Greenville, SC shooting lavish
Courtesy WSPA 7News
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From the AP:

A shooting at a nightclub early Sunday left two people dead and eight wounded in South Carolina, a sheriff’s official said.

Two Greenville County sheriff’s deputies noticed a disturbance at Lavish Lounge just before 2 a.m., and saw a large crowd running out of the building, Sheriff Hobart Lewis said at a press conference. There was “active gunfire from inside the building,” Lt. Jimmy Bolt said in an initial statement, and Lewis said all the shots were fired inside.

Both Lewis and Bolt initially said 12 people had been wounded — with at least four in critical condition, Lewis said — but Bolt told The Associated Press that two victims were likely counted twice in the confusion at the hospital.

No one was immediately taken into custody. Bolt told the AP that the sheriff’s office was looking for two suspects, but couldn’t provide names or descriptions.

“We don’t really have a person of interest that we can name,” Lewis said at the press conference, later adding that authorities weren’t sure what led to the gunfire.

Lewis said a “very large crowd” was at the nightclub for “some type of concert.” A post on Lavish Lounge’s Facebook page advertised a July 4 performance by trap rapper Foogiano. An Instagram direct message from the AP wasn’t immediately returned, but a bookings representative told the AP via text message that Foogiano was fine and his team was safe.

Coronavirus cases in South Carolina have risen swiftly and the state’s rate of positive tests is three times the recommended level. In late June, the Upstate city of Greenville — which has experienced some of the state’s highest COVID-19 rates — became the first city to mandate face coverings in South Carolina, where Gov. Henry McMaster has refused to implement a statewide mask requirement.

McMaster reminded South Carolinians last week that he hadn’t lifted restrictions on large crowds, and that those operating nightclubs illegally or holding concerts against his orders don’t have to be caught in the act to face criminal charges, but instead could be charged weeks later if COVID-19 cases are traced back.

Lewis said at the press conference that he didn’t know whether the club had sought an exemption to the governor’s order or secured a permit for Saturday night’s event, but said it was clear that the club’s patrons weren’t 6 feet (2 meters) apart.

“It’s certainly not the best situation to stop the spread of this virus,” the sheriff said.

A phone call and an Instagram direct message from the AP to Lavish Lounge weren’t immediately returned, but the club posted on Facebook just before 6 a.m. that events “have been postponed until further notice.”

Lewis said the victims, whose names were not immediately released, were taken to the Prisma Health hospital in Greenville, some via private vehicle. Bolt said that of the eight wounded, some had non-life-threatening injuries and others were in critical condition, but he didn’t have a tally of the latter.

Prisma Health spokesperson Tammie Epps could not immediately comment when reached by telephone.

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  1. Rappers seem to draw gunfire like crap draws flies…nothing to see here folks…move along.

      • I’ve never seen anyone get shot anywhere. However I have treated tons of people who were shot elsewhere and subsequently brought to me by the helpful guys and gals in the big white vans. So I am not inclined to dismiss the connection on the grounds that I have not seen it.

        On the other hand, usually, if a rap concert is in the news it is because someone got shot there. That gives the impression that it is a common occurrence. I could not say whether the data bears that out as I have not seen any data on that particular correlation. But there are a lot of rap concerts that we never hear about because no one got shot there.

        • My son goes to plenty of rap shows here in Massachusetts and he’s never seen or experienced a single issue at any of them. The vast majority of rap show attendees around here are white kids.

      • Good morning Kyle,

        Did I say anything about concerts?

        Search for how many rappers have died from gunfire…Music lyrics that glorify hate and degradation seems to concentrate that hate and degradation to the point where violence inevitably boils over…frequently against the “musician”.

      • I have. Same as every concert, gathering, some clubs etc etc…. some use metal detectors and such too. I’ve seen 1 shooting break out, been involved in the gang activity myself, seen people stabbed and bleed out, people beet over the head with any random objects and tons more. Even the schools I went to in certain areas had a HUGE issue with fights, and not just your typical class at school, like people getting cut with snuck in razor blades (usually kept in their mouths) and other shanks and dragged across hallways to “set an example” to the other side, or thrown through a window and squirting blood everywhere. Yea, I was involved in that “trap” shit as a youth. I’ve seen it all, and I know the “culture” which oddly enough, is just as racist as the fucken KKK. Nice try tho…

        • btw, I’ve even been shot by the kind of people who worship that “trap” culture. Just made it worse for me. I got more involved after that. At first they were just friends I knew through other friends, but after so long you end up rolling together and it wasn’t pretty on a daily basis. So, not sure what your point was trying to ask anyone here at TTAG if they have seen gang violence in that culture, but you found one who has. Maybe your just young and your version of “rap” is Post Malone, which isn’t a bad thing btw… naive though.

          • Knew you were plain trash just from the crap you spew. Thanks for confirming.

        • I knew it when you couldn’t even post anonymously under the same name. Nothing to see here, just a scared little trolling attempt. It’s bad when I criticize people for calling others trolls, but when you can’t even post under a casual name and try to hide, that is some pathetic basement dweller momma’s boy shit. You know nothing about me, where I came from, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I’ve learned from it all, where I am now because of it, and what I am willing to do to defend it all. Suck it, and play with my butt while you do it.

          • Brokeback Actual: All you do is troll. Your mommy is still paying your bills, and you whine when she doesn’t bring you your hot pocket and capri sun.
            And while you buddy Miner might like playing with your butt, no one else is.
            Being gay is fine, but trying to get others to participate isn’t.

        • I beg to differ Montana. I’ve been to the Celebrate Freedom concert in DFW a number if time and there hasn’t been any violence with over 200,000 people there. Everyone is polite, helpful and courteous. The police that are there don’t have anything to do except direct traffic. And when it over there’s an orderly exit from the parking lot. And there’s no trash to pick up as it’s all in the receptacles. I’ve seen this in blazing sun and pouring rain. Oh, did I mention it’s a Christian concert? A lot different from the usual worldly concert. I wholeheartedly endorse it and invite you to check it out. Hopefully, next year it will be held. It’s usually the weekend before Independence Day.

  2. I thought Black Lives Matter. I guess they don’t when someone gets their Jordan’s scuffed up or Hennessey is accidentally spilled.

    • Yeah I don’t see them marching for that black kid that was gunned down in the CHOP because “security” thought he was an enemy. Politics is driving this movement, and some people with good intentions are being used.

      • Felt so sorry for the kid’s dad interviewed on TV recently. But, couldn’t help from pondering, if you loved him so much, why did you imprint him to want to go somewhere like that, or why did you let him go there? Why were you not pulling him out of there? A dad’s role is to imprint, raise kids so they want to and know how to recognize and avoid shit holes like CHOP. That appears to be much of the problem in minority cultures……no Father; all Baby Daddy.

        • Almost all “experts” agree the main problem with black kids is no father in the home.

          The Racist Roots of Welfare Reform
          American welfare policy historically targeted poor black families.

          “Developments in the 1950s and ‘60’s further disadvantaged black families.

          This happened when states stepped up efforts to reduce ADC enrollment and costs. As I examined in my book, residency requirements were proposed so as to bar blacks migrating from the South to qualify for the program. New York City’s “man in the house rule” required welfare workers to make unannounced visits to determine if fathers were living in the home – if evidence of a male presence was found, cases were closed and welfare checks discontinued.”

    • Black lives only matter when trying to instigate Marxism,otherwise not so much, they are being played.

      • Black lives will matter when the Black community cares more about young Black men killing each other. Than it does about screaming Racism. As of now I don’t see that happening. Hence they don’t care. Why should anyone else.

  3. I’m confused. Is that an AP article about a shooting, or an AP article about COVID-19?

    …it certainly appears to go off the rails mid-article.


    • You’re gonna be hearing a lot more about COVID. The younger folks (and quite a few of the older ones, as well) are fed up with ‘Social Distancing’.

      It’s unsustainable, full stop. Humans are social critters. They don’t mind (too much) about playing that game for a few months, but much longer, no way.

      And what will be the response when the ICU beds are full? Another shutdown. That’s a recipe for revolt, right there. Foreclosures will avalanche, bankruptcies, as well.

      On the upside, when the real estate market craters and nearly-new cars start stacking up on credit union parking lots, there are gonna be some screaming deals to be had for those with cash…

      • As long as the death rate continues to drop, we’re good. The recent spike in cases is due to more young people catching it as well as more testing. This is what should have been happening all along. You manage the risk, just like everything else in life. If you’re young, without underlying conditions, there is no need to hole up in your house for months. You should continue to work and live your life responsibly. We should have done this from the beginning and avoided adding trillions of debt.

      • The numbers are not reported properly. They’ve gone from 20,000 tests to 500,000+ tests in several places, of course there will be more cases. Pretending like they were never there is foolish. Maybe this virus runs its course and maybe it doesn’t. If it becomes an annual/seasonal thing, then it’s just going to have to be accepted for what it is, because you can’t keep shutting things down. Personally, if they actually come up with a vaccine in a year or so, I think that will be almost miraculous. People that think you can just shit out a vaccine in a few months are ignorant beyond belief. I’m impressed with the effort that has been made.

        • That is what they said March. Most people get tested when show symptoms. They are not grabbing people off the street and randomly testing them. Where I live they have had several “come on in” events and only uncovered a couple of cases. We have had over 400 cases in a community of 130k 8n June. All but the anove mentioned cases were tested because of symptoms.

          The declining, death rate, if it is still declining is a function of a weakened virus as much as the age of the infected. Hospitalizations rates are down and they are more or less independent of age.

        • And the extra complication of where someone with COVID19 can be infectious but asymptomatic for 2-3 weeks. It is this lead time that is causing the headaches with this epidemic.

        • tdi:

          The death rate continues to drop even as an observation of raw data and ignoring all epidemiological evidence that suggests that this is far more widespread (and has been for a long time) than the raw numbers suggest.

          A peak-to-peak analysis of CoV-2 official infection and death rates, which I actually bothered to scratch out since apparently no one else has, shows that we’re getting waves of infections and of death and that each wave is getting weaker for deaths and stronger for positive tests.

          Going back to May 6 we have nine death spikes and 10 “infection spikes” (quotes for lack of a better term). The average time for the two separate cycles (infection and death) is seven days for infection and 7.12 for death. This lines up reasonably well with CDC data on the median time from onset of symptoms to death (for cases where death is the outcome) which is 4-5 days. That’s interesting since the cycle-to-cycle (peak of testing spike to peak of death spike) averages out to 4.77 days.

          For raw numbers nationwide infections are up 173% over the assigned time period, however raw deaths are down 75.2%. There was one raw spike in deaths from the peaks on June 16 and June 23, it was +3.7% or +27 deaths nationwide on that day. Averaging things per cycle each cycle of “infection spike” goes up by 7.73% per cycle on average while the daily raw deaths drops an average of 15.5% per cycle.

          When we calculate the raw case fatality rate we find that it’s dropped 81.7% with an average change of -0.84/cycle.

          This analysis lines up reasonably with with serological and epidemiological studies on the topic. Most point to an overall death rate of <0.4%, usually significantly less than that, many as low as 0.1% for the overall population. The average of those studies currently suggests a real fatality rate of about 0.22% with the median at 0.23% (last I checked which hasn't been for a few days).

          Keep in mind that I peak-to-peaked this so this is, quite literally, this data represents the absolute worst statistical outcomes AND keep in mind that these are the official numbers that I’m working with. Yet, strongmanning it as much as I can I can’t make anything happen other than more cases, less and less death. By A LOT in both cases. Raw deaths for the most recent cycle are -12.5% and the death rate dropped another 0.9%.

          There are a bunch of potential explanations here. Young people getting it and not dying along with more and better testing are common theories. Personally I’d suggest it’s a combination of those things. What I will point out categorically however is this: There is no way I can analyse the data sets on this and come up with support for the current MSM/government pushed talking points on this topic. There simply is no overall data to support the current prevailing opinion among the “powers that be”. None.. Where you see that kind of thing it’s entirely anecdotal and ignores the larger data set.

        • False, there is only anecdotal evidence that it has been wide spread for a long time. The Stanford epidemiologist whose name I can neither spell or pronounce came up with the widespread theory in early March. He tested it in Santa Clara County. His initial results were reported as promising and then information disappeared. His next appearance as reported on Powerline was disappointing. He found less 5% of the population had been infected. He then switched to SJW mode. Every population test of the widespread has failed.

        • “False, there is only anecdotal evidence that it has been wide spread for a long time.”

          LOL, OK dude. Whatever helps you sleep at might.

    • O2,

      Thought the same. Realized AP switched topics because they did not want to report about black-on-black violence, AND they have been ordered to fan the flames of fear of Covid, and push hard on the levers of economic collapse.

  4. Stupid things in stupid places with stupid people at stupid hours.

    This incident covers all the avoids.

  5. I call BS on the whole thing

    We all know that people don’t get shot unless it’s a cop shooting black people. Since the cops are said to have arrived AFTER the fact, then I can only think that NO ONE was shot.

    This article throws in something about Covid19 as if that means anything to any of this. If I’m to believe that two people are dead via gun shot then they did NOT die of Covid19 and therefore the virus has nothing to do with anything.

    If politicians have mandated that everyone stay home, wear face masks, and that no one is allowed to own, buy, or posses firearms then no one was shot (especially since there were no cops there till after someone was shot).

    This article is from the AP which already makes it suspect from the get go.

    This article reads like a story I might get it from my local news station (likely for being from the AP), CNN, FOX, etc. As such it is part of the reason why people have started tuning out the thing we commonly refer to as ‘news’. Thing and places that are actually more propaganda than anything else.

    • Getting your “news” off the internet isn’t any better. It might even be worse. The primary reason why re-opening has failed is too many Millennials heard on the internet that Covid is a hoax and/or only those icky old peoe get sick from it. Currently, 60% of hospitalizations are Millennials. If you get hospitalized, a 20 something probably isn’t going to die but there is a good chance that they will move into pre-existing condition category as they get pulmonary or cardiovascular damage.

      • From reports of people who’ve had the disease, COVID19 is not just a flu. It is flu combined with malaria, pneumonia, and emphysema. And some have had the bug several times.

        • There is no evidence of reinfection yet. What is likely is that they had a relapse.

        • “It is flu combined with malaria, pneumonia, and emphysema”

          I cannot wait until the airborne cancer and T1 diabetes theories go viral. Christ on a cracker that’s gonna be a hoot.

          Seriously though, if the majority of people can’t unfuck themselves on basic science and math, rather sharpish, say hello to another round of lockdowns that are way, way harder than before.

      • “If you get hospitalized, a 20 something probably isn’t going to die but there is a good chance that they will move into pre-existing condition category as they get pulmonary or cardiovascular damage.”

        Don’t worry, President Donald Trump has promised to protect those with pre-existing conditions, so you’ll never lose your insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

        Unless the Trump administration petitions the Supreme Court to abolish Obamacare with its protection of pre-existing conditions.

        That will never happen, right?

  6. Think of it as evolution in action. Someone is just culling the gene pool and purging the voter registration rolls of useless idiots. No doubt the shooter or shooters will also be culled and purged in the not so distant future.

    Photos of Trap Rapper Foogio suggests that the clientale at the Lavish Lounge conform to a certain stereotype.

    • Those “useless idiots” will continue to vote long after their final interment…according to Progressive Democrats that’s a feature not a bug.

  7. Lavish Lounge…..2am….rapper “show”

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  8. This wouldn’t be much of a story in Chiraq…yesterday a SEVEN year old girl died. The 5th or 6th dead child of late. Black children don’t matter in Chicago. Only Beetljuice and the aldercritters…

    • No one of any value was injured, so who cares? Now, if a cop hurt someone, wow, that would surely be big shit!

      • Same with that white jaguar that plowed through a line of “black femme” protesters on a “closed” seattle highway. There are articles on it, that you have to actually search for specifically, but could you imagine if that driver had been white? The headlines are currently along the lines of: “Seattle driver accused of hitting protesters heads to court”. Never once was his race mentioned in the headlines, never once was it mentioned he killed a white person and critically injured another. They won’t even show his face and it took them 5 days to give a name. If that driver had been white we already know the headlines would be 100% race baited, the riots and looting, the doxing of anyone who knew or was related to them, would have taken less than a day. Ridiculous.

  9. With people practicing social distancing. And being a club with loud music. Maybe he just fired off a shot so he could AX a question.

  10. Another rapper, another thug or wannabe thug. I say thug here since Facebook calls it a racist word and deletes such posts. Censorship exists and shutting down of free speech is becoming more extreme. We as law-abiding gunowners are the enemy and are portrayed as such while rappers carrying guns illegally are portrayed as “artists”. It is a sad state of affairs.

    • What? FB censoring the word ‘thug’ because they think its racist?

      Immediately correlating blacks to the word ‘thug’ is racist… like straight up the definition racist.
      These people are white supremacists with inordinate an amount of guilt and self pity.

      • A place for stupid people who think there is no other way to connect with people they never really talk to anyways, and oddly enough, a place that people come here from and take advantage of the free anonymous commenting. I mean, they troll facebook anyways, so this place is a cake walk for rednecks like Ron and tdiinva.

    • Delete that abomination “Farcebook”
      Facebook enables companies to track your movements online. …
      Your private messages aren’t really private. …
      Social media encourages over-sharing, and it’s easy to post things you shouldn’t. …
      Posts that won’t stick around forever are often better. …
      Data aggregation can have negative effects.

  11. My God I’m so glad Foogiano and his crew are safe. I was worried to death. This is such a tragedy.

  12. I keep waiting for some of these protesters to hold up signs that say:
    “Black Babies Lives Matter”

    • Or “stop killing each other over gang and drug related stuff”.

      I’ll stand behind it when I see:
      “Let’s fix our communities together and stop making it about race”

      Until then, everyone can fuck off.

  13. Don’t give two shits aside from the fact that these sacks of crap give gun grabbers more reasons to whine and cry.
    I don’t give 2 shits about ‘black lives’, or ‘latino lives’ or ‘asian lives’ or ‘white lives’.
    I live by the GySgt Hartman school of ideology: you are equally worthless. And Miner’s life is even more worthless.
    But more proof that BLM is not about black lives in the least.
    If people donate to BLM, it goes straight to Act Blue, a political money machine for the DNC.

    • “And Miner’s life is even more worthless.”

      Heidi, thank you so much!
      To be judge worthless but one such as you is indeed high praise, I appreciate the kind words.

      • I’m glad you recognize that you are even more worthless than a person on death row.
        However, you should think long and hard on why.
        Because if we get the far left political ‘utopia’ you crave, you will be lined up on that wall just like those of us you hate.
        You will have no seat at the table.. you will not be chosen to be one of the elite.
        And apparently your buddy M A is looking to replace you as his rectal jester.

  14. I don’t see the big deal here. There was a worse mass shooting in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood yesterday too. Another kid 10 or under died.

  15. These are not the demographics you are looking for.

    These are not the demographics we are looking for.
    …move along

    • I don’t give two hoots in Mos Eisley what George has to say on the matter. Not only did Han shoot first, but it was a righteous shoot!

      Greedo should have learned from Tuco.

      “When you have to shoot…Shoot! Don’t talk”

    • “Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native persons have a rate approximately 5 times that of non-Hispanic white persons,
      non-Hispanic black persons have a rate approximately 5 times that of non-Hispanic white persons,
      Hispanic or Latino persons have a rate approximately 4 times that of non-Hispanic white persons.“

      Just the predictable result of 250 years of slavery for the black folks, and 400 years of prejudice and imperialism by white Europeans.

      White Europeans had a 250 year Headstart on the accumulation of wealth and property compared to their black brothers and sisters, it’s hard to beat that kind of advantage when it comes to healthcare and outcomes.

      • Contrary to your liberal dogma, what I have does not limit what you can have, in any way. Michael Dell went from poverty to more billions than he can keep up with without costing you or me a nickel. Charles Payne grew up with a single mom in Harlem, now worth hundreds of millions *without* any inventions or social media or rap star bullshit, simply by believing in himself and the USA, setting his sights on a future and WORKING for it. Continuing to pound on the lie that “you have no chance, whitey will hold you down, just drop out of school and vote Democrat, we’ll take care of you!” is an absolutely despicable *LIE*, and you know it, making *YOU* absolutely despicable. It is only difficult to beat that kind of “advantage” if you do not ever try.

      • More stupidity from Miner. It never ends.

        Your ideological home, the Soviet Union, has everyone but their party elite equally poor.
        I’m sure you would love to standing in line to hopefully get a loaf of bread on your ration day.

  16. Lavish Lounge sounds like the kind of strip club you’d never want to go near.

    I’m not saying it’s a titty bar but it sure sounds like one, and not a high class one either.

    • It’s across the street from a Waffle House in SC. It is 100% what you say it is. Questions & Answers on Google confirm. S9 wins the “big brain” as usual 😉

        • I moved to MT and got some chicken and waffles from DQ… it was terrible. No waffle house here. Was always funny in VA though, I was the only white dude there the few times I went. Nothing out of the ordinary for me at the time, but I never had a bad meal there either. I love the diner style.

  17. “Lewis said at the press conference that he didn’t know whether the club had sought an exemption to the governor’s order or secured a permit for Saturday night’s event, but said it was clear that the club’s patrons weren’t 6 feet (2 meters) apart”

    Because that’s what’s important here…..Good grief….

    • When you consider that a possible Covid super spreader in the bar could easily end up with a death toll higher than the shooting incident, the social distancing restrictions seem a bit more important.

      • And it’s possible that an entirely new pandemic was started right there, which will end the human race by this time next year. So what? Do you have a point?

      • You don’t have to worry about COVID. You stay in mommy’s basement and the microwave kills any possible contamination on the food your mommy makes for you.
        And the plastic on the juice box straw protects it.

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