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The media and polling firms claim that only about 30% of Americans own firearms. Funny thing is, most gun owners are extremely reluctant to talk about the fact that they own guns, particularly when talking to a stranger on the phone.

We’d be willing to lay money that the actual number is at least 50% higher than they claim and probably close to twice that amount. Here’s one gun owner who isn’t shy about her firearms ownership.

I have made it a part of my everyday wardrobe to discreetly carry my pistol. My friends are well aware that I carry and know that should I be called to do so, I will protect them to the best of my ability. I am confident in my ability to protect my home, my friends, family and myself, and I pray that I am never in a position to do so.

I am proof that you can teach an “old broad” new tricks and that firearms are nothing to be scared of. I will be 72 years young this month and will continue to teach firearm safety and skills to as many interested individuals who want to learn proper techniques, usage, maintenance and safety of firearms.

They have become a way of life for many of us — men, women, younger and older.  We will not go quietly into the night. The largest army in the United States is made up of private individuals like me and will take on the mantle of defense to protect our country.

– Bonnie Venable in Why I learned to use a gun at a mature age and now carry one

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  1. Me = No gun shirts or hats. No gun stickers no gun culture…. ….Just…well… ….you know…

    • Gun shirts, gun stickers, 5.11 pants, etc simply let the bad guy know who to shoot first.

      • It’s called profiling and it works both ways.
        Dress like a “gun nut” or “ammosexual” expect to be scrutinized.
        Run around in commie clothes expect to be scrutinized.
        Dress like the average schmo looking for some fried chicken and a bag of pork rinds and people ignore you completely even though your armed.

        • People are remarkably self obsessed and unobservant in my experience.

          When I Open Carry (very, very seldom) one of my custom 1911s in my custom made Black Elephant Ear rig made for me by Sam Anderson at Anderson Leather, people don’t seem to much car or much notice IF I carry my very dark Cabot Vintage Classic with the Elephant Ear Grip Panels. The gun is dark, the holster is dark and my clothing is dark.

          If I carry one of the other ‘shinier’ ones they seem to notice but it doesn’t cause a stir, even being cocked and locked.

          Generally, though, I agree and same with bumper stickers. I don’t need to have someone attack my vehicle because of an NRA sticker or something.

      • I have never heard of any circumstance where a shooter walks into a crowd and shoots people in sequential order based on what their shirt or hat says. This is a myth.

        • Rather, if a coward with a gun knows there might be someone else there who’s armed; that place will be bypassed. They dont get return fire in the video games, remember?

    • I think there is a distinction to be made between practices such as open-carry vs. putting an NRA sticker on your car.

      Personally, my favorite t-shirt has a cute dinosaur (with stubby arms) and the legend: “License to carry small arms”. I suppose it will be interpreted as “shoot me first”; but, it’s not off-putting like open-carrying in a venue where such a practice is UN-heard of.

      I think it’s important that gun-owners stand-up and be counted. If too many of us avoid letting strangers know we support gun rights then we will be discounted at the polls. There is strength in numbers; and, voters will recognize those numbers.

      Just imagine the impact if ALL gun owners displayed an NRA sticker on their cars. If we number 45% of the population then 45% of cars would quietly display our support for gun-rights. NRA stickers would be as ubiquitous as American flags at car dealerships and VFW lodges. THAT would have an impact.

      (I’m not advocating here for the NRA. Any readily-recognized symbol for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms will serve the purpose.)

      Conversely, suppose only 5% of gun owners displayed their “colors” prominently. Voters would harbor the mis-impression that we are few in number and our sensibilities can be ignored at the polls. They will vote for candidates who will undermine our rights without a passing thought. The gun-controllers will succeed in persuading voters that they have us on-the-run.

      When we have a substantial MINORITY, NOT a majority, of voters it is CRITICAL that we promote our strength-in-numbers.

      • “Just imagine the impact if ALL gun owners displayed an NRA sticker on their cars.”

        Oh, I can imagine, all right.

        Auto paint and body shops will see a *massive* increase in business from keyed (or worse) cars and trucks. Same for tire stores replacing slashed tires.

        Leftists are criminal in their behavior.

        EDIT – On second thought, justifiable defensive shootings will *skyrocket*. And Leftists will be reduced in numbers…

        *snicker* 😉

        • I guess it depends where you live. In rural Utah vehicles would seldom be vandalized because of firearms related stickers. The vast majority of folks are carrying. Problem is, we. on occasion, have to go north to such hell holes as SLC. Personally, I never advertise I’m carrying. My go to tee shirts are Harley Davidson shirts.

      • Personally – I LIKE that they underestimate us. I LIKE that they think we are far and few between. Having an NRA sticker is NOT going to affect how some stranger is going to vote (unless the person with the NRA sticker is a tool, then they’ll likely think that all people with them are tools!). Our ability to defend ourselves and others comes not from shouting that ‘I have a weapon and am prepared to use it!’ via a sticker but from the actual fact that I have one (not saying I do – they all sank to the bottom of Chatfield Reservoir YEARS ago), but still…

        Anonymity is our friend. I personally know of a guy who had all the stickers (Glock/NRA/Don’t Tread on Me/Molon Labe/etc.. and their truck was broken into. In a crowded lot, with tons of other ‘targets’ his was the only one hit. Coincidence? Possibly – but I’d rather err on the side of caution, no?

      • “There is strength in numbers; and, voters will recognize those numbers.”

        Indeed. And one wonders why ~100 million gun owners are not a voting block? Could it be that too few put constitutional rights above a bunch of other items given greater priority in their lives? How many gun owners would realistically decide that they would lose their jobs, homes, and everything else in an effort to ensure their 2A right is secure? Truth is, proven by the society we face today, the vast, vast majority of gun owners vote for politicians who promise more than just “shall not be infringed”, and if 2A isn’t the top priority of the politician, it is better to have all the other stuff and no guns, than to bet the farm on 2A prevailing.

        • “Truth is, proven by the society we face today, the vast, vast majority of gun owners vote for politicians who promise more than just “shall not be infringed”, and if 2A isn’t the top priority of the politician, it is better to have all the other stuff and no guns, than to bet the farm on 2A prevailing.”

          Sadly, your statement rings true. My shares in Apple mean a great deal to me and my family. I suspect most posters here – deep down – would acknowledge the fact. A civil war is highly unlikely – not impossible – but seriously… Even 15 variations of an AR-15 is no match for an Abrams tank. Maybe Alaska the so-called “last frontier”? Nah, I don’t think I could stand 30 straight nights of zombie movies.

        • i for one place gun rights above all else because without that all other rights are up for grabs easily. Any who think otherwise are ignorant of history and sad to say living in a fools paradise

          • “i for one place gun rights above all else because without that all other rights are up for grabs easily.”

            An army of one ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

            As they say, “A Division is made up of three Battalions, a Battalion is made up of three Companies, a Company is three platoons, a Platoon is made of three Squads, a Squad is of three Fire Teams, a Fire Team is three Riflemen. But it all starts with one Rifleman.”

      • Yeah, imagine NRA stickers on all gun owners’ vehicles…….says “Follow this vehicle home to see where my guns live”…. Not one out of 100 have any security that will stand up to any attempt except maybe an opportunistic druggy. Gun safes are an illusion of security. Had a really cool receiver hitch cover on my Jeep….4″ diameter brass disc with a 1” stainless steel silver center “primer”; stamped in 1/2″ letters “BARRETT” and “.50″……cool looking .50BMG case head. Got a LOT of positive comments and started many interesting conversations. Finally, took note how many good pro-gunners were noticing the cover, started wondering how many bad guys were also noticing. Hitch cover replaced by a mundane “REESE” plastic version. Advertising pro-gun may not be the best practice.

        • Years ago (decades actually) in an LA Times op-ed, the writer said that the crooks should follow any vehicle that had a NRA bumper sticker, etc. to the owners home and steal all of their firearms. He actually wants the bad guys to take your guns so that he would feel safe from you. That is leftist logic.

          • Come on, you know better than to use the words, leftist and logic in the same sentence!

    • Me = Gun hats, gun shirts, stickers all over the back window (“Assault Life”, Molon Labe x2, NRA, FPC, CZ-USA, Statue of liberty with an AR-15, probably some I’m forgetting), outdoor technical pants or camo pants, hiking boots, IWB CZ SP-01 Shadow, 3 spare extended mags (also IWB), pocket knife on clip and a 5″ knife on my (definitely tacticool) Elite rigger’s belt. Never had a problem and wouldn’t GAF if I did – I will not be cowed by statists. And while I don’t think of myself as intimidating in appearance, I also don’t exactly look like somebody you might try to shoot first – if a “bad guy” happens to notice me, I imagine he’d be more likely to think twice and move along. Anyone stupid enough to try it is too stupid to pull it off, but you’re a daisy if you do.

  2. Guns allow a senior citizen to level disparity of force with much younger and stronger people who bear them ill will. They provide an effective means for the weak to avoid – or at least strongly disincentivize – being preyed upon by the strong.

    Thank you Samuel Colt et al.

  3. When a (phone) polling survey guy asked me who I was voting for, I never said Trump. You just don’t do that in the Chicago area. Likewise, I would say” I don’t have a gun” to the pollster.

    • When I get those calls I tell them it’s none of their business. That’s why they provide privacy in the polling places.

  4. Why in heck would anyone tell a stranger I own 12 handguns and 3 rifles. Including an AR 15 with 12 fully loaded 30 to 60 round bullet thingys.

  5. Get your hands up in that beavertail or get a gun that actually fits your hands. Practice is only as good as the technique you’re trying to master. Find a firearm that fits your hands and your group size will probably shrink by half. How does one know if the gun fits? When the bullets go where you’re aiming. Every. Single. Time. How many firearms are there in America? At least one behind every blade of grass. Now, who wants to be the first to step up and find out? …come the Rising. -30-

  6. My grandmother became a gun owner in her 80’s. She takes classes and shoots with a club of seniors. She loves it and often laments how long she waited to take it up. It’s a way for her to feel strong, independent, get outside and socialize despite being hobbled with a walker and muscular weakness.

    Surveys are always complete bull. Assuming you answer the phone when an unknown number calls and assuming you engage with the complete stranger on the other end there is no incentive to be honest. Quite the opposite actually. For surveys of any kind to hold validity you must assume a largely honest population not only free of deceit but also malice and a joy of trollery. Humanity is none of those things.

    • You are either honest or a liar who cannot be trusted. Your basic make up does not change. Most people are honest. You are just projecting your own moral failures upon the population at large.

      • Oh, please.

        You can be an honest person and still not choose to discuss some topics – like your personal firearms ownership status – with complete strangers over the phone.

        You can be basically honest but not reply you’re a Trump supporter to a poll taker when you live in Chicago, because you are aware of the potential consequences of being known as not toeing the party line. (Like having the street in front of your driveway torn up for more than a year after you asked your Alderman an embarrassing question.)

        And you can be an honest person and understand that, contextually, saying “I choose to not respond” translates to “yes I own a gun” or “yes I support Trump” or “no I don’t like green eggs and ham” or whatever the pollster is asking about.

      • what’s your social security number? what’s your bank pin number? what’s your account number?

        no? I guess you’re dishonest then

      • According to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, one of the definitions of “lie” is: “To exhibit a false representation; to say or do that which deceives another, when he has a right to know the truth, or when morality requires a just representation.” Does a pollster have a right to know the truth? Does morality require a just representation? Do Is not telling my wife about her surprise birthday party a lie? Not according to Webster.

        • Modify that statement; we wont go at all! All the ” Americans” who would rather live in a gun free society, I hear New Zealand’s looking for new residents.

    • The biggest problem with surveys, is they assume the person has given the least bit of thought to the issue under discussion. If the point is to poll *opinions* then those opinions have to have existed before the question was asked. We all know darn well that the vast majority of anti-gun folks are oblivious to anything having to do with firearms, but knee-jerk for five seconds when asked about them, before dropping the issue once more in their minds & moving onto other things. It’s not a real opinion, it’s a reaction, and those things are not the same.

    • I know who they claim to be but who are they really? Organizations can be little more than a set of incorporation documents. Web sites can be easily faked. Caller ID numbers can be spoofed. And if they have my phone number, it can be reverse searched to find my name, address, and a link to other databases will find my car details, driving history, and so on.

      The only thing that saves me for now is it is not a criminal offense to lie or not participate in the survey.

      • It is already an offense to lie/not respond on the upcoming 2020 census. One day questions will appear about gun ownership. They are already overwhelmlingly invasive in their topics.

  7. “The media and polling firms claim that only about 30% of Americans own firearms. Funny thing is, most gun owners are extremely reluctant to talk about the fact that they own guns, particularly when talking to a stranger on the phone.”

    “We’d be willing to lay money that the actual number is at least 50% higher than they claim and probably close to twice that amount.”

    They the Anti American/Constitution crowd assume at their own peril,they can delude themselves into what ever thinking,er sorry “Feeling” they like.There is a reason they are referred to as Leftards.

  8. I struggle with the thought of using my firearms to defend my rights when I may be required to fire on my own neighbors. Or how effective can I be if a well armed team tries to take my guns.

    I would like to think that would never happen, but the way the bump-stock thing went down, I’m not confident this won’t happen in my lifetime.

    • Deplorable Stan,

      I think almost all of us have the same mindset. And that is a good thing: that we are extremely reluctant to inflict violence upon anyone, even people who desire to subjugate us. It shows that we are not the monsters that gun-grabbers and the ruling class claim us to be.

      It also shows that our nation’s Founders knew what they were talking about when they stated in our nation’s Declaration of Independence:

      … all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

      Unfortunately, we are rapidly approaching the point that our nation’s Founders stated in the very next sentence of our Declaration of Independence:

      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      What may seem crazy to our detractors: I have ZERO desire to change the U.S. Constitution, including the structure of our federal government. My only desire is to restore our federal government to operational status within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, Common Law, and justice. How we get to that point, I have no idea.

      • ” we are extremely reluctant to inflict violence upon anyone, even people who desire to subjugate us ”

        I picked up a interesting tidbit from a recently-read book called “Army of None” (it’s about the future of robotic warfare, basically).

        It seems that early in WWII the Army polled its own soldiers coming off the line, asking them if they were actually taking aim at the enemy. Only about 15% said yes. The rest were aiming wide or high. So it seems that most of us, even in a war, and innately inclined to not kill even if we are being shot at.

        Shortly thereafter, the Army changed its training targets from an ordinary circle to a human silhouette. They re-polled the front line soldiers. The numbers flopped– about 85% were now taking aim at the enemy soldiers.


        • yep it normalizes shooting at a human as do most of the first player combat video games. However, in saying this our forebears when it was more up close and personal were less averse to violence or wars would not have been able to be fought and they have throughout history. Yes in some ways it is a good thing but it also makes the populace overall easier to RULE and SUBJUGATE rather than lead.

  9. If your number isnt registered in my cell your getting to my voicemail. I always erase them. Who makes time for polls? Who actually talks to the census people either…

  10. Here’s the thing; firstly, there are only about 240,000,000 that could chronologically own guns. Then there is the Unconstitutional Prohibited Persons, so drop about another 40,000,000. Now, if the 100,000,000 is correct (I doubt it), then you have 50%…there’s a method to the progressive madness.

    Remember they are collectivists (mother clumpers), and believe people will fall into line when their neighbor does. This is where that other false narrative of “300,000,000 million guns in US” comes to play. If you ever wondered why they have been holding onto that low number, here it is.

    With these latest round of gun laws their intention is to show how they have confiscated or people have turned in 150,000,000 guns. “If those persons did it, then you should as well.” That’s their goal…however, according to NJ and others, it’s not going their way. DO NOT COMPLY! Our Compliance is Consent, and Consent gives them Legitimacy.

    • In my neck of the woods, I know a diverse crowd of folks that own guns: III%’s, preppers, environmentalists, veterans, retired, multi-ethnic backgrounds, etc. But for half of them, supporting 2A is not one of their highest priorities, even though it should be. All these folks I know “own guns”, but half of them are “gun owners”, if that make sense.

      • Makes perfect sense Jack. This is especially true here in Eastern Washington. When 1639 came up, we had a less than 20% voter turnout on this side of the state, except for Whitman County…Washington State University is there.

        Have been screaming abut this stuff for 30 years+. Back in the day I would often default to “Civil Forfeiture,” and “Warrantless Search and Seizures, only to end up hearing, “Well you must have something to hide.” Every time! Wouldn’t it be grand to have those conversations now, with the same participants?

  11. Surveys and Phone calls from ????….how do u know its not a thief trying to find out when u leave for work and what ur address is ..etc to rip u off? Yeah that free Cruise or trip to Hawaii let us send u tickets….

    • I had a “telemarketer” ask if I had a home security system. Who would answer “No”???

  12. Some of my coworkers act like it’s something bizarre when I walk in on a day off with a gun on my hip (we’re not allowed to carry on the clock). It’s not like it’s rare, we’re in rural Ohio and get customers carrying all the time, so I don’t know why they think it’s weird.

    • Back quite a few years ago, I had more strange looks in rural Ohio for open carrying than I did in urban SW Ohio areas. I had thought it would be the opposite but it didn’t turn out that way.

  13. I guess turning 65 makes me a senior citizen. Getting older made be realize I wasn’t the badazz I thought I was. I don’t answer polls or advertise I am a gun owner. AND I will NOT COMPLY!

  14. The title and article seem a bit disconnected; still wondering about that. However, I do not have confidence in the premise of the title.

    • you’ve weighed in on the hinted at subject matter. i like to believe you’re at least somewhat off.
      more importantly, do you wear a henry “load on sunday…” long sleeve t?

      • “you’ve weighed in on the hinted at subject matter. i like to believe you’re at least somewhat off.
        more importantly, do you wear a henry “load on sunday…” long sleeve t?”

        Not really following the thread, here.

        • oh, by the book.
          ahh… early comment (not early cuyler) mentioned not wearing insignia branded clothing so as to avoid being made. even among the “los jacquitos” i find the henry t’s disarming (hopefully not me).

          • “ahh… early comment (not early cuyler) mentioned not wearing insignia branded clothing…”

            Got it; thanx

  15. 100M+ gun owners? How is it possible we lose when voting in strong 2A people if this true?
    How many will stand up if confiscation takes place? History suggests 97% will fold.

    • Gunners will fold like crepe paper when their financial assets are frozen…..credit cards, checking/savings/MM accounts, investment/brokerage accounts. After ERPO laws for gun confiscation are in place, Progressives will go to adding ability to freeze finances of ERPOee. Then will only take a list of SSNs for gunners to shut everyone down should it appear that the 2A is about to be implemented for its original intent. Few will have more than the cash in their pocket. How long will that fund your resistance…..couple days???

      • Progressives will fold like wet tissue paper after a few are subjected to “constructive criticism” with a claw hammer.

      • We may have seen a preview of response already. If we can only get small gatherings to support 2A while there still some freedom, why would we expect to see hordes of POTG show up for the revolution? Supporting 2A today is really very easy, comes the revolution things are really hard. No shows today will be there” tomorrow”?

  16. The best revolver shooting I’ve ever seen came from an 80yr old, especially at long range. That woman toted a damn Webley .455 in her purse.

    She started as a nun, worked on the Ford assembly lines, played softball for decades, and took over the farm when her husband died young.

    I believe her years spent beaning delinquents at the back of her classroom with erasers, and being a softball pitcher, translated well with her Webley. She’d join us boys out back during BBQs and one-shot pumpkins or melons, at ranges we struggled with using carbines or modern 9mm pistols.

    Either that, or the sweet ol’ battleship had her own built-in rangefinder and gun-director; standing & watching, she’d slowly bring that cannon up, and then drop it slightly back down on target. From the side, it always looked like she needed at least 25-30° elevation.

    One would also think a big warhorse of a revolver like that would be slow for her to get into action, and we used to joke about needing to unlimber it before firing.

    Those jokes stopped after coming back from a park trip; the little family dog took off into the treeline as everyone walked up to the house, about 100m away, and promptly got into a shouting match with a stood-up small black bear.

    While in the process of looking back to see what the adults were doing, that Webley went off just as I saw her big leather old-lady purse hitting the ground (upon further reflection, she *always* had one hand in that poke).

    Aside from my ears, it was quiet, the dog had vanished, and the bear face down. One of her grown sons sheepishly took his own .357 to administer an unnecessary coup de grace; on close inspection auntie had scored, directly on the back/top of it’s head, putting it’s lights out. That vintage ammo’s big lead slug had come down at an oblique angle & didn’t exactly penetrate, so much as knock a 1/2″ hole in bear skull, like a bolt-gun, and sitting just under the surface.

    She also had an old S&W .45 around the house, but always complained it was “too big”; bless her sarcastic old heart.

  17. All I carry is a light saber and a magic wand, because they’re the only two things still legal to carry in the People’s Republic of New Jersey!

    Actually, it’s because I go to a lot of sci-fi and fantasy conventions, as being a fantasy novelist myself, it’s part of my job description. I used to go to cons with a replica of Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars IV (A New Hope), but now I’m scared it will get me arrested by a minion of the Evil Galactic Empire (otherwise known as New Jersey).

    True story: One of my fellow writers saw a bunch of sci-fi fans at a convention get harassed and interrogated by the Fire Marshall for possession of Star Wars light sabers. It seems even Jedis just can’t catch a break these days! The Fire Marshalls apparently thought the light sabers were actual plasma weapons with million-degree plasma blades that could start fires, or something like that.

  18. And neither will the small but exponentially growing minority of people demanding real science from our vaccine makers and refusing to accept government imposed mandates on these untested, liability shielded products.

    • You’re still posting your vaccine bullshit on a website devoted to guns, even though no one here cares… have you heard that old saw about the definition of insanity? It’s very appropriate.

      Oh, now I get it – you must have been laughed off every other blog and comments section on the internet, so you decided to set up shop here… where everyone but you discusses completely different topics.

      Must be lonely to exist as such an unwanted troll…

      • Triggered much? Take control of yourself. Therapy helps people who come unhinged for little or no reason. Look into it.

        • You obviously have no clue what triggered means. Or unhinged. My posts clearly show that I am under full control, and I’ve given no indication to the contrary. Unlike some here…

          As for recommending therapy, perhaps you should look in a mirror? Remember, when you point a finger at someone, you’re pointing 3 fingers back at yourself.

        • @Toni (below): “Some of what he says makes sense because there are a few on here who would love to see vaccines made mandatory (USE OF FORCE BY GOVT).”

          That may be the case, but I come here to read about firearms and the issues surrounding them – not the alleged evils of vaccination. Nearly everything Pg2 posts is so far off topic, you can’t even see the topic from there…

          Perhaps those comments should be posted somewhere that has even the wispiest thread of relation to the topics under discussion? Somewhere besides here, like, maybe, I don’t know, a blog related to vaccination issues? I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

          • Yes point taken as i already had but a number of the posts he has made have simply been pointing out that there is a certain hypocrisy in it when you are willing to force someone to have something injected into their body against their will just the same as it is hypocrisy to on the one hand allow abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy and then stand against gun owners being able to defend themselves with whatever force necessary to stop the threat when someone is being violent against them. BTW these leftists also demand forced vaccinations and once that is allowed i am betting there will be fewer restrictions on the production of said vaccines also making them more potentially lethal. Just looking at other countries and the way things have gone there with forced medication of any sort this does seem to happen.

      • Some of what he says makes sense because there are a few on here who would love to see vaccines made mandatory (USE OF FORCE BY GOVT). The thing is how is that any different to FORCE being used to take away firearms and other rights as well. The fact is there is no difference. Personally i am anti vaccine unless they can show me that they are highly effective and that the risks from them are a lot lower than they have any chance of showing right now. However i am not one of those who say they should be banned outright either and nor would i take peoples freedom of choice in the matter, or indeed any other matter

        • Not sure if you’re Australian? But hearing from friends still living there things are turning ugly with vaccines.

          • yes i am and yes they are. i had one doctor go to get a needle and vial of vaccine after i had told him NO NOT INTERESTED. I told him that if he tried to inject me with it he would get the whole vial of it in his neck and he could tell i was not joking either. He quickly put it away again. Doctors have to start learning that they are not god

            • “Doctors have to start learning that they are not god”

              Where non-government controlled healthcare flourishes, physicians are employees of the patient/consumer. Where government controls healthcare, doctors are agents of the government, the patient is the supplicant.

        • Spent a year there, half of it in griffith, NSW. A lot has changed since I left, and all for the worse. There’s a footballers wife talking about vaccines, the media calls her a wag, but she’s right on.

  19. I have been solicited on my cell phone by ” surveys” on at least three occasions in the last four years. I will say without hesitation that I lie my ass off to the lefty leaning questions about firearms, income, etc. I would never tell a stranger, with a dubious political agenda, how much money I make, and if I own ANY firearm. The “surveys” could be legit, or could be a way to make me a potential robbery victim. So many scammers robo-dialing nowadays, you don’t know who is who anymore.

  20. I tell any telephone survey that I’m a life long Democrat, voted for Hillary, don’t own any guns, think they should be banned, etc. Modern political science is absolutely dependent on surveys. The more garbage we feed into the system the worse decisions are made by politicians who believe in political science implicitly.

    The concept you’re looking for is called the Grey Man theory. People leave you alone if you don’t look like you have much and aren’t looking for trouble.

  21. I open carry almost all of the time (and sometimes a long gun) so I guess I’m not particularly inconspicuous in regards to where I stand on the individual being armed. Many of my family and friends also bear arms openly. It seems like when a few do it regularly in an area for a while, other people start doing it. It can be contagious. In Ohio, I have found that “out of sight is out of mind” for many people. If they don’t see them, they assume few are armed and supporting gun control will only inconvenience those few.

  22. I will agree with the 50% estimate of ADULTS owning guns, for the simple reason that there have been many estimates saying about 1/3rd of the population owns guns. I.E. Something upwards of 110 million gun owners in a population of 326 million is roughly one third.

    However, there is also an easy 1/3rd or more of the population that are underage at any given moment in time, and therefore cannot own guns yet. So you have ~1/3rd that own guns, ~1/3rd that do not, and 1/3rd that are underage children / babies or who are otherwise prohibited from owning firearms, and therefore should not be counted.

    So 1/3rd do versus 1/3rd do not equates to roughly 50% of all ADULTS owning firearms, and the vast majority of us gun owners tend to be very intelligently quiet about the whole issue. Easily tens of millions of gun owners across the country have already decided they will fight to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, when the time comes and which seems to be coming soon, but there is nothing to be gained by uselessly spinning your wheels and attracting all manner of unnecessary attention and trouble in the meantime.

    Just like concealed carriers in general, you try remain unnoticed and avoid trouble as much as possible, until it matters most and _then_ you act decisively. For those that like to talk in terms of the number of gun owners versus police numbers, or numbers of gun owners versus military, here is what you are missing: Collectively speaking, we ARE the police, or at least large numbers of them, and we ARE the military, or at least large numbers of them, along with massive numbers of us working in all levels of government as well. Think about what that means.

    Patriots are far more numerous than portrayed in U.S. corporate media, and we best use their propaganda to to our own advantage. The fact that U.S. corporate media now refers to patriotism as “nationalism”, and portrays it as an ugly thing only blinds their own true believers to reality, not us nor our children. We can see just fine and we will not go quietly, just as the headline makes clear.

    Just food for thought.

  23. All I see is a lot of talking.

    Based on this and lack of 2A support showing up in large groups, we are finished. Done. If we lived in the 1700’s most would be King George loyalists.

    Good luck……

  24. Just wanted to mention the person in the photo will have a much better time if they get a higher grip on the pistol.

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