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The F-150 is on the Mount Rushmore of pickups, and is helping make the most of your build with the ultimate giveaway.

If you’ve been eyeing the latest custom parts for your F-150, you’ve got to check out the latest giveaway from American Trucks and Barricade Off-Road. They’re supplying one winner with $5,000 to spend site-wide in their monthly build sweepstakes.

Lots of outdoorsman know the advantage of an F-150, or any well-built truck, when it comes to getting to the places we want to be. When you can drive farther and through more than the next angler, hunter, or camper, you’re one big step ahead of the game. And anyone who does enough outdoor activity knows you’re putting tough miles on your vehicle.

All the more reason to have it built to your expectations.

Even if you don’t have an F-150, American Trucks is still the place to go for any truck build, and they’ve been at it long enough to prove their expertise.

Everything from bed covers, to new exhaust systems, to full-on lift kits are available in one easy-to-navigate place, and they’re basically awarding a truck lover the chance at an online shopping spree of epic proportions.

Between now and June 30, you can enter once daily for your opportunity to be that lucky truck lover, and you don’t even need an F-150 to win.

But if you do own one, you’re going to be blown away at all the incredible stuff there is to choose from. The iconic truck that’s been winning over sportsmen for generations is just screaming for custom parts, and this giveaway is the best way to make it happen.

If you could put $5,000 to good use making your truck the best you can make it, then entering this giveaway will be the smartest thing you do all month.

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      • I believe ‘Beto’ is his user name in all the furry forums.

        And as far as eating tacos with a fork, who am I to criticize Irish culture?

  1. LOL, giant side-banner ads for Chevy trucks, in a payola article about Ford trucks, on a website about guns. Oh, with tons of sleazy click-bait group-ads otherwise.

    I also notice that All Outdoors has sold the traditional TTAG suicide hotline space to Glock. It sure looks like the mantle is passing to TFB, as far as legitimate gun journalism, even if their comments are dominated by Fuddy furriners.

  2. buncha years of these six speeds (2011-13) down shift automatically into first. hope your ice fishing or dune jumping when it happen. 1.5 million units?
    we have 250’s at work- i am driving the only 6.7l powerstroke in this barn that has not catastrophically failed. all of the gas ones are good.

  3. So, I rebuild a lot of engines, as of the last 15 years I won’t touch a Ford. Absolute junk. The 5.4 trident is the worst. Cam phaser fails, spark plugs blowing out of the head, oil pump fails and the list goes on. And now you can’t buy one without the idiotic stop /start feature which is just more electronic crap to fail and/or cause excessive engine wear from constantly starting the engine. yea, an aluminum body truck, just try to find a body shop to fix the truck even after a minor fender bender, good luck most do not have the facility to properly work on aluminum.
    Don’t even get me started on the 6.0 and 6.4 diesel cluster F*ck. In Florida an Ambulance company sued Ford because over half their fleet were out of service due to the diesel engine failures and problems.
    During my life, I have had a lot of older Ford’s, but my last one (which I still have) is a 1997 f250, back when they still made a truck.

    • Hmmm, that’s funny… my ’02 5.4L has over 120k miles, and the worst problems I’ve had with it were 1 rusted-out exhaust manifold and a broken EGR tube – otherwise trouble-free! I did hate paying my mechanic to change plugs at around 75k, but using platinum-tip plugs I’ve only had ’em replaced once so far.

      The steel body, OTOH, is rapidly turning to reddish dust and blowing away, however… by now it’s probably as light as the newer aluminum bodies!

      EDIT: Oops, I just noticed that a 2002 F150 is outside your 15-yr range… never mind!

  4. I’ve had nothing but Ford Trucks for the last 30-plus years, save one brief interlude with a 2015 Ram when my ’02 F-150 got t-boned at 230k miles. The Ram 1500 was a weak sister compared to the Fords, but trouble-free until it hit 100k and the trans started to hiccup. I put over 200k hard-use miles on all of my Fords with zero problems before trading. currently own The Great White Buffalo, a F-250 Superduty 6.7 power stroke with a six-inch lift that is the baddest ass beast I’ve ever owned, will climb, pull, push or roll over anything I put in front of it. And an old man loading a 1,500 lb roll of hay in the back pushed it through my (aluminum) bed panel (riippp was a terrible sound), the body shop had a new one on it in less than a week, plus LineX. Nothing but Ford pickups for me (and my father before me) for the rest of my life, based on over a million miles of performance. Ya’ll do what you want.

  5. On the bottom of the contest page, there is the ability to “shop” for other brands of trucks which in turn gets you an entry for that alternate brand. You are NOT limited to just Ford.

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