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I’m a sucker for precision rifle gizmos, especially those geared towards competitive precision rifle shooting. Seen above is Hawkins Precision new-for-2017 detachable bottom metal for Remington 700 pattern rifles. Following the M5 pattern, this should be a drop in replacement for your existing bottom metal, or a fun new edition to your old standby rifle.

A small revision over the first version is the move away from a lever style magazine release. This year’s model features a paddle that can be activated with the trigger finger. The display model had no issues dropping a magazine free and I found that I could easily use my trigger finger – great for swapping magazines in the prone, or I could use my support side hand similar to how I would use their old magazine latch. The oversize mag well stays over from last year’s model.

The biggest difference for this year’s DBM over the previous generation is the provision for a small picatinny section forward of the magazine well. This can be used for a variety of uses, most notably for a tripod with a QD picatinny attachment. 

Alternatively, you can move your Picatinny attached bipod further back to be used as a stable barricade stop. The new Hawkins DBM will retail for $175 with the additional Picatinny piece setting you back ~$50. Both items should be shipping to dealers soon.

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  1. “I’m a sucker for precision rifle gizmos, especially those geared towards competitive precision rifle shooting.”

    It’s called an addiction to manufactured metal porn. You’ll grow out of it.

    With zero comments, had to backtrack and show you some love.

  2. OK stupid dumb questions…

    This looks like a complete action minus trigger. All it should need to become a real rifle is a stock and barrel. Is that correct?

    Does it available left-handed?

    Are there some good drop-in triggers available?

  3. OK time for some stupid dumb questions…

    Looks like a complete action minus the trigger. Needs a trigger (drop-in?), Barrel and stock; all of which are available without “modding” a pre-existing rifle. correct?

    In other words would this be a good platform to custom build a rifle?

    Does it available left-handed?

    • Never mind. Answered my own questions (even the poorly worded one).

      Still this has piqued my interest….

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