Twitter: Eric Greitens’ ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad is So Bad It Needs to be Seen

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Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, opens the ad by saying he’s “going RINO hunting.” “RINO” is short for “Republican in name only,” a phrase hard-right Republicans sometimes use for those they deem insufficiently conservative. 

“I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL. And today, we’re going RINO hunting,” Greitens says in the ad, readying his gun. 

“The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” the candidate continues, as the footage shows him and the men in combat gear enter the front door of a house by force, guns at the ready. 

“Join the MAGA crew. Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country,” Greitens concludes.

The ad was paid for by Greitens’ campaign. 

Meta, formerly Facebook, took down the ad, while Twitter kept it up, slapping a warning label on it. 

“This tweet violated the Twitter rules about abusive behavior,” the Twitter label reads. “However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.” 

— Kathryn Watson in Missouri Senate GOP Hopeful Eric Greitens Hunts Political Opponents With Guns in Ad

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  1. As a family man, patriot, and gun owner, I cannot agree with these types of ads in today’s climate of mentally disturbed individuals going out on murder rampages. While I and rational people understand the ad to be a metaphor, there is too great a possibility a few people will interpret it literally. As such, I feel that publicly airing I flammatory ads featuring firearms violates our Founders’ intention of responsible gun ownership and could very well result in a disturbed individual(a) thinking a murder is sanctioned. Use some common sense here, Eric.

    • Meanwhile, rhetoric and advertising coming from Democrats have directly led to police assassinations for years now, as well as attempted assassinations of Congressmen and a SC Justice. Not to mention the Antifa assassins who think they’re taking out fascists and notzees. Where were you then?

      Maybe he could have found a better way to get the point across. The point he got across to me was that he was pro-2A and anti-RINO. That’s 95% of the political talk on this site.

      • Dude
        Exactly right it’s all good when anti gunners say we are all killers and we should be hunted down, disarmed and locked up or killed.
        Heaven forbid we say the same about their traitorous actions.

      • Right. Because no matter what the repubs do it is always the dems fault. Got it. And everyone in this forum from Mo is going to vote for that animal. He’s leading in the polls don’t you know

        • BLM, Antifa, and MSNBC fan assassins are the fault of Republicans? Interesting take. I’d love to hear more, ‘Rhonda’ (*wink*).

        • He’s leading in the polls because you guys suck. Hugely. Maybe expand yer horizons beyond msnbc, cnn and Dr do-little. Or remain an empty headed parrot of the worst of these lying grifters whose only real skill is pandering to people like yourself. Whatever.

    • We should also stop action movies from being produced because people might believe that Jedis are real or that a mid 50 something fighter pilot named Maverick will always show up to save the day.

      • Big difference between a movie purposely being viewed for entertainment where in that context they know the events, characters, etc. are fictitious and a real politician running for a real public office making a video saying he is going hunting for real human beings with a subjective label. Not the same by a long shot.

    • The ad certainly shows a considerable amount of stupidity. I suspect that his campaign was looking for something that would raise his name recognition. Never the less, if the plan is to get elected, the tactic is a losing one. Think about it, the ad would do 2 things. His current supporters would enjoy the ad, but these are votes that he would already be getting. Moderates (yeah wives, kids, jobs, and businesses – yup there are a lot of these types out there) would seem to be less likely to vote for him.

      • They only continue doing what they do because they do not fear us. And why wouldn’t they continue? I believe it’s time for that to change. Nothing else will correct our current trajectory. Nothing.

    • Mr.Max..No need to get your daddy panties in a wad. If satire created murderous rampages darcydodo’s Alfred E. Newman Mad Magazine moniker would have caused mass murder by now.

      The good humor campaign ad simply exposes RINOs as the back stabbing gutless wonders they are. Surely you Mr.Max do not support back stabbing gutless wonders. Well do you?

      Eric Greitens and voters like myself are fed up with RINOs kissing democRat behinds and if you give a damn about America you should be too.

    • I’m going to be honest.

      I don’t even care. Who cares? I don’t.

      Scroll down and look at the ADs the democrats put out!

      So who cares.

      • Wow. That racist confederate boogeyman is going to run down all those multicultural kids! How intolerant! I guess you can reject hate by voting for some pro antifa, equity antiracist cancel culture progressives? They will get that white dude so he learns his lesson!

  2. As a conservative and independent who voted for Trump twice, that’s the dumbest add I’ve ever seen. Its obvious pandering. It doesn’t give any idea of his positions or policies, its just a “Hey let’s show guns and say MAGA good and RINO bad and they’ll vote for me!”.

    And if a Democrat made an identical video, half the people here would lose their minds and demand they were punished for promoting violence against Republicans. Don’t say we wouldn’t, cause we probably would.

    • Kissmybrass…I bet after seeing a campaign ad such as a helmeted democRat Mike Dukakis sitting on top an army tank a conservative like you would have had a cow. Was there anything in the Greitens ad not true about RINOs. Yes or No?

      You should get out more often…The democRat Party has been running underhanded, sleazy witch hunt level slander and libel BS “ads” for the past 5 years designed to denigrate POTUS DJT…all paid for by the US Taxpayer. And you still insist on complaining about a humorous Republican vs RINO campaign ad…C’Mon Man.

    • Agree. Irony of ironies, the guy who made this ad is likely a RHINO judging by his lack of transparency and understanding the nuances of 2a.

    • “Hey let’s show guns and say MAGA good and RINO bad and they’ll vote for me!”.

      it’s kind of working … on me. LOL

  3. It takes a Navy SEAL to have the balls to call them out publicly.
    Just shows how spineless most all of the gop is.

    • Unfortunately Dude, it was the Klan who were Democrats who hung black people in the South. That’s the problem with cancel culture. You folks don’t know the historical facts. You are too busy destroying history to be able to tell the truth. Charles Booker must be equally ignorant to make an add like that and run for the same party that has enslaved blacks for years.

      And just for the record, I am white and have four black cousins, two Chinese and one grandson who is S. Korean so don’t reply to this and suggest I am a racists. I call it the way I see it.

    • Im ashamed this fool is from Kentucky, I really wish we could vote to make Indiana take the city of Louisville.

    • Meh, call a spade a spade, long past due. I was more wondering what he charges for a guided hunt and where to sign up.

      • “I was more wondering what he charges for a guided hunt and where to sign up.”

        Can you get a Canadian permission slip allowing you to come to the US for the purpose of “hunting” politicians?

        • Looking into it as we speak, Sam 😉. Pretty sure the idiot manchild king in Ottawa would be happy to see me in any fiefdom other than his. Hers. Whatever it is…

  4. Let’s see if I got this right…….an ad like this is dumb and inflammatory, but when dems do it , it’s justified and needed!? Ok, got it!

    • Silly pathetically funny – the progs do HATE that they have not been able to expand their commie “medical” program to cover 100% of the population.

      • “…expand their commie “medical” program to cover 100% of the population.”

        Think you misunderstand…..

        Dims would extend “their commie ‘medical’ program to cover at least 110% of the population.

  5. First says he’s a navy seal. Who then goes on to kick in the door of an American citizen.

    Here’s hoping he’s the first one shot going through the door for portraying the very police state the drug war has led us to become. Now that all that police power is in place, it just needs a psychopath to give it direction.

      • This. They do love their flashy gold shiny things…

        Any team dude that goes into private sector or becomes LEO of any kind has always loved the taste of leather. They are subs that love to display themselves.

      • “…`You can’t expect a (former) squid to be all that smart…”
        snort~ Have a long story about a bunch of us eating in a Navy Messhall once. Eye opening experiance for an Army grunt. lol.

  6. Lol! I find that ad absolutely hilarious and who cares what they say. He does take a risk of being blamed for any idiotic crime an individual may commit given todays politics and blame game however. Regardless….. hilarious!!!!!!

  7. That was definitely cringe. Not the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen from a politician, but wince-inducing.

    Then again, Greitens is leading in the GOP primary polls despite his baggage, so he must be doing something right…

  8. Twitter should be boycotted for allowing such Far Right Wing implied and promoted violence to be allowed.

    Here is another link to another Far Right nut case groups called the Sovereign Citizens. A traffic stop led the cops to their catch of explosives and weapons. These two stooges were actually dumb enough to tell the cops what kind of organization they belonged to and declared themselves exempt from all laws. It seems retardation is the hallmark of Conservatism.

      • Well dacian did say in a post “shooting into a 5mph crosswind is enough to drive the sanest man nuts”
        Wherever he shootz it must be pretty windy.

        • I’ll say. Gusts of over a hundred kind of nuts. I’m betting he’s in Scotland, the Orkneys. Or maybe the Mongolian Steppes. I mean, he can’t be from down there or up here… can he??

    • Lol. Did our resident far leftist just call for the boycott of communications headquarters for the far leftists? I am drowning in the irony here.

    • So says a supporter of arsonists and looters and their enablers in the media and Congress.

    • Here is another link to another Far Right nut case groups called the Sovereign Citizens. A traffic stop led the cops to their catch of explosives and weapons. These two stooges were actually dumb enough to tell the cops what kind of organization they belonged to and declared themselves exempt from all laws. It seems retardation is the hallmark of Conservatism.

      Right? And you were probably a CHAZ member too. Living as a sovereign citizen, autonomous, separate from society, in a zone that you took by force, then ignored cops trying to enforce the law.

  9. Meh, embrace it.
    This is who they think we are and what they expect of us anyway and we’ll all be presented as such regardless of how far backwards we bend or apologize for doing nothing wrong.

    Lean into it. Maybe if we actively embrace gun-toting, ESAD hostility they’ll finall STFU.

    • Pretty much. It’s not like they don’t constantly wave their freak flags in everyone’s face. Endlessly. And loudly.

    • I don’t even consider myself a republican, but I agree and have for a long time. While I still believe the benefits of concealing far outweigh the benefits and risks of open carrying – nothing we do will change their mind. So fuck em. That said, the irony of a boot licker performing no knocks and calling it a support for freedom is alarming.

  10. Production values aren’t that great, but it was fairly well written and amusing. Tough to put positions in this short of an ad, that will come later once he is done capitalizing on the ten sellouts making gun control with the Democrats. I would vote for him but both of my idiot Senators are Democrats so they don’t count as a RINO. Yes,, i do realize calling them idiots and Democrats is redundant.

  11. As, kinda in a strange way, ticklish fun to watch the ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad is – overall its kinda more stupid and ‘what were you thinking to produce such a thing for a campaign ad’ cringe worthy.

    • Well we gotta RINO running for governor in ILLannoy namely Richard Irvin. Mebbe we can send this dude to a neighboring state😎

  12. The ad is clearly inappropriate but so are the videos of Democrats like Pelsoi, Harris and Waters and other Democrats who ignored the blue city riots and supported the violence. They in essence supported insurrection. The definition of insurrection is violence against authority or government. Blue city riots were insurrections because they attacked police, and burned Federal and local government buildings. If you search videos of Democrats promoting violence you will see these prominent Democrats at the head of the pack. No investigations by Congress of any Blue City Mayor or Governor of a Blue State being investigated for aiding and abetting criminal behavior or insurrection. How come?

  13. Great fodder for the gun grabbers. The mainstream news will say everyone right of center are just like this idiot.

  14. @bosch

    C’mon, now. Stop it. You know what a “supremalist” is; someone who believes in supremalism. And, no, it doesn’t have to make sense. Demanding things make sense is racissess, and elite privilege, and MAGAism, and stuff.

  15. Before you all jump to defend this guy as your 2A torchbearer, keep in mind he did literally nothing for the cause as governor and opposes Missouri’s 2nd amendment preservation act which would nullify federal gun control laws. He himself is a RINO…

    • Sometimes laws are rejected on technicalities and not the generalities you see. Laws like the one you mentioned can confuse things, for example. I live in Constitutional Carry, everybody owns guns, West Virginia literally 400 yards from one of the worst states in the nation, Maryland. Cross that invisible line with one of several items in my safe and you might get a one way ticket to a state prison. I am careful, but the uninformed might not be as informed.

      • Geez, look here, two more brand new commenters repeatedly telling us all that the Republican candidates are all rinos. The same brand new commenters, along with a couple others today, telling us all that there are no conspiracies in the copy/paste school shootings and the cops in those places were just all cowards (that part I won’t argue). At the risk of being called a “qanon cuckoo”, again and by these same few individuals: how odd, how exceedingly unlikely.

  16. @Rider/Shoote
    “Looking into it as we speak, Sam”

    Don’t forget to check if you need a license down here, or any bag limit.

    • I was kinda assuming they are viewed as an infestation of vermin similar to the other types of hogs destroying the country. Ie: no license reqd or at least no bag limit applied. A helicopter ride is always nifty too…

      • “I was kinda assuming they are viewed as an infestation of vermin…”

        If politicians were considered vermin, Orkin or Terminix would have settled the problem long ago.

        Politicians are privileged; gotta treat them with respect. License required.

  17. Grace Stevens is dead wrong on this one. RINOs are not insufficiently hard right, they are not sufficiently populist and often the professional politicians, who just know better than the voters and feel we need to be controlled. Sorry Grace, but the Constitution says we are right by definition because we are the majority!

    What is portrayed is a pretty accurate typical middle eastern sapper operation. There is a, frankly as surreal as the commercial for different reasons, National Guard sapper training center near me I have visited. The shotguns are Mossberg 590a1s, the only real assault weapon you can buy off the shelf and the weapon of choice for these operations. Obviously this is what Eric Greitens did when on active duty and how among others Osama bin Laden was apprehended. This was the reality of one warrior and I see nothing wrong with that.

  18. Remember… the party that openly praised violent race riots throughout 2020 now want’s you to be really REALLY upset about a spicy political ad. Sure… maybe the ad was in kind of bad taste.

    At the end of the day, this ad doesn’t even really matter. It’s the fact that the GOP has a faction that’s no longer willing to just roll over and be the party of ‘losing with dignity’. And that scares the eve living hell out of the Dem/RINO uniparty

  19. How many points for Mitch McConnell? What do you reckon the taxidermy man charge me for that mount? Oh yeah I am a white devil.

  20. Eric Greitens is a political opportunist and disgrace to the dedicated, quiet professionals who have served silently and faithfully in the Teams for decades. Mr. Greitens apparently skipped the section of the SEAL ethos that reads: “I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.” Anyone familiar with his political career understands that Eric Greitens is a man lacking in character, and his disturbingly distasteful ad only serves to highlight that lack of character. And, I am I the only one who noticed this bag o’ tools apparently does not understand that it’s “bag limit,” not “bagging limit.” What a poseur.

  21. Rider/Shooter
    “But there’s no bag limit, right?”

    Changes every year. I don’t try to keep up; interferes with my martini hour.

    • But it’s important Sam, I’d really like to contribute as much as I can! Call it international good will. Good neighbors should help each other out. And I got a big bag.

      • “Call it international good will.”

        I’m sure you can find the information on the internet, somewhere.

        Sorry, gotta go find my flip-flops, among all the pop tops, on the way to the blender.

        • By the way, the good will and helped each other out parts were referencing me joining the hunt, not you doing research for me 😉. My bad, will pen my future screeds with a more discerning eye as it peers at the screen through the bottom of my whiskey glass.

        • Not for me Sam, not for me. Golf, caber tossing and Single Malt Whiskeys. Scotland has it all. Cheers.

  22. Pretty rich for him to talk about RINO when he himself is a DEMOCRAT and only switched parties a few years ago to run for office. Methinks he doth protest too much!

  23. Another gun ad, like I would vote for someone because he/she owned a gun.
    Nor would I vote for someone because he/she owned a EV.
    They need to step up their game & tell us what they stand for & what they will vote for & against, once they are in office.
    Running against a bad RINO, will not make them a good replacement, just makes them a younger problem!

  24. Dumbest part of the ad is Greitens who is former democrat who wasn’t endorsed by the nra in 2016, they endorsed his democrat opponent (who was a former republican to be fair). So what’s a RINO? 😛

  25. @Rider/Shooter
    “…will pen my future screeds with a more discerning eye as it peers at the screen through the bottom of my whiskey glass.”

    You may be onto something, there. Been using regular drinking glasses for martinis. My whiskey shot glasses have a thicker bottom, and seeing the world through those glasses may clear some things up, for me.


  26. Scary. He is basically saying if you don’t follow my agenda we will hunt you down and kill you in a real sense. Americans should be scared. I fear America is headed for pain and suffering on a grand scale. I am an historian and veteran and our country has been very successful so you people don’t know what horrible things can happen. Political division is unstoppable at this point and both sides are being brainwashed by the media. The blame should go to our aged politicians who can’t work together. I hope you realize they really don’t care about you? Get rid of them and start from scratch. Too many extreme views and too much propaganda. Better make the most of our luxuries because they will be gone soon enough. When your kids bodies are piled up in the streets and your wife is raped by mobs of young men charged up on brainwashed slogans don’t say you weren’t warned. Don’t think it can happen. Just watch. I spend 20 years in the military and as an operative and saw where we are going. I am a man of peace now and hoped I could live my life out quietly. With all the stupid theories out there the one that holds true is that there are many traitors out there. But they are the politicians and news station feeding you this stupid shit from powerful assholes who know and care nothing about any average person. I knew we were in trouble when we had 2 Clinton’s and 2 Bushes win…and almost win elections. People just see a name they know and vote for it. Pretty sad. Next time we should vote for Harrison Ford. Lots of people know his name. He has got to be good. Right. When we stop paying attention these people manipulate us for thier purposes. It’s happened so many times in history it’s sickening. Wake up and see who the real enemy is people. It’s not a liberal or conservative next door it’s the spoiled sociopath on his mountain playing you like a fool.


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