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A 75-year-old woman who has been dubbed “Superwoman” by her family fired a shot with her .357 revolver at a pair of early morning home invaders. The hoodlums then returned fire while fleeing the residence as if their hair was on fire, but the homeowner escaped uninjured.

It all began around 2:00 a.m. when a pair of budding scholars forced entry to the senior citizen’s house. Home alone, the woman heard the intruders, accessed her favorite .357 revolver and hid it under the covers.

When they made it to her bedroom, she bided her time until the bad guys became distracted pocketing her jewelry and valuables. At that point, she let Messrs. Smith & Wesson do the talking for her.

Firing a .357 in a bedroom probably sounded (and looked) like a flash-bang grenade going off. It rattled the intruders enough that they dropped their loot and fled as fast as their little feet would carry them. On their way, they fired at least 17 rounds at the elderly woman…and thankfully missed with each one of them.

Fox KTVU has the story . . .

The home invasion robbery happened around 2 a.m. on July 26 at a residence near the Oakland Zoo in the hills on Ettrick Street in the Chabot Park neighborhood, according to the Oakland Police Department.

Officers said two armed men forced their way into a home and began searching. The elderly resident was the only one at the home when the intruders broke in.

Fearing for her safety, the 75-year-old woman pulled out her .357 Magnum and fired one round toward the suspects, police said. The suspects returned fire at the woman and fled the scene.

Fortunately, the woman was not injured during the shooting, and there were no reports of physical injuries, according to the police.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable what she was able to do,” the woman’s daughter told KTVU. “It’s amazing. She is a Superwoman. We’re all just lauding her and just amazed at her wherewithal.”

Praise the Lord that the homeowner was uninjured. Maybe, just maybe those two aspiring criminals will instead turn their lives around and pursue education and gainful employment instead of incarceration. But the odds aren’t good.

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    • In California? Not likely. Here there is a presumption “affecting the burden of proof” that a a person breaking and entering a home where that person does not reside intends to inflict great bodily injury or death, thus justifying the use of deadly force by any resident. In other words, the prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the resident was NOT acting in self defense. Few prosecutors elect to try.

      • And young thugs vs. elderly woman makes that impossible to prove.

        A bit shocking that Cali recognizes castle doctrine, unlike some other east coast states…

        • trust me. That is only the case because they’ve not yet bothered to go after it and take THAT right away as well as the others they have stolen.
          I wish her aim on the first round had been much better, and that she had a few follow up rounds that also scored.
          But, she saved her life and that’s what really counts. She has lived to fight another day. Huzzah for her.
          She lives too far away else I’d like to introduce her to a good friend of mine. She is in her mid ’80’s and has instructed thousands of women in safe and effective firearms handling, long guns and short ones, defensive, protective, target, competition. She is a sweet petite grey haired spry and lively woman, great fun to be around in any setting. Of all the various instructors with whom I have wroked, she is the best, most fun, and most derious about her students excelling.. and has the knowledge and experience and skill to impart that to others.

  1. Great story and am glad she drove them off without getting hurt. Just goes to show you how being armed is a good deterrent to violent crime. Every state that enacted Make MY Day or Castle Domain laws experienced a drop in home burglaries for the obvious reason that if you break into a house where there are guns you are not likely to not leave alive or in one piece. I love to read stories about these punks getting what they deserve. Best one yet was the video of two Sikh store owners beating the stuffing out of a guy who wheeled a large garbage can into their store and started to load it with cigarettes while telling them there is nothing anyone can do about (must have been a Blue City) and as he tried to leave one guy threw him on the floor and the second tenderized him with a huge stick while he was screaming in agony. Made my day.

    • Read the numbers in Oz after the nitwits parlayed a rogue mass shooting rampage into total disarmement for the entire country. Housebreakings and muggings sent up double digit percentages within the year. Yes, “gun violence” rates did fall.. for a decade or so. Not it seems they are plagued with massive high volume im[ort of cheap aisian made military tuype weapons being ferreted into the country through sparsely populated northern areas, and, of course, into the best markets for such items… the bit cities in the western parts.

      My favourite tale in the after-disarament era is that of an elderly grandmother, upon hering of the brutal rape of her granddaughter, got the name of the perp from the victim (a known individual). Grannie went and got her old cheap revolver, looked up the miscreant, and delivered one well placed round to the precise area that asured the evil chap would never be able to be a repeat offender in the same way, as long as he lived. She was ID’d as the one who sterilised the perp, but since the coppers had not properly treated the original crime, and Grannie did, as I recall their only adverse action was to take up Grannie’s small revolver and call things square. My strong guess is that she had at least one more well hidden back home, so did not fear the hooligans much even after she’d been “fully disarmed” by the local Bobs.

      Oh the fraud and folly of “total disarmement”, right?

    • Clearly violates ‘Bruen’, and will get the recent 80 pct. lower and pistol brace treatment in the courts.

      At no time in the past was it ever illegal to privately sell one’s own personal firearms…

  2. In other news, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to overturn a preliminary injunction in favor of plaintiffs in the ghost gun case. The case now returns to the Circuit Court of Appeals to decide the merits of the preliminary injunction.

  3. The copyright date at the bottom of the webpage states “2021.”

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  4. Grandma? Tell us about the time you fought of the bad guys! “Well you see I quickly got inside their OOAD loop by moving lighting quick off the “X” , then utilizing superior terrain and highly developed move, shoot and communicate skills, I maneuvered into a tactical shooting position and began to slowly and evenly depressed the trigger on my “tactical .357 revolver loaded with 158 grain +P+ ancestor removing hollow points” all while maintaining situational awareness and holding a 10 gigawatt flashlight, reload, and emergency medical kit. Really??!! “No. I grabbed my gun and took a shot at them…you should have seen them run.”

  5. Oakland? Home invasion? Poor marksmanship?

    10 to 1 chance it was the usual suspects!

    The old girl knows what’s what; .357 magnum is the way to go!

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