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The Illinois State Police have posted the following notice on their Facebook page:


Springfield, IL – The Illinois State Police filed emergency rules this week to address renewals of Firearm Owner Identification and Concealed Carry Licenses during the COVID-19 epidemic.

These rules are designed to provide FOID card holders and CCL relief from the renewal requirements during the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

These rule changes are as follows:

• FOID card holders, who submit their renewal application will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following the termination of the disaster, even if their renewal application is/was not submitted prior to expiration.

• CCL licensees, who submit their renewal application, will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following its termination, even if their CCL renewal application was not submitted prior to expiration.

• CCL licensees will not be required to immediately submit proof of three-hour training with their CCL renewal application.

• CCL licensees will need to submit proof of their three-hour renewal training within 12 months following the termination of the state’s disaster proclamation in order to maintain the validity of their CCL license.

ISP will continue to enforce both FOID and CCL prohibitors. FOID card holders who receive revocation notices shall return their FOID and Firearm Disposition Record form to the Illinois State Police. CCL holders who receive revocation notices shall return their CCL license to the Illinois State Police.

These new rules are effective immediately.

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  1. Whoopee😃So I can wait a bit while ILL gives me “permission”. Like delaying my auto registration a month-after increasing it by $49! I hate ILL inoyed…

    • If you have USAA they just said they will be “refunding” 20% of your policy. Just got an email today. As far as a “bank” goes, definitely the best I’ve ever had to deal with. Plus my money gets there early so I’m broke before the normal people get paid.

    • Don’t put any trust in this system in Illinois, Prickster is an asshole! Don’t wait, send the papers and money in, he is about to blow the shit out of the gun laws in Illinois. Prices and taxes are going to skyrocket like the license plates. Check your plate fee’s, skyrocketed. Vote this Prickster out of office!

  2. You know, I’ve never seen the paragraph in the Constitution about having to have a foid card,
    So if it’s not in there, shouldn’t it be illegal in itself??? Just asking for a friend.🖕🏿

    • Well you know, the Constitution doesn’t mention anything about electrical utility service to your home.

      But in most jurisdictions in the US, if your electricity is cut off the government will condemn your home as unfit for human habitation and put you out on the street.

      So much for the free market, it’s just government in forced crony capitalism.

  3. Pretty amazing, that the last state to approve CC in this country, and a state that a Federal Lawsuit filed against some cities for their gun laws, is now so logical, compared to other states; that used to be thought of as firearm owner friendly.

    • Because many liberals relocate, and they LOVE to screw things up in other states. Florida is a perfect example, it will eventually become another failure of a blue state. The selfish and retarded liberals who move to the Sunshine State cannot wait for income taxes, a cost of living that keeps going up, more people, more crime, more everything that sucks, and more “gun control” obviously because that’s how they successfully (sarc) solved their problems in Baltimore, Chicago, NJ, Philly…

      • Chicago’s firearm laws are virtually nothing today, compared to what they used to be. You couldn’t even own a firearm in your own home, legally; you can now. You can even conceal carry in Chicago, which initially was not allowed . . .

        • there was a handgun registry for a while, but there was never a restriction on long guns.

        • Yeah, but in ChIraq, thugs can carry and fire at will without filling out forms, waiting 72 hours to pickup their purchased guns or pass any bacground checks.

        • When my range closed down I googled Firearm ranges in Chicago Ares. It came back and just said Humboldt Park.

      • Nope, no real socialism in the Nazi Empire.
        Hitler hated true socialism and communism, you might want to research operation Barbarosa.

        Just look at the billions in profits by the wealthy industrialists in wartime Germany, you’re still buying their products today.

        Bosch, Siemens, Bayer Agri-science, the list goes on. And producing poison gas for the concentration camps is not a problem, just ask BASF how their profits are today.

        No, just another example of crony capitalism that transcends national interests or peoples rights, all for the profit of a few wealthy individuals and corporations.

        • Muh’ not “real” socialism… Let’s ignore the socialized medicine, the massive welfare state, the party control of most industries…

        • Welcome to the modern lie about socialism. It ends up, according to insane amorale socialists, there’s never been a “true” socialism ever…
          See, so that’s why socialism is great. And it only needs to be tried. Those 40+ failed States, they weren’t “true” socialism.

        • I always chuckle at the idiots who don’t think any of the forms utilized by hitler were not leftist socialist crap. You understand the history of socialism so little. Stop acting like it works.

  4. The entire state government of Illinois, deserves to be violently and ruthlessly removed from power. The entire lot of them, are traitorous pieces of sh*t.

  5. Many rank and file and retired and former police were quick to knee-jerk themselves into falling for gun restrictions and bans until they found out it included them. The inclusion problem helped to changed the course of gun control.
    On the other hand police who do not respect and support the Rights of all citizens should not be allowed to be cops. When they poly applicants there should be a Rights Question to pass.

  6. The real question about all of this is as follows: Federal and state and local governments tax us, sometimes twice on single items and interactions, yet they can’t muster enough money or supplies to keep us safe? Are we going to continue to accept the status quo? Are we going to listen to the establishment? I don’t think so…

  7. With a FOID CARD you have been effectively REGISTERED to the government. Illinois is only reciprocal to 5 other States because those 5 States give YOUR information to the federal authorities. I left that sh!thole of corruption and taxation without representation 6 years ago, will never go back. Impossible to remove a DEMOCRAT from office because the fix is in. BTW, ILLINOIS canceled my CCW when I left the State because my new State won’t release gun information on lawful gun owners. Get out while you still have bus fare.

    • To need a permission slip to bear arms is unconstitutional in any State. As it was as it ever will be, Our Constitutional Rights are not Rights at all.

  8. NOT COOL.

    You can bet the Illinois State Police will take the bulk of this time to process FOID cards and CCW renewals.

    The Illinois State Rifle Association put out an “EMERGENCY ALERT” today. They gleefully reported the emergency rulemaking.

    The llinois State Rifle Association appreciates the efforts of the Illinois State Police (ISP) in providing relief to law abiding FOID card holders and Illinois Concealed Carry License (ICCL) holders during, and 12 months after, the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. Under this order, FOID Card Holders and ICCL holders will be able to purchase firearms and ammunition while they are listed as “under review” by the ISP even though they have passed the expiration date.

    The Illinois State Rifle Association looks forward to working with the ISP and the Illinois General Assembly to find long term solutions to these and other issues.

    In the meantime, Illinois residents can’t buy a gun or ammo from a dealer in Illinois with a FOID card that’s expired on its face. And Land of Lincoln residents can’t carry in other states with an IL CCW license that shows expired.

    This is not a win for Illinois gun owners.

    • The interstate CCL issue is a real problem here, and it is one that doesn’t have an obvious solution.

      The guns&ammo buying from an FFL is not likely an issue: the ISP’s rule-making reportedly says the card that is facially expired is not. I would expect some clone of the ISP’s face-to-face portal to be available for FFL’s to check FOID validity. If that’s in place, I expect we would sell to facially expired / actually valid FOID card holders. Without a FOID card validity check? Maybe not.

      This is a win for Illinois gun owners and especially want-to-be gun owners. The FOID act has a 30 day limit for issuance of new FOID cards. With the current log-jam of FOID and CCL renewals, the department was probably not meeting that 30 day requirement.

      By kicking the FOID / CCL renewal can down the road, the ISP has freed up resources to process the flood of FOID applications they have pending – one hopes within the 30 day statutory deadline.

      Assuming there are solutions to the issues above, this is a win for Illinois gun owners and want-to-be gun owners. There were many “how do I buy a gun” requests that came into our website during the last month, and the response always started with: “if you don’t have a FOID card, you can’t; here’s how to apply.”

      It’s a win for the Illinois gun community to broaden our reach with new FOID card holders. I’m in no way endorsing the FOID card as a permission slip, but rather dealing with the real world in which we have to operate.

      This isn’t a home run, but it’s at least a single.

      • This is a win for Illinois gun owners and especially want-to-be gun owners. The FOID act has a 30 day limit for issuance of new FOID cards. With the current log-jam of FOID and CCL renewals, the department was probably not meeting that 30 day requirement.

        By kicking the FOID / CCL renewal can down the road, the ISP has freed up resources to process the flood of FOID applications they have pending – one hopes within the 30 day statutory deadline.

        That is quite a leap to assume the ISP will drop everything to process new applications expeditiously. It could happen. And I hope it does. But then again, I hoped Breadline Bernie would be Trump’s opponent in November, too.

        If that’s in place, I expect we would sell to facially expired / actually valid FOID card holders.

        That’s a mighty big “if”, Dan.

        • The other method we’re exploring is to simply let the ISP’s system validate the FOID card via FTIP; if they return an approval, then the FOID check is good.

          Nobody has seen the actual rules, but I expect to have them today; that will likely shed some light on how this will be implemented.

        • I have to agree with John’s statement that renewing FOID card holders will be unable to purchase either guns or ammo while waiting for a new card. I applied for renewal in September of 2019 with the help of ISP personnel because their website would not process a renewal application for someone without a middle initial. (They should really fix their website.) It took until the middle of March to get the renewed card and only with help from Senator Brady.

          During that time no gun dealer would sell me either guns or ammo and one dealer who had a gun on consignment from me told me he could not return it to me because the FOID had an expired date. A range refused me access to practice.

          This problem existed long before the COVID 19 problem and will continue to exist long afterward because no one at ISP is facing criminal prosecution for failing to follow the law.

        • Chance Mc Call, I agree 100 % of what you said. This state has purposely let the gun and plate issue go to hell on purpose. Jesse White is 86 and we have not seen him in years. With the state DMV falling apart just tells me he is already dead or dying. The FOID, Prickster doesn’t like guns and he let fall apart on purpose just to create chaos and piss gun owners off. You can’t buy ammo or guns with a expired card.

  9. So the “Have Too ‘s and Must Have’s” really aren’t required. A virus brings the truth to light

  10. Now, admittedly I took a quick look at the ISP seal, but doesn’t that look like a chicken…no offense..but might want to reconsider their graphics.

  11. I read (maybe on this blog?) that in the new state budget ISP was given millions of dollars to clear up the logjam in FOID and CCL cards and a couple months later, in true Illinois Democratic fashion, the money was transferred elswhere… ISP probably has two people working on the backlog… I can’t wait to move!

  12. If you don’t file and get THE Letter , think they wouldn’t take the opportunity to confiscate and return when it’s all straightened out ? I wouldn’t take that chance, renew on time , with this states track record I wouldn’t trust em.

  13. gov pritzker took millions of dollars out of the isp budget to the general fund and now the isp is broke with no workers there. i have been waiting 8 months for my ccl license still no license this is insane how ill. works they took my 300 bucks to redo all the classes and range work again and they took all our money for these license and no card. the governor hates gun owners period. in arizona it takes me 2 weeks to get a ccl permit and it only coast 40 bucks what a trip. now i see why 105000 people left ill. last year alone in one year.

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