Phil Murphy
"Actually no...I don't give a damn about your Second Amendment rights. Why do you ask?" (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)
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The latest gun control law passed in response to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision was signed into law today by New Jersey’s proud gun-grabbing Governor Phil Murphy who is adamant that this is the gun control law that will finally keep Garden Staters safe.

As details . . .

The legislation will require gun owners in New Jersey seeking to get a carry permit to purchase liability insurance and take training courses, while increasing permit fees and prohibiting people from carrying firearms in a wide range of “sensitive places” in the state. That includes schools, courthouses, child care centers, polling places, hospitals, bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, movie theaters, and other entertainment centers.

The measure will also prohibit carrying guns on private property unless the property owner allows it. That includes homes, shopping centers, supermarkets, and churches.

A coalition of gun rights organizations had a lawsuit already written and ready to file the moment the governor’s pen left the bill after signing it into law. The Second Amendment Foundation announced the filing with this press release . . .

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, challenging the state’s new gun control law prohibiting licensed concealed carry in an expanded list of so-called “sensitive places,” and further criminalizes carrying an operable handgun “while in a vehicle.”

Joining SAF are the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, along with three private citizens, Nicholas Gaudio, Jeffrey M. Muller and Ronald Koons. Plaintiffs are represented by attorney David D. Jensen, David Jensen PLLC, of Beacon, N.Y.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. The case is known as Koons et al v. Reynolds et al.

Named as defendants are Atlantic County Prosecutor William Reynolds, Camden County Prosecutor Grace C. Macaulay, Sussex County Prosecutor Annemarie Taggart, New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and State Police Supt. Patrick Callahan, in their official capacities.

Shortly after New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed the new legislation on Dec. 22, SAF and its partners quickly filed the lawsuit.

“We are asking for a declaratory judgment against certain tenets of the new legislation,” explained SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We are also seeking a preliminary and/or permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their officers, agents and other employees from enforcing the challenged segments of the law.

“The specific sections of law violate the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment,” he continued. “There is no established historical tradition that could be used to justify these restrictions. This new legislation literally criminalizes licensed concealed carry just about everywhere, making a mockery of the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment.”

“New Jersey’s Legislature and Governor have shown that they do not wish to heed the Supreme Court’s guidance as to the bounds of the right to bear arms in Bruen,” said SAF’s Executive Director Adam Kraut. “Despite clear directives as to a citizens’ right to bear arms, New Jersey continues to thumb its nose at the constitutional rights of its citizens in the name of ‘safety’. Such disregard for the rights of New Jerseyans will not be tolerated. As such, we are seeking to vindicate the rights of our members and the public in an expeditious manner. It is a shame the elected officials of New Jersey have no respect for the enumerated rights of the People and continue to needlessly waste their state’s tax dollars passing unconstitutional laws which render the common person defenseless.”

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  1. This will continue to happen until these elected officials ate held personally responsible for individual rights violations and violation of their oath of office

    • Just vote them out of office and vote to keep them out, like we do here in Texas. Don’t believe me, just ask Beto.

      • Vote out a Democrat Leftist Scum ™ in New Jersey?

        What ever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag? 🙁

        • Seems I recall a Truck Driver in NJ taking out the 2nd most powerful “Leftist Scum” in the state with a few thousand bucks…

      • delusional much ??
        baseless comments may make you feel good but really are worthless when one with little research can find out nj is a liberal democrat paradise.
        so voting them out is not going to happen.

  2. I just love how you sue a state, county or city, yep that really hurts their pocket book alright.
    Raise them taxes boys, we got sued again.

    • Easy enough, get rid of qualified immunity and sue those piss ants personally back to the stone age under the preexisting “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” statutes.

      Fun fact, under that law, the person being deprived is permitted to defend their Rights utilizing any method and measure of force, up to, and including lethal.

      Then sue their estates. :p

  3. Sneaky democRat murphy took the democRat Party Jim Crow Playbook and erased African American and inserted Gun Owner and got himself an incognito Poll Tax.

  4. New Jersey issues permits? I thought their game was delay, more delay, and deny. So this new law will apply to hardly anyone, right? Even though they have dropped good cause, they still hate you.

    • In NJ, they pretty much only give carry permits to active or retired LEOs and connected persons. You can meet all the offical requirements and still will be denied if you are not a LEO of some kind which is a open secret de facto requirement. Murphy’s move is pretty much pointless and just showstanding.

  5. So- who here really believes that average New Jersey folks will be able to pack firearms around like we do in Iowa if the plaintiffs prevail?

    Really? If that was the case, Bruen would’ve fixed this already. Until denying Americans in any state or locale cost the tyrants in charge their own funds and freedom, these wins will be meaningless in the Leftist strongholds.

    It’s always been up to the people to enforce or fix the law under which they must live. 50 years ago, the people of Morton Grove and Winetka allowed their tyrants to continue when they should’ve been tossed. In 2022, many states and cities continued to follow suit. I’m not sure stupid can be fixed. The lawsuits are fine, and good fund raisers, but not very effective in making the sweeping changes where they are really needed. Only the voters will do that- one way or another.

  6. Yep that “prohibited spaces” shit has worked Sooooo fucking well in EVERY instance where a MASS shooting has taken place in a WHAT? Yeah that’s right in a “PROHIBITED SPACE”, WHY? Because lawful gun owners (for the most part, except me and a few others) will heed those ignorant “prohibitions” and leave their gun in the car, but the criminal will ignore those signs and if there is not a lawful gun owner present who chose to ignore a stupid law they will be successful 100% of the time. What a dumbass… All I see is more revenue for the State of New Jersey and more hoops for lawful gun owners to jump through… Glad I don’t live in a Kommie run state…

    • No, in New Jersey, the new law will not let gun owners with concealed carry permits just “leave their gun in the car,” locked safely in the trunk and unloaded, when they arrive at one of the millions of newly prohibited places. That would be a felony in NJ under the new law.
      That’s because the new law also labels PARKING LOTS of “sensitive places” as “prohibitive places”!

      So if you have a concealed carry permit in New Jersey, you can no longer carry in your car, you can no longer carry at your destination because every place is prohibited as a “sensitive place,” and you can no longer lock your gun in the trunk of your car in the parking lot when you arrive at a prohibited place, because all the parking lots are also prohibited places!

  7. You know, I have sympathy for the U.S. citizens that live in N.J. I was driving from Connecticut to Philadelphia once. Took a wrong turn and ended up in NJ and Delaware. The country side of NJ was beautiful. I understand why they call it the Garden State. If not for the politics I could live there. Delaware was gritty and smelled bad. Reminded me of the old days in Perry, FL and the paper mills when we drove through. And that guy from Deleware wants to lecture us on the environment.

    • Jersey today smells plenty bad the closer you get to NYC. That industrial corridor is noted for heavy chemical manufacturing…

      • hauled a lot of PVC beads out of Jersey, smell at those plants is almost but not quite as bad as a pulp mill…

      • Also smells pretty bad when you get closer to Philly. Moreover, NJ has several unfiltered dumps that really pump out foul smells.

    • Took a wrong turn and ended up in NJ and Delaware.

      Pretty much have to go through NJ to get to Philly from CT, but if you also went through Delaware before you got there you took way more than one wrong turn…

  8. The drug legalization crowd will always trade away the Second Amendment for their legalized drug use. It was a stated goal back in the 1970s. And they have not changed anything since. They are the ones that got Murphy re-elected by the skin of his teeth in New Jersey.

    “Governor Murphy signed the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act into law, legalizing and regulating cannabis use and possession for adults 21 years and older and decriminalizing marijuana and hashish possession, A-1897 (P.L. 2021,c. 19).Aug 2, 2022”

  9. I’m very happy to see all 2A media sources talking about this dumpster fire of a bill but I rarely see it mentioned that the bill makes it a crime equivalent to a felony to have a loaded firearm in your own personal vehicle even if you jumped through all the unconstititutial hoops to get a NJ carry permit.

    I can’t wait for the states attorney general to show us all the text history and tradition of no carrying on your horse.

  10. I live in NJ and was one of the first non VIP/LEO who qualified under BRUEN. This legislation was not unexpected, Murphy is TOTALLY antiGun. I’m hopeful that SCOTUS now that both NJ and NY have passed these “go F yourself” challenges will act promptly torule the entire laws unconstitutional

  11. When does this action by Crazy liberal democrat politicians reach the threshhold of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to violate citizens second amendment rights? Because this is exactly what they are doing!. At a bare minimum they are violating their Oath of Office by not upholdong the U.S. constitution.

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