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With Governor Scott Walker’s signature today enacting concealed carry in Wisconsin, Illinois becomes the last holdout. The only state in the nation where it’s not legal for a law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon. The wise ones who run Illinois know better, of course. The people in the 49 (56?) other states are crazy fools. The Illini are the only sane ones. But enough about Illinois. Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin. And none too soon. Blogger Ann Althouse, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, received a message from campus security today. It appears someone’s prowling the area whacking women over the head. Fortunately, she can now carry a firearm to protect herself if she chooses. Except on campus, that is. Oh well. One victory at a time.

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  1. D.C. gets no respect – which is probably correct. However, D.C. and Illinois are the only places one can not carry at all. Both are already sued.


  2. 59 🙂

    Now we need to “upgrade” the may issue states to shall issue and the shall issue to Constitutional.

    • YES YES YES. I don’t like labeling IL the last holdout. (I mean NO disrespect to Daniel.) The may issue states must fall next, and we must not rest or waver. “May issue” is a de facto carry ban in states such as MD.

      • “May issue” is a de facto carry ban in states such as MD.

        Not if you’re very rich or famous.

        • Don’t forget many areas of California fall into this “rich and famous” caveat. I’m thinking specifically LA, OC, and SD counties. May issue, but only if your rich, famous, (and only if your generosity extends to the Sheriff’s re-election fund)……

  3. You can carry on campuses in WI. You just won’t be able to carry into campus buildings if they are posted with a sign. Similar to no one knows if Lambeau Field will be posted for no guns, but even if they do, they can’t post for the parking lot.

    And any place that does post is partially responsible for what happens there. I’m not sure how that fully works at this time, but whatever the specifics on that part, it’s going to give places that want to ban guns something to think about before they do.

    Training requirement is basically any state or nationally-recognized training course or instructor, the WI Hunter Safety Course counts, which every hunter younger than age 35 or so has to take anyway to hunt, and it costs like $10. And people with military and similar gun backgrounds are exempt.

    They had slipped a “special police database” in there at the last minute, (along with the permits and training), but it looks like that got gutted a bit, so now police will only be able to access it to see if a permit is valid or to see if a person has a permit if they are concealed-carrying but don’t have their permit on them. The database was originally said to let police check it for every encounter, so if they ran your driver’s license or home address for whatever reason, they could also freely run it through the carry database.

    One Democrat state senator had used the argument, “Without a permit database, police wouldn’t know if someone who just robbed a bank might be carrying.” yeah.

    The bill got sabotaged in the late stages with the permits, training, and database — those things do infringe but aren’t terribly infringing — and it’s still one of the better carry bills in the country.

    People would often rag on WI’s gun laws due to no concealed carry, but WI already has constitutional open carry except in a car. And no gun bans, or capacity limits, or registration cards or any of that nonsense.

  4. I love Mikej’s thinking and the NRA will never give up until we defeat all the COMMIE states that insist on denying us our rights.

  5. This is very misleading considering its virtually impossible to get one in NYC.

  6. NJ, MD, and HW don’t have carry either. Mass, NY and CA are highly restricted. Fl, Ok, Tx, and SC don’t have open carry.

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