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From Meprolight . . .

Meprolight’s Sight Design Engineers recognized the strengths of the FT BullseyeTM rear sight capabilities and from experience knew that front sight positioning would improve target acquisition speed and accuracy.

The Mepro FT BullseyeTM Front Sight is based on a shooter’s training to focus on the front sight. Additionally, it benefits those who have an astigmatism or age-related eyesight issues—something we all face. In essence, you are putting an optic on your pistol.

Utilizing patented fiber optic technology, Meprolight’s engineers combined tritium with fiber optics to create the FT Bullseye™ family. Meprolight® reduced the length of the optic, added an optical lens, tritium, and a dot/circle reticle.

No batteries needed, the fiber-optics illuminate the reticle during the day and the tritium illuminates the reticle at night or in low-light conditions. The low height over bore single-sight profile allows you to use the holster of your choice without any adjustments.

The Mepro FT BullseyeTM family of sights are designed to be rugged and reliable under any condition. They withstand being dropped and are not impacted by the heavy shock recoil of larger caliber pistols.

In defensive situations as well as competition, the goal is to place rounds on target quickly and accurately. As soon as the dot is centered in the circle creating a bullseye, you’re on target. When milliseconds count, give yourself the advantage. Always On. Always Ready.

Models are available for Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, IWI, Sig Sauer, H&K, and the CZ P-10.

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  1. It is simultaneously gratifying yet disappointing to witness the introduction of a product that is the realization of an idea that one has had for many years- but personally lacked the ability/wherewithal to make it happen.

    This should prove to be very successful- it truly is a great idea.

    (my version employed a tiny LED in the sight- and I still believe that idea has merit)

    • LOL same. I made a prototype that has been on a Glock 19 of mine since 2018 or so. It’s nearly identical to this Mepro except I didn’t have the ability to include a tritium vial but it was always part of the design.

      • My version is a tube that runs from the front of the ejection port to the front of the slide with a micro LED located in the front end of the tube. The tube is black except for a white stripe running along the the top of the outside of the tube.

        The theory is this: the shooter focuses on the white stripe (a defacto large front sight) which gives a visual reference for alignment to the target (the bullet trajectory) until the gun becomes aligned properly with the intended target, at which point the LED light becomes visible to the shooter through the tube.

        When the LED is visible- the gun is properly aligned (like having a perfect sight picture/three dots aligned/seeing an electronic dot). If the LED is not visible, you won’t be exactly on target- but the orientation of the white stripe gives the shooter a close approximation of actual bullet trajectory. I consider it a hybrid of point shooting technique, front sight focus, and electronic dot sight acquisition.

        The idea behind my sight was basically “point shooting with instantaneous LED sight alignment verification”.

        And I still like the idea.

        • Check out their FT Bullseye sight. It’s basically the same concept, except their tube runs from the back of the slide to the ejection port and is tritium/fiber optic powered.

  2. I own a meprolight bullseye and ended up dumping it. Its a good idea but sadly its not very useful. The simple problem with it is, its not in any way adjustable and so you have to find the “sweet spot” to have the gun on target. It is really REALLY hard to find that sweet spot on a sight about 1/4 of an inch (or smaller) across.

    Its an interesting idea, but it really needs to be adjustable.

  3. I point and shoot and do not use the sights due to my farsighted vision. However, having a point of reference at nite would be handy.

  4. But all modern combat and competition training is teaching people to focus on the target; not the front sight . . . front sight focus is what your NRA-member Fudd uncle does.

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