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Kathleen Willis, the rabidly anti-gun Illinois Democrat, has introduced Amendment 1 to House Bill 96. Among its many onerous provisions the provision of new Surgeon General-style warnings to gun owners when they receive their Firearms Owners ID Card.

“Warning: The presence of a firearm in the home has been associated with an increased risk of death to self and  others, including an increased risk of suicide, death during domestic violence incidents, and unintentional deaths to children and others.”

illinois surgeon general warning guns

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  1. Imagine what the suicide rate in Japan would be if they all had access to firearms.

    • I imagine it would be about the same, but with some percentage, maybe even a fairly large percentage, choosing suicide by gun… I wonder how many suicides there would be in America, if lethal dose pentobarbitol syrettes were available OTC? How many people would choose fast and clean over fast and dirty if they only had that easy choice? We need to publicize argon and nitrogen gas as alternatives to the gun… Why are we so hung up, as a society, that we don’t want to allow people who really don’t want to live to die?

      • Well of course they’d commit suicide by gun in Japan, considering the traditional method of stabbing yourself in the gut with a katana. Fast and dirty is preferable to slow, painful and dirty.

          • Gov,

            Take a look at Japan’s Firearms and Swords Control Law of 1958. Even buying or transporting kitchen knives can be a hassle for Japanese citizens.

            If you are a foreigner…don’t carry even a penknife while in Japan. When I visited family stationed on “The Rock” (Okinawa) my EDC carry knives stayed home in the US. Even as FUBAR as many US laws, jurisdictions and politicians are…be grateful that we have the enshrined Right to self-defense rather than the neutered defense laws of most socialist nations.

        • @MAD MAX “I hear that the preferred method of suicide in Japan is by hanging oneself.”

          Carbon Monoxide poisoning is also quite popular with the younger folks who like to commit suicide in groups. Charcoal grills inside a closed car work well for this.

        • In Tokyo the Green line/ Yamanashi line is favored by track jumpers. It has something to do with it’s schedule and speed.

        • There’s also the Aokigahara forest (aka the suicide forest), Japan’s most popular suicide destination.

      • Yeah, Jack Kevorkian (sp?) was really done a dis-service. All he did was help those who WANTED TO DIE. It is too bad that when someone chooses to end their life, there is really not many alternatives. This is one reason why the GUN gets blamed for so many suicides.

        Maybe someday, assisted suicide will be available to those who choose to end their life. But until that happens; when a gun is available and used, unfortunately, it gets blamed for being used. When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is ridiculous for them to have to continue to suffer, and spend what might be all their remaining assets, just because they do not have a reasonable end of life solution available to them.

        • But under Progressive ideology, your life belongs to the state and suicide is willful destruction of state property.

      • Nah. Ease of suicide is correlated with increased incidence because suicide is often- though not always- impulsive. When some kid gets broken up with and downs a bottle of vicodin they can get revived, counseling, and maybe never try again. When someone puts a shotgun in their mouth… generally it’s more successful. And much easier than some other methods like using knives or hanging (the latter of which is tough to get right unless you like the idea of slowly strangling).

        Guns certainly raise suicide rates. But I am unwilling to forgo my liberty to defend myself because someone else might take that liberty to end their own life.

        • I would not be so sure that they did. Here in Australia despite the fact that more help programs were put in place at around the same time our suicide rate went up. It is just the methodology that changed quite a bit. Now there are a lot more OD’s and hangings and slit wrists and gassing themselves with the exhaust from their car

    • This escalated quickly…….

      Also this entire thread is dark…… Y’all need a role model or something……

      Also the warning labels are f**king stupid. . .

  2. Why not just apply the warning to people? “Warning: The presence of a human being in the home has been associated with an increased risk of death to self and others, including an increased risk of suicide, death during domestic violence incidents, and unintentional deaths to children and others.”

    It’s 100% true and covers more than this measly firearm warning.

    • Maybe a similar warning regarding voting for stupid politicians that hate our constitution and bill of rights can be hazardous to our country and freedoms.

    • What comes first; being stupid enough to be a politician or being a politician and becoming stupid?

      • Not all politicians are stupid, some are evil, and some are just delusional and need more(or maybe less) psychotropic drugs. But I would guess that most fall into more than one category.

  3. How about a shorter, easier to read version?


  4. how about one to demoncraps on registering as a demoncrap….. be aware that becoming a demoncrap may cause a chronic case of brown mouth

    • “… may cause a chronic case of brown mouth”

      And brown nose… 😉

      • lol bit like the “not so much a joke” i made up when driving taxi’s back in 2000 when John howard brought in the GST (goods and services tax). Little Johnny Brown Jackboot and his Good Sex Tax. When asked why i called it that i said well he is a try hard little wanna be dictator with his head so far up george bushes ass you can barely see his feet hence the brown jackboots and he has multiple taxes on everything else why not good sex as well. It defused many potentially violent situations which at the time were highly likely as till the meters were changed to allow GST we had to manually add it to the fare on the meter. There was no phase in period where we were allowed to get away with not putting the GST on the fare and i was a woman driving taxis for the night shift (4 pm to 4 am and often later when i had the taxi all weekend) so i got all the drunks. Yes i am more able to defend myself than most women being 6′ tall and able to keep up and even outdo many men (not all though) on physical jobs such as construction and demolition. In saying that though with no means to defend ourselves other than the change dispensers we carried (can be quite heavy enough when full 🙂 ) little johnny brown jackboot had already effectively disarmed us back in 96 and the laws were already quite onerous against anything that could be deemed a self defense tool including pepper spray and the fact that i often had a full cab (4-5 people depending on the taxi i was in) it is not particularly good odds even with all the security systems built into the taxi computer dispatch system.
        I had several ask what i would do as a woman driving late at night if they pulled a gun or a knife on me. My standard reply was, “First the emergency button would be pressed, then foot to the floor, seatbelt on, then i would say either that weapon gets dropped on the floor near my feet or we pick a pole, you have 3 seconds to make up your mind.” i would add that by that time we would be doing about 160 and i have the driving skills to place that pole in the side of the cab near you. usually they would say i was crazy to which i replied, “well if someone was serious enough to not do as i said doing that sort of speed then i was as good as dead anyway and if someone is out to kill me then i am going to take them with me at the very least if there is no chance i can make it out alive.” when i said that they usually agreed with me and understood that it was not that i had a death wish but one of evaluating the situation and not letting them get away with a criminal act

  5. They’re gonna do this for other inanimate objects like pools, ladders, tools and cars, too, right? Because that would make as much sense.

      • No kidding, ladders are insane. Not to mention power tools, solvents, cleaners, really most chemicals, just about anything with a battery.

        The anti gun people, the nanny state people, the people who want to control every aspect of education, social interaction or public life in general all think, for some reason, that they are on a higher plane of understanding and need to instruct all the other morons in how to live. Where they get the idea that they are possessed of such “wisdom”, I don’t know.

      • Ok, fair enough on the ladders and some tools, although the current warnings on those items aren’t the same type of warnings as what they’re talking about above, either.

        • I think they’re trying to prevent ”natural selection” with all warnings! If you’re dumb enough to use a blow dryer in the shower you deserve to die. If you’re dumb enough to stick your hand under a running lawnmower you deserve the nickname “Stumpy”. Maybe it’s a good thing the same people to want to get rid of guns to save lives are also the ones that are willing to rip a child out of the mother’s womb…so if we let them their numbers will drop and everything will go back to like it was before they multiplied!!

  6. LMAO. Because the labels work so well on cigarettes and alcohol…. Can we purge? PLEASE?! These morons need to go away.

  7. Warning: Doctors cause 250,000 deaths a year due to errors! A leading cause of death in the US never reported by the MSM…

      • lol i avoid doctors as much as possible. i have seen so many simple things to diagnose called something completely different such as a severe chest infection being called asthma. both my partner and i have had chest infections and there is asthma in both our families so we recognize the symptoms of each yet this one doctor was there trying to give my partner ventolin and refusing the antibiotics that she needed.
        my back there have been so many different doctors try to tell me that there is nothing wrong with my back and that it is just muscular even refusing to do at minimum xrays which wont tell them much let alone an MRI which would tell them a bit. I managed to force the issue once and got sent to a specialist and he ordered an MRI of my upper back and on the day that it was done that region was not even giving me any grief. was never able to get back to get the results because my work would not allow me the time off (working for a govt department at the time and never will again) so it was not till about 18 months later i found out anything about the results. this time my lower back went out so bad every step was just about dropping both legs out from under me and to get to the hospital i had to walk 3klms to the main road (no landline phone where i was staying and no mobile reception) then hitch a ride into hospital. i was dropped not 2 meters from the door of the emergency room and i had barely gotten through the doors before i had half a dozen nurses around me with a wheel chair and helping me into it. I was put in traction for a few days and they had gotten the results of the MRI which i had told them about once pain killers kicked in and i was not in such extreme pain i could actually think. They were pretty freaked out by the results and could not understand how i mostly function without pain killers and still do hard physical labour.
        the fact is i see a chiro regularly and that is how i keep being able to do things but without those results from a specialist 99% of doctors seem to think either the pain is all in my head or that i am some sort of drug addict. Truth is yes i like to keep some pain killers on hand but only for emergencies when the pain is so severe i cant even get to the chiro or sleep (such as with the migraines i get when my neck is badly out. see the chiro get my neck put back in and the migraine is gone completely within half an hour).

        Nope IMHO most doctors are useless twats and you have to be very careful when selecting them

  8. They should SO put one of those labels on their drivers licenses also. ‘WARNING: operation of motor vehicles has been linked to accidents which can cause serious injury or death to yourself and others.’ Imagine how many lives could be saved!

  9. Caution, you are now entering a free range democrat zone, exposure to inhabitants may cause severe cognitive dissonance. You have been warned. -30-


  11. Will they also start putting pictures of head shots/etc on the packages, like they used to do with diseased lungs & shit toward the end of the great tobacco purge?

    Ammo already has warning labels about safe use and even lead content, courtesy of the West Coast Califate, and like the tobacco warnings, it hasn’t done much but give a politician something to crow about.

    How about a ballot warning? “Notice: Voting for Kathleen Willis may be a symptom of mental retardation or other disorders”

  12. Warning: not knowing your rights covered by the US Constitution will lead to your rights being taken away from you once and for all.

  13. OK, let’s compromise.
    You can include that text with every new firearm purchase if you institute constitutional carry, remove magazine limits, remove the UBC, etc.

    You get something, we get something. Hell, institute this nationwide.

  14. Alert! ( Sorry for thread “Hijack” )

    Possible FBI Staged Hoax attack dates in near future:

    1. Today!

    Why today?

    Today is anniversary of Anniversary of Christianburg, Va, April 12th, 2013, Mall attempted mass shooting attack!

    This attack preceded the Boston Marathon April 15th, 2013 Hoax Bombing attack, by several days.

    I believe this attack was a Real attack, committed by an ‘MK-Ultra’ subject, that didn’t go as planned, as the Attack “Only” elicited two women wounded and thankfully had no fatalities because bystanders jumped in and subdued attacker ( Like in a real attempted mass shooting )

    2. Monday April15th, the Anniversary of the April 15th, 2013 Boston Marathon Hoax bombing attack!

    April 15th, is also ‘Patriots Day’ here in Massachusetts!

    “Patriots Day’, commemorates the date the British marched to Lexington/Concord to Try and Confiscate the Powder/Firearms from the colonists on April 19th, 1775.

    It was the first battle of our Revolutionary war and is generally celebrated here in Massachusetts every 3rd Monday in April ( Not on real date of April 19th ) to coincide with the Marathon running!

    April 15th, is also Tax day!

    ‘Patriots Day’ and ‘Tax Day’, would give the FBI a “Gift wrapped” narrative, to Try and stage Hoax attacks around and then Try to falsely Blame: Second Amendment supporters, White Christians, White Nationalists etc., to Try and take more of Our God Given Second Amendment Rights and to Try and pass ‘HR 4918 Domestic Terror Prevention Act’, which allows the FBI/SPLC, to target: White, Conservative Christians falsely, as the “Number One Domestic Terror Threat” in the United States

    Wonder how long it will take to get this deleted?

  15. Dennis leary joked about how they wanted to make the warnings on cigarettes bigger like that would change anything. I think he said they should make a brand of cigarettes called cancer with a skull and it would sell like hotcakes

    • lol not quite right but very close Joemoma. he said you could call them tumors in a black pack with a scull and cross bones on the pack and people would line up around the block wanting them saying things like “hey man i bet these things give you cancer as soon as you light up. i want some”

  16. Can we put warnings on voter registration cards stating
    ” Warning voting Democrat, Democrat Socialist, Socialist, and Communist Has been proven to lead to the reduction of freedom, lower IQ, lower GDP, higher taxes, lower living standards, limited medical treatment, and the slaughter of 100’s of millions of people around the world”

    • It worries me that you left out Republican. The fact that so many people still think the Rs care about our rights is proof enough to me that liberty is dead.

      Both Rs and Ds have figured out that neither of them need to care about gun rights, and everyone will still vote for them.

  17. Next they will put warnings on hammers to let people know if you hit yourself on the head with it, it will hurt.

      • Hey, don’t go picking on my snacking habits! Very Triggery that and it’s way out of snowflake season here!

        Cuz I like hard boiled eggs once in a while. About three will do. Peel off shells, toss back in hot water as you do each to keep ’em hot. Then toss in a bowl with some real butter and chucks of a sharp cheddar. YUMMY!!!

    • They already do – not exactly your wording but more or less the same.

      On the list of warnings on the last chainsaw I bought was: Do not hold by the chain – never thought that was an issue for people.

  18. Some gun person needs to put the warning as “don’t point a gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy………………”

  19. I’d like to see them prove “The presence of a firearm in the home has been associated with an increased risk of death to self and others, including an increased risk of suicide, death during domestic violence incidents, and unintentional deaths to children and others.” beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    First, they would have to establish exactly how many homes actually had firearms present. We all wish we knew that.

  20. Well then…on the hoods of cars we need it to say “WARNING: Owning a vehicle increases risk of automotive related trauma. The use of a motor vehicle is not recommended by the department of transportation. Operating a motor vehicle harms the enviroment.”

  21. It’s no doctors or surgeon generals business what Constitutional rights one avails themselves or not,PERIOD.

  22. Don’t worry! There are some TTAG commenters who will except this just like “Red Flag Laws”! What’s one more “Draconian Law” against a constitutional right…A few have already surrendered…There Problably all moving back to New Zealand anyhow….

  23. Don’t care, that’s what guns do is poke holes in all type of things, including people, so , like I said , I don’t care. Just don’t charge me extra for a stupid warning,

  24. We’ve already got several pages of warnings in the owners manuals. Next they will want it on the barrel right next to the silly sentence about owners manuals being available.

  25. Is this really much different than the “Youth Safety Act” brochures the ATF mandates to be given to everyone who purchases a handgun from a FFL? Take it, wad it up and throw it away. Put it in the outhouse for personal use.

  26. I am already a tax stamp collector. I would have no problem being a surgeon general warning collector too.

  27. Put a stamp on politicians foreheads, ” I may make stupid statements and tell ies.”

  28. “Firearms Owners ID Card”

    Wow. In Illinois you need a card to own a gun? Really? That state is worse off then I thought. Thank God I live where I live. Bwahahahaha……..

  29. Could you imagine how safe and proficient everyone could be if these people put half this money and energy into promoting safe use and practices instead of spreading fear and projecting their own weaknesses on to others?

  30. If willis is so worried about safety, maybe she should start reading food labels. That whale needs to lose 250 lbs.

  31. Yeah I’m sure those gangbangers in Chicago and Baltimore are gonna read the warning when they go to their local gun store to purchase a firearm after undergoing training and a background check.

    • that is if they can even read….. hearing what i hear about the US educations system and knowing what i know of our own it would not surprise me in the least

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