J. B. Pritzker. Image via Twitter (JB Pritzker).
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More and more Illinois sheriffs have a message for Governor J. B. Pritzker: Go pound sand.  Less than 48 hours after the big guy signed House Bill 5471 into law, 33 34 sheriffs have made it clear they aren’t going to enforce the new gun and magazine ban. Or gun registration.

It started with a joint statement from Perry County where the sheriff and state’s attorney published an open later announcing their intention to ignore the new gun ban.

Then, one after another, more sheriffs lined up to put their names to statements. They all pretty much follow the same script.

Image via Facebook.


Here are a list of counties…

Jo Davies

From NBC5 Chicago . . .

As potential legal fights percolate over Illinois’ new assault weapons ban, law enforcement officials in several counties have said that their departments will not enforce provisions of the bill that require existing weapons to be registered with the State Police.

Their arguments center around their stance that the bill, which makes it illegal for Illinois residents to purchase, transfer or manufacture assault weapons and extended magazines, violates the Second Amendment.

McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman was one of numerous law enforcement officials throughout the state who shared messages on social media in the aftermath of the bill’s passage.  

In a statement, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office called the messages “political grandstanding at its worst,” and said that sheriffs and departments that refuse to enforce the ban are “in violation of their oath of office.”

“The assault weapons ban is the law of Illinois. The General Assembly passed the bill and the governor signed it into law to protect children in schools, worshippers at church and families at parades from the fear of sudden mass murder,” a spokesperson said. “Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to uphold the laws of the state, not pick and choose which laws they support and when…”

“Anybody who doesn’t comply, there are consequences for that,” he said. “You don’t get to choose which laws you comply with in the state of Illinois. The State Police is responsible for enforcement, as are all law enforcement all across this state. They will, in fact, do their job or they won’t be in their job.”

“You don’t get to choose which laws you comply with in the state of Illinois,” Pritzker said. That’s rich for a guy who routinely flouts federal immigration law.

From the State Journal-Register last year . . .

Illinois will effectively end immigrant detention and further restrict local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal immigration authorities under a plan Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law Monday.

The new law targets local government agreements with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement allowing jails to house immigrant detainees awaiting court hearings. Current contracts must end by January 2022 and new agreements are prohibited.

And another three laws he signed, covered by The Center Square . . .

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed three bills Friday designed to help and protect illegal immigrants in Illinois, including a measure that would prohibit law enforcement agencies from coordinating with federal immigration authorities.

A downstate Republican called it a Sanctuary State policy and said Illinois doesn’t have jurisdiction over federal immigration law.

Pritzker signed the Keeping Illinois Families Together Act, which prohibits local law enforcement from coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

And more recently . . .

That makes it kinda hard to criticize the 34+ sheriffs for picking and choosing which laws they’ll enforce. Not that the clear hypocrisy on display will stop him.

Bless his heart.

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    • These sheriffs need to follow the law. This is not the highly principled stance of Sanctuary for the poor huddled masses, breaking the law by coming here in need of our government’s generous assistance.

      No, these are assault weapons. And for good reason our noble leaders fear them. Did you know that the 50 BMG is capable of piercing light armor and bullet resistant glass? So of course they would ban this terrible weapon of war.

      How would you feel as a politician working diligently on say.. outlawing hospital care for a baby that survived an abortion, or granting full voting rights to the 5.5 million new patriotic asylum seekers, and then having to worry that the average subject has the same weaponry as your bodyguards?

      That is to much to much. How can government officials trust the subjects they rule over, when so much needs to be fundamentally changed in this country?

      These assault weapons can only be trusted to the citizens of the noble democratic freedom fighters in Ukraine. (And FYI; they need more money and U.S. heavy tanks and Patriot Missiles).

      Ukraine flag emoji >HERE<

        • Makes more sense than the real miner. Is there a real miner? Or is he the creation of a troll bot?

      • I find it hilarious how you can refer to the war in Ukraine and call them “noble freedom fighters”, but if it happened here you’d call us terrorists. I can only imagine your stance if you were Russian.

        Literally the whole point of firearm ownership in the US is to resist tyranny. Your average daily self-defense is second. But just keep thinking there will never be a need for them on our soil…

        It’s always funny when the “revolutionary leftists” like Miner ignore the fact their revolution would be armed. How are protests going in countries with unarmed citizens?

      • minor49iq…It looks like you and the rest of the Jim Crow Gun Control kkk democRat Party will have to get your torches and go burn the resistors out…good f-n luck with that, nazi.

      • MINOR Miner49er, If you don’t know, a Sheriff takes an oath to uphold and defense the CONSTITUTION. This “ban” is unconstitutional and the Sheriff’s are living up to that oath.

  1. Yes, the 2nd Amendment absolutely prevents stupid governors from making up these BS laws! Absolutely illegal and unconstitutional for the governor of IL to sign this piece of crap legislation. We agree and honor the Sheriffs who are standing hard against these invalid laws.

    Time for this governor to leave office and maybe even leave the state permanently!

    • Citing the diabolical History of Gun Control is a much stronger rebuke to Gun Control zealots such as the IL governor.

      It’s not that the Sheriffs are 1000% gungho 2A it’s they refuse to immulate the Gun confiscating military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk and then there’s the Gun Control nazi party, etc.

    • The problem is, laws like this are enforced by your local gun store, not by Sheriffs. Gun stores can’t/won’t stock banned items because the end of that game is prison time and the destruction of the entire business. So over time, laws like these stick, even when current owners defy them (they do and will) and Sheriffs look the other way (which is a good thing, even if it won’t accomplish much).

      This is why Bruen matters. It “de-sticks” laws like this in a big, big way.

      • Not quite true, actually. In my home state of Colorado the maximum legal magazine capacity is 15 rounds, and yet there’s so little enforcement that outside of like 2 counties, nearly every gun store in the state openly retails “banned” magazines in both standard and extended varieties

  2. They will *never* give up on this.

    Expect future Leftist Scum ™ presidential candidates to repeatedly blather “When I’m president, I’ll select judges for the SCotUS that will get ‘weapons of war (gag) off the streets and respect a woman’s (er, birthing person’s?) right to safely murder human life growing inside her”.

    That’s what’s coming, people… 🙁

  3. Let’s take a close look at the fat guy’s statements:”“Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to uphold the laws of the state, not pick and choose which laws they support and when…” Now if I recall correctly the Governor’s oath of office requires him to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. So how about we re-write the above: “Governors have a constitutional duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not pick and choose which parts they support and when…” Any more stupid question there Porky?

      • JB’s posturing for either a POTUS run if Biden decides not to run or more likely a run for VP. He actually thinks he is important by getting inviting to State dinner and talking with Biden. In other news when Biden was VP he took classified documents and left them in his car trunk 6 or 7 years ago.

        Do you honestly think Biden will remember who Pritzker is?

        Biden: “Are you are the chubby fellow who ate 17 “Maine” lobster tails”?
        Pritzker: “Possibly, I wasn’t counting”
        Biden: “Aren’t you Jewish”?
        Pritzker: “I don’t recall”

        “Are you a lawyer?” Blagojevich asked.

        “Yeah,” Pritzker replied.

        “There’s an AG that I appoint.”

        “Ooh, that’s interesting,” Pritzker said.

        “I mean I’m not promising,” Blagojevich replied. “I’m just saying these are all scenarios.”

        And then in October 2015, according to a report by Cook County Inspector General Patrick Blanchard, the Pritzkers had five toilets removed from the second house so that it would be classified as “uninhabitable” in a property tax appeal filed by the Pritzkers. Cook County assesses vacant properties at 10 percent of the market value.

        The toilets were removed shortly before the affidavits in the property tax appeal were submitted. The county assessor’s office “lowered the 6,378-square-foot mansion’s assessed value from $6.3 million to about $1.1 million.”

        How is JB not prison yet?

        Oh wait, it’s Illinois, I forgot.

    • Michael A Crognale,

      If you look closely, you will see Governor Prickster’s true mindset in his statement: Illinois government is the Supreme Law of the Land.

      Of course that violates the FACT that the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois Constitution are the Supreme Law of the Land. Anything which Illinois government advances in violation of the Illinois Constitution or the United States Constitution is null-and-void and has no legitimate authority.

  4. Apparently, not everyone is down to get shot in the face on behalf of a obese, low-IQ tyrant over a law that’s nearly certain to be struck down.

    Now, about those police.

    • Up to nearly SEVENTY ILLannoy counties Boch. Good to see! Prickster vows to “fire”the offending sheriffs. Except fatazz is too dumb to get they are all democratically elected & obese boy has no authority to fire county Mounties. Woe to any cop or state bull who enforces fat boy’s edict…

    • I’ve had conversations with local law enforcement in my area about the type of law passed in Illinois. They have all had the same concerns. First they don’t support any law that takes away a law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment Rights. Secondly they could never enforce such a law because of their belief it is unconstitutional, but more importantly because they realize that doing so would put their families in grave danger from those who are willing to do what is necessary to defend their Rights. Against such Tyranny. At the end of the day right or wrong. They realize their families could well become the target for retaliation as did the families of those who supported the Crown during the Revolutionary War.

      • I suspect, but can’t prove, that a huge number of cops realize that the story the public is told is bullshit. That the cops know they mostly get the results they do because most criminals are idiots or act on emotion without planning.

        As such they recognize that people of moderate intelligence and with proper motivation can do things that would make the cops’ lives end in large numbers and that this is literally impossible to stop once the public turns against the police with a vengeance.

        Stupid and emo people show up and try to shoot up a police station. The Left takes this to mean that cops are magic and all the Left needs to do is order the cops to do the Left’s bidding. Cops mostly probably recognize that someone who’s dedicated doesn’t start a gunfight in the parking lot or try to shoot a desk jockey. A dedicated person of moderate intelligence goes Second Intifada on the situation and levels the police station during a shift change with a VBIED, or does something to attract a huge number of police to the VBIED before popping it off.

        Further, I’m rather sure that they know that making such a thing is child’s play. It’s just a scaled up version of an S-vest made from easily acquired items that can be assembled by a semi-literate 3rd world immigrant. (See my previous comments on the Manchester Arena Bombing).

        None of this is theoretical. All of it has happened, a lot. Just not in the US.

        Which is why I promote the notion of Irish Democracy, and have for several years. It’s clear what some people want to happen because they believe they can win. Like the French in 1950’s Algeria they cannot win but they’re more than willing to kill millions to figure that out.

        • Had the Founding Patriots concerned themselves with collateral damage. We would most likely be speaking German today and the 1000 year Reich would be heading into it’s first century of existence.

    • Well worded.

      I was pondering what laws we can get away with ignoring both on the federal and state level and what the repercussions are for us, but that’s another topic for another discussion.

      I sure wouldn’t mind buying suppressors without approval, or going 10 over the speed limit without some try hard breathing down my neck about it.

      • “I sure wouldn’t mind buying suppressors without approval,…”

        A drill press and a hardware store is all one needs to turn an oil filter into a perfectly serviceable suppressor.

        If someone was so inclined… *cough* 🙂

        • the standard bird cage size muzzle device will fit into the opening of oil and fuel filters on big rigs.

          one can always get one of those kits to turn one of the filters into a solvent trap.

  5. They are looking more at lawsuits in the future once it’s beat in court and aren’t that concerned with your freedoms. Don’t kid yourself

  6. Boch,

    “Give it time and in a couple of weeks most Sheriffs will either state they wont enforce HB 5471 or redeclare that their county is a second amendment sanctuary county.

    67 out of 102 counties have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary so JB Pritzker can go pound sand.”

    I’m flattered that you quoted me.

  7. And yet the Democrap Sheriff of Champaign County has announced that it will be enforced.
    What a surprise there.

  8. “The assault weapons ban is the law of Illinois. The General Assembly passed the bill and the governor signed it into law to protect children in schools, worshippers at church and families at parades from the fear of sudden mass murder

    The State Police is responsible for enforcement, as are all law enforcement all across this state. They will, in fact, do their job or they won’t be in their job.”

    Exactly zero ‘assault weapons’ were the responsible party for any “children in schools, worshippers at church and families at parades” in “fear of sudden mass murder”.

    Exactly zero firearm weapons, and/or using the false propaganda term ‘assault weapon’ or not, were the responsible party for any “children in schools, worshippers at church and families at parades” in “fear of sudden mass murder”.

    A person commits a crime, you use the law to prosecute that person. That person is the responsible party for the crime, not everyone else in the state and not the property of everyone else and not the constitutional rights of everyone else.

    You don’t make a law that persecutes, and removes and infringes the rights of, bans or removes personal property of, prohibits the exercise of rights, for the rest of the law abiding who did nothing wrong – they are not the responsible party for the crime.

    You speak of law, but then you ‘weaponize’ the law against the law abiding and this is not law but rather is tyrannical persecution.

    Not only is this ‘law’ not in the intent and spirit intended for a constitutional application of the law, it is tyranny and deliberate misapplication and prevision of justice and law to persecute the innocent law abiding who have done nothing wrong to force American citizens under threat of your ‘law’ and ‘armed state police’ to abide by a ‘law’ that is intended to continually persecute them by tyrannical infringement of constitutional rights even if they abide by this ‘law’.

    Yes, the sheriffs should be refusing to enforce this unconstitutional tyrannical abomination and perversion you call a ‘law’. All you law abiding gun owners in Illinois should resist and refuse abiding by this law, its intent of tyrannical continual persecution of law abiding American citizens under threat of force is why the founders included the Second Amendment.

  9. What will these Sheriffs do when the thugs and pixies from the FBI/Dept of “Justice” come flouncing into the county with their BS brand of “law enforcement”?

    • If he’s a Sheriff who knows how much real authority he has he’ll ARREST THEM and throw there a$$s in jail.

    • Nothing. At most, they’ll refuse to help or to provide information, but I really doubt that they would make arrests or actively interfere in any way. On the other hand, I also doubt the governor will be sending out state troopers or enlist the feds to start kicking down doors, even in Lake, Cook, etc. It’s political bluster on both sides for now as the balkanization continues.

      • If they interfered at all it would the equivalent of a road block. It’s all political, none of them would fire the first shots. They would compromise, lose or take money, resign, and be replaced. Obviously, not every county is worth the effort according to our government… but if it was a full on leftist SS style policy, then scorched earth would apply and then and only then would these people fire shots.

        I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I do know that’s why I’m not one of them – for either side. Come to my doorstep and back me into a corner and it’s the last stand. YOLO.

        • The DOJ and FBI has the power to enforce Federal Law, the State police are traffic enforcement and generating revenue, local cops are mostly for generating revenue. $200 for 6 mph over? (true story)

          A ELECTED Sheriff and deputies sworn under said Sheriff wield CONSIDERABLE POWER in their counties.

          crusader rabbit has this right, while there wouldn’t be a gunfight with Feds or State cops they could or would be told to leave the county. The Sheriff “could” deputize as many members of their county as needed but if looked like it was going to hit the fan they would call in their and surrounding counties deputies.

          The office of Sheriff dates to 1788 and under Illinois statutes only the coroner of the county where the Sheriff is ELECTED have the power to arrest them.

          JB Pritzker can still go pound sand, he has no authority over a constitutionally elected and sworn Sheriff.

    • neiowa,

      I am more interested in whether or not Illinois Sheriffs will intervene to actively protect the rights of their constituents when Illinois State Police set out to enforce this obviously unconstitutional law.

      • I know your question was for neiowa but:

        1800 state police officers (troopers) who mostly patrol the highways to investigate and harass 2.4 million FOID card holders? I don’t see the ISP being able enforce this “law” in any way. They have no idea who has any of the “assault” weapons and I doubt that they have any way to check.

        As for magazines I doubt many people try and conceal a Glock 17 and a standard Glock 19 magazine is legal. (17 vs 15 rounds)
        This will be overturned long before anyone gets “raided”.

        It’s a FEEL GOOD bill that will accomplish nothing before it’s ruled unconstitutional.
        Highland Park already had a AWB and the sicko kid was already on the radar.
        What did that statute accomplish? Nothing. The same with this statute.

        “90 people charged with murder, 40 people charged with attempted murder and 852 people charged with aggravated gun possession have been allowed to remain out of jail on electronic monitoring” as of yesterday in Cook County.

        If they don’t have room for people charged with murder do you honestly think that ONE person is going to sit in a cell over this?

        This is a feel good revenue bill that is going to have a very short life.

        • Rob S.,

          You bring up good points. And I certainly agree that this provides a lot of “feel good” value to True Believer Progressive Democrats who can say that they “did something”.

          Remember the clear and obvious strategy of True Believer Progressives: to consolidate as much power and wealth as possible and exercise that power in any way that they desire–including the desire (of some/many) to cause as much suffering as possible.

          That is why Progressives refuse to incarcerate violent offenders.
          And that is why Progressives want laws which they can use to punish their political opponents.

          I agree that 1,800 state troopers cannot audit, search, and/or arrest all 2.4 million firearm owners. What they can do is radically disrupt the lives of top Progressive political enemies. And, just 90 state troopers (that is only 5% of the force) acting in 9-man teams–dedicated full time to enforcing this new law–could easily jack-up one firearm owner every other day and disrupt the lives of over 1,800 firearm owners every year. Should Sheriffs sit by and do nothing since we are only talking about 1,800 lives upended every year?

        • I get your point but here is the link to Illinois counties that are already second amendment sanctuary counties as of 6/1/21. These counties were never going to follow this unconstitutional bill.


          While there might be a little overlap the point is that Boch’s list includes many Northern Illinois that are not sanctuary counties but oppose and will not enforce it. The ones that repeat have already told Prizker to pound sand and are just driving the point home.

          Lake and Cook already have AWBs so they wont flip but the latest map is here:

          Sheriff Mendrick of Dupage has stated that “The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) is extremely disappointed in the passage and enactment of HB 5471, that further regulates and limits the purchase of a variety of weapons for lawful gun owners. However, this new law does not do that. We will continue to advocate on behalf Sheriffs and the law-abiding citizens throughout Illinois” which doesn’t exactly mean they wont enforce it but give it until next week.

          To make it short there are 3 counties that WILL enforce it including Sheriff Dustin Heuerman of Champaign who proudly proclaims “I’m a member of the LGBTQ community” so you know what that means.

          Let the ISP run wild in those three counties. I find it hysterical that a .22 LR rifle that I was given at 12 years old that is tube fed but holds 15 LRs would have to be registered.

          I have spoken to one of the Republicans who was very vocal about the constitutionally of this bill. She is a Juris Doctor. In her opinion HB5471 will be stuck down likely rather soon, so quickly that JBs elite ISP team won’t have a chance to get killed by a bunch of downstate citizens.

          I could go into many details about the flaws in this bill but I really don’t want to go through Illinois statutes. Lets just say in their haste they never took out old statutes and this “law” doesn’t make mention of striking those statutes. You basically have two sets of statues, one that says your are a filthy criminal and another one that says that you a fine upstanding citizen.

          The Sheriffs would defend their counties but when you go through FTIP it doesn’t really show the gun you bought is on the banned list even though it wasn’t when you bought it. Illinois has no idea what you own. The simple answer is IF JBs super troopers showed up at your house w/o a warrant then you just don’t open the door which now brings up the 4th amendment.

          This is a big overreach by a mentally ill morbidly obese man who thinks he can hold federal office. At 57, 500lbs and a lover of fried foods I doubt he has two years left in him. If he does he will vapor lock when Elizabeth Warren starts yelling at him along with AOC while Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom and possibly Bernie wet themselves and Kamala Harris just laughs and talks gibberish.

          It should be a hoot.

  10. ““Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to uphold the laws of the state, not pick and choose which laws they support and when…””

    I’d like to see the sheriff’s oath of office . . .


    Example oath of office for a sheriff from Goshen. https://www.goshennews.com/news/local_news/ask-the-sheriff-sheriff-explains-the-importance-of-the-oath-of-office/article_d877557a-8af0-5976-b491-a8409887db54.html

    ““I, Bradley D. Rogers, do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Indiana, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, according to the law, and to the best of my ability, so help me God.””

    In point of fact, the sheriff is sworn to NOT UPHOLD any law that is unconstitutional. He is, in fact, sworn to defend the constitutions of the United States, and the state in which he serves.

  11. put Effingham county on the list. he released a statement on Facebook. I called the sheriff this afternoon and he said he would probably put something out because I was his third phone call. that tells me phone calls work. I’ve sent a million emails and never got any results. at three lousy phone calls got a big post on Facebook

  12. An unconditional law doesn’t need to be enforced, and it is against their oath to do so. If IL passed a law requiring sheriffs to round up and hold escaped slaves, they would be completely in the right to refuse to enforce it.

  13. I’ve spoken to the sheriff here in the past about what he would do if there was ever a ban ‘law’ on firearms or a confiscation implemented. He has told me;

    1. They would not enforce such a law and would resist any such law or confiscation

    2. If federal law enforcement or federal military tried to come in and enforce such a ban or confiscation that he would mobilize every resource he had or could get, including a blanket ‘deputization’ of the public, and including arming the public as much as he could, to arrest and detain federal law enforcement/military and/or resist them up to and including by use of deadly force if necessary.

    3. That he had been in meetings with national guard components of the state, meetings for purposes of ’emergency’ coordination in the event of an emergency requiring national guard to be called out. In some of their more recent meetings the subject of ‘gun confiscation’ and bans came up, and the state national guard said they would refuse to ‘enforce’ such a law if they were called to do so by the governor and would ‘actively’ resist any attempt to do so and would self-mobilize to defend the constitution. In the event the guard component was federalized for such purposes they would refuse such orders and act to defend the constitution.

  14. I don’t believe the feds have any authority to enforce state laws so the sheriff’s can tell them to f off. the state cops will only get away with it a few times then they will come to know the error of their ways.

  15. I’ve tracked this issue for several years and thus far, I’ve recorded 70 counties (68%) that refuse to enforce gun control laws. Additionally, I’ve recorded seven cities where leaders have officially objected to such unconstitutional oppression. Following the established thugocracy, Pritzker has thumbed his considerable nose at the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    I guess he doesn’t actually serve the majority of Illinoisans. I wonder if Pritzker is one of the shrinking few who believes disarming the victims makes them safer. Perhaps it’s time to admit they work for him — or for him to step up to the job they elected him to do. Or perhaps it’s time for him to step down and pass the baton to someone capable of carrying out the duties of a constitutional republic.

  16. Illinois sheriff explains why they won’t enforce assault weapons ban. Add Rock Island County to the list of sheriffs that will not enforce this tyranny.


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