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DM978 from Massachusetts submits his “Staying safe and prepared out there” ensemble at Everyday Carry.

Color me impressed.  A guy who has a carry license in Massachusetts!  I’ve only seen one of those in real life in all my fifty years (the license and the person).  DM carries a Ruger SR9c with the Crimson Laserguard.

It looks like he’s carrying full metal jacket rounds in his gun.  Are hollow-points legal for everyday gun owners in the Bay State?

He also carries a wide range of stuff, similar to what I carry.

DM writes:

Things I’ve acquired over the past few months, for all sorts of situations.

We carry the same tactical pen and that same little flashlight (only as a backup though).

He carries in a Bulldog shoulder rig.  I tried the shoulder rig – I had a Miami Classic.  I thought it looked supremely cool from the days of Miami Vice.  I wore it about two days.  It sat in my closet for a lot of years before I gave it away.

Anyone else out there think a shoulder rig was a great way to carry only to find you didn’t like it once you started carrying that way?




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  1. I like my Miami II shoulder rig but it does get a little tiring with the weight of a Ruger revolver in there all day.

    Good choice for driving or sitting. Shoulder holsters in general, I mean. I prefer something much more fitted (leather or kydex) than nylon. I woulnd’t trust that little snap for retention.

  2. The holster and knife are garbage but everything else seems like it’s reasonably squared away on a budget.

    • The holster works just fine when sitting in a car. I like the Kingston Special myself, personal preference. The knife is not “junk”. It will open, cut things, and close when it’s supposed to. Pretty good value at its price point. It’s a knife, for crying out loud, not a fashion statement. Once again, personal preference. The first round showing is a FMJ to minimize any failure to feed. You can bet rest are FBI test qualified JHPs or the mag is Dutch loaded, my personal favorite. -30-

      • Well, I have a couple of S&W M&P and Extreme Ops knives for my cutlery collection or occasional “Sporting and Utility use…” And are readily available at your local MA. AutoZone for $20.00 to $32.00 bucks…Most are pretty tight, no blade play, open and close smoothly, fairly sharp out of the package.

        • The Extreme Ops knives are not a set I’ve ever had a problem with.

          This particular knife however was not properly toleranced in any of the copies I’ve seen.

          At first I thought the knife just needed to be broken in. Then I thought it was assisted like a cheap nursing home. But the problem didn’t lie in a weak MAGIC system. Rather, it was that hinge tolerances were off. If the knife was screwed together properly it was too tight for the assist to work well, requiring a pretty significant wrist flip to finish opening the knife, lubrication didn’t help this. So maybe the hinge was torqued too far when the knife was made. I loosened it a bit. Eventually I found this didn’t help either. If the hinge was loose enough for the assist to work correctly then the blade wasn’t held firmly in the handle and would wobble. It also would cause the liner lock mechanism to become seriously questionable in a way that reminded me of the original Gerber Paraframes.

          I note that Taylor makes S&W knives in both mainland China and in Taiwan. Those made in Taiwan seem to have much better QC and the same basic price point. You can get this knife online for $18 or for $2 more from the same websites, get a much better S&W.

    • “The holster and knife are garbage…”

      I suppose most of us don’t obsess with what is the most perfect carry gear. The knife could have been a present from a family member and he’s trying to be considerate of them, for example, by carrying it.

      Just for grins I clicked the link and discovered Amazon is selling that light for 5 bucks, including shipping. I’m considering grabbing a pair to see how they do, at that price, they are disposable. The Cree LED alone practically costs that much…

      • I don’t obsess about carry gear. I just don’t buy knives I know are complete shit and I know that one is because I’ve had one. My buddy had the same one and had the same experience. Both ended up where they belonged: in a trash can.

        They look nice and they seem like a good deal but once you get the package open and start using the thing you find it’s got a crappy hinge, questionable lock on an already questionable locking mechanism (to be fair that’s a once bitten twice shy thing for me about liner locks), poor metallurgy that doesn’t hold an edge well and tends to break tip under normal usage (I’d be OK with it if I had used it as a prybar, but having the tip break whittling on a stick? Comon! Even a Kershaw with those old super-thin tips doesn’t do that!). All in a package that rattles like a toolbox two days after you tighten it.

        It’s not a S&W thing. Taylor Cutlery makes S&W knives. The problems with them vary from model to model. Some are nice and at a very, very nice price. Some are shit at the same price. That one is, IME, shit. If you want a better knife, cheaper, buy a five-pack of Milwaukee folders for $25 at The Home Depot.

        Or, if you can hack another like $2 and just have to have a S&W, get a Extreme Ops First Response knife. They’re $20 and they are much, much better. I have one of those too, it’s not a “great knife” but it’s serviceable and it lasts.

  3. I used a Bianchi 9R for my Chief’s Special in the early days of my MA LTC. Then I switched to a Bianchi IWB Pistol Pocket. I’m mostly an OWB guy these days.

    And, Virginia, hollow points are [currently] legal in the People’s Republik. 😉

  4. I drove for a well connected jeweler/diamond broker. MA, NY State and NY City. Carried strictly while on the job, only. Knowing that if you have to do the job you were hired to do is backed up with the best legal representation money can buy provides amazing peace of mind. -30-

  5. I had an LTC-A when I lived in MA. I never carried due to the patchwork of laws and never knew when I might run afoul. It was actually as easy to get as any other state I have been in. Most of that is because of the town I lived in.

    • That’s how f@$ked up mass is. I got my LTC 22 years ago when I was 19. The town I was in was a green town. The licensing officer corrected my test for me when I got one to many wrong. And shooting was still done before you got the license. That was just shooting the shit with the cop for bit then popping off ten rounds done here’s your license. The town next to mine the cheif would deny people for no apparent reason. Yeah mass sucks.

  6. If not for Maura Healy, the laws here would be almost tolerable. Depending where you live, before she decided to make up laws unilaterally, the worst part was no silencers and 10 round cap.

  7. I carry my 5.25″ .357 in an Andrew’s Monarch. I have been satisfied with it for two years now.

  8. Appreciate seeing a holster for a change! Have never used a shoulder holster myself, but just a matter of preference on that.

    Ruger SR9C is an excellent choice. I have the full size SR9 as my main open carry and never a problem with it no matter the ammo I have tried.

  9. I note with some dismay that we’ve all managed to overlook Jamie Dimon’s recent comments to Congress.

    Apparently, thanks to being compared to BOA, with it’s great “social credit score” due to it’s gun policies, Dimon is now going to “consider” taking JP Morgan in a different direction with regards to the firearm industry.

    Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) was able to shame ol’ Jamie into some concessions with his bank’s $273 million worth of loans to the firearm industry and partial ownership of Remington.

    Man, I can’t wait for that cashless society where guns are legal, the 2A stands but none of us can transfer any funds to buy guns or ammo and have to resort to sexual favors. When we all start pining for the days of how we should have listened to the drug dealers and money launderers… damn, that’s gonna be a hoot.

  10. Do like shoulder holsters. Trouble is finding one out here in the sticks. Have a nylon one for my Sig but has a better retention system than this one. Have a Miami Light for my lcp and HATE it to light of leather and uncomfortable thin harness with a honkin big plastic center piece in the middle of your back. Plus way too many heavy snaps that are crap. Still looking for the “perfect” one.

    • I know nothing of sholder holsters. But your mention of Miami reminded me of 80’s cops shows like Miami Vice, the Galco holster Sonnet Crockett had. A very classic look. Around here in SoCal, the few LEO’s ive seen wearing a suit, are carriying on the hip, that I can visually see.

  11. I like a shoulder rig for outdoors carry. Hunting, hiking, fishing and such. It s Galco Classic Lite. If I’m walking miles or working outdoors or riding at some point the the gun gets uncomfortable on my waist. Other than that, Its IWB in a Ventcore. OWB I carry in an EBAY kydex. The ones I get are easily as good as the old Zero Concealment/Hideous holster stuff and half the price I paid for that stuff way back when kydex was the new hotness.

  12. I can imagine that it is hard to get a carry license in Mass(I live in SoCal), but there will always be people(rich and connected) that want and feel they need protection more than the “little people”. Funny, It will be one of the “little people” doing the security for them.

    Seeing a carry license in these states that isn’t related to the carrier’s job is a big deal.

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