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Alyssa Milano jumped on the Hollywood gun control bandwagon a few years ago, starting an abortive, failed campaign she imaginatively called NoRA. We documented her presentation of the NoRA manifesto outside the 2018 NRA convention.

She’d pretty much dropped off the “gun safety” radar in the last year or so aside from the occasional tweet. But then she took heavy fire after exposing herself as an utter hypocrite when it comes to the #metoo movement. She was widely ridiculed for her obvious partisan double standard where sexual harassment allegations are concerned.

That kind of public humiliation called for an immediate change of direction to distract the dozens of internet denizens who pay any attention to what she has to say. So with that in mind, Milano has miraculously discovered that…hold onto your hats….Americans seem to be buying a lot of guns these days (many of them for the first time).

This, of course, cannot stand, hence her video imploring all of the stupid rubes out there to #StopTheCoronavirusGunSurge. 

So I’m making this video because I’m seeing reports all over the country of Americans responding to the coronavirus outbreak by buying up guns and ammunition and I know that we’re all scared and stressed out during these really uncertain times.

But that is exactly why stockpiling weapons, you know, could have dire consequences for our own personal safety and those around us.

You know the weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in households, schools, churches, bars, and on our streets in the future. So we all have to look out for each other.

So please, please, please, share this video to help stop the coronavirus gun surge. You know, we can’t lose any more lives to guns during this pandemic or after it’s over.

– Alyssa Milano

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    • Funny how I always completely forget about Alyssa Milano until I see her on the newswire again. I never, ever remember her on my own without being prompted.

    • I have no idea who she is and what great accomplishments she boasts. Since I never even heard of her until a couple of days ago her opinions hold no water for me. I was told that she “starred” in a TV show, never heard of it either.Why should I listen to her, because she has reached some level of celebrity for some audience means NOTHING.

    • She does seem like a space cake doesn’t she. How come stupid actors and actresses get ton tell us how to live when they have have the biggest drug problems of all?

  1. Sorry, Ass-Licka.

    America has voted again for personal protection and self determination WITH THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS – OUR COLLECTIVE WALLETS!

    • Thanks for the information. I don’t know this. But I’m not surprised she has guns. It still surprises me hypocrite pigs like her support gun control.
      But she’s not publicly boasting about owning guns either.

      • Dems and liberals fear black folk, so they make it a point for poor folk and blacks (almost synonymous terms) to be disarmed. But, the rules for poor folk have never applied to the wealthy. Always remember Senator Ted, getting away with drowning an inconvenient pregnant girlfreind.

    • Spoken like a true Democrat: “What’s good for me is good for me and what’s good for you is not allowed.”

  2. Well the gubmint doesn’t allow self defense in schools, but I do use my guns in households, churches, bars and in the streets for self defense, so she has a point. I guess. Sort of.

    Also, don’t forget to stock up on ammo while you’re at it.

    • School carry to protect my wife and children and bar carry to protect my skilled trade crew or on a poker run, means that I have to have at least on of my 5.7x28mm on me. That way a thug in soft body armor, who is illegally demanding to deprive me of my rights under color of law, takes away that thugs advantage when I use the 2nd Amendment to say “no” to tyranny by law.

      I am not an savage urban minority, and that is who gun free zones are for. Both parties punished and lowered White culture to be equal.

      • Interesting that TTAG would allow a white supremacist’s comment to remain without any push back. And don’t lecture me about free speech, this is a privately held website.

        • the public ones are censored. you’d be okay with the private ones too? never mind, dumb question.

  3. People standing in the rain for hours to get tooled up would disagree with this twit. When the hungry, unemployed, sick Wuhan flu zombies are storming her compound she can tweet about the fear she feels.

  4. “You know, we can’t lose any more lives to guns during this pandemic or after it’s over.”
    Anyone who uses “You know…” in every sentence is suspect re: expressing an idea in an articulate manner. Likewise, does she believe responsible gun owners are planning to terminate the COVID-19 virus with a firearm or are they preparing for situations where protection for family, friends & self is required should SHTF?

  5. I picked up a pistol from my Transfer FFL April 3rd. Have 2 more on order.
    Still none of my guns have killed as many as Ted Kennedy’s car…or an abortion.
    If you own guns be safe and responsible with them… like 99.9%+ are.

  6. Hold on folks, Alyssa Milano has been nude in a variety of her movies and some TV shows. So that makes it alright to score her some points and just press the mute button on her little teeny weeny political public service announcements.

    • She wasn’t a good enough actress to land the big roles, so she took off her clothes so she would stay relevant after her childhood sitcom was over.

      • Don’t recall one way or another. I award points to actresses based upon both talent and the willingness to share a lovely view.

        Adequate points and I happily hit the mental “MUTE” and “NOISES OFF” buttons when they venture into politicking.

        • She was Ahhhhnold’s daughter in Commando, other than that she is irrelevent.
          2 gun household eh, soooo, if you have yours…. aww f*vk it not worth the effort since I already tweeted to her during Kavanaughs roasting to continue to remain irrelevent.

        • If it wasn’t for Arnold’s guns with their unlimited round magazines, she never would have been rescued. How quick they forget.

  7. Sorry to break it to you Alyssa but you “can’t buy them up;” there will be more.
    Flawed thinking leads too flawed conclusions.

  8. Of course she’s a hypocrite because they’re all hypocrites. Believe all women when it’s politically convenient. If it’s a democrat being accused…well uh….we should have due process. And the mindless leftists zombies just follow along like this is normal.

    Chant with me now:
    “Believe all women”*
    “No one is above the law”*

    *Unless this negatively impacts a democrat.

    • The Trump Deagle, eh? In what other ways do you let the world know you have a tiny pecker?

      • Attacking someone for an innate characteristic. That’s very typical from the loving, accepting left. It also happens to be sexist. Again, typical from the party of hypocrisy.

  9. Has just proven herself a worthless airhead and why does anyone even give a zhit what she says.

  10. Who besides the Hollyweird types and Old Joe Biden has been scared and stressed out during these really uncertain times”?

  11. Last year, she admitted during an interview that she has two guns in her home for self defense. Whether that’s true or not, who knows. She is an actress after all.

    The actor James Woods response to her was great. Something about buying more ammo.

    • So, she owns guns and has “acted” while naked.

      Okay, hypocrisy is bad but points for a fine set of knockers.

      See? There often a silver lining if you just look for it.

      Or, in her case …

  12. Dear Leftist Airhead Morons,
    Please take this Leftist Airhead Bimbo’s advice to heart, and be sure to post “Gun-Free Zone” signage prominently in front of your dwelling place so the Thugs your demented political leaders are letting out of prison will know who to home invade, brutalize and rob safely. Thanks for your service to the rest of us!
    American Gun Owner

  13. I’m happy to say I contributed to the firearm purchase statistics, we replaced my wife’s Glock 43 with an M&P 380 EZ (an excellent hand gun) and somehow a Mossberg 500 Tactical followed me home one day – it looked lonely so I gave it a nice home.

      • In the end, I did not downgrade her, SHE decided she didn’t want to keep her Glock 43 (which she had for 3 years) she was not comfortable with the lack of safety and as a result carried with a round chambered. SHE liked the EZ 380 and SHE decided that was the move SHE wanted to make.

        If you’re going to talk poorly about 380 I’ll ask you one question, would you be willing to stand 10 yards from a 380 and take a round or tow in the chest?

        I thought not.

        • Nope, not gonna take the bait. Caliber arguments are always never-ending and unproductive. It’s just unusual to hear someone go from 9mm down to .380, when a switch is typically the other way around. If your Missus feels she can more effectively manage the smaller caliber to defend herself, then great, that’s what’s important, and I hope she never finds herself in a situation where she’s forced to use it.

          No need to get yourself all in a twist just because someone jokingly questioned the unusual caliber change.

        • ‘The BGM-71 TOW (“Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided”) is an American anti-tank missile.’

          Might be an inconvenience! 😉

      • I actually started with a 9mm myself (Ruger LC9s pro), but ended up selling it and picking up a lighter skinnier S&W .380 bodyguard. The 9mm was not fun to shoot in its size, and I didn’t like the controls. Of course soon after I ended up getting a HK P30L 9mm for home defense. My wife loves her 380EZ though, would like to try the 9mm EZ at some point to see how different they shoot, she likes the Bereta 92 (my second favorite next to my HK) but her hand is too small for it. She keeps the 380EZ in the night stand for home defense and carrys a Sig P238.

          • From what I’ve experienced the P238 is the most pleasurable small .380 to shoot and the Glock 42 isn’t far behind (although I’m not a Glock fan personally).

  14. Yeah I liked her in Commando(the most gleefully violent righteous gun-filled movie ever😏). And she was cute in that PoisonIvy thing. As mentioned she has a couple gats ya’ know? But being a Hollyweird twit…

  15. So where are all the “gun safety” organizations urging first time gun buyers to get training?

    If ever there was a time to encourage the population of non-gun-owners, or “inherited gun in the closet” owners, to get training, NOW is IT!

    You never know when you might need to use a fire extinguisher, tourniquet, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I certainly would prefer to finish my life without ever needing to know how to do these things. Nevertheless, fate might cross my path. It behooves me to get a little training in such things so that I might be prepared.

    In America, EVERYONE has a non-negligible probability of encountering a gun, no matter their determination to avoid such an incident. A child might find a gun discarded in the street by a fleeing criminal. A triage nurse might find a gun in the pocket of a CWP patient who is unconscious. Civil disorder might occur.

    In such scenarios there is no time to seek training. So, why are “gun safety” organizations refraining from advocating gun safety training?

    • Mark, what you said makes too much sense. Mindless ideologues don’t possess critical thinking skills.

    • Mark,

      For family I have BVM’s available…much less tiring / messy than mouth-to-mouth…anyone else gets compressions only…especially in these COVID days.

      You are spot on in asking why are the, supposedly, gun safety orgs silent when so many new owners are in need of safety information / instruction.

      You never forget your 91B training (or civilian Paramedic)…you may get rusty on the cardiac protocols…but, never on the BLS / PHTLS / ATLS (audited) fundamentals.

    • “You never know when you might need to use a fire extinguisher, tourniquet, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I certainly would prefer to finish my life without ever needing to know how to do these things. Nevertheless, fate might cross my path. It behooves me to get a little training in such things so that I might be prepared.”

      Well said. I might have to borrow that for future conversations.

    • TTAG among other sites has been running many articles on the 4 Rules (and 10 rules) and recommending training whenever possible.
      It is highly unlikely that main stream media is publishing any information about the rational recommendations coming from those crazy gun nut sites.

  16. I don’t take advice from Hollywood skanks, especially ones who murdered a couple of children of theirs.

    • I could dispute my moral objections understand a woman having a abortion when they are young like she did but she literally had 2 in a calendar year.

  17. Funny how one person who doesn’t agree with 2 million new gun owners is right all by herself and the 2 million people are wrong…😅🤣😂😅🤣😅🤣😂🤣🤣

  18. Just another person who’s trying to hit the snooze button on their 15 minutes that we shouldn’t pay attention to.

    She’s also the type of person who thinks we should believe all women unless they happen to be accusing the current Democratic Presidential Candidate (I don’t really believe the accuser at face value, the timing is really convenient for the amount of people that haven’t really accused Biden but hey the rules are the rules and she does at least sound like she has some stuff documented. Hell at this point he probably doesn’t even remember it anyways.)

  19. Well, entertainers can piss off. Just because someone can act, sing, throw a football, et cetera well enough to make money at it doesn’t make them an authority on anything except for that.

    • Exactly. I’ve never understood why people think the famous are smart. Shit, look at my avatar, I’ll argue with anyone why The Grateful Dead are so awesome, and why Jerry Garcia was a musical genius. But would I take any advice from anything they said other than musical stuff? Nope.

  20. I will never be able to rely on her to stop a break in. She is not capable of removing the threat that an armed person breaking into my home poses.

    Why would any rational person think otherwise?

  21. She thinks my home is hers to as evidence by her calling it ‘our’. Does that mean her home is also my home and I can not only enter whenever I want but make the rules there?

  22. This is the same woman who is #BelieveAllWomenUnlessTheyAreAccusingJoeBidenInWhichCaseWe

  23. Who the fuck is Alyssa Milano and why should I care?

    Seems like at least 3/4ths of these people are from a NOFX song.

  24. If Alyssa wants my attention, she needs to lower that zipper about a foot lower. No she’s older now. Make that two feet lower.

  25. As I recall alyssa showed up at some gun event with armed security. All she really needs for security is a hat that says, “Don’t Slap Poop Splatters.”

  26. UH, Alyssa…who??? Not in my world. But, I do appreciate her reminder video. So, I’m on the road to the gun shop to buy another gun. Thanks, whoever you are, for reminding me.

  27. Alyssa, I promise not to buy any guns, only because I have most of what I wanted already. I will of course buy ammo as long as the price is low enough. Other than that, you can get bent and go to your palatial estate and hide from the scary virus with your two guns.

  28. Red State reprints her tweet from a debate with Red Cruz: “We are a two gun household. This isn’t new news. I believe in the 2nd Amendment.”

    So she speaks as one who has their own self defense squared away .

  29. “Bringing dangerous firearms into our homes,” can’t you all do just like me, ask your armed bodyguards to wait outside? It’s not that hard people. What a libtard. Should I also wait to buy kitchen knives and power tools?

  30. She looks good naked. I’d totally hit that. That’s all she’s good for (maybe she cooks well too). She needs to do some hardcore porn.

  31. Sorry, Alyssa, I already picked up a rifle today.

    Tell you what, though – I’ll return the Cosmoline!

  32. I hadn’t planned on buying another gun right now, but now that I know it’ll give Alysa Milano Tw*t Tremors, I’ll buy one or two. 😂😂😂😂

  33. How high are the walls she lives behind? How much security does she have? She’s exercising her 1st amendment rights, DON’T tread on my 2nd amendment rights!
    🖕her and her libtard idiots!

  34. Picking up my new revolver tomorrow, I already have 1100 rounds for it. I will head to the woods Sunday to try it out on my range. Just for Alysa I will pick up more ammo !

  35. Alyssa Milano is a typical hollywood liberal hypocrite… she started the #MeToo movement yet refuses to denounce Joe Biden and his accusers… on guns she has absolutely less of a clue..the only people who listen to her bullshit are other liberal/progressives.

  36. Ya know, after watching her entire career. About ten years ago, I noticed that she was having some personal issues judging by her appearance demeanor, etc. Then just before the anti gun thing and the me too movement, she came out publically about having several abortions with a couple of big wigs in Hollywood and her support of abortion, etc. That explained everything to me. I worked as a mental health tech for many years in state government, (which was a great asset in LE and Corrections later on) and every woman that I had to work with that had abortions and hadn’t dealt with it in some healthy way, were always depressed or acting out in some manner. It appears that she’s dealing with her mental state by not only justifying it, supporting it, but attacking people who stand in opposition to her way of life or lack there of. I feel sad for her, because she is eventually going to seripuly self destruct, if she doesn’t get divine help in some way. Ive seen her type many times before and going “militant” like she has will most likely lead to a tragic ending. Never be a proponent of evil or a voluntary puppet.

  37. “But that is exactly why stockpiling weapons, you know, could have dire consequences for our own personal safety and those around us.

    You know the weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in households, schools, churches, bars, and on our streets in the future. So we all have to look out for each other.”

    “You know” she’s not wrong.

    Stockpile weapons now or it could have dire consequences for you and your family. You could end up needing them in your household, a school, a church, a bar, or just walking down the street. We have to look out for each other.

    • Exactly, her mind is completely twisted and is unconsciously speaking from a blank space, bridled with ambition.
      A puppet for spiritual darkness.

  38. Why does all these Elitist’s want to save the world when they don’t even acknowledge we exist. Walk up to her on the street and see what happens, you’ll most likely be arrested as a stalker. Also I just love the way they want me to protect myself and my family whilst they have numerous body guards just because hey are in the spot light and they pay for their own guards. Well listen up , send me a Million Melissa and I’ll hire my wife to protect us. Just gets me the way they carry on and stand on the pedestal made of glass. I used to like a few of these prima-donnas but this double standard bullshit needs to stop. The 2nd Amendment was created for people just like her.

  39. “You know the weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in households, schools, churches, bars, and on our streets in the future.”

    You know, where me might need to use them. Don’t forget stores, fairs, restaurants, parks, fuel stations, concerts, offices, beaches, parking lots, even on boats! Keep listing!

    • You ever notice it’s always “Could be, someday, might happen” with these folks? One really common one I hear is “a good guy with a gun is a good guy until he decides to (insert violent crime here)”

      These folks know they can only twist the facts so far, and have to resort to straight out fearmongering about what might happen. Which is, as any rational person could tell you, a pizz-poor way to live life.

      • Like that Dr who said something like “Everyone has a chance to get angry.”, implying that, if armed, murder is the go-to solution.

        Or the stated logic behind waiting periods calling them “cooling off” time in case our intent is to murder our spouse.

  40. Given the fact that she did a stint in a psych ward, then maybe a red flag situation ought to be reported to the authorities to protect her and her family.

    She’s admitted to being a gun owner. Odd.

  41. If she would unzip her top just a little more, I might listen…. I’m sure I wouldn’t agree, but I can pretend for a while 😉

  42. I am a daily TTAG reader for years, and never comment. However, this video, THIS, is exactly what they don’t understand about true core human nature.

    When humans get scared they will defend themselves.
    Not evil or criminal as she implies, just ready to end what is threatening them.

    Poor Alyssa, not judging her by any means, but man her reaction is hilarious. Like a kid who just found out Santa isn’t real.

    Welcome to the Universe, Alyssa.

  43. Hello to all
    In this difficult span, I disposition you all
    Appreciate your strain and friends

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