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Man shot at Yiannopoulos event

Last Friday, “peaceful protesters” at a Milo Yiannopoulos event picked the wrong person to attack. It happened at the University of Washington campus, where police tried to maintain order. As always, Yiannopoulos tends to draw out the radical left to violently oppose his speeches. The UW speech proved no exception.

Those opposed to the Breitbart editor’s speech donned masks and began to commit acts of violence. We all know that when “peaceful protesters” put on masks, they have no plans to distribute free Girl Scout cookies. Sure enough, the radical leftists threw bricks and paint, not Thin Mints, at police.

Masked and unmasked “protesters” also physically tried to keep attendees away. At one point, the masked thugs picked the wrong attendee to accost. Fearing for his safety amid an unlawful attack by a violent group, one man pulled a handgun and shot one of his assailants.

Thankfully, that gunshot ended the attack and caused the masked hooligans to scatter like roaches. The recipient of the victim’s ballistic judo, pictured above, underwent surgery. He’s now in serious condition. Police did not identify the man.

The shooter turned himself in. After questioning, police released him without charges, per the Seattle Times.

The man who surrendered to police in connection with the University of Washington shooting Friday night was released after telling investigators he fired in self-defense during a campus protest, according to two law-enforcement officials briefed on the case.

No details about any confrontation between him and the critically wounded man were available Saturday. But one of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed he had been assaulted before shooting the other man, whom he believed to be some type of white supremacist.

Remarkably, the anti-fascists brazenly bragged of disrupting the event. They forcibly blockaded the venue to keep attendees out, relying on intimidation and brute force against the 500 or so who showed up to see Milo. The anti-Milo troublemakers even lamented how one of their “comrades” got shot by someone they believed to be a Trump voter. From “It’s going down“:

Seattle – Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University of Washington at J20. The exact numbers in line to attend were difficult to estimate but may have been 500 or more, many of whom were outright neo-nazis.

With a massive march in downtown which included an anarchist breakaway, perhaps only 30 antifa were on hand at the beginning to attempt to disrupt the event.

…Tragically, a comrade was shot during the later stages of the event. They remains in critical condition in the hospital. The shooter is still unknown but believed to be a Trump supporter.

America has a new law-and-order President Donald J. Trump. We can only hope that this incident causes these radicals to think twice from attacking future Yiannopoulous event attendees.

Also of note, most of those troublemakers arrested in Washington D.C. at Inaugural events now face federal felony rioting charges. Those charges come with potential penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

Have the days of letting violent leftist agitators off with a slap on the wrist come to an end with our new president? Time will tell.



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  1. The same people who claim to be the “resistance” scatter because of a single handgun? They do realize that real resistance movements faced much, much worse from people who had far lower moral standards, right?

  2. This place is defending that bigoted piece of shit, Yiannopoulous? Are you kidding me?

    Does he need a safe space to hide from the nasty unarmed liberals?

    Law and order president? Since when? Dude is already breaking laws left and right.

    • Aren’t you a special kind of snowflake. Let me give you a clue; if you as a protester pick up a rock you are now armed. Once you have the rock and threaten someone, that is projecting deadly force. Self defense is then premitted. Get a clue troll.

      • But don’t you see how mixing the inflamed passions around politics with guns is a recipe for disaster?

        Sure you’re thrilled when its one of “your guys” doing the shooting, when its a “Milo fan” (what a despicable class of people that describes) shooting a “leftist commie basement dweller”, you think its hilarious.

        But what happens when its an abortion protestor throwing stones, and the woman walking in to have an abortion draws her pistol and starts blasting away a bunch of people who had been assaulting her? At one level I would have the same reaction as you, a giddy thrill that a bunch of people that I don’t agree with on the “other side” had stepped enough over the line to make it legally permissible to kill them.

        But then I remember that we have to live together in a society and that in the long run maybe its a moronic idea to write blog posts where you practically jump up and down in excitement over people you disagree with politically getting killed.

        • Nope. We disagree with violent protest of all stripes. If you pick up rocks, you are fair game. The reality is that the left is far more likely to be violent than the right and often for far less reason. For every abortion clinic bomber there are hundreds of liberals either joining these violent political groups (black-bloc anyone?) or egging them on/sheltering them. Now run along little troll.

        • @Jomo

          You need to buckle up, buttercup. If you think that a person calmly and politely offering a different opinion means that that person is trying to troll you, stop being so sensitive. Life doesn’t have trigger warnings. Gun websites aren’t safe spaces for you to hide in, shielding yourself from the rest of the world. You got triggered faster than a transvestite at a Ted Nugent concert.

        • @ Tom Moscone Protests aren’t allowed at abortion clinics, now, are they? The Federal government has chosen to grant special protections to those who chop up tiny bodies and sell the parts.

          Other than that, nice straw man.

        • Tom — uh, except that the shooter was a fellow protester, NOT a Trumpster or a Milo-attendee, according to local reports here in the Seattle area.

        • “mixing the inflamed passions around politics with guns” is a recipe not for disaster, but for more clearly pointing out the benefits of a more polite society.

        • Seems you weren’t able to pick up on the part where he said that he “feared for his life”… That makes you just like the other snowflakes who won’t be dissuaded by the facts. IMHO, it just means that you’re all a special kind of stupid…

        • But what happens when its an abortion protestor throwing stones.

          Then I’m not going to support that person. Firearms, knives, rocks, stones, whatever, should only be deployed in self defense. Otherwise you are the instigator of violence.

        • GTFOHWTBS. The anarchist scumbags got what they deserved. Mob assault is cause for justifiable use of deadly force.

      • So Tom Moscone, You say about Milo fans as “despicable”. “when its a “Milo fan” (what a despicable class of people that describes)” . So from what I’ve seen and heard in listening to his writings and speeches and what Wikipedia describes accurately, he is a “cultural libertarian”[6] and “free speech fundamentalist”, he is a vocal critic of third-wave feminism,[7] Islam, social justice, political correctness, and other movements and ideologies he deems authoritarian or belonging to the “regressive left”.

        So you’re attacking his fans, and ultimately the man himself, for simply pointing out the truth of the danger that the regressive left and it’s worship of the authoritarian state represents to all people that wish to be free.

        I would call it projection when you call the “fans of Milo” “despicable”

        • I’m a bigger opponent of the regressive left than you. Milo has nothing to do with opposition to the regressive left. He’s just a hateful troll. A REAL troll, as in, definition: a person who seeks to create an angry emotional response in their target for the amusement and satisfaction of having manipulated someone’s emotions.

          In contrast, I sometimes get called a troll by people on this forum even though I am 100% pro-gun, just because I have an opinion that slightly differs slightly from pro-gun extremist orthodoxy. For example, I was labeled a troll on the comments on this article because I gently questioned the wisdom of reveling in the killing of political opponents.

        • LOL, Sorry Tom Moscone. If you’re not a “trolI”, you don’t seem very self-aware. If you actually watch Milo, he is far from being a “troll”, he just speaks the truth, in a flamboyant fashion. But he would be considered a “troll” by those that disagree with his message, by people like you, to the point that you call anyone that agrees with his message as being “despicable”.

          The same lack of awareness when you claim to be “100% pro-gun” , but then you speak in a derogatory fashion of the “Pro-gun extremist orthodoxy”.

          But you need to read your own posts. “For example, I was labeled a troll on the comments on this article because I gently questioned the wisdom of reveling in the killing of political opponents. Because you wrote this ; ” But then I remember that we have to live together in a society and that in the long run maybe its a moronic idea to write blog posts where you practically jump up and down in excitement over people you disagree with politically getting killed.”
          Really? You call this “gently questioning” the fact that thugs and violent anti-freedom terrorists were trying to shut down the ability of people to have differing opinions and beliefs? Or that people on this site were in complete agreement that the use of lethal force was completely appropriate in defense against being violently attacked by these same real facist freedom hating thugs?

          Maybe you are “100% pro-gun”, maybe you are against the “regressive left”, but to me, and to others that have commented on your posts, you come across as being pretty much in the camp of the left, with more in common with the violent regressive authoritarian statist loving left than with any freedom loving, constitutional believing, “people of the gun”.

        • ThomasR, Very well put. This Tom Mascone moron really thinks he is on the right yet all his comments say otherwise. The only reveling that I saw was the fact that one individual used his right of self-defense against another individual who thought he had a right to physically threaten someone.

      • So very much this! I don’t agree with some of the things Milo Y champions (or even talks about), and I don’t agree with nearly ANY of the Left’s positions either – that being said, I think we ALL have a right to talk about what we wish. It is when we descend into mob-rule madness, and someone picks up a rock, sets a fire, destroys property they don’t fully own… that’s when we’ve gone from “polite discourse” and “gentle disagreement”, to “time to tool up and defend ourselves”.

        You want to protest? Awesome! It is your RIGHT to do that! You want to do anything that is an assault on my THOUGHTS? Great – spirited debate founded this great nation! You touch my physical person, or anything along those lines, it’s time to settle up, buttercup.

        That all being said, I’m fairly safe in the knowledge that I can be all “keyboard-commando” and operate operationally within my own little bubble, ’cause where I live I think neither of the types of people involved in the subject of this article would’ve gotten off the bus – just saying 😉 Hell, I know several bubbas around here who’d be LOOKING for something along those lines so they could “push back”. That sort of area attitude does tend to keep “a certain type” away – maybe we need more of that, maybe not – not my call.

      • Yup. There are many people I won’t defend morally, but I will defend their right to free expression from mobs of fascists trying to use violence to shut others up.

        And if someone decides to come at me hard enough- or enough people do- I’m not going to sit there and take a beating.

      • Just FYI, a troll in this context refers to the fishing term “trolling”. Fishing boats have “trolling motors”. You’re slowing pulling your line through the water hoping for a bite. It’s not referring to the mythical creature under a bridge.

    • Saying things people don’t like: evil and dangerous.

      Violently preventing people from listening to someone speak: 100% moral and justified.

      Glad we cleared that up. As they say on reason, fuck off slaver.

    • Wrong, I have it on good authority that members of oppressed groups cannot be racist, bigoted or any such thing. Milo is a member of the #2 victim group, i.e., he is gay and therefore cannot be guilty of such things. The fact that you attack a gay man for speaking his mind shows that you are a homophobe!

      • Milo Yiannopoulos is “TRIPLE-PROTECTED” from being accused of and/or committing so-called “Hate Crimes” not only is he Gay, he’s also a Jew AND an “immigrant” to the USA thus CANNOT be “homophobic”, bigoted” OR “racist”.

        The days of “the Left” running rampant committing violent assaults, blocking highways while threatening motorists are coming to and end and quickly. Until the Feds start prosecuting these Anarchist/Socialist/Communist thugs using ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) regulations best we #MowEmDown.

        What gets me is that these SJW’s claim they’re so “intelligent” and “enlightened” yet are “ignorant” is so many ways. History has proven every time Anarchists ally with Socialists and Communists the Socialists and Communists kill off the Anarchists then the Communists turn on and kill the Socialists leaving the Commies to face the patriotic Nationalists alone which results in their, the Communists, demise.

        • 1. He is Catholic not Jewish

          2. He is British, and certainly capable of being racist (not saying he is or isn’t)

          3. He does have or claim to have a Jewish maternal grandmother, which makes him as Jewish as Hitler who had the same. Though, I rush to add, I don’t think he is anti-semite, just that the 1/4 Jewishness is not an actual argument against it.

        • For those who say he’s not Jewish, you clearly have not heard him speak. He says he is Jewish by birth from his mother’s side (the important side for Jewish ancestry btw). He is a “practicing” Catholic, but he is of the Jewish race.

        • History doesn’t, since it can’t, prove.

          The Somalis, bless their hot tempered gun obsessed souls, have so far managed to ensure neither socialists, communists nor nationalists have stood a chance against what is a largely anarchistic populace seemingly bent on ensuring their government remains properly limited.

          In Afghanistan, none of the various forms of aspiring totaliltatiransists, whether homegrown nor imposed from the outside, have ever stood much of a chance.

          The beneficiary populations of Arab Spring, are turning out to be able to hold on to many of their anarchic gains as well.

          In general, the quality of a country’s governance, depends largely on the level of armament and military capability of the citizenry, versus that of the government/standing army/police state. Some of the above mentioned “states” may possibly tilt a bit too far in the citizenry’s favor. Assuming, as is reasonable, Jefferson’s America as the gold standard. But contemporary America now tilts waaaay more obviously, and problematically, in the opposite direction. To the point where it is little different from any other ultimately totalitarian Junta state.

          The 19th and 20th centuries, dominated as they were by cheap one-to-many mass communication (from the center on out), were ripe for central government indoctrination. Now, communication technology is swinging the pendulum the other way. Killing off central potentates’ ability to control information hence use it to indoctrinate the populace. Which is again opening up for people making their own decisions, rather than just marching in lockstep to nonsense like nationalism, communism or any other whateverism aimed at nothing more than underwriting the privilege of those who deem themselves it’s “leaders.”

          • Absolute power with the people isn’t the answer. Absolute power in the hands of virtuous people is.
            Michael in GA

            “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
            Benjamin Franklin

      • Judaism is not a race. Jews come in all racial flavors. And remember that when only one parent is Jewish Sean Murphy is the Jew and not Morris Cohen

        • If you separate race from Judaism you don’t know enough about either. Yes, people from different races can be Jewish. But an ethnic Jew can also NOT practice Judaism and yet remain ethnically Jewish.

    • Under our Constitution, the bigoted POS has the right to speak. Remember that the ACLU defended the right of neo-Nazi POS to parade through a Jewish neighborhood in Skokie, Illinois. The same principle applies here. Anyone who disagrees with this POS has the right to attend the event and peacefully express his disapproval. He doesn’t have the right to interfere with the event through force or the threat of it. That’s not peaceful protest. It’s terrorism. Violent leftist mobs remind me of Krystalnacht in Germany, not quite eighty years ago, and we all know where that led.

      • Obviously you’ve been listening to/reading and believing the lies spewed forth by the Liberal Media/Lugenpresse/Fake News outlets, the fact is Milo Yiannopoulos is a Jew, now explain to me how he’s a “Nazi”. Also please tell us what have you heard him say that you claim is “bigoted”? For someone who purports to be a 2nd Amendment supporter you seem rather poorly informed.

    • Odd…a Brit who values our Constitution more than violent protesting Americans against free speech. Make Milo a honorary Yank.

    • The First Amendment should ALWAYS be protected. As someone once so cogently stated, “The answer to bad speech is more speech.” Violently preventing speech? Not so much. If people want to hear what he has to say, whether it is because they agree or disagree with him, THEY HAVE THAT RIGHT. Thugs should never be permitted to stand in the way. Have you read Fahrenheit 451? What about 1984? The dangers of banning speech with which you disagree are great indeed. You have freedom; why do you so willingly run into a cage of slavery?

      • “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove the doubt.” – Mark Twain

        One of the important reasons for the First Amendment protection of free press and free speech is so that we can easily identify the fools among us.

    • I would put a bullet in your head or any of your commie “comrades” to defend Milo any day and twice on Sunday. Now run along you worthless waste of oxygen. The adults are talking.

    • Freedom of speech isn’t just meant to protect what you agree with, it’s also meant to protect what you don’t agree with.
      I guess you slept through that part of your grade school education.

    • No, he needed a gun because your commie liberals including those p*ssies in Antifa finally had it coming they do not have any rights to keep others from attending any events. So when they get their asses handed to them after engaging in violent activities the little cowards have nothing to cry about. I hope the guy that got shot dies for his transgressions.

    • Has nothing to do with Milo. Milo wasn’t being attacked. You fail to understand just how much of a disservice 0bama did for you by coddling you and your disgusting, treasonous ilk these past 8 years. But as they say, lessons last longest when learned *hardest* and boy are you lib-progs positioning yourselves to get one hell of a lesson!

      Now, as has just been shown, we *are* allowed to defend ourselves. By law. You are not allowed to attack us with impunity. Not only that, but you and your ilk make it very easy to justify the use of deadly force with your well known, violent, liberal-thug tactics. So the next time you pick up a rock or bottle and aim at us, know that you will have my sincerest thanks for justifying whatever happens next.

      All I can say is, keep up your Darwinian efforts!

    • Unarmed doesn’t mean those protestors are not dangerous. Didn’t the Trayvon Martin incident teach you anything?

    • You Ahole,a violent mob attacking an individual is a deadly weapon,disparity of force. Hope all your buds that were caught rampaging in D.C. get the 10 years federal time they deserve.

    • So Snowflake, based on your comment that would mean you completely detest Obama and his Constitution violaying actions and Hillary’s extiorting “pay to play” or her ling about her server. Btw what crimes are u refering to ????

    • not only are the bigoted liberals who are projecting their bigotry onto others the real racists are the SJW scum bags calling every one who dont agree with them racist. the liberals are armed with either numbers ganging up on one innocent person just because he dont agree with them often with bricks, pipes, bats, knives, ect… dropping bricks on innocent police at so called “peaceful” protests. guess what side invented the KKK? thats right the democrats invented the KKK to try and scare blacks into shutting up about equal rights and to scare them away from voting. Guess who gave the blacks more rights when in power? thats right the republicans did… republicans also ended slavery something the democrats where very pissed about in fact.

      also many liberals are hypocrites and own guns even carry them while demanding every one that does not have the same ideals as them be disarmed.

      so FUCK YOUR ignorance, intolerance, and hate finally the good guys are in power again to fix the bull shit the left has broke.

      • It’s Anti-Fa (Anti-Fascist) and their equally intellectually and genetically deficient brothers/sisters Anti-Ra (Anti-Racists) ie. George Soros-funded hammer swinging, chain & lock wielding, bludgeon carrying, Molotov-cocktail & plastic water bottle filled with frozen urine/feces/screws/nails throwing thugs. They got their start in Europe and are the newest generation of Communism’s “useful idiots”, they are “cannon fodder” and will be treated as such by both their Leftist masters and us patriotic Americans.

      • Not hipsters, and antifa is no joke. I lived in europe and I know these people. The are the biggest segment of the “black-bloc”, Rabid dogs with no morals and will stop at nothing to get their way, they will mob, firebomb, assault and even murder political and social rivals on the right. And now they are spreading like cancer here.

    • If I tell you that in this case, the guy with the gun was “antifa”, does it change anything about your perception of it?

  3. We can only hope that, under Trump. rioters and looters will be dealt with in a more appropriate manner than under Obama. I was disgusted when I heard about the mayor of Baltimore giving so-called protesters ‘space to riot’. All the stops should have been pulled out, there and elsewhere. The Constitution protects the right to assemble PEACEFULLY, not to riot and loot, destroy and disrupt and obstruct.

    • They might get charged, but there are still issues with judges and of course strange verdicts from juries.

        • Which is why you put them in front of a military tribunal as enemy combatants charged with acts of terrorism and treason. Then when a guilty verdict is returned, take them out and shoot them.

  4. To paraphrase Tom:

    “The summer anachist and the sunshine demonstrator will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their cause.”

    Everybody wants to be an anachist until it’s time to pay for anachist crimes.

  5. If you wear a helmet and a face mask and and violently confront a person don’t act surprised if you get shot.

    If I’m minding my own lawful business and you confront me on the street one of several things will happen. I may smack you up with my “cane/walking stick”. I may stick a stabby cutty thing in you.

    If you’re really pushing the envelope I will just shoot you and risk a jury.

    • What is this “stabby cutty” thing you speak of?

      And where can I get one?
      EDIT: get some?

      I would think it would compliment my shiny shooty thing.
      EDIT: things.

    • It’s all about the three calculated levels, depending on the situation (or for brevity) we might skip the first two.

      • Teuller drill applies. If a group of intentionally intimidating people are less than 21 feet away it is necessary to skip lesser defenses and move to #3 post haste. Knives do not have to be involved on wither side of the equation.

      • I would never use a knife when a gun is available. It’s a ridiculous idea. If you’re at deadly force, use the best tool for it.

        Now a walking stick has some applications short of deadly force (if you’ve ever been whacked on the shin or thigh you know what I mean) so that’s a great thing to think about when the gun isn’t needed yet.

  6. According to news reports I saw elsewhere, the guy who shot in self-defense was a Bernie supporter.

    That would be hilarious if libs attacked one another and got shot for their trouble.

    • I thought it was the other way around. This story has been extremely confusing and details have been scant.

  7. There’s a new Sheriff in town…if Obama had a son- he’d be in a cell block? 10 year sentences sounds good.

  8. Oh yeah and can you say GOOD SHOOT? Assault someone and try to kill them and get shot. Easy concept for anybody that isn’t a mouth breathing commie.

    Oh and Milo is awesome even if he is a bit flamboyant for my taste at times. He tells it like it is and all the idiot sjws hate him. What’s not to like?

        • I wish I would’ve met you
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          and the air is all clear
          those who were right there
          got a new kind of fear
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          but they were just to strong
          they’d stick it in your face
          and let you smell what they consider wrong.
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          I’d say
          nice shot.

        • I love Filter’s music but Richard Patrick is a huge advocate for gun control. Also, I only buy used music cd’s now ….. f**k him.

          • That’s disappointing, but not surprising. I figure most of the angry sounding bands are projecting their own self-fear.

      • No lesser personage than Massad Ayoob has recommended that when confronting or holding a man at gunpoint the proper hold is the central pelvic area. Less dangerous (for you) than a potentially deadly center mass hold, more intimidating than a low-ready hold with the muzzle pointing at the ground. To paraphrase: “No man wants to have his balls shot off, I don’t care how tough he thinks he is.”

        I also reference Lee Marvin from “Paint Your Wagon” when confronted by his new bride holding a derringer pointed at his crotch. He gently put a finger under the barrel and lifted the pistol to point at his heart, stating, “Be careful where you point that thing.”

      • I’m with you on that. Easier to hit than the head and will put someone on the ground faster than a chest shot. It’s not a question of ‘stopping power’, but let’s talk ‘standing power’- if you break someone’s pelvis, they aren’t going to be standing.

        Plus there’s enough major blood vessels there that you’re probably about as likely to lower someone’s BP immediately as with a chest shot unless you happen to hit the heart or aorta.

  9. Actions have consequences. Looks like its too much to hope they can learn from this guy’s sudden onset of acute perforations.

  10. I love Milo’s response. He said if there wasn’t a fatality then he would continue the speech because he didn’t want to give the rioters the idea that all they have to do is shoot someone to shut down an event.

  11. There is actually video of this, or there was on vidme for about a day. I believe breitbart bought the rights and are preparing some kind of laswuit. From what I saw the “antifa” guys formed a phalanx and advanced on the milo entrance line to break it up. The head guy who leads the charge had some kind of flag or slogan banner on a metal pole, and it sure looked to me like he brought it down to waist level and began to charge into the crowd just before the shot was fired. That guy was wearing a mask, but the build and eyes seem similar to the man in the photo.

    • The politics of the different groups are irrelevant. People have the right to peacefully assemble and protest, they do not have the right to impede other people lawfully engaged in listening to others engage in their First Amendment right. They most certainly don’t have the right to attack them.

      So the politics aren’t irrelevant. Do you see conservatives doing this nonsense? Nope.

      • Somewhat amusing – the Libs are suddenly concerned that the conservatives will round them up and put them in camps for expressing their political opinions are their “lifestyles”. But it is consistently the Libs who are involved in this sort of anti-free speech demonstrations, never Conservatives.

  12. It doesn’t really matter which side either of them were on politically. If the guy who got shot was part of a mob that was menacing the shooter, then it was justifiable self-defense. And just desserts for the recipient.

    If not, somebody should be going to jail. I just hope the police are able to sort out what actually happened.

    Also, I hope the regressive left uses this as an opportunity to get a clue and stop with the mob violence and bullying. But I don’t expect that they will. People are going to die if they keep this up.

    • So long as mob violence and bullying were effective tactics the Progs could be expected to continue to use them to full effect. In the new political climate, however, it would seem that some of the old bully-boys are going to have to learn the hard way that the tactics of intimidation are no longer without repercussions.

      When that message gets through the willingness of mobs to subvert the Constitutionally protected rights of other citizens may dissipate, as did the mob in this case when a single shot was fired.

      Situations like this appear to me to be ideal places for open carry so that the mob can understand up front exactly what they may be getting into.

    • Well you have to note that this happened in Washington, not in a place where that expectation is already in place. Like here in Florida. I can’t see it happening here because everyone already knows that if you try it, there is a very real chance you will be killed by the person you attack.

      • Roughly every 12th resident of WA has a carry license. And we have pretty strong self-defense laws and precedents – Castle Doctrine + SYG, and even recovering legal costs if you’re charged and successfully claim self defense.

  13. We know that many of these nefarious and honorless “activists” are bankrolled by other scumbags like George Soros.

    In case this gentleman (who exercised his natural right to defend himself) needs a legal defense, what is the best avenue or organization to set up donations for that purpose?

    • When there was a catch and release policy there probably wasn’t a whole lot of reason to rat people out but I will guarantee you that once these people start getting hit with long prison sentences and hefty fines I’m sure they will start pointing fingers at previously unnamed co-conspirator. It will be interesting to see who those names actually are.

    • And help him to acquire more ammunition/larger magazine/something with a 4 in the caliber. Guy stopped shooting way too soon as the thug apparently is not on a slab.

      • Maybe he’s just a better man.
        Besides, when fighting a mob, you don’t want to burn through your stock on one threat. I’m an advocate for insuring a threat is totally incapacitated which means multiple followup shots. Particularly one who has a gun. This is a different dynamic. Shoot the lead threat once and assess. They all flee, you’re good. They mount another group rush, unlikely, you pick em off one at a time.
        Spoiled brats that haven’t done a hard days work in their lives won’t have the will to face down a gun.

  14. What’s that saying? Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places or maybe more appropriately play stupid games win stupid prizes. Guess what you win for alledgedly lowering a pointy pole and charging a crowd? Ha ha ha…please stop, I can’t handle all this winning!

  15. It is worth noting that the man’s confusion, about his assailant being “some kind of white supremacist,” is deliberately induced. Antifa dresses like strom troopers and deliberately slant racist slogans to create the illusion that they are precisely that. Otherwise, everybody who was there would scratch their heads when they tweet ridiculous lies like “many outright neonazis” were waiting in line to hear a gay jew condemn political correctness while sipping coffee from a dildo mug. Seriously, google it.

  16. Caption that photo! “You shot me! I can’t believe you shot me! I was only trying to beat you with a brick, and you shot me! That’s not FAIR!”

  17. We need to start a legal OFFENCE fund for the dude in the yellow hat. The rioters were conspiring with the guy who was shot. If that dirt bag dies the felony murder rule comes in to play. Even if he does not and the AG chooses to do little or nothing it would be a fine thing for YH to go after them all in civil court. Lets facilitate that with a gofund me or the like.

    • You never heard of Milo and his Dangerous F**got (edited for TTAG, they actually spell it out on the posters) tour?

      He’s hilarious. The Triggering is worth watching.


    • There are two Milo’s. Neither are PC, which is fabulous. There is the flaming faggot talking about the size of his black boyfriend’s dicks. Then there is the somber, brutally serious Conservative that gave a press conference outside the Pulse nightclub after the shooting.
      He is an attention whore but worth your attention when he takes down SJWs.

      • “There is the flaming faggot talking about the size of his black boyfriend’s dicks.”

        I’ve seen a lot of MILO’s talks and I’ve never heard him say anything like this. He has brought up the fact that he dates black men exclusively, but that’s when someone calls him a “racist”, a “white supremacist” or a “white nationalist”.

        Either way the existence of another conservative named Milo is irrelevant. This happened at the flamboyantly gay one’s talk.

        Personally I couldn’t care less about the guy’s sexuality. He’s funny, usually OP and he drives the Lefties absolutely fucking bonkers. That’s a trifecta in my book.

      • Ah, I guess I missed his talk outside the Pulse club and thought there was another person of the same name.

        • He was wearing a dark suit and South FL humidity was what it is. He held an impromptu conference outside among the anti gun flowers and dropped a barrage of truth bombs.

  18. Crybully bullies, gets shot and cries about it?

    Damn, call Webster’s, they need to update a picture.

    • The perennial winner of Halloween contests year after year, “L.A. Korean-grocer”.

  19. My experience with antifa, SHARP skins and the like is that they are just like the people they claim to hate. Like their racist/fascist counterparts, they get off on hatred and violence, they just want theirs with a candy coating of virtue. More of them need an application of high speed colostomy bag starter kit.

    • Would someone PLEASE point out to me (for us) even one bona-fide fascist state, government or group that is not left-wing?

      While I have serious issues with some far-right groups, especially religious zealots, it is my considered opinion that at the point you determine your ideology authorizes the use of force and intimidation to force it on someone/anyone else you are no longer right-wing, or right at all – you IMMEDIATELY switch to the far left where all true fascists reside. Anyone who truly believes that government power or any form of intimidation to enforce their opinions on others is justifiable is by definition NOT conservative and most certainly NOT right-wing.

      Fascism: “We have decided what is best for you. If you know what is good for you then you will NOT oppose us.”

    • I had a first-hand introduction to antifa in Germany back in ’05. The jungenzentrum my wife & I often drank at in Mannheim was a den of militant leftism… but they also had some damn good live shows and dirt cheap alcohol. And in the back lounge was a display cabinet where they kept spent G8 summit flashbangs, West Bank shemaghs still soaked in piss & CS, and bloody bandages from South American communists.
      The hilarious thing was we just wandered in one day and it wasn’t long before they knew we were Americans and that I was a soldier; but because we loved beer, pogo’ing, and punk rock, we were okay.
      …. if only they had known that the American infantryman in the patched up leather jacket, Black Flag buttons & safety pins, with his inked-up Suicidegirl (ex)wife, were really right-wingers who just gave zero f**ks when it came to drinking environments. If they had, I definitely wouldn’t have learned so much about militant antifa tactics.

  20. What these clowns don’t realize, it wouldn’t be such a great idea to piss off a bunch of Trumpers or have the slightest notion we’re going to piddle in our panties. We really are their Huckleberry.

  21. When did the Communist/Anarchist anti American rioters get soften to “Anti Fascist Protestors”. It seems to have happened in the last few days in the press.

    They aren’t protesting fascism they are protesting and rioting to destroy capitalism and our American values. We need to call them what they are Communist/Anarchist Terrorists.

  22. Don’t want to be on the same elevator with you people. The expression on those faces, priceless.

      • Okay Michael, so it’s been escalated from fists to guns because by your own account your side could not defeat the “mobs” with fists alone. What happens when the “mobs” decide to arm themselves in response? What will you move up to next? Nukes?

        • Too hard to conceal a nuke and there’s that whole colateral damage thing.
          How ‘bought this? You don’t assault me and I won’t shoot your dick off. That sound reasonable?
          If you can’t prove your point without getting violent, then you had no point. And you’ll end up without a dick.

        • Michael in Ga
          That was a GREAT answer, I couldn’t agree more. These indoctrinated socialist are mentally ill and will NEVER understand the freedom and the American way of life.

    • Hey if one of these SJW cunts wants to settle this with fists, he’s welcome to try. If he brings his friends, they are going to be sharing a prison hospital ward.

    • Ask the guy that brought a brick and a swarm of friends to attack a man going about his lawful business.

    • I am not a particularly violent man. I don’t get off on ‘settling disputes’ with fists. Words, sure. But if someone attacks me physically, it’s no longer a dispute. I’ve seen enough people die from ‘fistfights’ that I’m not playing that game.

      So if you ARE a violent man and that’s how you settle differences, maybe you should find a better way. Because eventually you’ll run into someone who isn’t interested.

    • Unlikely that “further details” (let alone accurate details) will emerge without high-leverage prying.

      As a Washington State resident, I can attest to the near absolute absence of news on this matter.

      The Left literally owns the news media in every Washington State city with a newspaper, TV station, or radio station.

  23. about time one of those facist marxist commie lefty libtards got a taste of real justice no one pulled this shit for any of the elections the lefties won but this year all the sudden the left are special and above the law? fuck that shit they are rabid dogs and they are destroying this country.

  24. Milo is the bravest homosexual white man I have seen since maybe Harvey Milk. Only because both of them supported gun rights for gays.
    The homosexual elected leadership is anti gun civil rights. You don’t get any rich gay money for your support group or your political campaign if you support gun rights for gays and everyone else.
    Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They don’t believe in liberty.

    The fact that a gay man can be openly attack, threatened with physical violence, and no one in the gay leadership comes to his defense speaks volumes about the true nature of homosexual political leadership. It is gay communist or gay fascist???
    They are both the same thing.

    Milo is a victim of gay bashing, and no liberal, gay or not, is helping him.
    Homosexuals are still in the closet. They gave up the right to self defense, for the public acceptance of their private sexual activities.

  25. Congress needs to pass a law specifically naming “Intimidation and Brute Force” as not meeting First Amendment protections regarding “peaceable assembly” protests.

  26. The shooting “victim” was ARMED. Mind you, you won’t find that in the main stream media… or anywhere else right now. How do I know….. I pulled that SPD radio archive and have audio of it…..

    2:09 [1Y] ONE YOUNG the victim could provide no information about the suspect or where the shooting occured.
    2:16 [Dispatcher?] Copy the victim(s) could not provide any information about the suspect or where the shooting occured.
    2:23 [1Y] However he was armed with brass knuckles and a large knife.
    2:27 [Dispatcher] Was that the suspect that was… or the victim?
    2:31 [1Y] Ahh.. the victim.
    2:33 [Dispatcher] Copy. The victim was armed with brass knuckles and a large knife.

    I have the audio if anyone wants it.

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