotivated troops, has overwhelming artillery and missile capability. Outcome appears to be based on supply of arms to Ukraine. I expect eventually Putin will tantrum and flatten Kiev, which will signal Russia giving up on conquering Ukraine. I’m thinking if Putin orders the use of say 1000 missiles he will have so depleted security reserves that the military general staff will revolt as they are indoctrinated to preserve Russia, not Putin.

        • That’s why I think the talk about Russia taking over Europe is unfounded. Putin isn’t stupid or suicidal. It’s also been understood for years that it’s a good policy to have a buffer region between Russia and NATO countries. Trying to push NATO right up to Russia’s border was dumb.

        • “That’s why I think the talk about Russia taking over Europe is unfounded.”

          It depends on what you mean. Many assume this means infantry and tanks overrunning positions.

          It doesn’t.

          Germany is already a vassal to Moscow because it’s dependant on Moscow for virtually everything the German state does. They will dance to the tune that Putin plays or Germany will utterly collapse.

          Since Germany is the economy that runs the EU, Putin basically owns the EU as it’s currently constituted. I mean, just look at the ECB selling German bonds to finance Italian debt. Now, Rome is effectively a vassal by proxy.

          Smart enemies hit you where you’re think you’re safe. Even smarter ones do it while distracting you. The truly wiley do it all before you realize what’s happened.

          And it’s not like this is new. Rome both as a Republic and an Empire did this A LOT.

      • The thing that I wonder is what exactly we’re enabling and, more importantly, why.

        On the surface there are silly debates about various political philosophies, some espoused by dead midgets with funny mustaches.

        A layer down there’s obviously a currency war being fought with commodities. But there are certainly layers below that which get quite mirky.

        Interestingly the answer to the overarching seems as though it may well hinge on the sort of tech the Ruskies use in their oil/gas wellheads, which is actually pretty damned hard to determine from a distance. Funny since if you could walk up to one you’d know immediately.

        Strange how the fate of so many people may turn on such a small thing. The Devil’s is in the details, always is.

        • Well you can be sure it has nothing to do with “protecting democracy.” Anytime all of the dems and media begin saying the same thing, it’s because their PR firms told them it went over well with the focus groups. A threat to our democracy is just another mindless chant for the cult, like believe all women and diversity is our strength.

          There’s a reason the establishment didn’t want Trump to institute a mutually beneficial relationship with Russia. I don’t think they used the Russia Collusion Hoax line of attack just to try to hold something over his head. They also used it to put down Russia. It was killing two birds with one stone. They’ve been working up to some sort of conflict with Russia for years. Trump was in their way.

        • “The thing that I wonder is what exactly we’re enabling and, more importantly, why.”

          It is substantially reducing Russian combat effectiveness should Putin elect to engage in further expansionist activities in his quest to rebuild the Russian empire he watched collapse in the early 1990s. He’s seeing how the world will unite to strangle Russia economically.

          Basically, a bully is getting a nasty bloody nose, and NATO is finding out how good its battlefield technology functions in realistic conditions…

        • A few years back I read how Russia found a way to pump old capped wells that had non standard bore size, and cut their average production costs down to I think $8 a barrel.
          Too bad we will pay $200 a barrel for oil. I wish the west had built an array of those new fast breeders that leave almost no hot fuel. Also those cool liquid fueled mini reactors. Instead USA supports Saudis who support global Sunni jihad and oil sales support Iranian Shia jihad.

        • In order:

          “Well you can be sure it has nothing to do with “protecting democracy.”

          No, it has far more to do with the entire West going through the exact opposite of what Russia when through in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s. They went from a command economy to a market economy and suffered quite the growing pains.

          We’re doing the same thing in the opposite direction, we’re moving from markets to a centrally planned economy and no one seems to really notice this.

          It is substantially reducing Russian combat effectiveness…

          This is entirely a second order effect. The Russian military really isn’t “near peer” and never was, nor is China’s. Remember when we found out that all those estimates from the Cold War were massive overestimations of Russian combat capability? Yeah, that hasn’t changed. Russia’s ability to project force far beyond its borders is essentially nil.

          The goal here is economic and resource based so far as I can tell. Who shall control what markets as the world move from unipolar to multipolar. The “great game” of Empire is coming back and “globalism” is ending. That’s going to have winners and losers. This is jockeying for position.

          Russia’s biggest weakness may be those wellheads. Again, people don’t bother with multilayer analysis, so I’ll explain.

          Russia’s oil and gas well heads are in fields that are, mostly, fairly old by modern tech considerations. If the flows in the wells stop the wellheads freeze like the natgas wells froze in Texas.

          The problem is that the majority of these wells are in places that don’t get much of a summer. If they freeze it will take years to get those wells running again and all one needs to do is stop the flow which is what’s keeping them from freezing.

          That plays into how the EU disallowed insurance companies from covering oil tankers in the Black Sea. Now the Russians and the Chinese have this ad-hoc system where they’ve quite literally lashed a bunch of rented supertankers together off the coast of Portugal and ferry out petro products on smaller vessels from both the Black Sea and Kaliningrad. The Latvians are reportedly already eyeing this as a potential way to strike a serious blow against a historical enemy. Something they’re sorta prepared for since they’ve distanced themselves from Russian energy for years.

          Back to that flow, if it’s interrupted that’s pretty much the end of Russia’s economy for years. And that can be done by disrupting port-to-tanker flows or by seizing the tankers (which are massively underinsured to boot). Further, neither the CCP nor Moscow can protect this stuff, they don’t have the Navy to do it. They actually, hilariously, rely on the US to protect freedom of navigation.

          So why haven’t the obviously rabid anti-Russian forces done this?

          Well, Russia makes up about 5% of world oil/gas output but the markets are inelastic so a 5% cut could easily double the price of oil and gas world-wide. Such a thing could even triple prices if anything else gets tossed on that fire. So, grabbing that raft of tankers is easy, Portugal itself could do it. Why haven’t they? Probably because this sword cuts both ways and everyone knows it.

          Will the US do it, or have someone else do it, in an attempt to save the USD? We’ll find out. I’d say 60/40 on “yes” at this point because Ukraine itself is a sideshow, the real war is in currency and commodities markets, as the EU is now finding out.

          A few years back I read how Russia found a way to pump old capped wells that had non standard bore size…

          It’s been a boon to them but the question is what weaknesses those wellheads have. If most of the industry analysts are right (see above) then those wells are actually a liability under current circumstances.

    • The entire “war” is entirely all about putting money into the hands of Raytheon / Lockheed / Boeing /etc and all the boomers here are being gaslit into supporting it because muh russia or whatever.

      Too many boomers are far too dense to admit that theyve been fooled and just go on blindly worshipping NATO as if it was still 1975.

      The reality is that they support sick corporate interests using the blood of ukraine people to bankroll their lavish lifestyles, and way too many here on ttag enable it by being willfully ignorant.

      • This is way, way, way bigger than that.

        The world is re-polarizing. That’s undeniable. We’re going to go back to a pre-WWI way of doing things with all the considerations that entails.

        This is part of a scramble to see who comes out on top at the start of the new system.

  9. This being the first war being played out on Facebook live, does anyone else think that Nissan probably worked out some sort of placement rights for the article?

  10. To “ Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR”,
    I agree.
    I feel that what we are watching is a “reverse Stalingrad “
    Where the west is feeding just enough arms to Ukraine to establish a stalemate into the winter. By slowly grinding down the Wheremacht (I mean Putin invader pedophilic forces), the lag of time to rebuild and hence force the west to costly arms race match in conventional forces, is increased. I read an analysis which seemed plausible that reviewed capacity and lead times that calculated 5 years to return to pre invasion strength. Maybe 10 years to build a force able to take on NATO (much less after Trump wins and supports Russia).
    This is quite cruel to Ukraine as they are eating huge losses but they have not much choice. Life in occupied Ukraine would be hellish. All ex military will experience what the German soldiers did (slow death in camps with 5% surviving as disabled).
    Russia does want the white women though. This is not a casual comment. I have had many conversations with Russians of different ethnic background and they described feeling “second class” with the old ones missing the kindness of the USSR compared to the newer orthodox Christian twisted values (church is headed by Putin KGB pal).
    Go look at photos of military cathedral with Putin as a Saint, I am not kidding. The new fake Orthodox Church is very pro Caucasian and the non whites feel it. Oh, the head of the Orthodox Church has 100% of the tobacco action. Putin is a mob boss.
    The church wants big white families of cult followers of Saint Putin. This is not an exaggeration. Go read about the changes to the Russian Orthodox Church. Christian ms I know are against worship of men claiming to be associated with God.

  11. Moshe
    “ First, most things he said went over your head. Being burned alive while police is not genocide?
    The theatre in Mariopol was not bombing, but Kiev inside expolosion according to civilians there”
    You are obviously a Russian troll. Your content and syntax give it away.
    First, look up the definition of genocide and try to understand it. We all notice every time Russia commits an atrocity they say the victims did it to themselves, as if this is a realistic thing . Yes sure the kids blew themselves up. You are a sad Russian bot earning vodka money for spreading propaganda while your sister works pleasuring fat old oligarchs. But I do have hope that Russia will change and distribute some of that oil money to the people so you don’t live in misery any longer. Meanwhile I suggest you volunteer to the military and die for Putin.

    • So everyone who you don’t agree, is russian troll? My content and syntex? WTF, you suddenly an expert on that? Apparently you not smart enough to do your research and keep reading what main media lies to you. Theatre was inside explosion, Bucha was Kiev SBU job. This conflict would never happen our government didn’t got involved in coup in 2014. We as much guilty.

      • Yes, those Ukrainians keep killing themselves to make good honest self defending Russians look bad. It was necessary to invade Ukraine because, as you wrote, they were about to invade their own territories (Donbas and Crimea). How dare they invade what Russia occupies!! No wonder they keep killing their own children!
        That 2 year old boy staged his rape video also. Those bad Ukrainians. At this rate they will all kill themselves before Russia can kill them.
        Please die.

        • First its USA started this by financing and orchestrating a coup that created illegitimate government that led to civil war. After 8 years of shelling, ignoring own documents they signed, called Minsk accords, Kiev massed 100k to take back Donbass and Crimea. That when only then Russia had to step in. CRIMEA is Russia, not occupied territory. Don’t like it? Deal with it. Donbass was recognized by Russia as independent state that alligns with Russia, so whether you like it or not Russia didn’t just invade unprovoked. It been provoked for last 8 years lol

  12. Actually, Greta Thunberg is orchestrating from an undisclosed bunker with Klaus Schwab whispering in her ear.
    As S9 says, it is way deeper that any of us knows. Who will be around to witness?


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