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This will soon be an "assault shotgun" in Illinois (Dan Z. for TTAG)
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Ignoring the rule of law and the Supreme Court decision in Bruen, the gun control contingent in Springfield is hellbent on passing a gun and magazine ban before the lame duck session ends Wednesday at noon. Legislators in the House passed SB-2226 in the dead of night. However, due to some parliamentary moves, that bill may not get called for a vote in the Senate.

To remedy that, Illinois’ gun control jihadis, led by rotund Governor J.B. Pritzker, are looking for a House bill to do a “gut and replace” amendment to beat the noon Wednesday deadline.

Right now, they seem to have agreed that semi-auto rifles, shotguns and many popular self-defense handguns would all be banned. Trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters who think all of those black guns are icky and legislators would never come after their clay guns are in for a surprise. The semi-auto shotguns so popular for recoil attenuation while shooting clays would fall into the category of “assault shotguns.”

Those who currently own said guns would be able to register the serial numbers within 300 days after enactment. That allows the Illinois State Police to develop a database to determine which guns will need to be surrendered next year when they pass a bill to close the “existing owner” loophole. Any unregistered naughty guns would then be worth a Class 3 felony (2-5 years) for the first firearm and a Class 2 felony (3-7 years) for each gun over that.

However, those existing owners wouldn’t have many magazines to feed their semi-autos as the bill limits magazine capacity to 12 rounds. All magazines over 12 rounds would have to be destroyed, surrendered, or removed from the state within 90 days. Did you miss one in the back of your safe? That’s a $1000 fine. For the second magazine and each additional one, it’s a Class 4 felony.

Not to be outdone, the bill also bans .50 caliber centerfire rifles and ammunition. The rifles could be registered. Possession of ammunition alone without a registered rifle is good for a Class A misdemeanor…for each cartridge.

What else? Any devices that allow guns to shoot faster are good for 3 to 7 years in prison as a Class 2 felony. That means binary and forced-reset triggers become a big no-no. Of course, GLOCK switches will remain freebies for gang bangers in Chicago as the Soros-funded prosecutor there, Kim Foxx, seldom if ever charges bad guys who are caught with them.

Image by Boch via Twitter (Chicago Police 5th District, Calumet City)

Remember, a while back a single Windy City police district (one of 25) confiscated seven switch-equipped guns in a single day with nary a mention of any prosecutions. Welcome to criminal justice reimagined.

Todd Vandermyde, the former National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action contract lobbyist, shared an update on his “Freedom’s Steel” YouTube channel.

Time will tell what passes ahead of the noon Wednesday deadline. For those wishing to help with our legal fund to hire competent legal counsel to block the implementation of SB-2226 or similar legislation, here’s where you can go to help.

Guns Save Life, FFL-IL, the Illinois House Freedom Caucus and others have formed a coalition to fight this. We’ve identified potential individual plaintiffs, partnered with some outstanding legal teams and plan to seek a remedy to this patently unconstitutional gun control law when the governor signs it into law.

Donations can be sent to FFL-IL’s fund dedicated to paying our Illinois legal representation. Also, donors can contribute to the Second Amendment Law Center. All tax deductible donations to the SALC from Illinois and all that specify helping Illinois will be earmarked for Chuck Michele’s firm to backstop our Illinois lawyers.

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  1. it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night they pass these bills they are all illegal and the Bruin decision will throw them out. and the lawsuits are just waiting to be filed.

    • That may be the case, but it will cost “us” money and time. AFTER it cost our taxpayer dollars to write / enact / enforce, and defend their anti-citizen position. And then appeal(s).

      Meanwhile there’s good possibility it could be enforced “until which time” it’s struck down.

      See previous posting(s) on bumpstocks. Businesses destroyed, jobs lost, personal property confiscated / destroyed. Now overturned. But will likely be appealed. $$$$$

        • Those people need to be held personally liable instead of getting to hide behind big daddy government. We really need that at the federal level.

        • That’s right muck. BTW, When have you or the majority on this forum ever stood up and defined Gun Control for anyone by its history of rot? I know the answer and you do too. Perhaps failure to define Gun Control maybe what allows pompous turds in suits to pass such Gun Control laws in the Land of Lincoln and elsewhere…ya think?

        • “BTW, When have you or the majority on this forum ever stood up and defined Gun Control for anyone by its history of rot?”
          I don’t need to. You do it for us all the time. And by the way I don’t have a problem with you repeating yourself. It needs to be said for those new to this site. I give money to various pro gun organizations and vote for conservatives. Not a whole lot else that I can do besides that. And no politician is going to put forth a bill that keeps them from pushing unconstitutional laws.

        • I also live in Ken Buck’s district and let him know that I appreciate his stance on the 2nd Amendment. Not much more that I can do in Colorado besides continuing my support and membership in the RMGO.

        • @ Debbie W., First off I want to say I appreciate and read your comment responses, and I’m not wanting to stir the pot and fire anyone up, or come off sounding like a bigot or raciest individual. I’m just wondering or questioning on your postings…..why on “every subject matter” even if it’s just only about firearms etc.,” and not about our really bad gun control laws or politics you interject race and or slavery, ie.:” the Jim Crow racial segregation and discrimination enforced laws” (history of rot) going forward in all the conversations and postings. I am having a really hard time pushing the send button for fear of unwanted problematic fall-out discussions….you evidently are very passionate with strong convictions on “said subject” matter!

    • the more extreme these laws…the more if favors a positive outcome….(for us)….if they want to keep digging a hole, hand them a shovel…..

  2. “Ignoring the rule of law and the Supreme Court decision in Bruen, the gun control contingent in Springfield is hellbent on passing a gun and magazine ban before the lame duck session ends Wednesday at noon.”

    Those who would ignore the law, we would call tyrants.

    • I would love to see a resurgence in tar and feathering. Then being run out on a rail to bring the festivities to an end for those trying to deny us our rights.

      • Ya know muck: ‘Draw and quartering’ is a seat filler, We could make some serious cash bud!

  3. Control of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has been lost to the ‘ELITE’ power brokers. Slavery has NOT been abolished, it has only been reapportioned to a larger class / group of people. The COMMON person has become the most regulated and least respected person, and we are being pushed further and further toward massive poverty and homelessness in this country. The Supreme Court of the USA must stand UP against the individual states and put them in their place. There is NO reason that we should have lawsuits being filed around the nation to RETAIN our RIGHT and to PROTECT us from practicing our RIGHT.

    • Not really. Here in Nebraska I can buy all the guns and ammo I want. One reason is I didn’t vote for people that would take away my 2A rights. The citizens of Springfield deserve what they get because they are responsible for putting those assholes in power.

      • No it’s actually demtard fraud in Cook Co that keeps the dems in power in Illinois (200 years of tradition).

        • Each state should create an electoral college to keep the big cities from dominating the voting and the rights of the lesser populated areas.

      • That is a myopic take and that same mentality is what led to the anti gunners taking over for the most part in Virginia. if it can happen in places like that it can happen in any state. We aren’t voting our way out of this. The sooner people come to that realization the better.

        • Correct. People don’t vote themselves to freedom and they can’t vote to keep their natural rights. Rights can only be restricted or restored through voting. Natural rights (self defense) are enjoyed freely unless restricted through tyrannical actions or violated by criminal acts. Voting can’t save you. Seeking liberty somewhere else, not taking it anymore, or acquiescence are basically the only options.

        • Voting got us three pro 2A justices on the Supreme Court that passed Bruen. Voters also put in place politicians that now allow constitutional carry in 26 states.

          The anti-gunners that showed up in VA didn’t magically appear in power, they were voted in. The voters there may have been asleep at the wheel, but they got exactly what they asked and voted for.

        • “Voting got us three pro 2A justices on the Supreme Court that passed Bruen.”

          We lucked out when we got Trump elected.

          Can you imagine what gun rights would be today if those 3 Justices were seated by by the HildaBeast?

          *Shudder*… 🙁

        • You are correct. We’d be fu*ked. I think a lot of the states would’ve still passed constitutional carry. But we are definitely better off with the Trump appointees on the bench.

    • This accelerates our move east. I agree with neiowa. EFF you jagweeds who blame me forthis ILLANNOY BS! May whatever hole you live in go to hades! I never vote Dim!

      • Right!? fww?
        You can vote conservative all you want and still be outnumbered Debbie. I got out of California because my voice was unheard. Trying to turn Colorado red.

      • I’d rather be a jagweed with guns than a retard intentionally living in ILLANNOY where everyone else votes Dim.

  4. Why bother if prosecutors just plea everything down to misdemeanors and release everyone on personal recognizance?

  5. Washington state is watching closely for new ideas as their Soros’ financed session is just beginning to open.

  6. i hope it passes. The 7th circuit is dominated by republican appointee judges and Amy Coney Barret is the Circuit justice. it will get enjoined and establish a legal precident.

  7. As soon as it’s signed into law, can we not request an immediate injunction, citing ‘Bruin’?

  8. Another point for repealing the nfa act 68 that ban s all felons from grun ownership !!
    It s only good for gouverment too control the people !

  9. Illinois is just following in the footsteps of Oregon Ballot Measure 114. They even banned pump action shotguns with barrels more than 21 inches long that could accommodate extended magazine tubes that can hold more than 10 mini shells. The incessant delays in processing background checks ensure that no one except the politically connected will ever be able to buy a gun in Oregon ever again.

  10. Once again, Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda…..becoming filthy rich as a side benefit.
    They will continue to do this as long as patriots acquiesce to their tyranny.
    We The Little Peeps pay multiple for their tyranny……first via donations to support legal battles, then a second time via taxation that the tyrant politicians use to fight for the tyranny, third in salaries for the anti-freedom politicians. It costs the tyrants nothing, patriots three plus times in money, plus heartbeats stolen from a tranquil life.
    Sadly, the pro-gun forces also see these 2A battles as BIG BUSINESS for themselves as well. Ask Adam Kraut, Alan Gottlieb, Erik/Larry Pratt, Ole Wayno LePewPew et el if they are making any money on these actions. LePewPew is at least $1,500,000 plus benies annually, plus forever in retirement. He has become a permanent burden to gun rights peeps. Hurry upWayno, do a RBG……my dancing shoes are laced up, my bladder is full awaiting.

  11. So much for the Brue decision. As I said before the States will ignore it like it does not exist. And it will take years in court battles to remove it if indeed it ever is removed.

    • “As I said before the States will ignore it like it does not exist.”

      Like the states that ignore ‘Heller’?

      You really are as stupid as it gets, bitter old coot! 🙂

    • Yea, like the southern Democrats tried to ignore Brown v. Board of Education. There was quite the history of southern Democrats wanting to ignore Brown. It didn’t work out well for them.

      Same deal here. The SCOTUS will start to apply their arguments in the case being flaunted even harder to court cases that come forward, forcing the states to comply.

  12. Did Springfield Armory Inc and Rock River Arms get their carve out this time? Kind of hoping they didn’t, there’d be more than a little bit of well deserved schadenfreude coming down watching them close up shop until they can move to a free state!

  13. This is to test the waters for Pritzker and his misguided ideas that he can be the next POTUS. If you read IL statutes now they don’t pass constitutional muster, i.e. there have been federal court rulings for the legislators to change existing statutes and they haven’t.

    This is a big scare tactic that will be likely be dealt with pretty swiftly in the courts and the results will be challenged by IL. IL will lose, most IL sheriffs and counties wont follow any unconstitutional laws and hopefully the whole thing will backfire on Illinois and the FOID could go away.

    Illinois will have to rewrite two statutes from scratch, this isn’t something that they can just modify existing statutes with their “lets put a line through this and add this” nonsense. Kwame Raoul isn’t the brightest when it comes to writing law, Pritzker might be a Juris Doctor but never forget that he has never worked a day in his life and bought the office of governor with money that he inherited. He spent a lot of money to get elected governor, he bought off Bailey in his reelection and now Bailey is much better off financially. The election was actually called four minutes before the polls closed and not one vote was counted.
    Illinois politics in action.

    If you live in Illinois be careful on who you give your money to when the fight comes, there are a lot of people who stand to make money from this. There are people who will take your money and do little or nothing and a few that are pretty much for sale to the highest bidder. Do your homework or waste your cash, it’s your money.

    I personally don’t have a dog in this fight, I moved out of Illinois when it was clear that Pritzker was going to buy the governors office but still own property in Illinois that I rent. I knew this day was eventually coming but Pritzker is going to find out that it will take a lot more then he’s worth to try and buy the POTUS office, far much more then he’s worth.

    I am one of the people that Illinois loses every three minutes and find the whole thing amusing. A bunch of “Karens” got upset because their parade was ruined in Highland Park. The problem is that the same weekend more people were shot and killed on the streets of Chicago but nobody mentions this or cares about it.

  14. This is just a progressive utopian fantasy. Written by people surrounded by armed security.

  15. The democrats here never hardly batted an eye with the carnage in the inner city ghettos in Chicago every almost week that was more than what happened in Highland Park but when whites get shot and murdered they are screaming to ban everything in sight. Pretty clear with their priorities and preferred people.

  16. This is harassment of gun owners, pure and simple. Of course these laws are patently unconstitutional, but gun owners should not have to endure the nuisance, the arbitrariness, the precariousness, the time, effort, and expense to defend and vindicate their rights.

    I’m of the opinion that we need a federal law that explicitly specifies ammunition and guns are legal, full stop, and states may not outlaw them, with the law providing to gun owners the right to sue state lawmakers individually along with the states themselves to recover large damage awards if a state passes a gun or ammo ban. I’m agnostic about what form the law would take: maybe it could enumerate weapon and ammo types as legal with the added proviso that, like the 9th and 10th Amendments, anything not specified is not construed to be illegal either.

    But I mean, look at these SOBs, in the wake of Bruen, knowing they are participating in forcing unconstitutional laws on their constituents—and obviously feeling they can do so with impunity! That’s why personal liability for lawmakers would be great. Unfortunately I believe there may be constitutional issues with removing immunity from lawmakers. Nevertheless, if a federal gun protection bill at least provides for massive damages to be recovered from any state that attempts to ban guns, that should be an effective bulwark.

    I know some commenters here are sanguine in light of Bruen that laws like Illinois’ will never pass muster; however, the lawmakers already know this, and did it anyway, because they want to harass and intimidate citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. As they say, the process is the punishment. So, federal action to preempt this nonsense from Leftist gun grabbers is sorely needed.

    PS. Banning .50cal is just about the stupidest, most ineffective gun law I have ever heard of. How many people in the last 10 years have been murdered by someone toting a Barrett M107A1, 82A1, 95, 99, or a Desert Eagle in .50 or a Magnum Research Big Frame .500 Mag or S&W X-Frame in .500 Mag (technically not a .50 cal I grant you), or indeed any caliber in the “ridiculous” category like .44 Mag, .454 Casull, .480 Ruger, .460 Mag, etc.? Something like zero, I expect. Thus this law is prima facie evidence that anti-gun zealots are not primarily or even at all interested in whether their anti-gun laws will do anything to limit gun violence, they just want to intimidate, threaten, harass, bully, and interfere with the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens with different cultural values.

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