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It seems that our story on the Biden administration’s big brain idea for putting the screws to America’s AR-15 owners has caught the attention of someone who has full command of his mental faculties at the White House. The story is evidently of enough concern that  White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates felt the need to issue this tweet today . . .

There’s only one problem with Bates’ statement. It doesn’t address the information in our story. At all.

As Bates is no doubt well aware, we didn’t claim that the Biden brain trust is trying to shut down the Army’s Lake City, Missouri ammunition plant. Our story states that Susan Rice administration officials want to cut off sales of ammo produced there to the retail market.

Winchester operates the plant under contract with the government. Ammunition produced at Lake City in excess of the military’s needs is currently packaged and sold on the retail market. Those retail sales are what Biden wants to stop.

As the NSSF’s Mark Oliva told us . . .

This restrictive action would immediately jeopardize 400-500 jobs, significantly reduce the availability of ammunition in the marketplace, and put the nation’s warfighting readiness at risk. Both NSSF and Winchester strongly oppose this action. …

This policy to deny the sale of excess ammunition not only would freeze over 30 percent of the 5.56 mm/.223 caliber ammunition used by law-abiding gun owners, it risks the ammunition industry’s ability to surge production capacity for national defense if the costs to maintain the present workforce isn’t recouped through sales to the civilian market.

To say nothing of what it would do to the retail price of .223 and 5.56 ammo. But that, after all, is the real objective here.

We tweeted back at Bates, asking for any comment on the actual substance of our story, rather than the intentionally misleading non-denial he issued. We expect an intergalactic space craft full of silicon-based life forms to land in Central Park and give mankind the key to cheap, limitless, water-based energy production before Bates or anyone else at 1600 responds, but if either one of those things happens, we’ll let you know.


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  1. It’s called gaslighting. Issue a response that doesn’t address the original issue. Just like the White House says “the economy is doing great!”

    • “Don’t worry, we won’t stop making this surplus ammo or cut those jobs… We will just give it all to Ukraine!”

  2. It’s times like this that I am once again glad I bought plenty after the Sandy Hook/Obama shortages returned to almost normal and again we bought heavily in ammo, guns and components after Trump became President and inventory was plentiful.

  3. As if Jim Crow Gun Control kkk nazi joe never thought of banning ammunition. C’Mon Man…The stuff flew off the shelves and I was lucky to get 300 rds. of bargain priced Win M855 which is 299700 less than what I wanted:)

  4. Bates’ intellect is emblematic of the low intellect of those in the puppeteer squad in the White House. No one with even half a brain would think that such a response would placate those of us who are pro ammo.

    • Diksum,

      The Ruling Class does not care about placating the small percentage of the population who have and choose to exercise discernment. Any attempts to placate that small percentage is a waste of time. Thus, the Ruling Class focuses its attention on the masses who do not have–or choose not to exercise–discernment.

      • Yeah, that’s right, “literally Hitler” wasn’t he, Rhonda? So who’s biden, (or obama); Ghandi? Mother teresa in drag? Jesus? A politically astute Santa Claus? Try more harder.

      • Spot on Rhonda. Hold their feet to the fire. I can’t believe these gun toting nutjobs are trying to talk about current issues and current election cycles.

        Don’t they understand that Orange Man Bad?

    • Because they are worried that if they continue with their grifting, lying and thieving, which they will as it is entirely why they are even there, that we will one day soon shoot them in the face, which we should as it is entirely the only way to ever make them stop. Totally not advocating for this in any way whatsoever, of course.

    • They know they are wrong (full of it). And HATE being called out on it. Proles are supposed to shut up and receive.

  5. it’s a shame no one has taken any of the (proverbial) shots at these anti american criminals.. oh well, know YOUR DOPE!!! very important to be DIALED

  6. Poorly stated or well stated depending on intent.

    Betting that clarification is long in coming however.

  7. 5.56 ammo prices are substantially underwritten by .Gov production, if surplus was to stop selling, prices would gravitate back up to current shelf pricing of commercial ammo – the only other alternative.

    Those of us shooting 6.8, 6.5, .300, etc – it’s already as cheap as it will ever get and 5.56 never helped much anyway.

    As for the non denial – no answer at all would have been their better response, so, keep trolling them as they are prone to take the bait every time.

    • 5.56 only helped 5.56 and 300 Blk, I have a bunch of 300 Blk cases made from LC brass. My 6.5 Grendel supply is sadly lacking since I bought that upper after the ronastuff plandatmic, wish I had held off cause now I think the 6 ARC is gonna work out as a better choice.

  8. I have enough 5.56 surplus ammo to keep us supplied for quite some time. As well as brass and components to load more. Same for 7,62X 51, 7.62X54, and several other calibers of ammunition. Although if anyone knows of a supply of, or cases for 50-120 Sharps, or a supply of 700 Nitro Express under 5 bucks a round….

  9. Cutting off civilian sales does more than hurt the civilian market, these sales add to the corporation’s bottom line and keep the plant running when military contracts don’t use full capacity. You can’t just “turn off” an ammunition plant and restart it in the event of a crisis or to fill an new military order.

  10. “We will not let this plant close”

    Months to a years later when the heat blows over- plant closes. No statement.

    • I hear from the same highest authorities that gas prices will soon drop, inflation will not only cease but reverse itself and that the economy has never been in better shape since they usurped the throne. Glad they’re there for us, looking for our interest…

  11. So if they do respond to this new story will it then be a Non-Denial Denial of a Non-Denial Denial?

  12. Another billion dollar “aid” package to the Ukraine in the form of ammo?

    Possible escalation of hostilities to include US troops direct involvement?

    Historically, war time presidents do well in the polls. Would this admin be that desperate to get their polling numbers up before the mid-terms to do something that crazy?

  13. I have a slightly different take. Since Lake City is one of the plants making military ammunition, I wonder if they’re having to ramp up to make the new round for the new SIG rifle. If that’s the case, might the possible prohibition on civilian sales be to make sure the military’s supply of 5.56 doesn’t fall short during the transition? I don’t know–I’m just speculating out loud.

    • I thought a new facility/personnel dedicated to the new round was being constructed? Didn’t ttag post an article on this and then moderate everyone’s comments?

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